Moving to Connecticut


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    Connecticut is the third-smallest and fourth densely populated state in the country. It has a mix of cosmopolitan cities, coastal towns, and rural settings. This state is well-known for its outstanding natural beauty, rich history, and peaceful vibes. 

    This US State of Connecticut is the southernmost of the six New England states and is one of the original thirteen colonies. It is bordered on the South by Long Island Sound, on the north by Massachusetts, on the east by Rhode Island, and on the West by New York. 

    Hartford is the capital and the third-largest city in the state to live in. Connecticut is blessed with pleasant weather and all four seasons. This ‘Constitution State’ is known for its highest standard of living and the progressive healthcare system. 

    However, moving to Connecticut is not as simple as it may seem. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive guide with all the information that you need to know before making a final move. 

    Is Connecticut a good state to live in?

    Yes. Connecticut is home to various beautiful beaches and great outdoors. This state has a low crime rate and is thus a safe place to settle in. 

    Why I should move to Connecticut?

    The quality of life in Connecticut often ranks among the top states in the country. It has some of the best schools, excellent healthcare, and low crime rates. 

    Move to the Connecticut Best Guide

    Want to relocate to Connecticut but have no idea where to start from? Our guide covers everything you need to know, from the moving cost, living expenses, housing prices to the economy, and weather. This complete relocation guide will ease your doubts along the way and allow you to make a smooth transition. 

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    1. Moving Cost

    There are several facts that affect the Connecticut moving cost such as the total distance traveled from source to destination and the number of items to be shipped. It roughly costs around $2500 – $6800 and more, depending on the moving company. 

    Since Connecticut is an expensive state, moving to CT may cost you up to a few grand. You can easily find various moving companies from Florida to Connecticut that can make your relocation process simple and budget-friendly. Some companies may offer you a flat rate while others might charge by the hour or by manpower. 

    Connecticut Moving Cost

    Calculating the moving cost also includes additional factors like packing, unpacking, and so on. Also, the cost also depends on the size of your space. For example, moving to a studio apartment is cheaper than relocating to a 3-bedroom house. 

    The professional movers bring the proper moving equipment and truck to ensure that your move is handled the right way. 

    Before relocating to CT, it is important to browse the Moving to Connecticut DMV website to check the driver’s license requirements of the state. 

    Is it worth it to move to Connecticut?

    Yes, sure. Connecticut offers a good standard of living, high income, excellent education, and outstanding medical facilities that always rank well above the country’s average. 

    How much does it cost to move to CT?

    The average cost of moving to Connecticut is roughly around $2500 to $6800. The price range depends on the route and the size of the container. 

    2. Living Cost in Connecticut

    According to Best Places, the cost of living index in Connecticut is 107.8, way higher than the national average. Everything is expensive in this state, be it grocery, housing, transportation, and other basic utilities. 

    Check the cost of living in CT here. 

    Cost of living of single person without rent$1,016
    Cost of living of a family of four without rent$3,728
    Basic Utilities$99.60
    A one-Way ticket for local transport$1.75

    How much money do you need to live in Connecticut?

    A person requires an annual income of $26,941 after taxes to live comfortably in Connecticut. This amount goes to $60,260 for a family of two adults and one child.

    Is it cheaper to live in MA or CT?

    Both the states offer excellent quality of living. However, the cost of living in MA is around 31.6% higher than in CT, making it the most expensive place in the country to live in. 

    Why is Connecticut so expensive to live in?

    Connecticut is an expensive place to settle in for many good reasons. Firstly, the high standard of living contributes to the overall expenses. Secondly, this state offers state-of-the-art amenities to its residents such as high-end schools, paved streets, good healthcare, etc which in turn enhances the living cost. 

    3. Business in Connecticut

    It is good to know about the business opportunities and popular industries before moving to Connecticut. It is predominantly a manufacturing state and a world leader in industrial development from colonial times. 

    Some of the major business industries in Connecticut are:

    • Finance
    • Insurance
    • Private healthcare
    • Tourism
    • Real Estate
    • Engineering and law firms
    • Computer and data processing services

    You need to file a Certificate of Organization with the Connecticut Secretary of State before starting an LLC in the state. Also, you have to register with the Department of Revenue Services to collect the sales tax. 

    Is Connecticut good for Business?

    Connecticut ranks #21 out of 50 for business-friendliness. It sits at the southernmost corner of the New England states and therefore, the labor cost is quite high. Moreover, the state’s small business environment is the seventh-worst in the country according to a new national study. 

    What are the major industries in Connecticut?

    Finance, Real Estate, and Insurance are the three major and largest industries in Connecticut. 

    How much does it cost to start a business in Connecticut?

    There is no average cost to start a business in Connecticut as it purely depends on the type of business. To start an LLC in this state, you will require to file a Certificate of Organization which costs $120. 

    4. Job Market

    The job market in CT is highly progressive with decent job growth. The non-farm jobs are now 55,800 (3.6%) positions above August 2020 levels. However, there are fewer job opportunities when it comes to low-skilled or unskilled labor. 

    Connecticut Job Market

    The average salary in Connecticut is $69,899, according to Best places. The unemployment rate of the state is 7.3%, slightly lesser than 8.40% last year. CT has now recovered 68.9% of the 292,400 positions lost in March and April 2020. The highest paying job is Obstetricians and Gynecologists with an average salary of $275,520. 

    What Jobs are in Demand in Connecticut?

    The jobs that are in high demand in CT are Business Analyst, Web Developer, Home Health Aid, Software Engineer, Personal Care Assistant, Operations Analyst, and Computer Numerical Controller Mechanist. 

    What is the highest-paying job in Connecticut?

    The highest-paying jobs in Connecticut are Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Cheif Executives, Psychiatrists, and General Internal Medicine Physicians. 

    What are the most common jobs in Connecticut?

    Some of the most common jobs in Connecticut are Elementary and middle school teachers (39,754 people), cashiers (38,079 people), and managers (46,788 people).

    5. Tax Rates in Connecticut

    Before moving to Connecticut, it is essential to know about the tax system of this state. CT has the second-highest tax rate in the US, making it the least tax-friendly place to settle in. The state generates most of its revenue through an individual income tax and statewide sales tax. 


    The income tax rate in Connecticut ranges from 3% to 6.99% and the sales tax rate is 6.35%. The state levies a tax of 2.14% on real estate. 

    What is the income tax rate in CT?

    The income tax rate in CT ranges from 3% to 6.99%, depending on the income of an individual. 

    Are taxes high in Connecticut?

    According to the reports by Tax Foundation, Connecticut has the second-largest tax burden in the country. It is among the least tax-friendly states in the US. All forms of retirement income, including social security, are taxable in CT. 

    Are taxes higher in CT or MA?

    CT has a progressive tax structure where residents need to pay tax according to their income bracket. However, MT has a flat 5.15% income tax rate, irrespective of the income of an individual. 

    Where does Connecticut rank in Taxes?

    Connecticut has the 2nd highest tax rate in the country. It ranked #50th in overall effective local and state tax rate, #24th in income tax, and #48th in real-estate tax. 

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    6. Economy in Connecticut

    The economy in Connecticut is highly strong and stable. It grew at an annual rate of 7% in the final three months of the year 2021. It is the fourth-fastest among all the states in the country even after shrinking for much of the year. 

    The two industries that contribute a lot to the state’s fastest-growing economy are Finance and Insurance. When it comes to the per capita income, CT is the richest state in the country.  The jobs are also growing at a progressive rate in the state which further increases the employment rate in CT.

    What makes up most of Connecticut’s economy?

    Finance and Insurance are the largest and major industries in Connecticut that make up most of the state’s economy. According to the US Census Bureau, these industries generate 16.4% of the GDP. 

    Is Connecticut poor or rich?

    CT is the richest state in the country in terms of per capita income. In 2020, the per capita personal income was US$78,609. 

    Are taxes high in CT?

    Yes. Connecticut has the second-highest tax rate in the United States with a sales tax rate of 6.35% and an income tax rate of 3 to 6.99%. 

    7. Education

    CT boasts the 2nd best public school network in the United States. These schools operate within districts governed by locally elected school boards. The US News has ranked Connecticut #6 out of the 50 in terms of education. The literacy rate of the state is 91.40%. 

    Education in Connecticut

    In 2020, Connecticut had third-highest per-pupil spending at $20,635. According to the WalletHub, CT is ranked as 3rd most educated state in the country. 

    What is Connecticut ranked in Education?

    Connecticut stands at #6 in terms of education. According to the US News, Connecticut is ranked #43 out of 50 in higher education and #3 in Per-K – 12. 

    Does Connecticut have good schools?

    Yes. The state has one of the best public school networks in the country. The students in CT are graduating at a rate of 88% and their earning test scores are relatively higher than the national average. 

    What is the best school in Connecticut?

    According to the US News and World Report’s latest ranking, Darien High School is the best school in CT followed by Marine Science Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut, Weston High School, and Staples High School.

    8. Health System

    Connecticut is ranked #9 out of 50, according to WalletHub’s list of “2021 Best and the Worst States for Healthcare”. This state is known to have state-of-the-art medical facilities and the best doctors in the country. 

    All residents in CT must have to purchase the health insurance plan according to the CT’s Affordable Care Act. It also has a state-run health insurance exchange that offers budget-friendly insurance plans to the residents. You can expect to pay an average of $534 per person for a major medical health insurance plan. 

    Does Connecticut have free healthcare?

    CT offers free health coverage to residents in certain income brackets through Connecticut’s Insurance Exchange. Those who qualify for this program can signup for coverage and access medical facilities for free. 

    Do you have to have health insurance in CT?

    Yes. According to the state’s Affordable Care Act, each and every resident in Connecticut must have health insurance. 

    Do you have to pay back Medicaid in CT?

    Yes. All residents in Connecticut have to pay back Medicaid in CT, depending on their age, types of services received, the time when coverage began, and what type of Medicaid program they are a part of. 

    9. Housing Price

    Before relocating to Connecticut, you must know that housing is quite expensive in this state. The median home value in CT is about $318,096 which is 108% of the typical home price in the United States. 

    Find out the housing price in Connecticut in the table given below. 

    Rent of 1 BR Apartment in City Centre$1284.71
    Rent of 3 BRs Apartment in City Centre$2,020
    Rent of 1 BR Apartment Outside of Centre$886.50
    Rent of 3 BRs Apartment Outside of Centre$1630

    Why are homes so expensive in Connecticut?

    Connecticut has high standards of living which directly contributes to the housing price. What is affordable housing in CT?

    CT runs an Affordable Housing Program according to which a housing unit is affordable if it costs one-third of an occupant’s income and his earning is less or equal to AMI (Area Median Income) for the municipality where the housing is located.  

    Where is the cheapest rent in CT?

    The cheapest rent in CT is $1,010 and you can find the same in Willimantic city. Other places in the state where you can find affordable rents are East Hartford, Hartford, Hamden, and Bridgeport. 

    10. Weather in Connecticut

    The weather in CT varies from one region to another. Northern Connecticut generally experiences hot, humid summers and cold winters with moderate snowfall. Far Southern and Coastal part of the state has cool winters with a mix of infrequent snow and rain. The middle and lower east coast of CT has typically long hot and humid summers. 

    Weather in Connecticut

    In Connecticut, you will get the most out of every season – the boiling hot summers, snowy winters, beautiful fall, and pleasant spring. However, the weather is quite uncertain in this state. January is the coldest and July is the warmest month in CT. 

    The temperature in CT hovers between 23°F to 82°F and is rarely below 6°F or above 92°F.

    What is the coldest month in Connecticut? 

    January is the coldest month in Connecticut when the average temperature overnight is around 17.2°F. 

    How is the weather in Connecticut year-round? 

    Summers are warm and humid and winters are cold and snowy. The temperature typically varies from 23°F to 82°F and it is partly cloudy year-round. 

    Does Connecticut get snow? 

    Yes. CT gets snow during the winter months, including December and January. Canton City in Connecticut receives the heaviest snowfall in the state. 

    11. Food

    Connecticut is a foodie-paradise and is known for its delicious seafood and local cuisines. This state is a hotbed of authentic flavors. These dishes are prepared by using freshly sourced ingredients together with a little New England ingenuity. 

    No trip to CT would be complete without savoring some fresh seafood by the shore. This state has gifted the world a number of important foods such as The Lobster Roll, The Hamburger, and New Haven-style Pizza. 

    The food-friendly cities in Connecticut are New Haven, Westport, and Norwalk. Some of the best restaurants in CT where you can enjoy mouth-watering food are:

    • The Cottage, Westport
    • Elizabeth’s Farmhouse, Putnam
    • Grano Arso, Chester
    • House of Naan, New Haven
    • Kawai Ni, Westport
    • Max Downtown, Hartford
    • Metro Bis, Simsbury
    • Oyster’s Club, Mystic 

    Best Food in Connecticut

    Some of the must-try local dishes in Connecticut are

    • Steamed Cheeseburger
    • White Clam Pizza
    • Carpetbaggers
    • Pumpkin Pie
    • The Black Duck Burger
    • Hot and Buttered Lobster Roll
    • Apple Cider Donuts
    • Local ice creams
    • Grinders

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    12. Pros & Cons

    Check the pros and cons of moving to Connecticut here.


    • There are numerous opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in Connecticut. It is a fantastic place for hiking, rock climbing, wakeboarding, cliff jumping, etc. 
    • This state allows you to enjoy the stunning fall colors with rolling hills, quiet winding winds, and majestic backdrops. 
    • Connecticut has a one-of-its-kind wine trail that allows you to visit 25 different wineries. It is a must-do adventure that gives you the chance to relax and savor your favorite wine. 
    • Life in this state is all about the small-town experience. There are several towns in Connecticut that offer you rural and relaxed vibes. 


    • This state has one of the highest tax rates in the country. 
    • The cost of living in Connecticut is way higher than the national average. Every is expensive in this state, be it grocery, healthcare, education, or housing price. 
    • Jobs are continuously decreasing in CT owing to the burdensome tax environment. 
    • Property tax is a significant issue for those living in Connecticut. The state levies the fourth-highest property tax in the US. 
    • The state has high traffic congestion, especially in peak hours.

    Moving to Connecticut FAQs

    What are the benefits of living in Connecticut?

    The advantages of living in Connecticut are:

    • CT is the best place to enjoy the casual outdoor dining experience. 
    • It has a higher standard of living. This state is ranked #2 out of 50 in terms of quality of life
    • The state offers excellent healthcare facilities with state-of-the-art hospitals and outstanding medical staff. 

    Are people from Connecticut friendly?

    No. People living in Connecticut are gentle and nice but they are not too much friendly. CT residents are reserved and a bit snobby in nature. According to, Connecticut is ranked #38 out of 50 in terms of friendliness. 

    Is it bad to live in Connecticut?

    No. Connecticut is one of the best places in the US to live in. It boasts higher living standards, the finest education, better salaries, and great medical facilities. However, the cost of living in CT is above average and taxes are a bit higher. 

    What percentage of Connecticut is Black?

    CT is ranked #29 out of 51 (states and DC) in racial and ethnic diversity. According to the recent ACS, 10.72% population in Connecticut is Black or African American, 75.92% is White, and 5.21% are from other races/ ethnicity. 


    So, this is all about moving to Connecticut. We hope our research will help you in making your relocation simpler and hassle-free. 

    CT is one of the beautiful states in the US to live in. It offers superior quality of living with a wide range of amenities, including the finest education, lush parks, one-of-its-kinds breweries, and great medical facilities. 

    This state lends quaint, small-town vibes and rural experiences even if you live in one of the largest and developed cities in the state. It has plenty of quiet neighborhoods and communities where you can easily settle for a peaceful life. 

    Connecticut has a lower crime rate as compared to other top-notch states in the country, including New York, Washington DC, Alaska, etc. The state is currently experiencing its lowest crime rate in decades with the overall ratio being about 20 incidents per 1000 people. The low crime rate eliminates the need of moving to Connecticut with guns. 

    What are you waiting for? Just hire professional moving services and get settled down in the beautiful state of Connecticut to enjoy a better life quality. 

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