Moving To Utah From California

Moving to Utah from California

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    Utah, the Beehive state, is one of the most desirable states in the US, boasting stunning nature, ample outer recreation, a lower crime rate, and maintaining a high-quality lifestyle. Thanks to the thriving economy, job opportunities, and affordable real-estate prices, Utah is becoming an attractive home for families, businessmen, professionals, and retirees. 

    From national parks to delicious dining alternatives, it won’t take time to find out the reason for relocation to Utah from California or any other US state. If you are willing to move to Utah from California, here are a few reasons why Utah is better than California and why you should make a move to the beehive state.

    Moving to Utah from California
    Moving to Utah from California

    Is moving to Utah from California a good idea?

    The reason to move to Utah from California is that Utah is a great place to enjoy picturesque nature, a high-quality lifestyle, and lower crime rates. Utah has a lower cost of living and access to many outdoor recreations than its neighboring state, Colorado. It is home to 5 major national parks in the country – Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol reef.

    The things that are similar in both states are their climatic conditions and beautiful mountains. 

    Is it worth moving to Utah from California?

    Are Californians moving to Utah? Mostly, as they feel like it’s a smart move to make Utah their new hometown. This is because of its extremely low crime rate, low cost of living, and top-class public schools that attract retirees and families mostly. 

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    1. Moving Costs To Utah From California

    Moving from California to Utah is a long-distance move that can be costly which is why it is important to talk with a moving company that is loyal to commitments, affordable and professional. Moving companies in California provide exceptional service at a well-budget price that fits everyone’s pocket. The average cost of moving to Utah from California ranges from $900-$6500. 

    Moving Costs to Utah from California
    Moving Costs to Utah from California

    The cost usually varies on the basis of the actual distance of the move, the total number of items to be moved, and other services like packing and unpacking. The ideal way to get an actual moving cost is by scheduling an appointment or making a call to one of the professional mover companies to get the best deals and free quotations. 

    How much is it to move to Utah from California?

    The average cost of making a move from California to Utah ranges from $900 to $6500. The moving cost will vary depending on the number of things that are being moved, the time or season of moving and moving or through packagers.

    2. Cost Of Living Between Utah & California

    The only reason why people prefer Utah over California is its affordable cost of living. It is one such US state that provides a higher standard of living at a lower cost of living. Although you might find higher costs in and around the Salt Lake City metro area, still Utah remains much cheaper than the national average.

    Cost of living between Utah & California
    Cost of living between Utah & California

    In fact, California is roughly 44% more costly than Utah. Residents of Utah say that they can enjoy anything and everything at much cheaper costs in the state. 

    Is it cheaper to live in California or Utah?

    Utah is 29.7% cheaper than California in terms of cost of living.

    Comparison between the cost of living in California vs. Utah

    Here is a comparison highlight in the cost of living in California vs. Utah in 2022.
    US average = 100
    A value above 100 means the particular index is more expensive than the national average and vice versa. 

    Cost of living indexUtah California Difference 
    Overall expenses 12217654% costlier
    Groceries and food961048% costlier
    Housing cost169.6298.275.8% costlier
    Median home cost$523,000$883,400$360,000 i.e. 69% costlier
    Utilities94.193.70.44% less
    Transportation93.4165.377% costlier
    Healthcare101.39011.2% costlier
    Miscellaneous98.6104.56% costlier

    All in all California is 44.4% costlier than Utah. The median home cost makes a huge factor of difference in the overall cost of living. One can lead a healthy lifestyle by earning 45000 in Utah which might vary in California by $65,000. 

    3. Transport in Utah Vs California

    As California is a very huge and diverse state, public transportation is present in almost every city in the state with varied effectiveness. The state also has an extensive network of railways and freeways along with an array of sea and air transport systems. Many commuter real networks, subways, and light rails are also found in the highly populated cities in California. 

    Transport in Utah Vs California
    Transport in Utah Vs California

    But in the case of Utah, this thing is completely different.  Public transportation is only available in the three major cities of Utah which include Provo, Salt lake, and Ogden. Besides that, the Utah transit authority serves the state with regular commuter rail, light rail, and regular bus schedules.

    While traveling in Utah for vacation or business is easier to navigate due to less traffic, roads in California are mostly stop-and-go due to excess traffic and congestion. 

    Which state has the best public transportation Utah or California?

    According to, Utah ranks #6 in having better public transportation services than California.

    4. Climate & Weather Utah Vs California

    Utah has a dry continental climate whereas California has a Mediterranean-type climate. Utah witnesses 4 seasons year around while California sees only dry summers and wet winters, partly cloudy year around. Residents in Utah enjoy dry and warm summers, mildly cold winters along with reasonable snowfall but the temperatures in every season are frequently low.

    Climate & Weather Utah Vs California
    Climate & Weather Utah Vs California

    The average temperature remains around 52 degrees with relatively less precipitation due to the presence of mountains all around the state.  

    Does California or Utah have the best climate?

    Among all the US states, even Utah, California has the best climate based on this criteria:

    • Clear skies with 60% more sunshine in a year.
    • Dry weather with not getting more than 60 inches of rainfall in a year.
    • Normal temperatures range from 63 degrees Fahrenheit to 86 degrees Fahrenheit for almost half of the year.

    Is Utah more humid than California?

    Utah has a semi-arid and dry climate. It relatively has the lowest humidity percentage among all the US states. Utah gets the highest humidity of 75%during December month and the lowest average humidity of 36% in July. 

    Difference in Climate Condition in Utah Vs California 

    The comparison of climate and weather between Utah and California are listed below: 

    Weather condition UtahCalifornia 
    Sunny days per year222 days284 days
    Rainfall per year19.5 inches15.5 inches
    Snowfall per year53.6 inches0 inches
    Summer high91 degrees during July83.6 degrees during July
    Winter low23.3 degrees during January45.9 degrees during January
    Most pleasant months in the yearJune, September and MayJune, May and October
    Least pleasant months in the yearJanuary and DecemberJanuary and February

    5. Education System – California Vs. Utah

    Among all its features, Utah is well known for its academics and educational attainment. Most of the public school districts in Utah receive more than average grades for their educational quality. There are many nationally recognized universities, institutes, and schools in Utah that are preferred by residents and non-residents  across the globe.

    Education system - California vs. Utah
    Education system – California vs. Utah

    Among these, Westminster University, Brigham Young University, University of Utah, and Salt Lake Community College come among the top 50 institutions in the nation. 

    Which state has the best Education California or Utah?

    California has bagged the #1 spot in the best state to be a student in the USA in 2022 while Utah bags the #4 rank. These rankings are done on the basis of the number of top-ranked colleges, average tuition fees, room rent, and percentage of the population of 19-25-year-old young people. 

    Does California or Utah have the best institutes?

    Both the states, California and Utah have top-ranked universities and institutions that excel in every manner in their respective ways. International students usually select one from the University of Utah and the University of Southern California to pursue their bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. 

    6. Taxes Comparison California & Utah

    As far as tax rates are concerned, Utah has a lower state income tax rate of 5% than California which is 13.3%. Utah’s property taxes are lower than the national average and sales taxes are equal to the US average. The best part is Utah has no estate tax and the downside is it has a retirement tax. 

    Taxes Comparison California & Utah
    Taxes Comparison California & Utah

    Which state is tax-friendly Utah or California?

    Utah is more tax-friendly than California. California has the highest income tax rate of about 13.30% whereas Utah has an income tax rate of about 5%. While the combined local and state sales tax rates of California are 8.82%, Utah’s combined sales tax rate is 7.19%. 

    Tax Rates Comparison – Utah Vs California

    Here is a list of average tax rates comparison between Utah and California, imposed by their local and state government.

    Particulars UtahCalifornia 
    Sales tax7.60%7.25%-10.75%
    Income tax5.0%1%-13.3%
    Property tax0.58%0.73%
    Gas tax3.10 cents per gallon for Diesel and gasoline51.1 0 cents per gallon of gasoline and 38.90 cents per gallon of regular diesel.

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    7. Utah Vs California Population

    Before moving you have to notice the population in Utah and California. Utah is emerging as an attractive state and California is the nation’s most populous state. According to the United States Census Bureau, the total population of California as of 1st July 2021 was estimated to be around 39,237,836.

    Utah vs California Population
    Utah vs California Population

    Based on the data provided by the United States Census Bureau, the total population of Utah as of 1st July 2021 was estimated to be around 3,337,975. 

    How many California People move to Utah?

    Data shows that 17% of Californians have till now migrated to Utah for studies and jobs, and to lead an affordable lifestyle. 

    Is California the same size as Utah?

    California is about 1.93 times bigger than Utah. While Utah  is about 212,751 sq km, California approximates 403,882 sq km.

    Comparison Table Of Population – Utah Vs California

    Population size3,571,61639,185,605

    8. Food in Utah Compared To California

    Food costs are partially driven by what residents can afford, and states with higher food costs also often have higher than average family incomes, and vice-versa. In California, food today is 8% more expensive on average than it was a year ago. Utah is an exception.

    Food in Utah compared to California
    Food in Utah compared to California

    Though food costs are lower than average in Utah. Utah residents are less likely to rely on government assistance to afford groceries than in California. 

    Which state has the best food Utah or California?

    California tops in the best food and dining options having top-class cuisines in 3 categories- Mexican, French, and Mediterranean whereas Utah doesn’t even come in the list of top 10 US cities for most reviewed and rated restaurants. That doesn’t mean you will ignore Utah’s famous food, Jell-O. 

    Which state has the best restaurants California or Utah?

    California has more high-class restaurants serving delicious cuisines than Utah. While California is ranked #2 in the best food scene in the US, Utah is ranked #44 in the same category. 

    9. Housing Comparison Between California Vs Utah

    Weather you are planning to buy a home or have a rented home in Utah, you get a chance to save more in housing costs after moving to Utah for California. This is because the average rent and home costs are relatively less than in California. You won’t need to worry about residing city, as there are many best places to live in Utah providing various offerings for everyone.

    Housing Comparison between California Vs Utah
    Housing Comparison between California Vs Utah

    If you’re planning to sell your California home, you can easily get an equivalent-sized house at a cheaper price in Utah and save extra money. Besides that, the average monthly rent is also cheaper in Utah other than in bigger cities like Salt Lake City. If you have the same level of income in Utah, you can save more and more in utilities and housing than you used to have in California. 

    Is housing more expensive in California than in Utah?

    Housing in California is 19.4% costlier than in Utah. California’s median home cost averages $883,400 and the home cost of Utah approximates $523,400. 

    What state has the lowest cost of housing California or Utah?

    Utah has the lowest cost of housing than California. The average cost to build a house in Utah is $523,400.

    Comparison Table Of Housing Costs (California vs Utah)

    The difference between housing costs in California vs Utah in 2022 is stated below:

    Housing cost UtahCalifornia 
    Median home cost$523,400$883,400
    Rental costs$1475 or more per month$2325 or more per month

    10. Safety – California Vs Utah

    Utah has been ranked consistently the #10 safest states in the nation. Though the metro city, Salt lake, has the majority of violent and property crimes, it still possesses 80% lawyer crime rates than the national average. The constant police patrolling, rural communities, and  religious beliefs allow people to lead a happy life without thinking about crime. 

    Safety - California Vs Utah
    Safety – California Vs Utah

    Is Utah safer than California?

    Utah is a more dangerous state than California. Utah has higher crime rates, both violent and property crime rates, than California and the national average. 

    Which state has the most crime California Vs Utah?

    Utah has the most crime rates than California.

    Comparison Between Crime Rates Of California Vs Utah

    Violent crime42.829.1
    Property crime95.435.1

    11. Jobs California Vs Utah

    Utah is a great option for relocation due to its driving job market and economy. The unemployment rate of Utah is 3% less than the national average, with some cities having even less than it. The state has witnessed a 75% increase in manufacturing and technical jobs in and around the capital city.

    Jobs California Vs Utah
    Jobs California Vs Utah

    Utah has been ranked #2 for small businesses and company careers and is also a popular area for freelance and entrepreneurs. 

    What state is easiest to find a job in California or Utah?

    You can easily find a job in Utah rather than California as it offers better employment opportunities than the latter. 

    Comparison Table of jobs in California vs Utah

    When looking specifically at job opportunities, or better lifestyle amenities and why Californians might be inclined to move to Utah, it’s worth noting the significant difference in jobs. Below we have mentioned 10 popular jobs in California vs. Utah:

      California Jobs Average Salary (per annum)Utah Jobs Average Salary (per annum)
    Financial Managers$103974Financial Analyst$69033
    Construction Managers$84541Software Developer$98996
    Web Developer$73907Nurse Practitioner$111034
    Nurse Anaesthetic $226,208Engineer$94231
    Physician Assistant $117,797Human Resource Management$106863
    General Manager $73883Database administrator$87956
    Surgeon $466802Project Manager$74481
    Psychiatrist $270,782Psychiatrist$229675
    Real Estate Agent $92240Pharmacists$138308
    Cashier $31539Dentist$178031

    12. Economy California Vs Utah

    Strictly from a financial standpoint, Utah is generally a more advantageous place to live than California. California’s economy is the largest of any U.S. state and is surpassed only by a handful of industrialized countries. Financiers in California have been imaginative in seeking and employing capital, and many of the country’s largest banks and corporations are based in the state.

    Economy California vs Utah
    Economy California vs Utah

    Utah has the second-best economy among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, according to a new report. The state received the top spot for economic health, which included the unemployment rate, underemployment rate, and several other indicators.

    Does Utah have a better economy than California?

    Utah has a better economy than California. The state is still leading in providing innovative and inspirational economic options initiatives. 

    Which state has better industries California or Utah

    Utah has better thriving industries than California regarding job opportunities, economy, and GDP per capita.

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    13. Pros And Cons Utah Vs. California

    People usually consider the benefits when they decide to make a move, but this is a myth. However, weighing both the pros and cons before the relocation is desirable. Yes, there are many reasons why Californians believe in moving to Utah but there are some disadvantages too. Let us check out the pros and cons of living in California vs. Utah. 

    Utah California 
    Cost of livingLowerHigher
    Housing pricesHigher than California and US average Lower than Utah but higher than national average 
    Climate Dry and semi-arid climate, low precipitation, heavy snowfall, and reasonably cold wintersMild and warm summers, wet and snowy winters and partly cloudy throughout the year.
    Safety300 per 100,000 residents 466 per 100,000 residents 
    Economic growth Robust growthModerate economic growth 
    Tax rate Heavy tax ratesLower tax rates
    Diverse Lack of diversity Abundant diversity 

    14. Ranking

    The data driving these rankings were drawn from extensive and reliable governmental and private sources as well as proprietary data including a national survey of what matters most to citizens around the country. Among the eleven main categories measured in the Best States rankings.

    Ranking Utah California 
    Cost of Living 313
    Jobs 3050
    Education 1020
    Economy 110
    Health care 115
    Crime Rates828
    Natural Environment 4735
    Transportation 625
    Safety 2027
    Population 3011.91
    Climate 31

    Moving To Utah From California FAQs

    Is it better to live in Utah or California?

    If you are stuck on what to choose between California and Utah for living you must consider that the cost of living in Utah is 32.3% less than in California. Saving money might get difficult in the Pacific state as everything will cost more, despite having a higher average income. 

    Why are Californians moving to Utah?

    The reason why Californians are moving to Utah is because of the higher prices of cost of living, taxes, and services, avoiding the bulk of the population, higher crime rates, and more. 


    Making a move from California to Utah is not at all an easy decision to make. You are leaving behind the bustling rhythms and vast ocean and moving towards an affordable relaxed state where you can enjoy a ravishing lifestyle at an affordable price range.

    Relocation to Utah from California suits you or not – well, that’s up to you to determine, just make sure that you are registering your vehicle in Utah within 90 days of moving. To know how much will my car registration cost in Utah, click on the link and check out our article.

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