Moving To Utah

Moving to Utah

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    Stunning scenery, 4 seasons, and the lowest unemployment rate make Utah a perfect state to live in.

    From Zion national park’s mesmerizing view to the thriving Colorado river, experience life to the fullest in Utah.

    Due to its affordable cost of living and quality of life, this state has seen a spike in people moving to Utah from California.

    So, whether you want to experience thrill or a luxury lifestyle at an affordable cost, Utah got it all.

    What Is Utah Known For?

    Around the Globe, Utah is known for its business opportunities, booming economy, wild mountains, and diverse wildlife.

    The mountains near Salt Lake City are known for skiing and snow tubing.

    The high quality of life and low crime ratio make it the best place to live in. Over 11 million tourists visit its natural parks and reserves each year.

    Moving to Utah

    Utah is also a well-known state with religious tourism potential. The Mormon community and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day attract millions of tourists each year.

    Life In Utah – From Divine Nature To Tech Advancement

    Life in Utah is all about diversity and calmness. The job market is smooth, and the beautiful natural landscape makes it a desert oasis. Here’re some quick facts about Utah that make it a perfect spot.

    • 30th safest state in the USA
    • Ranks at #6 in higher education quality
    • 2nd best state for opportunity and competition
    • Utah health care stands at #11 
    • 11th richest state in the USA
    • Declared #1 state to start new business
    • Utah’s infrastructure shines at #5
    Life in Utah

    Apert from it, the state is known for its low crime rate and a strong economy. Warm and welcoming people are just the cherry on top.

    1. Cost of Living in Utah

    According to the world population review, Utah’s cost of living index is 98.4. It is comparatively lower than the US index of 100.

    The Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that Utah’s cost of living is 3.4% cheaper compared to all other states.

    Cost of Living in Utah

    The cost of living in Utah is 24th out of all the states regarding the overall cost. Salt Lake City is Utah’s most expensive metro area,

    where still living is 1.3% cheaper than the national average and 2.1% more expensive than the statewide average.

    Median Home Value$256,700.00$204,900.00
    Median Monthly Rent$988.00$1,023.00
    Average Car Insurance$1,759.00$1,517.00
    Healthcare cost for Single Adult$3,689.00$4,266.00
    Healthcare cost for family of four$11,445.00$12,950.00
    Food cost for Single Adult$3,046.00$3,240.00
    Food cost for family of four$8,797.00$9,354.00
    Annual Child care cost$6,674.00$8,903.00
    Annual Taxes$5,938.00$6,542.00

    Average Home Price In Utah

    In 2023, the property sector in Utah saw a surge and annual spike of 13.3%. Generally, now a median home costs $135 per square foot.

    Salt Lake City and Liberty Wells are the two most expensive cities in Utah.

    The average home price in St. George, Utah is overall 5% higher than the national average. On the contrary, the average home price in hurricane city is 3% lower.

    So, it mainly varies depending on the cities.  

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    Average Rent In Utah

    Rather than owning, rent in Utah is affordable. You are expected to pay around $1500 per month for a 1-bedroom apartment. Usually, in main cities, the apartment has a size of 829 sq feet. 

    While the rent in Salt Lake, West Valley, and Provo is around 20% more compared to other small cities. Generally, the rent varies depending on the location, floor, and overall building conditions.

    2. Jobs In Utah

    According to U.S. News, Utah ranks 2nd in the nation for employment. The most wanted job in Utah is Software developer, applications With an Average annual salary of $99,070.

    Jobs in Utah

    Currently, Utah’s unemployment rate is 2.2%, which is lower than the 3.5% average Unemployment Rate in the United States.

    It is 6.5x more common for a worker living here to be a Framer – Construction than all U.S. workers.

    10 Highest paying jobs in Utah

    Overall, the job market is pretty decent. The average salary in Utah ranges between $35,000 to over $50,000, depending on position and experience. Here’re 10 jobs that pay well;

    RankJob DescriptionAverage SalaryEntry Level Salary
    1Physician and Ophthalmologists$205,560$75,470
    2Family Medicine Physicians$186,530$90,920
    4Postsecondary Law Teachers$167,230$73,100
    5Chief Executives$153,250$43,810
    7Nurse $149,880$111,470
    8Computer and Information Systems Managers$131,560$77,170
    9Air Traffic Controllers$125,590$67,400

    It is also quite easy to find part-time or remote work in big cities like St. George, Centerville, and South Jordan. 

    For the past 5 years, there has been a huge demand for IT and digital marketing skills. With these skills, you can also find an online job easily. 

    Highest Paying Jobs In Utah Without A Degree

    Well, one thing is sure, While relocating to Utah, you’ll be able to find opportunities at every step. There are several jobs that are best for you if you don’t even have a college degree.

    RankJobAverage SalarExperience Required
    1Retail salesperson$15 / hrNo
    2Cashiers$19 / hrNo
    3General clerks$22 / hrYes
    4Customer service representatives$22 / hrNo
    5Fast food servers$12 / hrNo
    6Janitors and cleaners$11 / hrNo
    7Truck drivers$17 / hrYes
    8Waiters and waitresses$9 – $12 / hrNo
    9Registered nurses$35 / hrYes
    10Laborers and freight$18 / hrYes

    Salaries in populated cities are around 20% more. Apart from professional nursing, no other job requires a specific subject degree.

    It is worth mentioning that Utah’s state minimum wage rate is $7.25 per hour.

    Largest Companies In Utah

    From medical billing to the IT sector, there are 100 companies with over 500 employees and 313,590 registered businesses in Utah.

    The cherry on the top is that this beehive state is also the home of 5 major 500 fortune companies.

    #EmployerCityNumber of Employees
    1TeleperformanceSalt Lake City300,000
    2Intermountain HealthcareSalt Lake City41,700
    3University of Utah HealthSalt Lake City20,000
    4Zions BancorporationSalt Lake City10,000
    5Vivint Smart HomeProvo10,000
    6Southern Utah UniversityCedar City6,964
    7CHG HealthcareMidvale3,000
    8Utah Transit AuthoritySalt Lake City2,900
    9Weber State UniversityOgden2,500
    10Icon Health & FitnessLogan2,400

    Most people are associated with medical billing or CSR jobs. That’s why finding a part-time job or night shift is not that hard.

    Overall, healthcare companies are preferred and often labeled as the best companies to work in. 

    Fortune 500 Companies In Utah

    Here’s the list of 5 big companies that have their headquarters located here.

    1. Zions Bancorporation (headquarters in Salt Lake)
    2. Nu Skin Enterprises (headquarters in Provo)
    3. (headquarters in Midvale)
    4. PROG Holdings (headquarters in Salt Lake)
    5. SkyWest (headquarters in St. George)

    Due to these big fishes, all 4 of these cities are mostly preferred by citizens planning to relocate to Utah.

    3. Tax Rates in Utah

    Utah’s tax system ranks 10th overall on our 2022 State Business Tax Climate Index. There is a wide range of sales taxes, ranging from 6.10% to 9.05%.

    tax Rates in Utah

    The property tax rate is 0.58%, among the lowest in the country. Utahns are generally taxed at a low rate on a state and local basis. Your level of the tax burden can vary based on where you live.

    #Tax TypeTax Rate
    1Utah income Tax4.85%
    2Utah Sales Tax6.10%
    3Utah Property Tax0.52%
    4Utah Gas Tax$0.30 per gallon
    5Utah Cigarettes Tax8.5%
    6Utah Corporate Tax Rate5%
    7Sandy Utah Sales Tax Rate7.25%
    8Salt Lake City Tax Rate7.75% (1.05% special district tax)
    9St George Sales Tax Rate6.75% (1% special district tax)
    10Provo Utah Sales Tax Rate7.25%

    How Much Is Food Tax In Utah?

    The state has a 3% tax on groceries. There is no local or special district tax on food items. In high-end or 5 stars restaurants, you are bound to pay 5.95% of tax.

    Does Utah Tax Social Security?

    Yes, residents have to pay tax on social security retirement. Unlike a few other states, social security benefits are not exempt here. Generally, a 4.95% tax is charged.

    4. Economy Of Utah

    Utah is currently ranked  1st for its easy business approach and 10th for economic performance. According to the U.S.

    Census Bureau, Utah has a population of 3,205,958 and is expected to grow at a 2.6% rate over the next five years.

    Economy in Utah

    This growth rate will place the state third out of all 50 states.  Its Gross State Product (GSP) reached $164.8bn in 2019, which represents a 3.9% increase in this time frame.

    Utah Economy Ranking

    In 2022, over 50,000 small businesses started in the state. Easy policies and opportunities contribute a lot to the state’s economy. Currently, Utah’s economy stands at #1 in the whole US.

    Continuing growth of 2% to 4% is expected in 2023. Currently, the GDP per capita is $53,135.

    Arts, entertainment and food services contribute 5.69%, a major chunk to its growing economies, followed by transportation, which is 5.2%.

    What Is Utah Known For Producing?

    Utah is also blessed with minerals and reserves of gold, silver, uranium, and molybdenum. But it is the only state in the US that produces copper.

    Utah’s natural reserves have an estimated value of 541 Mt (million tons), with 2.11 Mt (million tons) of copper.

    5. Education In Utah

    According to the U.S., Utah is ranked 10th overall in the United States education system, 6th for higher education and 21st for Pre-K-12.

    It is ranked 20th for quality of education in public schools among all 50 states by WalletHub. 

    Education in Utah

    State-owned schools spend $7,628 per pupil for a total of $4.5 billion annually. That’s the equivalent of 3.3% of taxpayer income. 72,730 college students graduate annually in Utah. 

    The average community college in Utah costs $3,890 for In-state tuition and $12,380 for out-of-state tuition.

    In Utah, public university costs $14,821 which is less than the national average of $21,216.

    In-State Total$14,821
    In-State Tuition & Fees$6,933
    Room & Board$7,888
    Out-Of-State Tuition & Fees$22,204

    According to

    Best Colleges in Utah

    Utah colleges and universities are exceptional. A student-view approach is utilized in the whole educational system. Here’s the list of 10 best colleges;

    1. University of Utah – Salt Lake City, UT
    2. Brigham Young University – Provo, UT
    3. Western Governors University – Salt Lake City, UT
    4. Westminster College – Salt Lake City, UT
    5. Utah Valley University – Orem, UT
    6. Snow College – Ephraim, UT
    7. Utah State University – Logan, UT
    8. Weber State University – Ogden, UT
    9. Southern Utah University – Cedar City, UT
    10. Independence University – Salt Lake City, UT

    The University of Utah is the #1 regional university. While it is known as the #105th best public college in the US. Currently, it ranks at #38 in QS World University Ranking by Subject 2022.

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    Cheapest College In Utah

    Not only the beehive state, is the home of some exceptional technical colleges and public universities.

    There are several low-fee colleges that ensure high-quality education. Here’s the list of the 10 cheapest colleges;

    1. Dixie College ($5,064 tuition fee)
    2. Weber State University ($5,329 tuition fee)
    3. Utah Valley University ( $5,368 tuition fee)
    4. Southern Utah University ($6,006 tuition fee)
    5. Brigham Young University Provo ($6,120 tuition fee)
    6. The University of Utah ($7,749 tuition fee)
    7. Utah State University ($8,042 tuition fee)
    8. University of Phoenix Utah Campus ($9,960 tuition fee)
    9. Broadview University-West Jordan ($13,500 tuition fee)
    10.  Broadview University Layton ($13,500 tuition fee)

    Apart from it, there are also several local and international 100% fee waiver scholarships that are awarded to exceptional students each year.

    6. Healthcare in Utah

    To develop and improve its healthcare system, Utah has created various programs. Thus, a better healthcare system would benefit its citizens and further enhance economic development. 

    Healthcare in Utah

    Health equity and fewer health disparities are aspects of the Department of Health’s mission. The organization and other international health organizations have also released various plans. 

    Intermountain Healthcare In Utah

    Intermountain is a not-for-profit medical group based in Utah with 33 hospitals. Its roots are deeply connected with the Mormon community.

    When the group was in its initial days, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated its then 15-hospital system to the group.

    24/7 virtual care is also provided. With over 38,000 physicians and 385 clinics, intermountain healthcare is known as a research institute that ensures exceptional care.

    4 intermountain hospitals out of 33, are listed as the Nation’s 100 top hospitals by Truven Health Analytics in 2017, a major milestone previously not achieved by any healthcare group.

    Best Hospitals in Utah

    As per the official gov data, Utah has a total of 68 hospitals, with a total bed capacity of 6110. Here’s the list of the 5 best hospitals;

    • Intermountain Medical Center
    • The University of Utah Hospital
    • Intermountain St. George Regional Hospital
    • Intermountain Medical Center
    • Utah Valley Hospital

    Located in Salt lake City, The University of Utah hospital has a bed capacity for 526 patients, at a time, making it the largest hospital in Utah.

    7. Best Places To Live In Utah

    Surrounded by the natural beauty and driven by the strong economy, Utah is the home of mesmerizing cities full of life.

    This beehive state is perfect to start a business and raise a family and all the luxuries come at a very affordable cost.

    Best Places to Live in Utah

    Most Affordable Places To Live In Utah

    Here’re the top 10 most affordable cities in Utah based on research data by abc4 news;

    1. Washington Terrace
    2. Sunset
    3. Roosevelt
    4. Hyrum
    5. Nibley
    6. Price
    7. Roy
    8. South Ogden
    9. North Ogden
    10. Smithfield

    It is worth mentioning that the home values are still high in the above-mentioned cities. But overall, you can save over 20% as compared to living in Utah’s metropolitan area.

    Best Cities In Utah To Raise A Family

    If you’re relocating to Utah with your family, here’s the list of the 10 best cities where you can live and spend quality time with your family.

    1. Kaysville
    2. River Heights
    3. Providence
    4. Centerville
    5. North Logan
    6. High Land
    7. Farmington
    8. Nibley
    9. Wasatch Hollow
    10. Cedar Hills

    Apart from these, Draper and Hyde Park are also family-friendly cities. Overall, Utah state ranks at #16 positions to raise a family in the USA.

    Best Places To Visit In Utah 

    Whether you are a fan of thrills or looking for a nature escape, Utah has it all from lush green farms to wild mountains. Here’s the list of the 12 best places that must be on your bucket list;

    1. Bryce Canyon National Park
    2. Arches National Park
    3. Moab
    4. Zion National Park
    5. Park City
    6. Capitol Reef National Park
    7. Monument Valley
    8. Canyonlands National Park
    9. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
    10. Dinosaur National Monument
    11. Bonneville Salt Flats
    12. Provo City

    With over 45 state-owned parks and 5 national parks, you have plenty of places to explore. Feel the “wild wild west” vibes in these parks and enjoy the city life of Moab, Veyo in southern Utah.

    8. Weather Conditions In Utah

    The climate in Utah is dry, semi-arid, and desert. With summer temperatures reaching an average high of 85°F (29.4°C) to 100°F (37.8°C).

    Weather Conditions in Utah

    In July, Utah’s season is scorchingly hot. Overall In summer, the significantly high temperatures and low humidity make for cool nights, especially in the high mountains.

    Summer In Utah

    July and August are the two warmest months here. There is occasional rainfall with 15 hours of daylight.

    During these months, locals prefer to stay inside and enjoy water sports during the afternoon.

    Overall, during summer the temperature occasionally exceeds 110° F. The state’s highest-ever recorded temperature was 117° F. St.

    George is often labeled as the warmest city, due to its northern location.

    Winters In Utah

    If you’re planning to move here, you must keep two things in mind, Utah is mesmerizing and extremely freaking cold during winter.

    With only 9 to 10 hours of daylight, the temperature can drop below 0°C. 

    Not only the freezing weather but also be ready to enjoy 4.5 feet of snowfall annually. Apart from the southern cities, Utah gets plenty of snow falling in winters.

    Natural Disasters In Utah

    Spring and summer in Utah can bring wildfires, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hail. The dry and hot weather causes severe wildfires in the summer.

    Thunderstorms and flash flooding can result from lightning strikes during summer, during which vegetation cannot hold even a moderate amount of water.

    Twice a year, Utah experiences on average two tornadoes, but the deaths caused by these storms are sporadic. Lower-level earthquakes of the Richter scale are common in Utah.

    9. Pros and Cons of Living in Utah

    Like all other states, this beehive state has its own perks and setbacks. Overall economic conditions make it the best place to live in the US. But the hot summers and frequent natural disasters are major setbacks.

    Pros and Cos of Living in Utah

    10 Reasons To Move To Utah

    1. Utah features a dry, continental climate that supports all four seasons throughout the year.
    2. The state is an idyllic destination for outdoor fanatics as it gives access to plentiful outdoor adventures such as skiing, hiking, fishing, base camping, and snowboarding
    3. The violent crime rate in Utah is around 40% lower than the national average. This state is frequently rated amongst the top 10 safest states in the country to live in. 
    4. It is home to some of the best educational institutions in the country like the University of Utah, Salt Lake City College, etc.
    5. The number of high-tech jobs has increased by 70% over the last year and the unemployment rate in the state is below 3%.
    6. The average age of Utah residents is between 30 to 35 years which makes this a relatively young state.
    7. This beehive state is heaven for nature and mountain lovers. The water is crystal clear and an ideal state for camping under the stars.
    8. Healthcare in Utah is also top-rated and quite affordable.
    9. Public transportation is very good and due to the sturdy infrastructure, you won’t find any problem reaching any far spot.
    10. All major cities in Utah have a family-centric approach, creating a soulful environment for everyone. 

    10 Reasons Not To Move To Utah

    1. The state’s cost of living index stands at 110.8, well above the US average of 100. 
    2. Investing in real estate here is not an easy feat due to the expensive housing cost of the state. The median home value is about $338,200, way more than the nationwide average. 
    3. Religion has a great influence on the lives of Utah residents. According to the spiritual demographics, about 60% of the population in the state identifies as Mormon. 
    4. The state has the 25th highest tax rate in the country. 
    5. Utah is counted amongst the top 10 least diverse states in the country. You will find no diversity in terms of culture, religion, food, or anything. 
    6. This state is located far away from oceans and mountains. You need to travel outside of this landlocked state to enjoy beach adventures. 
    7. It has its decent share in the outlandish laws. For example, throwing a snowball will cost you a fine of $50. 
    8. The summers are extremely hot, and the winters are freezing cold. Apart from it you also have to deal with frequent natural disasters.
    9. Even though there are many natural wonders here, most of the Utah area consists of desserts.
    10.  You have to deal with crazy drivers all the time. Speaking of personal experience, the DMV test is also not strict enough (kind of a life hack).

    10. Things To Know Before Moving To Utah

    Life in Utah is far more interesting and way more from Zion national park and travel hub cities like Provo and Salt Lake City. Here’s the list of 10 interesting facts you must know;

    1. This state is a wonderland. From wild mountains to desert oases, everything is available here.
    2. The economy is booming, and it is the land of opportunities and quality healthcare and education.
    3. If you’re a fan of snowboarding and skiing, then it is going to be heaven for you.
    4. As per the 2020 census, 60.68% of the population is Mormon here.
    5. Not only IT and Medical billing, but the agricultural sales here also stand at $1.84 billion with a 5% annual growth.
    6. There are a lot of taxes. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a tax haven.
    7. Salt Lake City has the largest LGBT community in the US, a true gay heaven and open space for everyone.
    8. Utah is the 2nd best place for homosexual citizens. People are welcoming here, and there is no discrimination against anyone here.
    9. Provo is the most beautiful and oldest city. It was also the 1st Mormon settlement outside lake city.
    10.  Utah is the home of 5 major 500 fortune companies.

    So, if you’re planning to relocate to Utah with your family, compare the cost of moving right now, and let us do all the work for you!

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    11. Things to Do in Utah

    Packing your bags already? Well, you better have a look at our list of all the fun things to do in Utah.

    Things to Do in Utah

    So, be ready to make your bucket list right away;

    1. Hiking To Big Cottonwood Canyon
    2. Explore Arches National Park
    3. Visit Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
    4. Hike And Enjoy At The Narrows
    5. Find The Oasis At Red Hills Desert Garden
    6. Have A History Dose At the Natural History Museum of Utah
    7. Enjoy The Rides In Pioneer Park
    8. Experience The Wild Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
    9. Exhale Your Worries At Deer Valley Resort
    10. Fun With Family At Snow Canyon State Park
    11. Fall In Love With the Majestic Beauty Of Bryce Canyon National Park
    12. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
    13. Explore Devil’s Hot Tub At Hell’s Revenge
    14. Experience The Stunning Angel’s Landing
    15. Have A Nature’s Talk At Bridal Veil Falls

    So, be ready to explore life and experience an adrenaline rush with this stunning and God’s own country.

    Moving To Utah FAQs

    What is it like to live in Utah as a non-mormon?

    It will be difficult to adjust in Utah among Mormons if you’re not religious. 79.96% of the population is very religious and 60.68% of the total Utah population identifies as Mormon.

    Is it expensive to live in Utah?

    Utah is the 34th most expensive state. So, living here is not cheap. Still, it is quite affordable compared to other states like California, Hawaii, and New york.

    Is St George Utah a good place to live?

    Undoubtedly, it is one of the best cities in Utah to live and raise a family. With no crime rate and severe nature, everything is just perfect here. For thrill lovers, it is nothing but heaven.

    How much do pharmacists make in Utah?

    On average, pharmacists make $129K per year here. The salary can vary depending on the location and years of experience.

    What is the average cost of living in Utah per month?

    You’ll need around $32,000 per month to ensure a comfortable stay here. The amounts may differ depending on the size of your family and your house. 

    Is Salt Lake City an expensive place to live?

    Yes, it is quite an expensive place to live and raise a family. Here the cost of living is 4% higher than the state average and 5% higher than the national average. A single person will need around $1000 monthly to survive here (rent not included).

    Why is everyone moving to Utah?

    The economy is booming in Utah. Also, it is the most business-friendly state. Even though the cost of living is high, the average salaries are also higher here compared to the average national.

    What time can you buy beer in Utah at a gas station?

    As per the law, you can only buy beer and liquor between 10 am to 1 am, on any day. Contrary to popular belief, Utah is not a dry state.

    Is Utah a good place to retire?

    Currently, Utah is the second best place to live in after retirement. There are several perks and benefits. The affordable food cost is just a cherry on top.

    Is Utah gay friendly?

    Everyone is welcome here. Regardless of its strong religious status, Utah is a gay friendly state. In LGBT community, Salt Lake City is known as gay heaven. Also, a transgender person can change their identity without any surgery.

    Are Californians moving to Utah?

    Yes, Californians are moving to Utah due to the strong economy, inexpensive housing, affordable healthcare, quality of life, and statewide natural beauty. Now, Utah is one of the major states in which Californians are moving after Texas, Idaho, and Nevada.

    How many Californians moved to Utah?

    In 2018, Utah received around 18,000 Californians while 17, 821 in 2019, the biggest domestic immigration so far. In 2020, over 4588 Californians moved to Utah. This situation became quite dramatic in 2023 when the Utah governor tells Californians to “stay in California”.

    Should I move to Utah or Colorado?

    The cost of living in both states is the same, but Colorado is less crowded and has a better social scene. Education is also better in Colorado. But, overall the quality of life is better in Utah, making it the 4th happiest state.

    Is Lehi Utah a good place to live?

    Lehi is the best place to live if you want to raise a family in Utah. It is Utah’s oldest city known for old west history. The best thing about Lehi is that it is also a shopping district and both airport and Salt lake city are a 20-minute drive away.

    Is Logan Utah a good place to live?

    For adventure lovers, it is the best place as there are many opportunities for outside activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, and camping. Though it’s a small town but here all amenities of life are available.

    Editor EndNote – Is Moving To Utah Worth It?

    It is safe to say that moving to Utah is well worth the time and effort after doing quick research on its beautiful state. Each city offers countless scenic and unique views as well as relaxation and fun.

    Also keep in mind that relocating to Utah is also complicated and stressful, as there are many factors to consider, such as housing, crime, cost of living, and more. 

    There are also many job opportunities available to its future settlers and a low cost of living. Adjusting your budget will be simple. A powerful economy makes it a perfect place for investing and growing a business if you plan to do so. Utah is a great place to live for people who are interested in nature and the outdoors.

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