Moving to New York

Moving to New York

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    New York is one of the most developed cities in the USA. It is a very densely populated city in the US where you can find ample of amenities. New York is popularly known as NYC. This place has emerged as an important place for world diplomacy where you can find many international organization offices located here. The headquarters of the United Nations is situated in this city. This place is the hub of commercial development with many large businesses having their offices here.

    Moving to New York

    New York is remarkable in other fields like financial, culture, entertainment, technology, research, tourism, education, fashion, food, etc. This city is situated on one of the world’s largest natural harbors. This city has a cosmopolitan type crowd with great bonding. Many languages are spoken here and English is the main spoken business language. New York is an excellent place for expats to live. The expats come here majorly for jobs, education, business, etc. New York is a nice and safe place in the US.

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    Interesting facts about New York

    Before going to New York, it is important to know some major facts about it. These facts can help you to make up your mind set and do the necessary preparation. It will also help you to avoid any negative aspects and live a better life here.

    Here are some general facts about New York:

    Housing – New York is made up of five boroughs and each of them has a different mood. Generally, the rate of the houses or rent differs from one city to another. The median asking rent per month of some important places here are:

    • East Village – $2900
    • Upper West Side – $2950
    • Harlem – $2360

    Traffic Jams – Being the most densely populated city in the US, New York constantly faces the problems of traffic jams. Some of the important roads get blocked due to traffic.

    Taxes – The taxes in New York depend on the type of income earned by you. The person earning through employment and through other sources differs. The employer has to pay the payroll taxes. The taxes are bifurcated into federal, state, and local taxes.

    Cost of Moving – Before knowing the cost of living in New York, it will be better if you understand the cost of moving here. The cost of moving to New York will differ as per the location from where you need to move. Among multiple streets and neighborhoods, the moving options will differ in New York. The exact options will differ as per the specific location you are moving to.

    Here is the table below that will show the cost of moving to New York in general:

    Type of MoveRental TruckPODS/ PODS City ServiceFull-Service Movers
    Local$135-$192$529-$1,600 (includes 1-month storage)$799-$1,751
    Long-Distance$597-$2,850$1,237-$2,999 (includes 1-month storage)$1,780-$8,400

    Here are some general ways of moving in New York:

    Moving and storage container service

    • Rental truck
    • Moving and storage container service
    • Full service movers
    • Combination of the above ways

    Many people prefer moving trucks which becomes easier to travel to any location.

    Below table shows the general cost of the truck rental in NYC:

    Type of MoveEstimated Costs*: Rental Truck
    Local$135-$192 (plus fuel costs)
    Nearby Out-of-State$597-$851 (plus fuel costs)
    Cross-Country$1,200-$2,850 (plus fuel costs)


    When you are moving to New York then you most certainly like to know in more detail about living here. Housing, food, and cost of living are the primary things that you must find here.

    Living in New York

    Living in a place like New York will really be a wonderful experience. Here, you can get the opportunity to meet amazing people, experience the diversified atmosphere, and leverage many opportunities here. Almost more than one-fourth of the population of New York are expats. The expats have many benefits of living in New York. They have either come here for the job, education, business, health, or other important purposes.

    Cost of living in New York

    The cost of living in New York will differ from one location to another. In fact, the cost of living in New York is higher when compared with the other places in the US. The prime locations in New York have higher prices, while the other places have average prices.

    Below is the cost difference of the homes in different cities in New York:

    (Data as per

    City in New York StateAverage Home PriceAverage Apartment Rent
    Manhattan$2,105,921  $5,063  
    Queens$821,021  $2,878  
    Albany$435,175  $1,209  
    Buffalo  $366,476  $839  
    Rochester$305,797  $1,086

    Apart from the housing cost, there will be other costs too that will be included while living in New York.

    Here are some of the basic average costs when you live in New York City:

    Basic lunchtime menu$18
    1 liter (1 qt.) of whole fat milk$1.11
    1 kg (2 lb.) of potatoes$1.59
    Bread for 2 people for 1 day$3.08
    Monthly rent around 900 sqft furnished in normal area$2,571
    Utilities 1 month (heating, electricity, gas …) for 1 person$125
    Internet 8 Mbps (1 month)$55
    Monthly ticket public transport$127
    Tube of toothpaste$2.14
    Cappuccino in expat area of the city$5.12

    Living in New York pros and cons

    Better Public Transport along with wonderful transportation networkThe living cost is comparatively expensive
    Plenty of career opportunities in a wide range of fieldsThe region appears a little overcrowded due to dense population
    Availability of a varied range of food dishesHuge Competition for the jobs in different fields
    Exposure to many historical and arts about the USDirtiness in some areas
    There are some beautiful events that are Free to visit 
    Nice diversity makes this place cosmopolitan 
    Amazing places to visit with spectacular views 
    High salaried jobs when compared to other places 
    Quality higher education immensely help you to make a career 

    Is New York a good place to live? New York is surely a good place to live with a nice environment, multiple opportunities, and a safer destination to live. Although the cost of living in New York is a little higher, it is a better destination to live a much comfortable living.

    What salary do you need to live in NYC? As the cost of living in NYS is comparatively higher, it is important to have a satisfactory salary that can meet basic expenses along with some savings. Generally, a person must have a salary of at least $14,000 per month to live a comfortable life.

    Is it expensive to live in New York? Yes. New York is one of the most expensive places in the US to live. While going to New York, it is important to be ready with the costs considerations here.


    You go to any country, the taxes are inevitable and you have to pay the taxes properly as per the law of the land. The taxes in the New York state are a little difficult to understand. However, taking the help from the experts can help you to do properly with the tax aspects in the New York.

    Taxes in New York

    If you are receiving g the income from New York then you are liable to pay the taxes. The income tax rate of New York ranges from 4% to 8.82% and the sales tax is 4%. The tax deductions are offered for various things like earned income tax credit, dependent and child care credit, college access credit, etc.  The itemized deductions are applicable for the Medical & dental expenses, Mortgage interest paid, Casualty and theft losses, charitable gifts, and several other deductions.

    The below table will give more insight into the taxes in New York:

    Tax RateTaxable income bracketTax owed
    4%$0 to $8,5004% of taxable income
    4.5%$8,501 to $11,700$340 plus 4.5% of the amount over $8,500
    5.25%$11,701 to $13,900$484 plus 5.25% of the amount over $11,700
    5.9%$13,901 to $21,400$600 plus 5.9% of the amount over $13,900
    5.97%$21,401 to $80,650$1,042 plus 5.97% of the amount over $21,400
    6.33%$80,651 to $215,400$4,579 plus 6.33% of the amount over $80,650
    6.85%$215,401 to $1,077,550$13,109 plus 6.85% of the amount over $215,400
    9.65%$1,077,550 to $5,000,000$72,166 plus 9.65% of the amount over $1,077,550
    10.30%$5,000,001 to $25,000,000$450,683 plus 10.30% of the amount over $5,000,000
    10.90%$25,000,001 and up $2,510,683 plus 10.90% of the amount over $25,000,000

    Tax free weekend New York

    The New York State provides a tax-free weekend on a particular day where the taxes are reduced or eliminated completely. The tax free weekend is provided particularly for promoting the sales of certain useful products. Tax-free weekend is just as an incentive for the business investment where many investors are encouraged to invest on that day.

    Many people take benefits of living in New York during the tax free weekend. The tax free weekend excites many of the people around. You can see a lot of shopping done on this day to get the benefit of the reduced prices.

    How much tax do you pay in New York? In New York, the state income tax ranges from 4% to 8.82%. The sales tax here is 4%.

    Can I get tax free shopping in New York? Shopping for shoes and clothes is tax free when the cost is lesser than $110. This is applicable for the purchase on the individual level and if the shopping cost increase above $110 then you are liable to pay the taxes.

    What is covered on tax free weekend? The shoes and clothes which are purchased under $110 are considered tax free where you do not have to pay the taxes. Apart from these other products like dietary foods, Food products, medicines, Medical equipment, Newspapers, magazines, etc. are covered under tax free weekend.


    Residency is one of the important aspects when you are moving to New York. Here, you must understand the housing prices and the different locations where you can look for the residency.

    How to become a New York resident?

    Firstly, if you are domiciled in the New York state then you are a resident of New York. If you are an expat and want to get a residency in New York then you need to fulfill certain criteria for it.

    Here are some criteria for becoming a New York resident:

    • For a taxable year, you must have a permanent place of living in New York to stay.
    • During the taxable year, you need to spend more than 184 days in New York.

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    New York residency requirements

    You need to fulfill some basic requirements for becoming a resident of New York. It is not easy to get a residency in New York quickly, you need to satisfy many conditions. A permanent residing place in New York for more than 184 days is the basic criteria for becoming New York resident. You need to submit a few documents for processing the New York residency.

    Here is the list of the documents required for getting New York residency:

    • NYS Identification Card (DMV Issued)
    • NYS Driver License
    • NYS Vehicle Registration
    • Signed New York State Residential Lease
    • NYS Voter Registration

    Once you fulfill these requirements, you can become a resident of the New York state easily.

    How long does it take to become a New York resident? A person must have lived in New York for more than 184days in a tax year for becoming a resident of New York. Living in a room or apartment can be the evidence for becoming a New York resident.

    How is residency determined in NYC? The basic rules for determining the NYC residency are: (i) permanent place of living in NYC, (ii) domiciled in the NYC, (iii) spend more than 184 days in NYC.


    If you want to avoid unnecessary hassles, it is important to understand the basic laws in New York.

    General Laws in New York

    When you are moving to New York then it is important to know some of the basic laws there. It can help you to avoid any complications and live a very comfortable life.

    Here are some basic general laws in New York:

    • After 10 pm, you cannot wear the slippers in the public.
    • You cannot throw a ball at someone’s head for fun.
    • Releasing more than 25 helium-filled balloons at a time is considered illegal.
    • Wiggling the fingers and putting a thumb on the nose is not permitted.
    • If you want to hang clothes on a clothesline to dry then you must take the license for it.

    Weird laws in New York 

    There are some weird laws in New York that will stun you.

    Here is the list of weird laws in New York:

    • If you sell cat or dog hair then it is illegal.
    • On Sundays, you cannot hold the ice cream in your pocket and walk.
    • In the elevator, it is illegal to speak to people.
    • Taking a selfie with the tiger is considered illegal.
    • Men must wear matching pants and jackets while going outside.

    What are some laws in NYC?

    There are approximately 6000 laws in NYC. Some of these laws are:

    • You cannot talk on your cellphone while driving.
    • Drinking and driving are considered illegal in New York.
    • You cannot make the will orally.
    • The car dealers must give some warranty to the car buyers.
    • Apart from these, there are many laws in NYC.

    Is it illegal to flirt in NY? Yes. It is illegal to flirt in New York. A fine of $25 can be issued for flirting in New York.


    The Housing Market in New York is quite diverse. Below you will get better insight about it.

    The housing market in New York

    The housing prices in New York changes according to the area where you want to buy. The places like the West Village and Flatiron may show an increase in the pricing due to their proximity to the restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. The places like Dumbo, Brooklyn, Fort Greene, Gowanus, Bushwick, and red hook are very attractive which have higher prices compared to the other areas. The expats must consider the cost of living in New York when buying the housing for living.

    Average house price in New York City

    The average housing prices differ from one city to another.

    The below table shows the average median house price in New York city in dollars:

    Yonkers419 K
    Manhattan1.3 M
    Rochester145 K
    Brooklyn875 K

    How do you buy a house in New York? You can buy the house in New York by either approaching a suitable real-estate consultant or you can search yourself. If you want a loan then you can go for the loan with a FICO credit score of more than 500. In general, the down payment with the loan is 3.5%. In most cases, a 20% down payment is expected while buying the home.

    Simple process while buying the home in New York is :

    • Inspections of the home at different places
    • Signing of the binder
    • Contract of Sale
    • Title Report.
    • Closing

    Are housing prices going down in NYC? Yes. The housing prices in NYC are going down in the recent few months. From 2019 to 2021, the prices have dropped to almost 18% amount.

    How much does a house cost in New York City? According to Zillow, the median prices in New York city are $779,000, $1.6 million in Manhattan, $969,000 in Brooklyn.


    If you have a job in New York is very nice. However, it is not easier to get a job in New York easily.

    Job Market in New York

    The city has plenty of job opportunities due to its developed economic hub and also has more unemployment due to its dense population. There are job opportunities in the sectors like Nursing, Retail sales associate, Customer service representative, Real estate agent, Licensed practical nurse, Sales associate, IT professional, etc.

    If you are an expat then probably you must be having the job in hand when moving to New York. However, if you want to search for a job here then you need to take some extra effort to get the job.

    Highest paying jobs in New York

    There are many jobs that pay a good amount for the employee. Here, we list some of the high-paying job profiles in New York.

    Below table shows the list of the high paying jobs in New York:

    ( Data as per

    JobsAverage Salary
    Chief Executives$260,390
    Dentists, All Other Specialists$231,060
    Nurse Anesthetists$218,380
    Financial Managers$214,670
    Sales Managers$202,700
    IT professional$201,320
    Marketing Managers$195,030
    Advertising and Promotions Managers$185,490
    Training and Development Managers$178,590
    General and Operations Manage$172370
    Construction Managers$153,490

    What is a good salary in NYC? More than $14000 is a very nice amount for living a comfortable life in the NYC. The monthly rent of NYC is one of the most costly factors when it comes to living in New York city.

    Does NYC have a lot of job opportunities? Yes. NYC certainly has a large number of job opportunities. If you are an expert and skilled individual then you can easily get a job here.

    Is it easy to work in New York?  It is a little tougher to get the desired job in New York. However, if you are a skilled individual then you can get the desired job more easily.


    While moving to New York, it is important to know some basic healthcare facilities available here. The healthcare system of New York is very advanced with better facilities.

    Healthcare in New York

    New York has an excellent healthcare system where you can get treatment with advanced technology.  Healthcare in New York is divided into Private and Public. The private healthcare system is funded by non-government organizations and individual people. Private healthcare organizations are created for profits.

    Public health care organizations are managed by the government national healthcare organization and it is funded by the government. The basic aim of the public healthcare organization is to provide the healthcare facility with lower cost or free.

    Health Insurance in New York

    There are two types of health insurance in New York: Private and Public. Private insurances provide group insurances as well as individual insurances to the people. Private insurance can also give traditional group plans for health insurance. The public insurances provide only to the individual. Public insurance is supported by the government.

    Does New York have good healthcare? The Healthcare system in New York is good with some of the high-quality hospitals. However, when compared to the other states in the US, healthcare is lower here.

    Does New York have free healthcare? Health insurance enables all individuals free or low-cost health care. Health insurance is applicable for individuals even if they are not New York citizens.

    Does New York have public health insurance? Yes. New York does have public health insurance. Under this insurance, you have to pay a lower premium and be backed by the government.

    Is healthcare expensive in New York? The healthcare facility for the private hospitals is a little higher in New York. However, if you go for public healthcare then you can get lower healthcare facilities.

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    If you are going to New York for education or you probably are looking for your child’s education here then you must know the education system here.

    Education in New York

    There are many private and public institutions that provide education in New York City. In comparison to public schools, there are a lot of private schools. The private universities and colleges are excellent which provide quality education. There are several special-purpose and religious institutions in New York.

    New York education ranking

    New York has many universities and colleges that provide a wonderful education. New York ranks 14th in the US for providing higher education.

    Higher education in New York

    The higher education provided in New York is wonderful. There are more than 300 universities and colleges in New York that provide higher education. There are around 184 non-profit private schools, 81 public institutions, and 44 for-profit private institutions.

    Top 10 Colleges & Schools in New York

    There are many fantastic colleges and schools in New York that provide an excellent education.

    Here we list the Top 10 Colleges & Schools in New York:

    ( Data as per

    • Columbia University
    • New York University (NYU)
    • Cornell University
    • Fordham University
    • Baruch College
    • CUNY Hunter College
    • Pace University – New York
    • Yeshiva University
    • CUNY Queens College
    • CUNY City College

    Does New York have a good education? New York has a good education with excellent higher education schools, colleges & Universities of better quality. The syllabus in the education is drafted nicely.

    Where does NY rank in education? New York ranks 14th in terms of education in the US. The higher education, colleges & Universities provide a wonderful education.

    Is education free in New York? Education is not totally free for all the residents of New York. However, there are criteria under which education is given free for certain individuals.


    The transportation in New York is very nice with nice public and private transportation. Transportation in New York can help you to understand the connectivity routes between different places.

    Transportation in New York

    The transportation network of New York is very nice. Some of the ways for transportation in New York city are Tram, Buses, Taxicabs, Cars, etc. The transportation is comparatively inexpensive where the individuals can easily travel.

    Major Medium of Transportation in New York

    There are various modes of transportation at different places in New York. The Tram, Buses, Taxicabs, Car, etc. are some of the major modes of transportation in New York. The cost of each mode of transportation depends on the factors like cost per mile, cost per hour, operating ratio, etc. Compared to the other places in the US, the transportation cost in New York is lower.

    Public transportation in New York

    The public transportation in New York is very wonderful with the lesser prices. The subway network is built excellent where the people can visit the different locations faster. Buses, cabs, trains, etc. are wonderful for transportation purposes.

    How good is public transportation in New York? The transportation network is excellent where the commuter can easily travel to different locations. 39% use the subway, 11% take the bus, 7% travel by commuter rail, and other ways of traveling.

    How much is transportation in New York? The basic fare for traveling in New York is $2.75 and $116.50 for a monthly unlimited pass in public transportation. The commuters can also use multiple modes of transportation while going from one location to another.

    What is the cheapest way to get around New York? One of the cheapest ways to get around in New York is by traveling the subway. Here, the prices for traveling are comparatively lower with easy travel.

    Driving license

    If you want to travel through your personal vehicle then you need a proper driving license. There are some basic requirements for getting a driving license in New York.

    New York driving license

    If you want a driving license in New York then there is a standard process for it. Initially, you must approach the DMV office for a learner permit. You need to understand the Driver’s Manual and give proper tests for getting a driving license. There are specific instructions and reservations when applying to DMV for a driving license.

    New York driving license requirements

    If you want to get a driving license in New York then you need to provide some basic requirements.

    Below is the list of the specific requirements:

    • Proof of the name
    • Application for Driver License (MV-44)
    • Date of birth proof
    • Vision Test completion
    • Give original social security card

    New York driving license test

    Before getting a driving license in New York, you need to pass the test here. The test is comparatively simpler.

    Here are several things on which the test will be based:

    • Smoothly accelerating and steering
    • Driving both slowly and fast properly
    • Applying the brakes smoothly
    • Driving through the same lane
    • Looking straight in the direction where you are traveling
    • Understanding the traveling signs properly

    What do you need to get a new driver’s license in NY? You need some basic documents for getting a driving license. Here is the list:

    • Proof of the name
    • Application For Driver License (MV-44)
    • Date of birth proof
    • Vision Test completion
    • Give original social security card

    Can you get your license at 18 without a permit in New York? You get the permit to the license only when you cross the 21 years of age. However, you can get the license if you are above 18 years of age.

    What do I need to get a new license in NY? If you want to get the new license then apply at form MV-78B from a police agency. Here, you can get the new license easily.

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    Best Place to Live in New York

    New York is a wonderful place in the US to live. Apart from the high cost of living in New York, you must be surely enthusiastic to know some of the best places to live in New York.

    Below we list some of the best places to live in New York:

    • New York City – New York City is one of the most developed and populous cities in the US. It is the major financial, commercial, and cultural centre in the country as well as the world.
    •  Albany – Albany being the capital city of the New York state, it is the hub of major commercial aspects. Here, you can find Hudson River School paintings in Albany Institute of History and Art which is world-famous.
    • Buffalo – Buffalo is a very wide city and the second-largest city in the U.S. This place is having some of the better housing facilities.
    • Rochester – Rochester is situated beside Lake Ontario. The Genesee River’s High Falls and Old industrial buildings are popular here.
    • Great Neck Gardens – Great Neck Gardens is a small place located in Nassau County near Great Neck Peninsula. This is a very clean place where you can easily get a better housing facility.
    • Saratoga Springs – Saratoga Springs is popular for horse racing at Saratoga Race Course. Apart from that, this is a very fantastic place where you can find all the basic amenities.
    • Ithaca – Ithaca is located near the Finger Lakes region and Cornell University is very popular here. Ithaca is well-connected to different important places in the state.
    • Williamsville – Williamsville is a small place in this state which is having a lesser population. You can have a very peaceful stay at this place with lower housing rates.
    • Beacon – A Beacon is a wonderful place in this state which is located in a little hilly region. This a wonderful place where you can get a variety of restaurants with world-class food.
    • Lewiston – Lewiston is an excellent place situated in the bush green region. This place is well-connect with various important places in the state.

    Culture & Climate

    After knowing the major aspects of the New York state, you must be eager to know something about its culture and climate. We will discuss in more detail the state’s culture and climate below.


    New York City is a culturally rich state with many cultural movements like Harlem Renaissance in literature and visual art were started here. Here, you can enjoy punk, hip hop, salsa freestyle, jazz, and disco music. New York is diverse in terms of religion, ethnicity, and several other aspects. The theatres on Broadway are popular around the country with their wonderful shows. In New York, you can get a glimpse of multi-cultural diversity.


    New York State has a humid subtropical climate type of climate.

    There are 4 main seasons experienced in the New York state.

    • Winter – Between December to March.
    • Spring – Between March to June.
    • Summer – Between June to September.
    • Autumn – Between September to December.

    Overall, the climate of the state is nice that can suit easily the people.

    What traditions are in New York? There are many nice traditions followed in New York. Here is the list of the traditions in New York:

    • Central Park Holiday Lights.
    • Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre
    • Citi Pond at Bryant Park
    • City Harvest Gingerbread Extravaganza.
    • Holiday Train Show
    • Electric Holiday
    • Metropolitan Museum Christmas Tree
    • New York String Orchestra

    What type of climate is New York? The type of climate in New York is defined as humid subtropical. Wet winters, cold, hot & humid summers, and rainfall is experienced in New York City.

    What is the coldest month in New York? The winter season in New York state is between December to March. January is the coldest month in New York.


    The below table shows the ranking of the New York state:

    (Data as per

    Health Care7
    Fiscal Stability20
    Natural Environment5


    The above guide to living in New York is the best information for the expats. The young people can learn, explore, work, make their career, and enjoy a lot in NYC. The city certainly has a higher cost of living as it is one of the most developed places here. If you want to become a resident of New York then you need to satisfy the above criteria mentioned.

    The transportation network of New York is wonderful where you can easily travel to several important locations. The cost of transportation is lower with public transportation. The amazing culture and nice climate can make your living more comfortable. You can even find many of the different types of food at different places in New York.

    There are many benefits of living in New York that can provide you with various opportunities. Come to New York to explore various opportunities along with enjoying living here.

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