Cost To Build A House in Utah

Cost To Build A House in Utah

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    Utah, Salt Lake City, is a beautiful western state of the US with numerous attractions. From its well-known Mormons to its “mighty five” national parks to skiing in salt lake paradise, you will never feel short of recreation options in this western promised land. 

    So, if you are moving to Utah from Colorado and want to build a new home, Utah is one of the eminent and reasonable states in the western US to build a new home. The cost to build a house in the beehive state ranges from $100 – $250 per square foot, which is about $235,000, excluding the cost of the land.

    Cost To Build A House in Utah
    Cost To Build A House in Utah

    But the amount you will spend to build your house in Utah will depend on the hourly labor rate, location, cost of materials, and house-building style. So, before you call the builders and place the foundation, read this article to estimate the overall cost you might spend to construct a house in Utah.

    This article will help you in making the best house-making decisions, so let’s get started!

    Is a house cheaper to build than buying a house?

    It is always cheaper to purchase a house than to build a house in Utah. On average, building a new house is $34,000 higher than buying an already existing home.

    How much does building a house in St George Utah cost per square foot?

    The cost to build a house in St. George Utah averages $200-$300 per square foot. Likewise, the average cost to build a house in Cedar City, Utah is about $90-$200 per square foot. 

    The Cost Of Building A Custom Home In Utah

    According to, the cost to build a house in Utah is about $235,000. The larger the house the more you have to spend on building it. Based on current calculations in 2022, the cost of building a house in Utah approximates

    • Total permit fee: $800-$3000
    • Land cost: $59,000-$123,300
    • Average cost to build a 1500 sq ft house: $270,000-$450,000
    • Per square house building cost: $180-$450
    The Cost Of Building A Custom Home In Utah
    The Cost Of Building A Custom Home In Utah

    Utah has been influenced by the real-estate price hike in the nation due to COVID-19 pandemic. The price of labor and materials for home building is on the higher side. Adding extra amenities, making complex designs, costly materials and site difficulty are the factors responsible for the rise in total construction costs. 

    The below table shows the  average construction cost per square foot for various kinds of houses:

    House types Construction cost per square foot 
    Modular House$100-$200 per square foot
    Standard House$150-$250 per square foot
    Premium House$200-$300 per square foot
    Expensive House$350-$500 per square foot
    Table for house types and Construction cost per square foot 


    The house building expenses are broken down into 2 categories:

    • Hard costs for house building in Utah
    • Soft costs for house building in Utah 

    Hard Costs To Build A House in Utah

    The elements that come under the physical construction of building a house are called hard costs. Structural costs, material costs, labor costs,  electrical costs, roofing, plumbing, and HVAC installation all fall under this category. Basically, this category includes all the home improvement, basic and extra amenities. 

    Hard Costs To Build A House in Utah
    Hard Costs To Build A House in Utah

    1. Structure

    Structural costs make the most of the hard costs. It comprises both foundation and material costs. While the foundation comprises digging piles and placing the foundation, materials cost comprises flooring, wall, lumber, and siding construction.

    The average costs for the entire foundation process cost around $25,000-$50000 including labor and materials (materials for foundation) costs. Similarly, material costs average around $2-$15 per sq. ft. 

    What is the price per square foot in Utah?

    According to recent estimates, the average cost per sq ft to build a house in Utah is $125 per square foot. It is all relative to the location and design of the house.

    2. Electrical

    While building a new house, Electrical work consists of earthing, fixing wires, installing mains, outlets, switches, and panels, and fixing up lights and fixtures.  On average, an electrician charges around $3-$5 per sq. ft to wire an entire house in Utah. The cost spent on electrical works depends on the property size, wire materials, wiring type, etc. 

    How much does an electrician cost in Utah?

    The average cost for an electrician is from $50 to $100 per hour. In addition to this rate, you may have to pay for materials and other expenses like travel costs before the task is finished.

    3. Roofing

    The average cost of placing roofing material for the entire house in Utah averages $4000- $12,000. Most roofs last for 20-40 years, so roof replacements are rarely seen in Utah. Roofing costs depend on the roofing material, the size of the house, and the slope of the roof.

    The  below information shows the roofing cost per square foot for different types of roofing materials in Utah. 

    Roof typeCost 
    Asphalt shingle roof$200-$300
    Tile roof$900-$1000
    Slate roof$1000-$2000
    Wooden roof$500-$650


    How much does a metal roof cost in Utah?

    A metal roof in Utah can cost from $6,800 to $37,100. It depends on the size of your roof and the roofing system.

    4. Plumbing

    While new house construction you will need a plumber to place the pipes and sewage lines. Besides that, installing machinery like dryers, washing machines, water purifiers,s and geysers will be done by a plumber. So, in Utah, a house owner spends about $4.50 sq ft. to install fixtures like faucets, toilets, bathtubs, wash basins, etc.

    Orelse, you can pay about $4000-$5000 on average for plumbing costs. 

    How do I estimate plumbing costs in Utah?

    Hiring a professional plumber might cost anything from $140 to $430. A standard service call can cost anything from $35 to $140, and it usually covers everything from a clogged drain to a new pipe installation.

    5. HVAC

    The cost of installing a new HVAC system in Utah averages about $1500 to $12500. This price value depends on factors like the type of system, the addition of areas, the size of the cooling area, brand type, etc. Along with that, the cost of additional installations might increase the cost by $3000 or more. 

    How much is an HVAC system for a 2000 sq ft house in Utah?

    The HVAC system for a 2000-square-foot house in Utah ranges between $7,000 – $8,000.

    6. Labor

    While building a new house many types of professionals and laborers are involved which include roofers, masons, landscapers contractors, plumbers, carpenters, etc. Apart from that, you need an engineer or a contractor to handle the construction process. The overall construction cost depends on the hourly rate of every professional.

    It also depends on the type of property, location,  design, workforce, and materials used. For example, in a well-known area like Salt Lake City, the labor and contractors’ costs are more than in any other city. Here is a list of the average hourly rates of different professionals in Utah. These rates don’t include the material rates.

    Usually, materials are arranged by the homeowners. 

    • Contractors: $40 – $150
    • Carpenters: $20-$40
    • Electricians: $40 -$80
    • Engineers: $45-$100
    • Flooring installers: $15-$30
    • HVAC technicians: $40-$100
    • Landscrapers: $15-$30
    • Painters: $20-$40
    • Plumbers: $50-$150
    • Rooftop installers: $20-$50

    How much is labor cost to the house in Utah?

    A house in Utah can cost from twenty percent to forty percent of its overall price tag in labor.

    Soft Costs To Build A House in Utah

    The term soft costs depicts those charges that are not directly related to building costs. Design costs, permit fees, and land costs are examples of soft costs. Most of these costs are fulfilled during the pre-construction stage while some still remain to be paid post-construction ends. 

    Soft Costs To Build A House in Utah
    Soft Costs To Build A House in Utah

    1. Cost of the Land

    Buying land in Utah can be an affordable option than any other state because the average cost per acre of land in Utah is about $4600 per acre, which accumulates to about $38830 which is very less than the national average. Altho the land cost depends on the location and size of the area you wish to consider.

    How much does an acre of land cost in Utah?

    In 2022, the cost of land in Utah is about $4664 per acre. 

    How much is undeveloped land worth in Utah?

    The cost of undeveloped land in Utah is worth $110,000. There are around 55,350 acres of undeveloped land for sale in Utah as per the recent survey done by 

    2. Architecture and Design Fees 

    While building your new home, you might have various ideas in mind regarding building designs and detailings but are unable to finalize which one will be affordable to consider. An architect and interior designer will help you to decorate the interiors of your house.

    They will help you utilize maximum space with minimum coverage. An interior designer in Utah charges about $50-$200 per hour depending on the location and their experience. 

    3. Permits and Other Fees 

    For constructing a building in Utah, you need to have a building permit. State law has different permit fees for both commercial and residential buildings. Alongside that, the cost of the permit depends on the overall valuation of the project and per county.

    On average, you can calculate an amount of about $800-$3000 for permits in 2022. The guidance for doing all the paperwork and licensees will be provided by the builder. For example, in Ogden County, for a project worth $100,000 or more, base fees of $1069,20 along with 0.50% of the costs for an extra $100,000. 

    How much is permitted in Utah?

    Any work involving gas, electricity, mechanical, or plumbing, as well as any new construction, house addition/remodel, basement finish, additional structure exceeding 130 square feet, pools, and carports, needs a building permit.

    The price of a permit often ranges from $20 and above.

    4. Hire Professional Builders

    Searching and hiring a professional builder for your new home building process is an important step before everything. Builders or contractors are experts in this field and have great knowledge about everything in the land area in Utah. Also, they have relations with other building professionals like engineers, plumbers, electricians, etc. They will ensure that your job is done in the manner you want in a cost-effective way within less time and without any issues. 

    How much are builders per hour in Utah?

    Builders earn an average of $16 per hour plus $6,525 in overtime pay each year.

    Cost To Build A House In Utah FAQ’s

    How much does it cost to build a 2000-foot square house in Utah?

    The cost to build a 2000-square-foot house in Utah averages $100 to $150 per square foot which is around $250,000 to $500,000. These costs might vary depending on the location, type of property, labor cost, material cost, etc. 

    How much does it cost to build a small home in Utah?

    To build a small private house in Utah the cost per square foot ranges around $60 to $95, with an average being $70 per sq. ft. 

    What is the cheapest type of house to build in Utah?

    Ranch homes are the cheapest type of homes that can be built in Utah. They are very simple and straightforward layouts with single-storied structures along with attached garages. These homes are easy to find, highly customizable, affordable, and easily fit your wants. 


    Owning a home in Utah is one of the most important things to do in Springfield Utah or in any city in Utah. It feels like owning a small world of your own.

    Not only wide open nature, straggled cities and thriving opportunities are the only reasons, affordable real estate, especially building one’s own house at low rates are the reason behind new house owners’ relocation to Utah.  Yes, we understand it will be a long and tiring journey, but you’ll enjoy it.

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