Best States To Raise A Family


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    In the US, people come up with ideas of relocation in order to get well-paid jobs, a lower cost of living, lower housing and rental costs, better economic status, and most importantly a safe place to raise their families. To fulfill this requirement parents search for a state that offers a good education system, kids-friendly outdoor spaces, social lives, safer communities, and childcare. And this is what an ideal state provides them. 

    Every year WalletHub brings forward a comparison list of the top 50 US states across 51 key indicators across 5 categories to find the best state to raise a family. These are – Health and Safety, Education and childcare, Affordability, Socioeconomics, and Family fun. This article is all about the top 10 states to raise a family in the US in 2023. 

    What is the best state in the US to raise a family?

    Massachusetts is the best US state to raise a family in 2023.

    What state is the safest to raise children in?

    Vermont marks the safest state to raise children in the US in 2023.

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    11 Best States to Raise a Family in the USA

    The best places in the United States to raise a family should have lower cost of living and lower tax rates during high inflation times, alongside offering top-notch schools, outdoor recreations, healthcare, a family-friendly environment, and better quality of life. 


    The below table indicates the top 10 states to raise a family with their rankings across the five key indicators considered by WalletHub:

    RankStateOverall ScoreHealth & SafetyEducation &kids careAffordabilitySocio economicsFamily fun
    7New Jersey58.1413332523
    4North Dakota59.6016116132
    12Washington56.602331 519 8
    6New Hampshire58.1722 36 
    10Connecticut57.037131 29 
    8Nebraska57.9510624 19 
    2Minnesota62.07 8127513 
    5Vermont59.27 172646 
    3New York61.1191446 2

    1. Utah – Best State To Raise A Conservative Family

    Utah ranks #15 in the best states to raise a family in the US with an overall score of 55.25. Even though its overall rankings are less than other top states, it receives the top scores in lowest divorce rates and highest families with young children.


    People thinking of moving to Utah must consider it as a plus point because lower divorce rates mean happier parents, thereby having happier kids and families.

    Neighborhoods with happy families and families with children will give a family-friendly, welcoming, and safe environment to raise kids.

    Is Provo Utah a good place to raise a family?

    Provo Utah is a great place to raise a family. The city has a strong education-town feel, family-oriented communities, numerous kids-friendly outdoor recreational activities, Provo beach indoor theme park, affordable childcare, Brigham Young University, Monte L. Bean life science museum, and a low crime rate as compared to other US states. 

    Is Salt Lake City, Utah a great place to raise children?

    Salt lake city, the capital city of Utah is known to be one of three main metropolitan cities of Utah that is best for a kid to grow up in. 

    2. New Jersey – Best State To Raise A joint Family

    New Jersey is ranked #7 on the list of best states for families in the US with a total score of 58.14. The state scores #3 in the education system, childcare, and affordability making it one of the main reasons to move to NJ.


    The education system and graduation grades in the state are outstanding according to the US news. NJ has spacious and ample outdoor spaces for children to play around.

    It also features vast cultural festivals, outdoors for families to keep kids and families learning, enjoying, and entertained.

    What is the best town to raise a family in NJ?

    According to the reviews received in, Princeton junction is the best town in NJ to raise a family with an average review of 4.5 stars.

    The city has a great education system, less crime rate, a lot of recreation spaces, is socially and culturally diverse, and has family-friendly communities. 

    Is Elizabeth, NJ a good place to raise a family?

    Elizabeth NJ is a great place to raise a family as the city is closer to NYC providing access to top public schools and universities of NYC.

    3. North Dakota – Best State To Raise A Christian Family

    With an overall score of 59.60, North Dakota is considered the fourth best state for families. Along with that, North Dakota ranks first for education and child care, and socio-economics. 


    People moving to North Dakota get an amazing quality of life for families. The state offers plenty of outdoor activities, inexpensive housing and rental prices, a lower violent crime rate, and affordable childcare of around $10,000 as compared to other US states.

    Where can I raise a family in North Dakota?

    Rose Creek is a great place to raise a family in North Dakota. This bustling downtown provides diverse educational institutions, outdoor recreations, lower child care, and lower crime scenes making it one of the best cities for children to grow up in. 

    Is Fargo North Dakota a good place to raise a family?

    Fargo might have outdoor amenities and facilities for children but lacks safety and security. So, Fargo is not a good place to raise a family. 

    4. Washington – Best State To Raise A Black Family

    Washington is the 12th best state for raising families. Even though the evergreen State has not made it to the top 10 this time, but still ranks #5 for affordability and #8 for family fun.


    It excels in offering safe communities, top-notch schools, great cuisines, lots of green spaces, and kid-friendly outdoor spaces. Families love to enjoy activities like going to boutiques, shops, beaches, hiking, trips, and more.

    Is Seattle a good city for kids?

    Seattle ranks #7 best city to raise kids in the US.  The communities in Seattle are very family-friendly areas and have a lot of outdoor activities, museums, and amusement parks for children of all age groups.

    What is it like to live in Washington state with family?

    Making a move to Washington state and settling there means your children will get proximity to state parks, good schools, job opportunities, keep dog pets, fewer crime scenes, avail no income tax, and more.

    5. New Hampshire – Best State To Raise A joint Family

    New Hampshire ranks sixth best state to raise a family. With an overall score of 58.17, New Hampshire is ranked third for health and safety, fifth for education and child care, and eighth for socioeconomic.


    US residents moving to New Hampshire get attracted to its lowest crime rates and affordable home rates, great public schools, and family-friendly outdoors. 

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    What is the best city to live in New Hampshire?

    Hanover is the best city to live in in New Hampshire. It has a great education system, numerous adventure attractions, a lot of nature preserves, recreation spaces, and more.

    Despite having a higher cost of living, the offerings of the city are worth every single penny to live in. 

    Is Portsmouth NH a good place to raise a family?

    Portsmouth is a family-friendly city and is a great place to raise a family. It boasts top-notch public schools, safe communities, great outdoor spaces, and lower crime rates. 

    6. Connecticut – Best State To Raise A conservative Family

    For the last 10 years, Connecticut has been ranked on the top 10 list of best states for families. This year too, WalletHub has ranked the state at #10 rank with a total score of 57.03.


    It is ranked the eighth highest educated state in the US with students owning the most masters and doctoral degrees. The housing cost, median income rate, and credit scores are pretty affordable which makes it rank first on affordability criteria.

    Along with that, healthcare, and childcare are also quite impressive and affordable than other states in the US. 

    Are people in Connecticut friendly?

    People in Connecticut are quite reserved. You can find friendly people if you stay in a welcoming community. But in most areas, people’s behavior is a bit rude and blunt.

    What city or town in Connecticut is best to live in?

    Simsbury is one of the best towns to live in Connecticut for those moving to Connecticut. The communities are family-friendly and welcoming and have great private and public schools, recreation spaces, a wide variety of restaurants, and cafes offering multiple cuisines. 

    7. Nebraska – Best State To Raise A joint conservative family

    Coming in eighth is Nebraska which scores 57.95 in the best states to raise a family 2023 list. Nebraska also scores sixth in socio-economics, education, and child care and tenth in health and safety.


    Nebraska tops in affordable home prices, scores 9th for public education, and healthcare, and provide plenty of outdoor spaces for family activities and children’s program which makes people interested to move to Nebraska and settle down with their families.

    Is Nebraska a good place to raise kids?

    Nebraska ranks #8 in the top ten states to raise kids and family list in the USA for 2023. 

    Is Omaha NE a good place to raise a family?

    Omaha NE is a great city to raise a family. People of Omaha rate the city at 4.5 out of 5 for its great schools, world-class childcare, endless recreation opportunities, and areas. 

    8. Minnesota – Best State To Raise A conservative Family


    Minnesota is the second-best state to raise a family with an overall score of 62.07.

    What is the best county to live in in Minnesota for a family?

    Chanhassen county is the best county to live in for families in Minnesota.

    It excels in every category of becoming a great place for families to reside in like a high-rated education system, dozens of amusement parks and outdoor recreation spaces, a lot of employment opportunities, and a lower crime rate.

    What is the most popular city in Minnesota for raising your family?

    Saint Paul is one of the most popular cities for raising a family in Minnesota. It has 200+ amusement parks, 25+ recreation centers, and 5+ aquatic centers, kids-friendly food hubs, excellent schools that let families bond and select premium choices for their children. 

    9. Vermont – Best State To Raise A joint Family

    Vermont is the country’s fifth best state to raise a family. Vermont ranks first for healthcare and safety, second for socio-economics, and seventh for education and child care.


    The state has the lowest overall crime rate of 1 incident per 1000 people. It has a solid reputation concerning healthcare and is considered the healthiest state in the country. 

    Vermont has the 3rd most educated and skilled population offering an exceptional learning environment for children and students. The abundance of outdoor recreation and its fame of being the most beautiful state in the US make it a great place to move to Vermont and settle down. 

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    Is Vermont Family Friendly?

    Vermont has a very family-friendly and kids-friendly atmosphere. People are very humble and welcoming. Families and friends make a close bond and meet time and again when they find a chance during festivals, trips, shopping, camping, and more.

    What is the best place to raise a family in Vermont?

    South Burlington is the best place to raise a family in Vermont. It has great and safe communities, family-friendly people, kids-friendly amenities, top-rated high schools, and low crime rates, which makes it a great family-friendly place.

    10. New York – Best State To Raise A Black Family

    New York is the third-best state to raise a family. New York received an overall score of 61.11, ranking second for family fun, sixth for affordability, and ninth for healthcare and safety. 


    Residents moving to NY get an abundance of attractions like the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, beaches, mountains, national parks, waterfalls, natural lakes, hiking, shopping, dining, and more which makes it the most attractive state in the US. 

    Is NYC a good place to raise a family?

    NYC has a safe neighborhood, low cost of living, budget-friendly homes and rental units, top-notch public schools, and plenty of outdoor spaces, making it an ideal place to raise a family.

    Can you raise kids in NYC?

    NYC is a great place to raise kids. It has amazing schools, a lot of outdoor activities and parks in every neighborhood, kids-friendly food courts, and outdoors providing kids-friendly stuff and accessories for easy accessibility for parents.

    How much do you need to make to raise a family in Manhattan?

    A family of four needs to earn an average income of $130,000 per year or $15,000 per month to live comfortably in Manhattan.

    11. Massachusetts – Best State To Raise A conservative Family

    Last but not least, Massachusetts, with an overall score of 66.14 ranks #1 in the best state to raise a family in the US list for 2023.


    Massachusetts received the second rank in education, childcare, and affordability, fifth in healthcare, and safety; and ninth score in family fun but lacks in socioeconomics. 

    Massachusetts is known to be the #1 educated state in the country with the highest literacy highest, educated residents, and graduation rates from top-rated educational institutes and universities like Harvard or MIT.

    Despite being the most expensive state, it excels in offering great healthcare, childcare, a lower crime rate, and excellent quality of family life. This drags US residents’ attention the most and influences them to make a move to Massachusetts.

    Where is the best place to raise a family in Massachusetts?

    People moving to Massachusetts should reside in Boston as it is the best place to raise a family in 2023.

    This is because it offers top-notch public schools, kids-friendly amenities, a lower cost of living, affordable houses, and a low crime rate making it a great town for families to stay in.

    What is the safest place to raise a family in Massachusetts?

    Wayland has a 0 per 1000 people annual crime rate which makes it the safest place in Massachusetts for raising a family. 

    Is Boston Massachusetts a good place to raise a family?

    Boston Massachusetts is ranked #3 on the list of best places to raise a family.


    The US states mentioned here are the top 11 best places to raise a family in the US. These states offer a global economic market, various opportunities for children’s development, safety,

    and secure environment, excellent educational institutes, affordable cost of living, dynamic cultural life, and affordable housing options to consider. Besides these, Lowa, Rhode Island, Illinois, South Dakota, and Maine also top the wallet hub’s study of best states for families.

    Lastly, it is up to you where to plan to move in and settle down according to your requirements and preferences. We hope that this blog  will help you decide the best state for your family settlement and fulfill your relocation dream!

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