How Much Does it Cost To Register A Car in Utah

How much does it cost to register a car in Utah

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    The reason why is everyone moving to Utah is a very clear, beautiful landscape to a high-quality life at an affordable cost of living is what Utah is all about. Now, if you were wondering how much will my car registration cost in Utah, you will get your answer here. Utah does not have a cost schedule for the registration of vehicles, unlike other US states.

    It considered the car registration cost based on the vehicle type, age, type of fuel used, and weight of the vehicle. The reason is that the registration fees help to make up things under the Utah State government like infrastructure repairs, road maintenance, and environmental acts.

    Cost To Register A Car in Utah
    Cost To Register A Car in Utah

    Alterations in registration cost on the basis of how much it cost to register a car in Utah or any other vehicle is a good way to maintain the expenses. So, in this article, you will learn about Utah car registration fees cost, when to register, who can register, and more answers to related questions. 

    Who is Qualified to Register a Vehicle?

    Residents of Utah have to register for their vehicles to drive inside the state boundaries. Non-residents of Utah who are using watercraft for more than 60 years a year have to register for their watercraft use in Utah.

    How To Register a Recently Purchased Vehicle?

    To register for your recently purchased vehicle with the department of motor vehicles Utah, you have to follow the following registration process:

    • Before registration, visit an inspection station for an emission test, if mandatory in your county.
    • Visit your nearby DMV UT office.
    • Submit all the supporting documents.
    • Pay your registration fees.
    • You will receive a mail of your plates and decals from the DMV indicating expiry details. You will get the plates within 7 days or might take a long time as 4-6 weeks. 

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    How Are Registration Fees Calculated In Utah?

    The vehicle registration fees highly depend on the type of the vehicle, its weight, age, and county of the vehicle owner, and can be calculated with the Utah vehicle cost calculator. It’s easy to speculate registration fees for some vehicles, while others have to qualify for several law provisions. Some additional fees for commercial vehicles are also imposed in case the weight of the vehicle increases.

    How Are Registration Fees Calculated In Utah
    How Are Registration Fees Calculated In Utah

    For example, the registration fee for motorcycles in Utah is $46. Similarly for passenger vehicles weighing more than 12000 lbs registration fees of $44 are charged. As far as additional fees on vehicles are concerned a registration fee of $53 is charged for farm vehicles weighing 12000 lbs and an additional $9 is added if the weight of the vehicle exceeds 2000 lbs. 

    The car’s registration fees in Utah details are as follows:

    Age of the carRegistration cost
    <3 years150
    12 years and more10

    Which Utah Counties Charge Additional Registration Fees?

    There are various kinds of fees that are imposed based on the county you reside in. Here is a list of those additional costs for the cities of Utah.

    Corridor fees: The counties that charge corridor fees of $10 along with another registration cost in order to contribute a share for the county’s highway maintenance are as follows:

    • Box elder
    • Davis
    • Iron
    • Morgan
    • Tooele
    • Salt Lake
    • Summit
    • Weber
    • Wasatch
    • Washington

    Air pollution control fees: Air pollution control fees are charged in different countries of Utah in order to decrease the air pollution level in those counties. The cost of air pollution-free depends on which county you are residing in.

    • Davis: $3
    • Cache: $3
    • Utah: $2
    • Salt lake: $3
    • Weber: $1

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    Fees and Taxes

    Fees and Taxes
    Fees and Taxes

    1. Automobile Driver Education Fee

    The automobile driver education fee is $2.50. This fee is applied to every vehicle registration except the ones with purple heart plates. 

    2. Uninsured Motorist Identification Fee

    The uninsured motorist identification fee is the fee imposed by the state to cover the costs of searching for uninsured drivers so as to keep the roads secure for users. The cost is flat at $1 for all vehicles except the purple heart plates, state-owned vehicles, and partial fleet registered vehicles. 

    Do you have to have proof of insurance to register a car in Utah?

    You definitely need proof of current insurance to register a car in Utah.  This is because if you someday get bumped into law enforcement officers, this might create issues if you are driving without current insurance. If this happens you have to go to the local DMV office to get your registration done. 

    How much is an insurance vehicle ticket in Utah?

    The cost of a full coverage insurance vehicle ticket in Utah is about $1154 per year being the cheapest in the US. 

    Are vehicle registration fees tax deductible in Utah?

    Vehicle registration fees are partially tax-deductible in Utah but under certain circumstances. Only a part of registration fees that are based on the vehicle’s value is tax deductible. 

    3. Temporary Permit Fees

    If your car registration has expired while relocating your vehicle to Utah and you want to do the emissions tests before renewal, you will need a temporary permit. For that, you have to consider either a 96-hour permit costing $2.50 or a 15-day permit of $6. 

    Permit Fees

    Temporary permit requirements are not as same as new registration requirements but it is a type of legal permission for you to continue driving before getting a permanent one or acquiring an emission test report. 

    How much does a temporary permit cost in Utah?

    The cost of a temporary permit in Utah is about $6 along with renewal fees.  After paying the fees, you need to take a print of the permit. 

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    Cost to register a car in Utah FAQs

    What Vehicles are Generally Exempt from Inspection?

    The vehicles that are exempted from inspection in Utah are as follows:

    • Electric vehicles
    • Motorcycles
    • Farm vehicles like tractors, fertilizer spreaders, etc.
    • Husbandry vehicles
    • Vehicles that run off highway
    • Old Vehicles modeled before 1967.
    • Any diesel vehicle model before 1997
    • New vehicles having an MSO.

    How Do I Change My Registration Address with Utah DMV?

    There might be any reason to move to Utah from California, but after relocation, you have to change the registration address with Utah DMV simply by using the motor vehicle portal (MVP). You can also visit your local DMV office or call 801-297-7780 OR 1800-368-8824.

    How much are Utah car number plates?

    The costs of Utah car number plates are as follows:

    • License Plate Decal: $5
    • Special Group License Status: $17 
    • Standard License Plate: $12
    • Vanity License Plate: $16


    Always remember that driving with an expired vehicle registration in Utah can be dangerous and might lead to traffic infraction and nightly arrest or fines. So it is necessary to register or renew your car or any other vehicle every 12 months. Every time you renew it the uniform fee will decrease every 3 years. So it won’t be difficult to figure out and pay registration fees for your vehicle.

    If you are thinking about what to do in Springdale, Utah at night, this is the time to register your car. Just check out Utah’s Motor Vehicle Portal and start registering your vehicle online. Now that your answer regarding car registration in Utah is cleared, it’s time to take a look at what is the cost per sq ft to build a house in Utah so that you can build your dream home in Utah.

    Setting everything done  in your new home town Utah will make you feel proud of yourself, isn’t it?

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