Moving to Massachusetts

Moving to Massachusetts

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    Massachusetts is one of the original 13 colonies, lying in the northeastern corner of the country. This state is home to historical landmarks dating back to the very beginning of European settlement in the United States. Massachusetts is an ideal destination for history buffs who love digging deep into the past.

    Additionally, this state has a myriad of beaches where people can spend a relaxed time while witnessing the beautiful sunset views. It is the seventh smallest of the US state in terms of area with 1,500 miles of shimmering coastline.

    Moving to Massachusetts

    Moving to Massachusetts but have no idea how to start? Relocation to a new state can be challenging and requires a perfect companion who knows every single aspect of your destination. Therefore, we have put together all essential details, including the living cost, taxes, healthcare, education system, and more to make your transition to the Bay State as smooth as possible.

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    Quick Facts About Massachusetts

    To put things simply, here are mentioned the quick facts that you should be well aware of before relocating to Massachusetts.

    • This US state takes its name after the Massachusetts tribe of Native America. It is translated as the great Mountain Place or large hill place.
    • The median salary in Massachusetts is 110,000 USD per year.
    • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has become the sixth US state to join the new Independent Union in 1788.
    • The state imposes a flat income tax rate of 5.00% and a flat sales tax rate of 6.25%.
    • According to the World Population Review Rankinking 2021, the US state of Massachusetts has ranked #1 out of 50 in terms of the Best School System.
    • It is 3rd most expensive place to live in the US, according to CNBC Study. The median price for a home in Boston is 70% more than the national average.


    Moving to Massachusetts? It is important to learn about the living cost and other pros and cons before making a relocation. Check out the complete information below.

    Living in Massachusetts

    Massachusetts is ranked the second-best state in America to live in. Although the cost of living in this US state is a bit higher, the quality of living and thriving job opportunities make it worthwhile.

    Moreover, it is a relatively safer state with a low crime rate. It has a score of 47.3 out of 100 in terms of violent crime rate. This US state also has a higher household income and lower unemployment rate. It is a great place to find a high-paying job.

    Is Massachusetts a good place to live? Yes, sure. According to the latest Wallet Hub 2021 ranking, Massachusetts is the second-best US state to settle in.

    Cost of living in Massachusetts

    The US state of Massachusetts is a third-expensive place to settle in. Its cost of living index is 127.5, higher than the country’s average. Cities like Boston and Cambridge are particularly the costliest places in Massachusetts to settle in.

     Are you ready to make a move? Check the cost of living index in different cities of Massachusetts here.

    CityCost of living index

    Pros and cons

    Are you looking for the pros and cons of living in Massachusetts? Find them out here.

    Family-friendly environmentExpensive cost of living
    Rich in the historyHigh traffic congestion
    Thriving job marketExpensive housing
    Excellent healthcare and education facilityHarsh winters
    Outstanding culinary experiencePoor public transport system
    Rich history and culture 

    Is it expensive to live in Massachusetts? Yes, absolutely. Massachusetts is a third-expensive state in the US to settle in. The cost of living index is 127.5, way higher than the national average.

    How much does it cost to live in Massachusetts per month? Since the living cost in Massachusetts is higher, a single person requires $1,155 (without rent) to live comfortably in the state. However, the monthly cost of living in Massachusetts for a family of four is $4,157 (without rent).

    Is living in Massachusetts worth it? Sure. The economy and living standard in Massachusetts is diverse and high, making it an ideal place to live in.


    Planning to move to Massachusetts but have no idea about the tax system? Scroll down the page to get the complete information about the same,

    Taxes in Massachusetts

    This American state is a moderately tax-friendly state and is ranked #23 out of 50 in terms of taxes. Check the different types of taxes imposed in Massachusetts here.

    Personal Income TaxThis tax levies on the personal income of an individual. States that collect a personal income tax allow the citizens to claim exemptions on the same each year. These exemptions work by reducing the amount of an individual’s taxable income. 
    Capital Gains TaxIt is imposed on the profit earned from the sale of capital assets such as stocks, businesses, land parcels, etc.
    Sales TaxThe sales tax is mainly levied on the net profit earned from the sales of the product or services. Massachusetts employs a statewide sales tax which means that it is the same for all, irrespective of the city.
    Excise TaxesIt is also known as selective or differential commodity taxes and imposed for sales of specific goods and services
    Corporate Income TaxThe state levies a corporate income tax on all the profits earned by the corporate companies.
    Property TaxIt applied to real estate and varies from one locality to another within the state.

    How to calculate sales tax in Massachusetts? Massachusetts imposes a flat sale tax rate of 6.25% for all citizens living in the state. To calculate the sales tax, you can use the sales tax calculator and determine the exact figures that you are paying to the government. The state doesn’t impose local sales tax.

    Are taxes high in Massachusetts? According to the Tax Foundation, the US state of Massachusetts ranked #23 out of 50 in terms of taxes. The average taxpayer in this state has 9.5% of income in state and local taxes.

    What taxes do you pay in Massachusetts? Massachusetts imposes a flat tax rate of 5.0% for both earned and unearned income. However, no city-wise income tax will be charged.

    Is Massachusetts a tax-free state? No, Massachusetts is not at all tax-free. While the sales tax rate is 6.25%, the state levies a flat income tax rate of 5% on the citizens.

    Residency/ PR

    Acquiring a residency in the Bay State is not at all challenging. All you need to fulfill some of the basic requirements to move to your new home. The detailed information about the Massachusetts residency is given here.

    How to become a Massachusetts residence?

    You can apply for residency in this US state either by mail or in person. Ensure that have your license and state ID before initiating the process. Check the steps to become a Massachusetts resident here and avoid any last-minute hassle.

    • Go to the Online Voter Registration System and register yourself online. It is a simple signup process.
    • Make sure you attach the proof of your physical presence in Massachusetts for more than half of the taxable year.

    Massachusetts residency requirements

    Since the Massachusetts residency process is straightforward, it is fairly easy to meet the requirements. To clarify the state residency requirements and to become a permanent resident of this state, you just maintain your abode in the state for more than half of the year.

    A person has a variety of options to prove that you have spent a minimum of 183 days in the state. These are:

    • Registering to vote
    • Vehicle registration
    • Massachusetts driver’s license
    • Showing your name on a city utility bill

    How long to become a Massachusetts resident? To become a Massachusetts resident, a person needs to stay there more than 183 days of the taxable year.

    What qualifies you as a Massachusetts resident? Anybody who is intended to live in Massachusetts for a long period of time and has spent more than 183 days of the taxable year is considered a resident of the state.


    It is essential to know about the general and criminal laws of Massachusetts before making a move to avoid any last-minute mess. Check the complete information here.

    General laws in Massachusetts

    General laws are permanent in nature and are applicable to all citizens living within the state. These are session laws and codified according to the subject matter into a multi-volume publication entitled the General Laws in Massachusetts.

    These laws are further divided into five different sections:

    • Administration of Government
    • Real and personal property and domestic relations
    • Courts, Judicial officers, and proceedings in civil cases
    • Crimes, punishments, and proceedings in criminal cases
    • The general laws and express repeal of certain acts and resolves.

    Massachusetts criminal law

    The state’s criminal identifies a wide range of illegal conduct that is made punishable by sanctions like fines and imprisonments. Some of the criminal laws in Massachusetts are:

    • Massachusetts Gun Control Laws
    • Massachusetts Domestic Violence Laws
    • Massachusetts First-Degree Murder Laws
    • Massachusetts OUI Laws
    • Massachusetts Marijuana Laws
    • Massachusetts Child Pornography Laws

    Weird laws in Massachusetts

    Find the list of weird laws in Massachusetts here.

    • It is illegal to take a lion to the movies.
    • No gorillas are allowed in the back seat of the car
    • Moursers can eat no more than three sandwiches.
    • Duels can be carried out to death as long as the governor is present on Sunday.

    Is spitting illegal in Massachusetts? People who spit in public are unlikely to be fined as long as they have a reasonable excuse or if they do so into the tissue, handkerchief, bin, and other receptacles.

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    The housing market in Massachusetts is reasonably priced and the median value of a home in this US state is $541,834. Find out more details about the same here.

    The housing market in Massachusetts

    The state’s housing market is progressive with too many fluctuations. The value of the real estate in Massachusetts is seasonally adjusted. The price mainly increases when demand is high and supply is low. While buying or renting a home in the Bay State is a simple process, the buyers or tenants need to meet all terms and conditions set by the homeowner.

    Renting at Massachusetts

    The step-by-step renting process in Massachusetts is mentioned here.

    • Find the rental property either online or by connecting to the real estate agent.
    • Once the search is completed, the agent will schedule an appointment with the landlord. Massachusetts state law mandate that the brokerage agency must offer their clients the rental fee disclosure form that discloses any broker fees associated with renting an apartment.
    • The landlord will then review an application and then inform the brokerage agency to inform that whether or not they will accept you as a tenant.
    • If the landlord accepts the application, he will send you the lease agreement and you need to submit the deposit.

    Average house price in Massachusetts

    The average house price in Massachusetts is mentioned here.


    What is the median home price in Massachusetts? The median home price in Massachusetts is $541,834. The value is seasonally adjusted and only includes the middle price tier of homes.

    Can you rent a house in Massachusetts? Yes, absolutely. Renting a house in Massachusetts is a good option; however, landlords have certain obligations that might make the renting process a bit challenging.

    Do you need a rental license in Massachusetts? No, there is no need for any specific license for renting a home in Massachusetts. However, landlords have certain rules and regulations that you need to admit before buying a home.


    It is essential to know about the work opportunities before moving to Massachusetts from USA. The job market in Massachusetts is progressive with a myriad of job openings. Check out the complete details here.

    The Job market in Massachusetts

    The Bay State is relatively flourishing with tons of jobs and work opportunities; however, the hiring process is way trickier and time-consuming. Although Massachusetts’ economy is also getting improved and bigger than it was before the pandemic, the unemployment rate of the state is more than the US average.

    The industries that are witnessing the highest growth in Massachusetts are healthcare, technology, and education.

    Massachusetts state jobs hiring process

    The steps involved in the Massachusetts state jobs hiring process are mentioned here.

    • Recruitment Plan – The first step involved in the recruitment process is planning. It includes a draft of comprehensive job specifications for a vacant position.
    • Strategy Development – It involves devising a suitable strategy for recruiting candidates in the company.
    • Searching – This step involves attracting job seekers to the company. The company uses two major sources to fascinate the candidates – internal sources and external sources.
    • Screening – Jobs specifications is invaluable in screening. Applications are screened against the qualification, skills, abilities, interests, and experiences mentioned in the job specification.
    • Evaluation and Control – Given the considerable cost involved in the recruitment process, its evaluation and control are imperative.

    High demand jobs in Massachusetts

    Consultant and Sales Representative$267,033
    General Surgeon$219,313
    Revenue Officer$216,864
    Head of Security$206,623

    What is the unemployment rate in Massachusetts right now? The unemployment rate in Massachusetts is 5.40%, way more than the national average.

    How long does it take to get a state job in Massachusetts? It takes a minimum of 3 months to get a state job in Massachusetts. The companies in the state usually conduct three interviews and will then offer an employment offer.

    What is a good salary in Massachusetts? The average salary in Massachusetts is mentioned in the table below.

    Top Earners$97,784
    75th Percentile$80,400
    25th percentile$53,781


    According to WalletHub, Massachusetts is known for having the best healthcare systems in the US. Find out more details on the healthcare facility here.

    Healthcare in Massachusetts

    The state has the lowest average monthly insurance premiums and the most number of insured adults and children. It also has the second-highest number of physicians per capita.

    Massachusetts’s law mandates residents to obtain a minimum level of insurance coverage, offering free and subsidized healthcare for those earning less than 150% and 300% of the Federal Poverty Level. While MassHealth is the public health insurance offered by the state’s government, residents can also opt for private insurance plans.

    Health insurance in Massachusetts

    The US State of Massachusetts offers both private and public health insurance plans to the residents so they can choose according to their needs and budget. In Massachusetts, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program are now combined into one called MassHealth. Those with MassHealth coverage can get doctor visits, prescription of drugs, hospital stays, and several other important services.

    To get eligible for MassHealth, the annual household income limits before taxes must be:

    Household SizeMaximum Income Level

    If you are not eligible for the MassHealth plan, choose private health insurance and get more healthcare facilities. However, you should keep in mind that private plans are a bit expensive than MassHealth

    Is there free healthcare in Massachusetts? Not really. Massachusetts’ government emphasizes the fact that every resident must have to obtain minimum health insurance coverage to get a free medicare facility.

    How much is healthcare a month in Massachusetts? A resident of the Bay State can expect to spend an average of $564 per person on healthcare in a month.

    How much does health insurance cost per month in Massachusetts? The average cost of health insurance in Massachusetts depends on the plans.


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    Massachusetts is well-known for boasting one of the best-in-class education systems in the country. It is one of the most educated states in the US with an overall score of 8.1. According to WalletHub, the public school system in the state is the best in the US. Find more details about the education system here before relocating to Massachusetts.

    Education in Massachusetts

    The public school system in Massachusetts operates within districts and is governed by locally-elected school boards. WalletHub’s recent study compared and ranked public school systems from across all 50 states and Washington DC and found that the Bay State’s public schools are setting new benchmarks for others. The quality and safety offered in these schools are amazing.

    Massachusetts is reported to have the sixth-highest funding amongst states and the District of Columbia. The average salary for the teachers in the state is also the highest amongst states at $82,349 a year.

    Higher Education in Massachusetts

    The state is home to some of the noteworthy institutions in the country. There are around 125 colleges and universities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The students can choose from hundreds of degree programs while studying in the state. Massachusetts spends only $225 per capita on education, but still boasts one of the outstanding higher education systems in the country.

    Moreover, this state is counted amongst the top 15 states with the least student debt, according to Wallet Hub. Massachusetts has one of the largest proportions of percent of people with a bachelor’s degree.

    Top 10 Colleges and Schools in Massachusetts

    Check the list of top 10 colleges and schools in Massachusetts here.

    • Harvard University
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Tufts University
    • Boston College
    • Boston University
    • The Bromfield School
    • Boston Latin School
    • Pioneer Charter School of Science
    • Belmont High School
    • Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School.

    How good is the Massachusetts education system? A recent study of the WalletHub claims that Massachusetts public school system is the best in the country. The study ranked the state first in Math and Reading Test Scores.

    What is Massachusetts rank in Education? According to the US News, Massachusetts ranks #25 out of 50, in terms of the higher education system.

    Does Massachusetts have free education? The school-age children living in Massachusetts are entitled to attend a public school for free of cost. A tuition-free college program is also announced by the government, enabling low-income students to complete a four-year degree program without paying tuition fees.


    Moving to Massachusetts from USA and wondering about the transportation system? Scroll down the page to know about the same here.

    Transportation in Massachusetts

    The transportation in the Bay State includes car, bus, rail, boat, and plane. Boston’s transportation system, also known as MBTA, is the oldest in the country. The MBTA and 15 regional transit authorities provide the fixed route and paratransit service in communities across the state. Older adults and people with disabilities get discounts while traveling on public transportation in Massachusetts.

    Major Medium of Transportation in Massachusetts

    The major mediums of transportations in the Bay State are MBTA rail and bus services, duck boats, and airplanes. Water taxi and ferry is also available to commute from one place to another.

    Public Transportation in Massachusetts

    Massachusetts offers excellent public transportation to the residents so that they can commute easily. The Subway line is the largest public transportation system in connecting residents to areas within and near the city. It has four lines, including Blue Line, Green Line, Orange Line, and Red Line.

    You can also use MBTA commuter rail, MBTA Bus Service, and MBTA Ferry. Public transport in Massachusetts is reasonably priced and boasts higher rankings in terms of services.

    Does Massachusetts have public transportation? Yes, Massachusetts has an excellent public transportation system with one of the highest public approval ratings of 68.8%. The yearly trips per person are 93.1% while 79.8% of stations are ADA-accessible.

    How much is the bus fare in Massachusetts? The one-way fare for the local bus service in Massachusetts is $1.70.

    How do you pay on a bus in Massachusetts? You can pay a bus fare in Massachusetts either via CharlieCard, Charlie Ticket, or Cash. The cash payments do not include transfers to other modes of transit.

    Driving License

    Driving License is an important document for those who usually commuted from their own vehicles. Check the requirements and process to get a driving license in Massachusetts here.

    How to get a driving license in Massachusetts?

    The step-by-step process to get a driving license is mentioned here.

    • Schedule your road test online by calling the RMV Automated Service Line.
    • Pay the fee of $35 either before or after you take the road test. If the fee has been paid, the driver’s license will be automatically sent to you.
    • Bring the essential documents.
    • Pass the road test. You need to arrive with a qualified fully licensed sponsor, who is 21 or older with at least a year of driving experience.
    • If you pass the test, the examiner will stamp the back of your learner’s permit and immediately offers you the temporary drivers’ license.

    Driving license in Massachusetts Requirements

    Check the requirements of obtaining a driving license in Massachusetts here.

    • A completed road test application
    • Learner’s permit
    • A proof of US citizenship or lawful presence in the US
    • Social security number
    • Massachusetts residency proof

    Massachusetts Driver’s License Age

    Since there are different types of licenses available in Massachusetts, the age requirements may vary from one option to another.

    • For Class D Driver License: 16+ years (First Timer) and 16.5 – 18 years (learner’s permit holder)
    • For Junior Operator License/ Adult Driving License: 16.5 – 18 years

    Do you have to go to driving school to get your license in Massachusetts? Yes. The RMV requires that drivers less than 18 years of age must have attended classes at an approved driving school.

    How long do you have to live in Massachusetts to get a driver’s license? You have to live for at least 12 months to get a driver’s license in Massachusetts.

    How much is the MA License fee? The MA license fee is $30 for the learner’s permit and $35 for an adult driving license.

    Best Places To Live In Massachusetts

    Are you looking for the best place to live in Massachusetts? Find out the complete list here.

    • Boston – It is the capital city of Massachusetts and the most populous city of the state. The city offers ample work opportunities and is famous for its higher standard of living.
    • Salem – Located on the north coast of Massachusetts, Salem is counted amongst the beautiful cities in the US to settle in.
    • Cambridge – This city sits beautifully across the Charles River and is home to the famous Harvard University. Since Cambridge attracts students from all around the world, it is extremely ethnically diverse.
    • Newton – Lies approximately 7 miles west of Downtown Boston, Newton resembles a patchwork of thirteen villages without a city center. It tops the list of the wealthiest Massachusetts cities.
    • Waltham – This beautiful town is also known as Watch City and is known to offer tons of work opportunities to both locals and expats. Moreover, it is one of the safest places to live in the US.
    • Lexington – It is counted amongst the 10 richest communities in Massachusetts. The city is known for Battle Green where the first shot of the American Revolutionary War was fired.
    • Brookline – A town in Norfolk County, Brookline borders six of Boston’s neighborhoods. It is the major cultural hotspot for the Jewish community.
    • Worcester – A city in central Massachusetts, Worcester is known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth.” It is listed amongst the best cities in the US to live in, according to the US News & World Report.
    • Beverly – The city of Beverly is known as the “Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution” and boasts some of the largest cotton mills.
    • Newburyport – A coastal city in Essex County, Newburyport is a port of Plum Island and is a historic seaport with a vibrant tourism industry. It is known for its old-time charm and a constant stream of new restaurants and shops.

    Culture and Climate

    Wondering about should I move to Massachusetts? Find out the complete information about the culture and climate of the Bay State before making a move.


    The blending of old-world heritage and a New World spirit produces a bountiful cultural environment in Massachusetts. The culture of this US state shares roots with Greater New England. It has a unique slang that has existed for several years.

    The majority of the Massachusetts population is Catholic, owing to the large-scale immigration of Irish immigrants. The state’s capital, Boston, is the melting pot of pulsating art, history, and culture.


    Massachusetts has a mainly humid, continental climate, without hot summers and snowy winters. The state experiences extreme temperatures from time to time with 100°F in summers and 0°F in winters.

    Weather and temperature vary from eastern to western regions of the state. Winter snowfall in and around Boston is considerable with the higher levels in the Berkshire Hills.

    What is Massachusetts historically known for? Massachusetts is historically known for being the leader of the American Industrial Revolution during the nineteenth century. At that time, factories around Boston started producing textiles and shoes while the factories around Springfield produces precise manufacturing tools and paper.

    Does Massachusetts have four seasons? Yes, absolutely. The Bay State is famous for having four distinct seasons with a visible difference between spring, summer, fall, and winter. Spring and Fall are the most comfortable seasons with pleasant weather.

    What is the average temperature in Massachusetts? The average high temperature in Massachusetts is 56.2°F and the average low temperature in the state is 34°F.

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    Before relocating to Massachusetts, it is essential to know about the state’s ranking in different aspects.

    According to the US News, the overall rank of Massachusetts is #9 out of 50 states. It is ranked #2 in terms of the best healthcare facility and is just behind Hawaii. Moreover, the Bay State has the fourth-lowest crime rate, making it one of the safest places to live in the US.

    Massachusetts is ranked #5 in terms of economy. It boasts ample work opportunities and has a thriving job market. When it comes to Education, the Bay State stands at the second position for offering best-in-class education, according to the US Best News. It is home to the very famous Harvard University, therefore, attracts students from far and wide.


    That’s all about the things to know before moving to Massachusetts. We hope our relocation guide will make your move easy and hassle-free.

    Massachusetts is steeped in rich history and is one of the 13 US colonies. It is the epicenter of US history, making it an ideal location for history buffs out there. The state has the eighth-best quality of living, according to the World Population Review.

    Additionally, the state is home to the world’s prestigious universities that offer the best quality education. This state boasts picturesque shorelines across Massachusetts Bay, Narragansett Bay, Buzzards Bay, and Cape Cod Bay and is thus known as the Bay State.

    Massachusetts offers varied landscapes to the residents, ranging from the sprawling capital city to the fishing town of the Atlantic Coast, and the stunning rural farming communities in the west. It is the seventh-best state in the country to find work.

    So, if you are convinced of the benefits of living in Massachusetts, think no more and pack your bags right away to start a new life in this picturesque Bay State.

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