Moving to Florida from PA


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    Besides Texas, Florida is the second-most populous state in the South and the most populous south-eastern state after Georgia. Tallahassee is the state’s capital, and it is located in the panhandle in the northwest.

    If you are tired of living in Pennsylvania because of the monotony and boredom that surrounds you, you should consider moving somewhere more exciting and zealous like Florida.

    It is important for everyone to familiarize themselves with the specifics of wherever they’re moving before they move.

    An in-depth examination of the location is the only way to maximize your chances of making an impact there. The key to making it involves settling down, making friends, exploring new places, and, ultimately, falling in love with your chosen locale.

    All of this won’t be feasible unless you learn everything there is to know about moving to Florida from Pennsylvania, which we will do in this article.

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    Moving To Florida


    Is living in Florida worth it?

    If you wish to avoid the state income tax and enjoy the sunshine, you should consider moving to Florida from Pennsylvania.

    In contrast to those saying not to move, there could be thousands of other similar reasons why relocating to Florida is a beneficial option.

    Besides having nice weather and supportive taxation, Florida’s quality of life is undoubtedly an asset.    

    Why should I move to Florida?

    A wide variety of beach activities, a multicultural atmosphere, and most importantly, affordability. Here are four good reasons why you should move to Florida.

    You will surely realize how boring and unproductive your life in Pennsylvania was once you move here.

    Is moving to Florida a good idea?

    If you compare it to living in Pennsylvania your entire life, it would seem like a great idea. It is fantastic that you can enjoy the quality of living in Florida without breaking the bank.

    The honeymoon phase is said to exist in Florida, where for the first few months to a year, everything about it is wonderful. It probably feels like a long vacation.

    Nevertheless, once the honeymoon period has passed and you get used to the unpredictable weather and establish a routine, you gain a more realistic understanding of how to live there. Moving to Florida from Pennsylvania has its pros and cons.

    Benefits of Living

    Why is Florida a good state to retire in?

    Good state?! It is the best state to retire in. In fact, it is often suggested that wherever you settle and prosper in your life, do come here in Florida and retire.

    There are a few simple reasons why settling in Florida at retirement age is a plausible decision.

    There’s the wonderful weather, the exquisite theme parks, the trails and beaches, anyone can fulfill their desire to spend the golden years of their life peacefully yet memorably, he/she must move in here.

    What are the financial benefits of living in Florida?

    It is possible to save a lot of money on taxes in the Sunshine State. Florida has no state income tax, making it one of the 10 least expensive states to retire in.

    Social Security benefits, pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s, and other retirement income are exempt from state taxes. Additionally, it does not have inheritance or estate taxes.

    How can I save money living in Florida?

    Here are five things you can do to save a lot of money while living in Florida:-

    1.      Live in a small town

    2.      Invest in non-depreciating assets

    3.      Invest your money wisely

    4.      Maintain a low monthly bill

    5.      Pay off your debts

    Cost of Living


    How much do you need to live comfortably in Florida?

    Let’s learn the exact figures corresponding to the comfortability that it can bear in the following table:- 

    AmountLiving Status
    $30k-$50kA decent living
    $50k-$75kA Year a good living
    $75k-$100kA great living
    $100k-$150kA more than sufficient living
    $150k-$200kYou don’t need anything more
    $200k-$300kThe Good Life can be lived nearly anywhere in the state.

    Is it really cheaper to live in Florida?

    Florida is definitely less expensive than most other states, even if it isn’t the cheapest place in the US.

    A state like Florida is often both romanticized for its pristine beaches and derided for its high rental prices in those areas. Nevertheless, there are a lot of cheap places to live in Florida.

    Where does Florida rank in cost of living?

    In terms of cost of living, Florida ranks 29th out of 51 states. It is expensive in some areas and cheaper in others.

    Cost of moving

    How much should I budget for moving expenses?

    How much you pay for a move depends on how far you’re moving, how much stuff you have to move, and whether you want to hire a pro or do it yourself.

    An average move across the country costs between $200 and over $10,000. Moving costs and services were on average $1,392.1 in May 2021. Comparing individual quotes can help you form a sure-fire budget.

    What does it cost to move to Florida?

    It usually takes you time, patience, and money to pack and move your belongings, whether you’re moving for the first time or not. Moving from Pennsylvania to Florida typically costs between $1700 and $3000.

    You can lower your costs by moving during the offseason. It is also a good idea to avoid summer moves during hurricane season to avoid delays. If you’re going to drive your car to Florida, you’ll need to decide whether to ship it there or not.

    Although both options come with expenses, shipping your vehicle in total will be more expensive. Shipping costs can range from $700 to $1,400 per vehicle. Make sure you budget for gas and hotel expenses if you’re driving to Florida.

    Florida vs PA

    Is it better to live in Florida or PA?

    It is a wise decision to move to Florida from Pennsylvania for a variety of miscellaneous reasons.

    As we have already stated, Florida has a friendly taxation system and a pleasant climate, and for the sake of argument, we can also find many interesting features of Pennsylvania that make living here a great experience.

    The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address of them were all written in Pennsylvania.

    The state of Florida may have lots of palatable properties with regards to the quality of life, weather, taxes, and shopping, but Pennsylvania is where you got to experience the rich and unique heritage of the country.

    Is Florida more expensive than Pennsylvania?

    Given below is a table displaying the difference in expenses between living in Florida and Pennsylvania

    Cost of Living Indexes Pennsylvania FloridaDifferences
    Overall Index: Homeowner, No Child care, No tax considerations92.5102.8    15.7% more
    Food & Groceries100.3102.82.5% more
    Housing (Homeowner)75.1102.631% more
    Utilities98.2      101.33.1% more
    Transportation104112.68% more
    Miscellaneous9996.92.1% more

    How is Florida different from Pennsylvania?

    Economic growth, better weather, education, and cultural diversity – Florida has it all. As a result, the Sunshine State comes out ahead of its North-eastern counterpart on the transportation front.

    The top 10 states include Florida at #7, while Pennsylvania ranks pretty close to the bottom at #48.

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    How do I get affordable housing in Florida?

    Affordable housing is determined by examining the incomes of the residents. Affordable housing is both safe and decent. It should not be considered affordable housing if the housing stock is substandard in a community.

    Generally, an income-eligible household is considered to be living in affordable housing if it spends no more than 30% of its income on rent or mortgage payments.

    The provision of affordable housing is made possible through government programs such as the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program (referred to by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation as the Housing Credit Program) and the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program.

    How much is housing in Florida?

    Median home prices in Florida are $237,100, while that for the US as a whole is $231,200. This means that Florida housing is more expensive than other parts of the country.

    Who qualifies for low-income housing in Florida?

    The income eligibility is determined by taking the area median income and adjusting it for family size. Family income of less than 30% of area median income is considered extremely low.

    Families with a very low income are those who make up to 50% of the local median income. A household with low income is one whose annual income is less than 80% of the area median income.


    The Florida education system is really systematic and nicely organized. It includes SUSF(state university system of Florida), FCS(Florida college system), ICUF(independent college and university of Florida), and many more private institutions.

    Florida has several primary and secondary schools, and they have a good reputation not only in Florida but all over the world. Florida has 12 public universities, 28 government community colleges, 28 private institutions, and several primary and secondary schools.

    Over lack of students study in these institutions. Many types of educational institutions in Florida are Religiously affiliated institutions, Trade/Technical institutions.

    In total, Florida has more than 20000 education institutions. Thus, we can say that Florida is an educational hub(full of famous and quality institutions).

    Is schooling free in Florida?

    Most children in Florida go to public schools. These public schools are free and are open to all kinds of students. These schools are under the supervision of school districts.

    There are many Florida charter schools, and these charter schools are tuition-free, and these schools have different teaching methodologies and techniques.

    There are many magnet schools in Florida, and these magnet schools are free public institutions. Florida has several private schools as well. These schools are not free of cost.

    The average tuition fee in private schools in Florida for elementary schooling is 8914 dollars. The average payment in private schools in Florida for high school is 9872 dollars. There is an option in Florida for an online education policy.

    Anyone can opt for this method of learning. This method is free of any cost. There is an additional option for part-time or full-time in this case of online training.

    Thus, if someone wants free education in Florida, they must take admission to public education institutions in Florida as they are free of cost. Private education institutions in Florida not only have tuition fees but are high also.

    Which county in Florida has the best schools?

    Florida has several countries which are popular for their schools. The countries which are famous for their public schools are as follows:

    1. Sarasota country
    2. Brevard country
    3. Seminole country
    4. Miami-dade country
    5. Monroe country
    6. Lafayette country
    7. Nassau country
    8. Martin country
    9. Charlotte country
    10. Walton country



    There are a lot of taxes that, are collected in Florida. The taxes collected in Florida are:

    sales and use tax, intangible tax, corporate income tax, estate tax, property tax, reemployment tax.

    Why are property taxes so high in Florida?

    The property taxes are very high in Florida. It is one of the most expensive in the country. There are two types of government in Florida. The state government and the local government.

    The state government does not collect any property taxes, whereas the Local government earns most of its revenue from this property tax.

    Florida’s economy relies heavily on seasonal residents and tourism. In addition to sales tax revenue, Florida citizens benefit from exempting the estate from property taxes.

    It means that the seasonal resident and those who own rental and commercial real estate pay a higher property tax rate than primary residence owners.

    However, there are some property tax exemptions. Exemption of 500 dollars is, provided to widows or girls who are not married. Exemption of 500 dollars is for blind people. There are many other exemptions other than these that are as follows:

    1. Veterans exemptions
    2. Permanent disability exemptions
    3. Senior citizen exemptions
    4. Homestead exemptions

    Is Florida a tax-free state?

    There are many taxes collected in Florida. However, there are no personal income taxes in Florida. The residents in Florida have to pay income tax. They have to pay 6 percent sales tax on the goods.

    The other taxes are property taxes, use tax(and many more). Thus, we can say that Florida is not a tax-free state. There are many taxes in Florida, which are one of the highest in the country. Florida’s 20 percent growth depends on these taxes collected(Thus, these taxes are a must).

    What taxes do you pay in Florida?

    There are several taxes that one needs to pay if one is living in Florida. These taxes are as follows:

    1. Sales tax
    2. Intangible tax
    3. Property tax
    4. Income tax
    5. Use tax

    Florida collects taxes on many other goods. Stamp taxes, imposed on documents that transfer interest in Florida.

    Additional taxes are on fuels, tobacco products, communication services, and many others.


    Florida tends to maintain warm weather throughout the year. Florida experiences cold weather for a short time during the winter months only.

    Summers are very long and warm(humid) last from May to October. The winter season is short and lasts from December to February.

    What months are cold in Florida?

    Florida experiences the winter season for a short period. Winters are dry and experienced between December and February.

    Florida experiences cool and moderate temperatures during the daytime, whereas it is severe cold in the nighttime(during winters). Thus, one feels good in Florida during winters.

    Is Florida unbearable in the summer?

    In the summer, Florida’s tropical climate is like walking in a steam room filled with alligators.

    As the weather in northern Florida is more temperate, people get more sunburned while tossing mullets at Flora-Bama.

    How bad are Florida summers?

    Florida experiences the summer season throughout the year. Florida summers are hot and unbearable. One feels uncomfortable in summers in Florida no matter how long they have been living in Florida.

    During the summer season in Florida, a large crowd of insects comes out, which causes different diseases to the local people. Storms and floods are common in summers in Florida.

    Besides these issues, one feels very tired because of direct heat coming, and many residents suffer from heat strokes. Thus, it is not wrong to say that summers in Florida are unbearable.

    The summers can be thus, termed as the most depressing season in Florida. Florida has an uncomfortable summer. One cannot go outside to enjoy the daytime.

    It is the reason why most of the streets in Florida remain out of people to reach during the summers. People with cars are the ones who are on the streets of Florida.

    The summers are so toxic that it allows you to think of only lying in the cold bathtub for the whole day. Thus, summers are the worst time to suffer in the country.

    (Therefore, on an overall basis moving from Pennsylvania to Florida is a good idea. There are many educational benefits in Florida. The educational system in Florida is exceptional.

    However, one must not go there in the month of summer. If someone plans to go to Florida for enjoyment purposes, they must go there in winter).

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    Is driving in Florida easy?

    In Florida, driving is a terrific method to go from point A to point B, and it’s usually a relatively stress-free experience, even in Downtown Orlando.

    Even though there are a lot of automobiles on the road, due to the wide and well-maintained roads, delays are not too bad. On the other hand, the freeways here can be quite congested, making it difficult to find your way around when you are visiting for the first time after traveling a long distance.

    Due to this, describing Florida’s driving difficulty is difficult.

    Do you need a car in Florida?

    A car is essential no matter how long you stay in Florida or how few days you spend there. For anything other than short walks, the car is the preferred mode of transportation in Florida.

    In the absence of a vehicle, you may find that getting to shops, restaurants, and other local services is nearly impossible. As a result, the answer is a resounding affirmative.

    What is the main transportation in Florida?

    The state of Florida has a range of transportation alternatives, including Interstate Highways, US Highways, and Florida State Roads, as well as Amtrak, commuter rail, and airports, as well as public transportation and seaports.

    The table down below is a description of transport vehicles arranged according to their utility and service.

    Public transportationUse the bus or trolley for short travels inside the town. Google Transit can assist you in planning a route.
    BicycleBike-sharing schemes are available in a few cities, including Punta Gorda and Miami Beach.
    Shuttle serviceMost major cities in Florida are served by Florida Shuttle Transportation.
    AmtrakIt’s a very convenient and cost-effective mode of transportation.
    CVBsFor guidance from those who know the city best, contact the local convention and visitors bureau.


    The distance between Pennsylvania and Florida is 1127 miles(if we calculate by road). The distance between Pennsylvania and Florida is 965 miles(if we calculate by air).

    The time to reach Florida from Pennsylvania by air is 2 hours 28 minutes. The time to arrive in Florida from Pennsylvania by road is approximately 18 hours. Thus, flights are a better option for those who are time freaks.

    Can you fly from Pennsylvania to Florida?

    Yes. One can easily book tickets and can fly from Pennsylvania to Florida. There are a lot of flights from Pennsylvania to Florida that are as follows:

    1. From Philadelphia to Florida.
    2. From Pittsburg to Florida.
    3. From Harrisburg to Florida.
    4. From Wilkes-Barre to Florida.
    5. From Latrobe to Florida.

    Thus, there are a lot of options to fly from Pennsylvania to Florida.

    The distance between Pennsylvania and Florida is 1127 miles(if we calculate by road). The distance between Pennsylvania and Florida is 965 miles(if we calculate by air).

    The time to reach Florida from Pennsylvania by air is 2 hours 28 minutes. The time to arrive in Florida from Pennsylvania by road is approximately 18 hours. Thus, flights are a better option for those who are time freaks.

    Is it cheaper to drive or fly to Florida from Pennsylvania?

    The cost of driving from Pennsylvania to Florida is 137 dollars(one-way). It is 274 dollars(two-way). Thus, the car driving cost from Pennsylvania to Florida is much less than the flight’s price. 

    The disadvantages of driving by car are:

    1. It takes 18 hours to reach from Pennsylvania to Florida. The journey becomes too long and tiring(boring).

    The advantage of driving by car is

    1. One can enjoy the beautiful views passing by. One can stop anywhere whenever they need to take rest.

    Thus, if we compare a journey(MOVING FROM PENNSYLVANIA TO FLORIDA). If one wants to save thousands of dollars, they must go by car. If someone does not think economically(does not care about spending money), they must opt for flights.

    Most people go with a cheaper idea(traveling by car).In my opinion, spending a lot of money just for 2 hours is worthless. One can spend that money on their enjoyment.

    Thus, it is better to travel to Florida from Pennsylvania by car than flights.

    How much is a flight from Florida to Pennsylvania?

    CASE 1:

    When someone moves from Philadephia to Florida, It costs you around 2918 dollars(approximately 3000 dollars). The flight takes 2 hours 13 minutes to reach from Pennsylvania to Florida.

    CASE 2:

    When someone moves from Pittsburg to Florida, It costs you around 2981 dollars(approximately 3000 dollars). The flight takes 2 hours 16 minutes to reach from Pennsylvania to Florida.

    CASE 3:

    When someone is moving from Harrisburg to Florida, It costs you around 4238 dollars. The flight takes 2 hours 23 minutes to reach from Pennsylvania to Florida.

    CASE 4:

    When someone is moving from Wilkes-Barre to Florida, It costs you 4588 dollars. The flight takes 2 hours 20 minutes to reach from Pennsylvania to Florida.

    CASE 5:

    When someone is moving from Latrobe to Florida, It costs you 4455 dollars. The flight takes 2 hours 21 minutes to reach from Pennsylvania to Florida.

    The charges in the flights range from economy class to business class. The economy class has the lowest price, whereas the business class has the highest price. The price mentioned above is midway between the two(1 st class).

    Thus, if one wants to reach Florida quickly without spending much, one must opt for economy class. If someone wants to arrive in Florida swiftly and in a lavish zone, one must opt for business class.

    The charges are decent and affordable. The facilities and comfort one gets in a flight are worthy. One can easily spend money if they get good service and comfort.

    Best Places To Visit In Florida

    • KEY WEST

    It is an island city. It is famous for its pastel-hued, conch-styled houses(Coral reefs are very popular in Key West. It’s a beautiful place to visit in Florida).


    The most famous places to visit in Miami Beach are:


    It is an entertainment resort complex based on the Disney land theme park. One can come and enjoy it here with their family and children. Time passes when you live in it and enjoy it.

    Popular Cities/Best Places To live in Florida

    • NAPLES

    Naples is a city and country seat of the collinear country, Florida(Naples is also known for its natural beauties, such as Posillipo, Phlegraean Fields, Nisida, and Vesuvius. It is one of the best places to live in Florida).


    Sarasota is a city south of Tampa on the gulf coast. 

    It is famous for the Ringling museum of art, which showcases old masters and modern art.


    Melbourne is a Florida city southeast of Orlando. The Melbourne area has lush gardens and public landscapes and is, noted for the botanical northern limit of cultivated coconut palms in Florida.


    Jacksonville is the most populous city in Florida. Jacksonville is famous for:


    Pensacola is the westernmost city in the Florida panhandle. Pensacola has a proud military heritage. It is also known as home to blue angles(blue angels refers to the navy squadron).

    • TAMPA

    Tampa is a city on Tampa Bay along the gulf coast. It’s a famous and popular business center in Florida( famous for its museums and other cultural offerings).

    • OCALA

    Ocala is a city in central Florida(Ocala and the region’s freshwater streams, rolling hills, and clean air remain unspoiled and have been thus, used for Hollywood movies).

    Thus, all these places are acting as famous tourist places to visit in Florida.

    Moving from Pennsylvania to Florida is worth it. One must go to enjoy this trip in their lifetime.


    Moving to Florida from PA FAQs

    Should I Move From PA to Florida

    The reasons for moving to Florida from Pennsylvania are primarily its favorable income tax procedure and its sunny climate. PA still has an unfavorable tax system, and the sun doesn’t shine as brightly as it does in Florida.

    Florida is a better place to live in retirement than Pennsylvania, even for the elderly.

    Why move to Florida?

    In addition to the bright sunny weather, the lack of income tax, and the elder friendliness, here is another good reason to move to Florida. Natural beauty, theme parks, and resorts in the area are just awe-inspiring. The beauty of Florida is enhanced further by this.

    Should I move to Florida without a job?

    It is possible to handle your decision as long as you are fully committed to saving, prioritizing your job search, and not minding living below your means.

    Even if you do not consider yourself financially savvy, moving to Florida without a job requires you to learn budgeting basics.


    As we have descriptively listed all the pros and cons of moving to Florida from PA, we leave the judgment completely up to you. Please go in-depth through all the details and then finalize your decision.

    No matter what preparations you make, moving can be a challenging experience regardless of how well you prepare. In fact, it likely will be because moving from Pennsylvania to Florida requires a considerable lifestyle adjustment.

    Despite this, you should have confidence that things will work out. Aside from that, try your best to prepare as thoroughly as possible. After you’ve moved into your new home, everything should go very smoothly for you.

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