Long Distance Movers

Long Distance Movers

Long Distance Moving has never been easy. When preparing for a big move, there’s no doubt you’d run into a web of unexpected stress and tension. The common challenges of figuring what and what-not to pack, the frustration of finding a reputable moving company, worse off, the cost of having to transport all the loads of boxes. Long-distance movers are painful witnesses to this.
Therefore, the Movingist Website aims at briefing you on all you need to know about moving, cheap long-distance moving companies, and tips to move easily.

What is a long-distance move?

Planning on moving from one state or country to another? Are you self-packing or hiring a company? For most moving companies, A move is considered long distance when it is over 300 to 400 miles. It is also known as long haul or interstate moving, depending on the distance of the move as well as the destination. Whether it involves moving temporarily, or permanently, the stress of packing, or unpacking, cannot be over-emphasized. In contrast, local or intrastate moves are considered as movements less than 100miles.

Tips for Long-distance moving process

It takes much readiness mentally, physically, and financially, of course, to prepare for long-distance moving. To move successfully over hundreds of miles, here are some necessary tips below:

Make a Plan

Take complete control of your preparation time. Regardless of your kind of personality, moving from one place to another must be organized and well planned. Create a schedule, itinerary, or checklist. Clear out things you must finish before proceeding, familiarize yourself with long-distance moving costs, and thoroughly follow the list.

Familiarize with multiple long-distance moving services

For moving interstate or long distance, you need to do the necessary research on the right moving companies. Would you instead rent a moving truck and drive to Miami? The possible risks of driving over 500 to 100miles? Insurance over luggage? Moving costs? It is best to find out the best moving company to suit all your interests. And the earlier, the better.

Make an Inventory list

When moving, it is best to create an inventory of all your belongings. Either by using an app, notebook, be sure to have a comprehensive list of your belongings in one place.
You can also cut costs of moving items by categorizing your possessions into; MOVE, DONATE or SELL. Plus, label all the boxes, that way, you take only necessary belongings and cross-check them at your new destination.

Update all Important travel documents

Changing an address requires updating information in many different places, especially for long-distance movers. Update your drivers’ license/registration, purchase moving insurance, and do due research on important legal documents needed to settle down at your new place successfully.

Hire the best long distance moving companies

Ensure to hire the most reputable long distance moving companies. Check for reviews from past customers, their active membership with the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), terms and conditions, compare and settle for the moving estimates best for you,

How much do long distance movers cost?

On average, long distance moving services cost between $2,500-$6,000. It depends on the distance, place of relocation, and loads of luggage involved. Cross country or interstate moves cost more than local/intra-state moving. However, some other factors that influence the price of moving are:

Distance 1 bedroom 2-3 bedrooms 4-5 bedrooms
250 miles+ $800 – $2,500 $1,200 – $3,900 $2,000 – $5,800
1000 miles+ $1,400-$2,900 $2,100-$7,800 $4,900-$8,000
2500 miles+ $1,900 – $3,800 $3,200 – $9,700 $9,000+

Presented above, are the cost estimate of long-distance moving and the factors that influence such prices.

How do Movers Stack Boxes For Long Distance Moves?

Packing to move is no easy job. The best ways to pack and stack boxes for long-distance journeys are;

  • Group items of similar weight and size together
  • For delicate items, pour packing peanuts(shredded papers, foam) at the bottom.
  • Wrap heavier goods first and arrange them in the bottom of the box with bubble wrap and packing papers.
  • Place the heaviest boxes on the bottom and the lightest at the top.
  • Stack your packages on a moving truck or in a self-storage facility
  • Stack moving boxes like bricks
  • Create an aisle between box stacks.

What Should You Not Pack When Moving?

The dilemma of what to and what not to pack when moving long-distance is a big deal. The mistake of overpacking will not only slow down the process but incur extra costs. Here is a list of things that need not be packed below.

  • Bulky Items e.g., unused laptops, DVDs, and TVs.
  • Too many clothes (donate unnecessary clothing accessories)
  • Papers (apart from essential documents like certificates, financial records)
  • Old Furniture
  • Expired bathroom Items
  • Garage Junks
  • Old electronic appliances
  • Beddings e.g., old sheets and beds that are easily replaceable.
  • Old household items, (it’s better to donate, sell or give away old items to avoid unnecessary load when moving).
  • Perishable Items e.g., frozen foods, unpreserved/refrigerated foods

Long Distance Moving Related Services

There are many moving companies around the nation. To discover the best long distance moving companies, make sure they render the following services:

Storage services

It is vital to store belongings securely when moving. Moving companies must package luggage to ensure they survive on the road, regardless of distance and weather. The use of tightly sealed boxes and extra facilities for oversized items should be implored.

Full Packing

Long-distance movers are responsible for packing all loads and goods. Although additional costs could be incurred for extra service rendered, they ensure packages are moved carefully.

Commercial moving

For cases where businesses relocate long distances, unique expertise is required. Teaming up with professionals exposes one to the best advice on replacing furniture, structure new plans, and the best ways to transport delicate items successfully.

Auto Transport

This is the simplest way to move a car. In cases where cars need to be transported, go for reputable companies with cargo, especially for shipping vehicles to the desired destination.

Disconnect and Reconnect appliances

For electronics that cannot be easily replaced, good companies provide experts to handle electronic dewiring and rewiring, either on recruit or by affiliation with such service-providing organizations.

Disassemble and Reassemble furniture

Provision of the workforce to move everything out of your old place to the desired destination is another service rendered by full-service moving companies. They also disassemble and put back together furniture like beds, cribs, tables.

Special items moving

Full-service moving companies should be able to transport delicate items, e.g., expensive art pieces, wine collections, and even pets.

Best Long Distance Moving Companies 2021

Having to travel long distance journeys is stressful and challenging. There are many long-distance moving companies that offer a variety of services to ease off the difficulty of moving interstate or country. However, finding the right moving company to suit your interest could be time-consuming and frustrating. Luckily, we have carried out extensive research and put together a list of reputable moving companies, that offer amazing services. Let’s look at the top relocation companies in the US below;

S/N Moving Company Services Website
1 International Van Lines Partial/Full Packing, Short/Long term Storage, Car Relocation/Auto Transport, Specialty Services, Available all over the US. Visit
2 American Van Lines Furniture Assembly and Disassembly, Content Insurance, Corporate relocation, Specialty Services, Crating, Packing and Unpacking, Available in 48 states. Visit
3 JK Moving Car Relocation, GPS Tracking of Shipment, Estimates on Customer Budget, Corporate and Government Relocation, Full/Partial Package, Available in all 50 states. Visit
4 U-Pack Moving Packing and Unpacking, Transportation, Self-Move Option, Available in all States. Visit
5 PODS Loading and Unloading, Storage, Transportation, Self Scheduling, Available in Every State. Visit
6 Mayflower Track your Truck Features, Packing, and Unpacking, Storage Services Visit
7 Two Men And A Truck GPS Tracking, Storage, Packing and Unpacking, Available in 42 States. Visit

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