Things To Do in Springdale Utah

Things to do in Springdale Utah

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    Springdale is a small town situated in southwest Utah of Washington County. It is bordered by the tall white sandstone ridges of Zion National park. Although there are many recreational options that will linger your time at Zion, there are many other free things to do in Springdale, Utah that you must never miss. 

    In this blog, we have gathered a list of 8 things to do in Springdale Utah which will give you a “never happened before” experience that you could possibly want along with an ease of comfort. You are one step closer to experiencing the stunning natural scenery, serene rivers, and lakes and accessing various recreations. 

    Is Springdale Utah walkable?

    Walking is one of the excellent things to do in Springdale Utah winter. You can also run, hike and or ride a bike.

    What should I not miss in Springdale Utah?

    There are many free things to do in Springdale Utah. You should not miss watching colorful cliffs and slot canyons within Zion National Park temple of the Sinawava in Zion National Park. Springdale is home to over half a dozen art galleries, such as David J. West Gallery, Worthington Gallery, and DeZion Gallery.

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    Top 8 Things To Do in Springdale, Utah

    The city of Springdale is totally influenced by Zion National park, with some beautiful landscapes and scenery in the region. However, there are many other things to do in Springdale Utah, winter and throughout the year. Some of them are listed below:

    1. Gooseberry Mesa Cycling

    Heading for a cycling drive for an hour to the southwest is one of the best things to do in Springdale, Utah to the astonishing Gooseberry mesa. This 200 kilometers of enticing trail attracts mountain bikers to take a tour of the wonderful network of trails zigzagging the vast Mesa instead of driving towards Zion National park. 

    Gooseberry Mesa Cycling
    Gooseberry Mesa Cycling

    While some routes are easy to cycle, others include navigating down steep, jumping hurdles, pointed descents, and shooting tricky stunt portions. Besides that, you can cycle along its rugged cliffs that provide excellent overviews out over the valleys, rock forms, and mountains. 

    Nearby Restaurants: Peruvian Flavours, Fort Zion, Bambu kitchen

    Address: Apple Valley, Hurricane, Utah 84737, United States.

    How difficult is Gooseberry Mesa?

    Gooseberry Mesa has a moderately challenging route. It takes an average of 4 h 0 min to complete. There is a great deal of elevation gain and loss, both in the form of steep ascents and rapid declines. Gooseberry Mesa is a particularly challenging yet rewarding spot for mountain biking.

    Can you hike Gooseberry Mesa?

    Yes, you can easily hike in Gooseberry Mesa. Mesa is home to various hiking paths, with distances and difficulties suitable for hikers of all ages and abilities. Hiking in the desert landscape of Mesa is a pleasure, as the city is home to countless kilometers of paths.

    How long is Gooseberry Mesa?

    The Gooseberry Mesa loop path is an 11.4-mile hike near Hurricane, Utah. It takes about 4 hours to complete and is rated a moderately challenging course.

    2. Float The Virgin River

    The swift-moving Virgin River meanders through Zion National Park. People enjoy tubing on the river throughout the summer, relaxing while they travel, and taking in the breathtaking view. A few businesses in Springdale offer to rent you inner tubes and then pick you up downstream after your float.

    Float the Virgin River
    Float the Virgin River

    The journey to the pickup location, which is around three or four kilometers away, often takes about two hours. Although some picturesque stretches are perfect for leisurely floating, other sections may require you to pull your tube across shallow areas or negotiate rocky rapids.

    It is a unique experience to float along the Virgin River as you pass beneath massive sandstone cliffs surrounded by stunning surroundings.

    Nearby Restaurant: The Cactus Room Restaurant, Balcony One, Virgin Trading Post/Fort Zion

    Address: 771 UT-9, Virgin, UT 84779, United States

    Can you swim in the Virgin River in Utah?

    The Virgin River is a great place to go swimming or tubing. Additional swimming holes can be discovered in Zion’s enormous canyon, which features natural tunnels. The park’s many lovely swimming holes are open to visitors.

    Can you kayak the Virgin River in Utah?

    Only experienced paddlers who are prepared to stay alive without help for several days should try to kayak through The Narrows on the Virgin River. You can also kayak if the river flows above 150 cubic feet per second.

    3. Grafton Ghost Town

    Less than 20 minutes drive from Springdale lies Grafton, which is certainly worth visiting. (Note that the route to Grafton’s final two miles is not paved.) One of the most well-known ghost towns in the American Southwest is this one. The settlement was founded in 1859 and abandoned in 1944. While touring this ghost town, there are a few things to see.

    Grafton Ghost Town
    Grafton Ghost Town

    The first is the cemetery, which is home to a number of graves of victims of violence. The schoolhouse/church is still standing, too. There are also a few homes owned by previous renters. This ghost town is quite well-kept in comparison to other ones because the structures were repaired in 1997.

    Nearby Restaurant: Buffalo Trails Trading Company, Pioneer Lodge Restaurant, Little Creek Station

    Address: Springdale, UT 84767, USA

    Can you visit Grafton Ghost Town?

    Grafton is often cited as the most popular western ghost town. The Grafton ghost town is accessible for anybody to explore. There is not much crowd, so you can take your time strolling about the old ghost town.

    Why is Grafton a ghost town?

    Inhospitable conditions led Mormon pioneers to give up on Grafton continually. In 1859, the town was founded by pioneers who saw potential in cultivating cotton along the Virgin River.

    However, only four families called the settlement home by 1890. The last member of the church community left in 1944, and services ceased by 1921. Hence, Grafton became a ghost town.

    What happened in Grafton Utah?

    Grafton’s youth fled to more prosperous areas, and the city could not attract new families due to a lack of available land and irrigation water. Grafton’s population began to decline in the early 1900s, and by 1945, the town had been completely deserted. There is no public access to the land.

    What movies were filmed in Grafton Utah?

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Ramrod, The Electric Horseman, and Pyre Gold are some movies filmed in Grafton, Utah.

    4. Zion National Park

    It will be totally unfair if you skip visiting Zion National Park if you are in Utah. With treks ranging from moderate and pleasant to intense and legendary, it is regarded as one of the best hiking locations in the United States. Here you can find a collection of fantastic hiking.

    Zion National Park
    Zion National Park

    Slot canyons, horseback riding, camping, and animal viewing are some more well-liked attractions. Eagles, cougars, mule deer, collared lizards, bobcats, coyotes, gray foxes, and bighorn sheep are among the animals to watch out for. This should mandatorily be “a must” place to visit in your relocating to Utah from California checklist. 

    Nearby Restaurants: Red Rock Grill, Castle Dome Café, Switchback Grille

    Address: SR 9, SPRINGDALE, UT 84767

    What is the best time of year to visit Zion National Park?

    The best time of year to visit Zion National Park is in spring and fall. It’s not as hot as it was in the summer and not as cold as it was in the winter. There are also fewer people around. 

    How much does it cost to get into Zion National Park?

    It costs $20 per person for non-commercial vehicles that can hold 16 people or more. No additional costs will accrue above what a business would pay for a car of comparable size.

    All children and teenagers (under 15) are admitted at no charge. Annual and Lifetime passes are valid for admission at the per-person fee for individuals and families.

    Can you drive into Zion National Park right now?

    Yes, you can drive into Zion National Park. You can visit the park whenever, day or night, and no prior authorization or reservations are required.

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    5. Angel’s Landing

    Angel’s Landing must be the walk in Zion National Park that you should wake up early for. The popular hike draws large people every day, which can make it challenging to enjoy the trail’s rock scrambling. The first 2.4 miles of the course have abrupt rises of more than 1500 feet.

    Angel’s Landing
    Angel’s Landing

    For people who are afraid of heights, this walk may be challenging because of the sharp drops in both directions. Grab onto the several cables you pass along the way. The best views in Zion National Park can be seen at the peak, where hikers are rewarded.

    Nearby Restaurant: Deep Creek Coffee Co., Kings Landing Bistro, Cafe Soleil

    Address: Zion National Park, Springdale, UT 84767

    How difficult is Angel’s Landing hike?

    One of the toughest hikes in the U.S. is Angels Landing. It is unsuitable for beginners, and the hike goes uphill the whole way and goes up about 1,800 feet in 2.5 miles.

    Is Angels Landing worth it?

    Angels Landing is a stunning area that hikers frequently visit. Hiking here is best done either early in the morning or late in the day. You can take the first Zion Canyon Shuttle into the canyon.

    How many deaths have been at Angels Landing?

    At least 17 people have been found dead on the Angels Landing trail as of 2022. The majority of these deaths were caused by falls down high cliffs.

    6. The Narrows Riverside Walk

    Is it a river or a hiking trail? In either case, a hike through Zion National Park’s Narrows will be drenched in water. Many people consider the trip through the slot canyon to be a must-do. The entire route is 10 miles one way, but once hikers have had their fill, many of them turn back.

    The Narrows Riverside Walk
    The Narrows Riverside Walk

    You will require a permit because the hike is well-known and can take up to a full day to accomplish. A narrow canyon with soaring walls in every direction is traversed by the path as it follows the Virgin River. The Narrows is an incredible sensory experience, with the sound of nature singing and the river splashing against rocks.

    Address: The Narrows, Utah 84737, USA

    Nearby Restaurants: Springdale Candy Company, Casa de Amigos, Oscar’s Cafe

    How long is The Narrows hike in Utah?

    The Narrows is 16 miles long, but only if you hike it from the top down. If you begin at the bottom, you may expect to spend two to six hours hiking the Narrows.

    7. Canyon Overlook Trail

    The Canyon Overlook Trail, a popular substitute for the well-known Angel’s Landing hike, offers stunning views of Zion Canyon at its conclusion. The route offers the best value for your money in Zion due to its short duration and exceptional conclusion.

    Canyon Overlook Trail
    Canyon Overlook Trail

    The Canyon Overlook Trail is well-liked by families and hikers of all skill levels because of how simple it is to complete. Unfortunately, there isn’t a shuttle stop along the trail. Adventurers must park in a little pull-off instead. To prevent having to trek further, hikers should arrive early.

    Nearby Restaurants: Whiptail Grill, Hoodoos, Spotted Dog cafe

    Address: Canyon Overlook Trail, Zion National Park, Springdale, UT, 84737

    How long is the Canyon Overlook Trail?

    The Canyon Overlook Trail is a mile long near Springdale, Utah. Hiking typically takes about 30 minutes to complete.

    Is Canyon Overlook Trail scary?

    Even though there are many kid-friendly zones at canon overlook Trail, there are also plenty of places along the trail that can be dangerous if you overlook them. Keep your children away from the edges and spend your time mostly along the trails and overlook spots. 

    How do I get to the Zion Canyon Overlook trail?

    You can drive to the Zion Canyon Overlook trailhead from the Springdale & Zion Canyon Visitor Center by continuing another 1.4 miles on SR-9 to the park’s southern entrance.

    When you’ve entered the park, keep going for another 5.9 miles along SR-9. You will drive up a series of switchbacks on the mountain and then through a tunnel.

    8. Lower Emerald Falls

    The Emerald Pools, near shuttle stop 5 (Zion Lodge), is comparable to Weeping Rock. Two routes are available, one of which offers a quick climb to the Lower Emerald Pools. Alternatively, you can keep going to the Upper Emerald Pool to take advantage of the area’s less crowded atmosphere.

    Lower Emerald Falls
    Lower Emerald Falls

    The most popular route is the 1.2-mile roundtrip climb to the bottom pools. The easy, flat route leads to a little waterfall with shimmering pools that has made a home in the desert environment. You can reach a vantage point and the upper pools by going another half mile.

    Nearby Restaurants: Red Rock Grill, Spotted Dog cafe, MeMe’s Cafe

    Address: Emerald Pools Trail, Hurricane, UT 84737, United States

    How do I lower the Emerald Pool Trail?

    Just beyond the Zion Lodge is where the Emerald Pools Trail begins. Walk across Lodge Lawn from the shuttle stop to the crosswalk. You can get across the bridge by crossing the street. If you want to hike to Lower Emerald Pool, start by taking the route that goes off to the right.

    How long is the Lower Emerald Pools hike at Zion?

    Lower Emerald Pools hike is 1.4 miles at Zion. The typical travel time along this path is 32 minutes.

    Is the Emerald Pools hike worth it?

    The Emerald Pools Trail is an ideal quick and straightforward trip through some of Zion’s most recognizable landscapes. The best seasons for hiking are spring and fall.

    Can you swim in the Lower Emerald Pools Zion?

    Yes, you can swim in Emerald Pools Trail. The waters of Lake Tahoe are famously clear, and its surrounding forests are lush.

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    Things To Do in Springdale Utah FAQs

    What is Springdale Utah known for?

    Springdale, Utah, is known for Zion National Park. Most visitors to Zion National Park stay in the city. The scenery of Zion is breathtaking, with its towering sandstone cliffs and winding, forested canyon. 

    Is Springdale Utah a cute town?

    Yes, Springdale, Utah, is a cute town. The town’s lovely main street is lined with cafes and boutiques. It has challenging hikes, spectacular fauna, breathtaking views, and rough, car-free biking trails.

    Along with that, it is one of the best places to live in Utah for young adults who love the outdoors and vacations.

    Is Springdale inside Zion?

    The Utah town of Springdale is located at the park’s southern border, between Mount Kinesava and The Watchman.


    Whether it’s touring, biking, hiking, boating, camping, or simply dining out at some restaurants, Springdale has everything for all. Springdale is the only place in Utah where you can enjoy all recreation and enjoyable things throughout the city. This is the reason why it is the best place to live in Utah for young adults, families, and retirees. 

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