Best Places To Live in Utah

Best Places To Live in Utah

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    Are Californians moving to Utah? Yes, because Utah has everything for all. From picturesque nature to maintaining an unmatched lifestyle, from thriving tech industries to top-class educational institutes along with an affordable cost of living, all is what you can achieve at a glance in Utah.


    So, if you are moving to Utah and want to learn about the best places to live in Utah 2023, check out these stunning places in Utah—they’ll make you gasp for air.

    What part of Utah is best to live in?

    Salt Lake City, the north-central part of Utah, is the best place to live in Utah. It is the capital city and is interconnected with all the states.

    It has excellent academic facilities and a higher standard of living. Moreover, it has moderate weather.

    Is living in Utah worth it?

    Yes, living in Utah is worth it. The state is an excellent place to live for people who enjoy being outside and spending time in nature.

    You can never get bored of Utah because there are many free things to do in Springdale, Utah along with its other major towns, from bouldering in Zion National Park and skiing in the mountains to exploring the Bonneville Salt Flats and small-town charm.

    11 Best Places to Live in Utah

    Here is a list of the 11 best cities to live in Utah 2023. Read on and select a compatible one for you.

    1. Park City – Best place to live in Utah for outdoor recreation 

    Park City is the capital city of Utah. People are moving to park city Utah to have a delightful experience, from the renowned Sundance Film Festival to its renowned ski resorts.

    Park City - Best Place To Live in Utah For Outdoor Recreation
    Park City – Best Place To Live in Utah For Outdoor Recreation

    There are typically 8,000 people living there permanently. Homes in Park City sold for a median price of $1.6M in October 2022, a 21.1% increase over the same month the previous year.

    Tuhaye, Victory Ranch, Old Town, Thaynes Canyon, and Deer Valley are some of the best places to live near Park City Utah.

    And in case you are searching for Affordable places to live near park city, Utah, Trailside, Pine Brook, and Jeremy Ranch are some of them.

    Is Park City Utah a good place to live?

    Park City is a great place to take kids on vacation. Park City is packed with exciting outside activities, perfect for keeping the whole family occupied. There are several shopping centers, nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants in the city, as well as reservoirs, hot springs, forests, and paths for hiking and bicycling.

    Where is Park City Utah?

    Park City is located in the Wasatch Back range of the Rocky Mountains.

    How Mormon is Park City Utah?

    About 62% of people in Utah are associates of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, while 35% of Park City’s population identifies as Mormon.

    2. Greater Avenues Utah – Best place to live in Utah for young adults

    With a population of 17,599, Greater Avenues is a neighborhood in Salt Lake City, Utah. The city has fantastic nightlife, thanks to the abundance of clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks there.

    Greater Avenues Utah - Best Place To live in Utah For Young Adults

    Homes in Greater Avenues Salt Lake City, UT typically cost $827199. The city has recently seen a major downfall in crime rates and a booming economy as compared to other suburbs.

    Locales have been assured that there are police patrolling everywhere and every time making the city incredibly safe and secure.

    3. East Bench Utah – Best place to live in Utah for families

    East Bench is a neighborhood in Salt Lake City, Utah that is largely residential and somewhat wealthy. It is well-known for its historic lakeshores.

    East Bench Utah - Best Place To Live in Utah For Families

    With a population of 6,123 people, the city makes its place just to the southeast of the University of Utah campus.

    In the $300K to $3.2M price range, there are 58 houses for sale. In East Bench, many locations are ideal for nightlife because they are energetic and offer a wide variety of whiskey.

    4. Snyderville Utah – Best place to live in Utah for outdoor recreation

    Summit County’s Snyderville is among the best locations to live in Utah with 5,995 residents. It is famous for its grassy basin. $955K is the typical house price in Snyderville.

    Snyderville Utah - Best Place To live in Utah For Outdoor Recreation

    Hearth and Hill, Taste of Thai, Vessel Kitchen, etc. are some of the top restaurants in Snyderville, Utah. 

    Visit Op Rockwell, Alpine Distilling Bar, and Umbrella Bar to experience the vibrant nightlife in Snyderville.

    To have a great day out at the East Bench, you can visit Hogle Zoo to see tigers and giraffes, the Bonneville golf course, and the Salt Lake Country Club.

    5. Kaysville Utah – Best place to live in Utah for families

    With a population of 31,957, Kaysville is a suburb of Salt Lake City. The city offers excellent schools, affordable housing, and low crime, making it an ideal place to raise a family.

    Kaysville Utah - Best Place To Live in Utah For Families

    Kaysville Utah homes for sale typically cost around $667545. Locales love to welcome the development of new homes and businesses in the area.

    Where is Kaysville Utah located?

    Kaysville city is located in Davis County, just off the city’s prime Route 15. The city comes under the Ogden-Clearfield metropolitan region of Utah.

    What is it like living in Kaysville Utah?

    Kaysville is a quiet and isolated town. It has a lot of parks and things to do outside. It’s a great place to do business because it’s easy to get to, and the taxes are low.

    Why is Kaysville important to Utah?

    Kaysville was formed as the first city in Davis County and the 27th city in Utah. It is also the first place to establish a public library.

    Who founded Kaysville Utah?

    Kaysville, Utah, was founded by Hector Caleb Haight. He was the first settler in Farmington and Kaysville area.

    6. Yalecrest Utah – Best place to live in Utah for dining and recreation

    Yalecrest is one of the best suburbs of Salt Lake City Utah having 4,142 residents. Yalecrest is a wealthy residential area recognized for its many architectural styles.

    Yalecrest Utah - Best Place To Live in Utah For Dining And Recreation

    The average cost of a home is $1,097,519. One can easily rent out a property here at a rate of $1150 despite having a reasonable salary range.

    The Fault Line Cafe, and Natural History Museum Cafe, among other highly regarded eateries. Yalecrest’s cocktail bars have a vibrant nightlife.

    7. Wasatch Hollow Utah – Best place to live in Utah for young adults

    With a population of 3,484, Wasatch Hollow is a neighborhood in Salt Lake City situated south of Yalecrest, Utah. Its distinctive settings offer a tranquil location surrounded by native wildlife and plants.

    Wasatch Hollow Utah - Best Place To Live in Utah For Young Adults

    Real estate properties in Hollow make the city highly rated as they have highly attractive detached homes.

    The median list price of homes for sale in the city is $817,000. Wasatch Hollow has many bars that are reachable on foot, and it has a lovely nightlife.

    Online takeout or delivery is available from 500 restaurants in Wasatch Hollow.

    What kids’ activities near Wasatch Hollow Salt Lake City? 

    Mystery Escape Room, Get Out Games, Social Axe Throwing, The Escape Key, and Gem Studio are some kids’ activities and outdoor recreations present near Wasatch Hollow.

    8. North Logan Utah – Best place to live in Utah for families

    North Logan is a city in the American state of Utah’s Cache County. Its total population is 11,155. Outdoor activities like camping, fishing, mountain biking, boating, and trekking are popular in this region.

    North Logan Utah - Best Place To Live in Utah For Families

    North Logan’s median list price for a home is $260,000. Those searching for rental homes can add this city to their list, after Kaysville as the monthly rental value here is $850, which is considerably cheaper than the US average.

    Is Logan Utah a nice place to live?

    Logan is a nice and safe place to live for college students. It’s lush and active, with enough to do. Next door is a canyon ideal for outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, fishing, and even using a hammock. It’s only an hour away from Bear Lake and has excellent local restaurants.

    Is Logan Utah a suburb?

    The city is primarily made up of residential subdivisions and is a suburb of the county seat.

    Is Logan Northern Utah?

    Logan is located in northern Utah, approximately 76 kilometers (47 miles) from Ogden. It’s about a 150-mile (220-km) drive from Salt Lake City.

    9. Highland Utah – Best place to live in Utah for young adults

    With a population of 19,611, Highland City is a member of the Provo-Orem Metropolitan Statistical Area.

    It is renowned for both the cool canyon breeze in the summer nights and the brisk north winds and towering snowdrifts in the winter.

    Highland Utah - Best Place To live in Utah For Young Adults

    Highland, Utah houses typically cost $1080729. The cost of living is pretty much higher than in other Utah cities.

    The population in the city is blended with varied ethnicity, and economic backgrounds, and a rich and multi-faceted community atmosphere.

    North Logan has amazing nightlife and a ton of amazing bars. Food can be picked up from the top restaurants in North Logan.

    What county is Highland in Utah?

    Highland, Utah, United States, is a city in Utah County. It’s in the Provo-Orem MSA, about 48 kilometers (30 miles) south of Salt Lake City.

    10. Farmington Utah – Best place to live in Utah for retirees

    Farmington is one of the best towns near Salt Lake City Utah with a population of 24,775. The biggest amusement park in the state is located in Farmington.

    Farmington Utah - Best place to live in Utah for retirees

    The typical house price in Farmington is $575K. Outside of Farmington, there are lots of places to dirty dance the night away!

    The Habit Burger Grill, Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar, and Cafe Zupas are some of Farmington’s top eateries.

    Where is Farmington Utah?

    Farmington Utah is in the Davis County of Utah which is 25.75 kilometers north of Salt Lake City. The zip code for Farmington Utah is 84025.

    Is Farmington Utah a good place to live?

    Farmington Utah is an excellent place to live for kids and families. Farmington is located in Davis County and is a suburb of Salt Lake City. There are a lot of excellent public schools and parks in this area. Despite having a rural name, the city considers proximity to major towns along with driving job opportunities at a reasonable pay scale.

    Is Farmington Canyon Road paved?

    The first mile of Farmington Canyon Road is paved, but after the first switchback in the canyon, the road becomes unpaved and winds along a narrow dirt path for the next 12 miles.

    What languages are spoken in Farmington Utah?

    English (92.9 % speakers) and Spanish (4.5 % speakers)  are the most spoken languages in Utah.

    11. Foothill/Sunnyside – Best place to live in Utah for outdoor recreation

    Foothill/Sunnyside is well known for its higher hill range or upland region. There are 1,653 people living in Foothill, Utah.

    The city makes a safer neighborhood making it a more popular place to raise a family.

    Foothill - Best Place To Live in Utah For Outdoor Recreation

    In Foothill Ranch, a house sold for an average of $1.1M. Nomad East, The Black Sheep Foothill, Thistle & Thyme, and Honest Eatery are among Foothill’s top eateries.

    Join fun-filled student communities at Foothill College through our clubs for entertainment at night!

    Best Places to Live in Utah 2023 FAQs

    What city in Utah has the best weather?

    George has the best weather in Utah. St. George’s climate is appropriate for those who want to get rid of the cold and rainy conditions in other parts of the country, as it is mild for most of the year and rarely rains.

    Where is the best place to live in Utah?

    Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provide and West Jordan are the best places to live in Utah in 2023.

    Is Utah a good place to live?

    Is a good place to live in the US as it offers a stunning landscape, total access to outdoor recreations, an amazing job market, stellar economy, lower cost of living, best education system and the top-class healthcare system.

    Where is the cheapest place to live in Utah?

    Vernal, Sunset, Roosevelt, and Washington Terrace are the cheapest place to live in Utah.

    What is the nicest neighborhood in Utah?

    Sunnyside or Foothill, East Central, Salt Lake City, Millcreek, and Liberty Wells are some of the nicest neighborhoods in Utah.

    Is it cheaper to live in Utah or Colorado?

    It is cheaper to live in Utah than in Colorado. Utah is 27.9% more affordable than Colorado.

    What is the safest city to live in in Utah?

    Lone Peak is the safest city to live in in Utah. This year there were just five reported violent crime cases in the city.


    So, ready to find a new home in Utah? The state offers the best cities to reside in but depends on which part you choose to live in and look for.

    Some best cities near Salt Lake City might give you a big-city living experience, while others are ideal for those preferring a rural suburb feel.

    But when it comes to the top cities to live in Utah, this list is a must to prefer. So if you are making Utah your new home, check out these places for sure!

    And don’t forget to register your vehicle if you are already in Utah and have not made it yet.

    To know the Utah car registration fees cost in your county, check out the article and learn more about it.