Moving From Maryland To Florida


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    There is always confusion about why moving from Maryland to Florida is a good decision. So, give us a chance to clear up this confusion. 

    Florida, The Sunshine State, is different from Maryland.

    Although Maryland has multiple tourist attractions and outdoor activities, this state has homelessness issues and offers a high cost of living.

    On the other hand, Florida has better living standards, income sources, and a laid-back lifestyle.

    Along with that, you can easily find out the low rent apartments in most of its areas.

    Therefore, living in Florida for families becomes more convenient and comfortable, giving you an unassailable environment, although some unsafe zones are there.

    Should I move from Maryland to Florida?

    Yes, you should! Here’re the top 3 reasons for moving to Florida from Maryland:

    • Florida State has no income tax, and you can enjoy the fruit of your efforts.
    • Also, it has long beaches, cultural diversity, countless attractions, a laidback lifestyle, and much more. 
    • n addition to that, your cost of living and housing is pretty affordable in the state. However, be ready to deal with the sunny weather most of the time.

    Low taxes and better quality of life are the main reasons for people moving to Florida from PA and other states. 

    1. Calculate Your Moving Costs from Maryland To Florida

    Estimating the cost of moving from one state to another becomes complicated. Thus, we are here to help you as this is our day-to-day task. 

    We provide free quotes, including a manuscript of estimated costs. You can then compare our prices and make your decision.

    In addition to this, we offer professional packers and movers along with our moving trucks that make moving enjoyable and seamless. In short, you’ll find everything in one place, saving you time and money.

    How much is it to move from Maryland to Florida?

    According to recent updates, you will need an average of $923 to $6,163 to move from Maryland to Florida. Choosing the long-distance route will cost you about $1,060 to $3,290, depending on the moving companies.

    2. Cost of Living Between Maryland To Florida

    Maryland is a state where you can easily live your life with complete facilities. Therefore, a family of four needs $4833, and singles need $2155, including rent.

    In addition, a family of four needs $3593 and singles $1005 to live comfortably in Florida. 

    However, the US National Average is lower than the cost of living in Florida, which is 1% higher.

    Similarly, the US National Average is lower than the cost of living in Maryland, which is 1.11 times higher.

    Is it cheaper to live in Maryland or Florida?

    No! Florida is cheaper than Maryland. Maryland offers everyone 13% more than Florida’s cost of living. In fact, Maryland is more expensive than Florida in a few cases, like housing, groceries, living costs, etc.

    Cost Of Living In Maryland vs Florida – Movingist Quick Comparision

    If you’re short on time, have a quick look at our table of detailed comparisons given below between both states:

    Average Cost OfMarylandFlorida
    Food (Single Person)$350 – $500 monthly$430 – $700 monthly
    Food (For a Family Of 4)$1400$1950
    Utilities & Rent (Single)$1200 – $1500$1500 – $1700
    Utilities & Rent (Family)$2249 $2450
    Healthcare$312 per person$417 per person
    Median Home Price$361,900$294,000
    Education (In-state)$6,795$4,300
    University (out-of-state)$20,369$16,300
    Transport (within state)$4.6 (day pass)$2 – $5 (per ride)
    State Tax2.25% to 3.20%6%

    The overall cost of living in Florida is 13% less as compared to the cost of living in Maryland.

    It is worth mentioning that Maryland state is considered one of the most expensive states in the US.

    Maryland To Florida Distance 

    Both states are 951 miles apart from each other. It will take over 15 hours to drive from Maryland to Florida via I-95S.

    If you plan to travel by flight, it will take around 2 hours from both ends. 

    3. Best Way To Travel From Maryland To Florida

    Florida is a wonderful state that offers interstate highways to travel by public transportation.


    However, the best way to travel in Florida is its rail service connecting the entire state. 

    Similarly, the best way to travel in Maryland is its famous commuter trains that charge reasonable fares to travel around the state.

    Along with that, you can choose monorails for city traveling. If you opt for the rail, you’ll see some of the best hikes in Maryland while on the way to the sunshine state. 

    Which state has the best public transportation Maryland or Florida?

    Our vote goes to Maryland. Because this state offers light rail, metro subway, buses, weekday trains, and every possible means of transport for the convenience of every resident. But Florida has only trolleys to travel around the big cities.

    4. Climate & Weather Maryland Vs. Florida

    It becomes crucial to understand the climate or weather conditions for making a move to Maryland or Florida.

    August is the most humid month in Florida, with a rate of 79.0%, and April becomes the lowest humidity month, with 67.0%.

    On the other hand, Maryland shows the most humid atmosphere with a 69.0% average and a minimum of 58.0% average in March. Also, the annual humidity in this state stays at 64%.

    Does Maryland or Florida have the best climate?

    Both states, precisely! Maryland offers cold winters for everyone. So, traveling to Maryland in winter could be a problematic situation, as you won’t be able to explore outdoor locations due to heavy snowfall.

    In contrast, Florida is hot and provides a sunny atmosphere throughout the year. As a result, you can easily get opportunities to explore outdoor locations in Florida.

    Is Florida more humid than Maryland?

    Yes! Florida has more humidity than Maryland. It shows an average humidity of 74% every year. Maryland offers an average humidity of 68.8% per year. That means you get to experience a different atmosphere in Florida state.

    Comparison Table of Climate (Temp & Humidity etc.)

    Temperature25°F to 87°F57°F to 88°F
    Humidity76.9 to 52.479.0% to 67.0%
    High Summer87.7 Degree (July)92.2 (July)
    Low Winter23.3 Degree (January)46.8” (January)
    Rain42.5” average52.1” average
    Snow23.1” average0” average

    5. Compare The Education in Maryland & Florida

    Florida has the best places to get a school education, ranked in 3rd position.

    Thus, relocating from Maryland to Florida would be the best decision as you can get better schooling for your kids. 

    However, taking education from the University of Maryland will cost you about $4,847.50 for a full-time course.

    In comparison, the University of Florida offers education at $6,381 for in-district students, along with miscellaneous $810.

    Which state has the best Education Maryland or Florida?

    Of course, Florida! It offers multiple educational facilities for in-state and out-of-state students. Plus, it ranked in the third position for education in 2021 by US News. At the same time, Maryland offers excellent education to K-12 students.

    Does Maryland have teacher reciprocity?

    Yes! Passionate candidates can apply to become a teacher in this state. However, they must possess three years of teaching experience in the past seven years.

    6. Maryland Vs. Florida – State Taxes Comparison

    Well, the answer is quite complicated. Florida offers low taxes for everyone, whether sales, property, or corporate income tax.

    Whereas Maryland also doesn’t charge you more. The state’s income taxes start from 2% for the first $1000 taxable income.

    But the problem is that Maryland offers its residents a higher income tax burden. However, to your relief, the state doesn’t charge city and county taxes.

    Which State is tax-friendly, Maryland or Florida?

    Maryland doesn’t impose additional local sales taxes on its residents. However, local sales taxes are imposed in Florida. But the best part is that these states offer their residents tax-friendly facilities.

    Comparison Table of Taxes Costs (Income Tax, Property Tax, etc.)

    Different TaxesMarylandFlorida
    Property Tax1.06%0.91%
    Income Tax2% to 5.75%5.50%
    Sales Tax6%6%

    7. Maryland Vs. Florida Population

    The population rates are rapidly increasing in both states.

    In such situations, if you want to make a plan to move from Maryland to Florida, considering the state population is of immense value. 


    This way, you can quickly determine whether you will get a relaxed and accessible environment from the hustle and bustle of life.

    So, the straight answer is Yes! Both states have a relaxing atmosphere, offering enough outdoor activities to make you chill on the weekends or holidays.

    Is Maryland the same size as Florida?

    No! The size of Maryland is approximately 25,314 square kilometers, in which 6 million people live presently. On the other hand, Florida is a state of 139,670 square kilometers, where 22 million people live.

    Comparison Table of Population (Florida Vs Maryland)

    The following table will show you the population rate of the top five cities in both states. These rates are based on World Population Review, 2022.

    Maryland CitiesPopulationFlorida CitiesPopulation
    Silver Spring78,171St. Petersburg261,016

    Florida’s population is increasing rapidly because becoming a resident of Florida is relatively easy compared to Maryland or other neighboring states. 

    8. Cost Of Food in Maryland compared to Florida

    As stated by Tripadvisor, the cost of a dinner in Woodberry Kitchen, a restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland, is between $14 to $36.

    However, you can have mouth-watering stone crabs for $49.95 at Joe’s Stone Crabs, a perfect restaurant for stone crab lovers in Florida.

    Despite that, both states have excellent breakfasts, lunch, or dinner restaurants.

    But we advise you to try famous dishes in Maryland to taste their authentic food. Don’t forget to enjoy the relaxing spas of Maryland, after you’re done with food to exhale all your worries. 

    Which state has the best food, Maryland or Florida?

    Precisely, both have identities to offer authentic tastes of the food you like. Similarly, they both are famous for endless dishes like citrus, rockfish, etc. Thus, you can have a fantastic dinner night in both states’ restaurants.

    Which state has the best restaurants, Maryland or Florida?

    Both states offer massive eateries that offer unique tastes of freshly steamed crabs, old bay pit beef, key lime pie, conch fritters, Cuban sandwich, and whatnot, leaving a lingering taste in your mouth.

    9. Housing Cost Comparison between Maryland Vs Florida

    According to the World Population Review, Maryland and Florida, both live a happy life. Maryland has a higher average rent of $1647, whereas Florida has $1661. 

    Besides that, the average fair market rent in Maryland is from $503 to $1,261 for studio to 4-bedroom apartments. Similarly, the studio to a 4-bedroom apartment in Florida will cost you from $784 to $1,408.

    Is housing more expensive in Maryland than in Florida?

    No! Maryland offers a typical home at $406,304, as per Zillow. Further, Zillow says Florida has a typical home price of $406,876, higher than Maryland.

    Comparison Table of housing cost (Maryland vs Florida)

    The following table shows the typical home value in different cities of both states.

    Maryland CitiesMedian Home CostFlorida CitiesPopulation
    Silver Spring$542.000St. Petersburg$385,000

    10. Compare Safety Between Maryland Vs Florida

    Maryland is safe compared to Florida. There is a significantly less chance of becoming a victim of a crime scene in Maryland, with 4.5 in 1,000 people.


    On the other side, Florida shows higher chances than the US National Average of 47.70 per 100,000 people.

    However, Florida has some safest cities to give you a comfortable life with fewer crimes.

    Despite that, you can experience most of the crimes in Lake City in Florida and Ocean City in Maryland.

    Is Maryland more safe than Florida?

    Yes! Maryland is safe if you are planning to move to this state. The crime rates are lower, and you can live without disturbance or violence. On the other hand, Florida has higher crime rates than Maryland. But it has some safest areas to live in.

    Which state has the most crime Maryland Vs Florida?

    Florida has the most crime rates than Maryland. In the last year, Maryland showed violent, property, theft, and gun violence crimes of 12%, 18%, 18%, and 8$, respectively. Whereas Florida showed damaging, property, theft, and gun violence of 51%, 47%, 57%, and 48% of crime rates.

    Comparison Table of Crime Rates

    The following are crime rates in a few dangerous cities in both states. The crime rate is compared to an average of 1000 residents. 

    Maryland CitiesProperty Crimes Per 1000Violence Crimes Per 1000Florida CitiesProperty Crimes Per 1000Violence Crimes Per 1000
    Ocean City81.3011.88Tallahassee30.977.82
    Elkton51.808.68Lake City54.42 15.74 
    Cambridge41.468.93Orlando36.80 8.28 
    Cumberland29.27.26Panama City44.32 9.26 
    Salisbury36.028.81Daytona Beach29.739.99 

    Overall, the crime rate in the biggest cities of Florida is high compared to the towns of Maryland.

    Before you jump to conclusions keep in mind that both states are listed as the 25 safest places to live in the US by CBS News. 

    11. Job Market In Maryland Vs Florida

    Moving to Florida From Maryland for the job purpose will not disappoint you.

    You will get multiple job opportunities here, mainly for cashiers, internships, administrative assistants, sales associates, and much more.

    There’re excellent job opportunities for sales associates, customer service representatives, internships, cashiers, and more. Due to this, you start earning just after your move.

    What state is easiest to find a job?

    Finding a job in Florida is easy compared to Maryland. Florida’s economy is booming. That’s why it is known as the state where finding new opportunities is quick and easy.

    Comparison Table of Jobs (Maryland Vs Florida)

    The above table compares higher-paying jobs in Maryland and Florida. 

    Higher Paying Jobs in MarylandSalariesHigher Paying Jobs in FloridaSalaries
    Consultant & Sales Representative$226,698Loan Servicing Specialists$332,609
    Executive Vice President of Sales$185,190Internal Medicine Physician$184,371
    Vice President of Products & Marketing$184,683Consultant & Sales Representatives$182,038
    Chief Medical Officer$182,390Anesthesiologists, Pain Management Specialists$181,745
    President/Chief Executive Officer$180,083Pain Management Physician$178,896

    If you want a recommendation from our side, we recommend choosing Florida. It has better opportunities, and the cost of living is lower than in Maryland.

    Also, you can easily afford transportation, and no income tax is charged to your income.

    12. Florida Economy  Vs Maryland Economy 

    The economy of Maryland depends on healthcare & social assistance, scientific, professional & technical services, retail trade, and other industries.

    Similarly, Florida has a growing economy due to the tourism and agriculture industries.

    However, people wonder whether these states are great for finding job opportunities. So, the fact is that you will find enough opportunities in both states.

    There are many training programs and seminars that guide the participants in the correct way.

    Is Maryland have a better economy than Florida?

    No! Maryland and Florida both have good economic conditions. Regarding Maryland, the state offers less than 4.2%. Also, the employment rate in Maryland’s private sector has grown up by 5.6% in recent times.

    Which state has better industries Maryland or Florida?

    Both Maryland and Florida have better industries, providing job opportunities to freshers and experienced job seekers. As a result, both states have booming economies.

    13. Pros And Cons Maryland Vs Florida

    If your decision is made to move from Maryland to Florida, consider the following pros and cons before you make a move.

    PointsPros Of Living In MarylandPros Of Living In Florida
    Cost of livingThe cost of living is affordable for familiesThe cost of living is lower than in Maryland
    Weather Year-Round55.1 degrees Fahrenheit72 degrees Fahrenheit
    Education SystemIt is the best state to get K-12 academics at affordable prices.It is the best state to get higher education at affordable prices.
    Income Tax2% to 5.75%5.50%
    PopulationOver 6 million22 million people
    HousingThe median house price in Maryland is $406,304.The median house price in Florida is $406,876.
    SafetyMaryland has no property crime issues, reported in last 5 yearsIt is safe to visit and travel around the biggest cities.
    Job OpportunitiesYou will get better job opportunities in multiple sectors in the state.Florida also offers massive job opportunities to its residents and relocators.
    EconomyIt has an award-winning economy and is growing.It has the largest economy in the US.
    PointsCons Of Living In MarylandCons Of Living In Florida
    PopulationThe population is less crowded.With over 20 million population, it’s converting into a crowded place.
    Traffic ConditionsTraffic incidents are normal in this state.Florida has massive traffic issues.
    Natural DisastersMaryland is also not free from natural disasters; you can experience them anytime.Florida offers higher chances of natural disasters.

    14. Maryland Vs Florida – State-Wise Ranking

    Maryland has an overall rank of #17, and Florida has an overall rank of #10, according to USNews. We have tabulated the other ranking of both states as per USNews state rankings.

    Different RankingsMaryland StateFlorida State
    Job Opportunities#15#33
    Fiscal Stability#29#08
    Crime & Corrections#22#26
    Natural Conditions#11#18

    Maryland To Florida FAQs

    How many people are moving to Florida from Maryland?

    According to the numbers stated in the Stacker, 14,831 people moved to Florida from Maryland in 2019.

    How can I move to Florida with little money from Maryland?

    If we talk about the straightforward way to move Florida from Maryland, you first need to consider several facts, like the economy. Once you are done with your research and decide to move, consider the following things.

    • Sell your assets before moving and save the income earned from selling assets.
    • Choose the Floridian city to determine other things.
    • Compare different quotes from the moving companies to make a move.
    • Keep insured necessary things and start to pack belongings.

    That’s it! You can now make a move to this Florida state.

    Wrapping It Up!

    With multiple attractions and outdoor locations, Florida is an excellent state for moving. It offers a variety of job opportunities and healthcare for your additional comfort.

    Therefore, moving from Maryland to Florida is not a wrong decision.

    You will get endless discounted entertainment in this Sunshine State, from Breakers Resort to Disney World & Universal.

    Similarly, you will get well-developed road infrastructure facilities that make your road experience comfortable and enjoyable. 

    Further, you can quickly start farming on your land if you move to Florida. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that the current unemployment rate in October 2022 is 2.7%.


    Table Reference – Maryland

    Table Reference – Florida