Biggest Cities In Florida

Biggest cities in Florida

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    Are you thinking of flying to Florida to make it your new hometown? But, the question arises, how expensive is the cost of living in Florida? That’s a reasonable query to pose before packing up your winter coats and liters of sunscreen for a trip to Florida.

    Whether it be cities like Fort Lauderdale, with its magnificent beaches; or Orlando, with its many attractions, that rank among the most visited in all of the United States; Florida is the state in which these all are located.

    Florida is the third most populated state in the US, with over 21 million people calling it home. There are many largest cities in Florida with populations between 100,000 and one million. But what is it more about the cities in Florida that attracts so many people? Read on the entire blog to learn more about each city in Florida and why you should consider making one of these places your new home.

    Biggest cities in Florida

    What is the blackest city in Florida?

    The city with a black majority population in Florida is Miami gardens. As per the national rankings, Miami gardens has 73.3% of African Americans residents, making the city “the blackest city” in Florida.

    What is the biggest city in Florida land-wise?

    Jacksonville is the most populous, hence the biggest city in Florida with a land area of 747 sq mi and a population of 837,533 residents living in the city.

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    Biggest cities in Florida

    As more and more people choose to make Florida their new home, the population of several of the state’s cities continues to rise each year. Florida is now the third most populous state in the country. The 10 biggest cities in Florida are shown here.

    1. Fort Lauderdale – Best to raise a family

    A trip to Fort Lauderdale may be so much more than a Spring Break. Some of the world’s best beaches may be found there. The city also features world-class museums, a diverse and delicious culinary scene, and lively nightlife.

    Fort Lauderdale

    Retirees with a passion for the water will have a blast here, with a wide variety of boating and fishing opportunities. Fort Lauderdale hosts the largest in-water boat show in the world – the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

    The population of Fort Lauderdale has expanded by 8% since the last census in 2010 and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, as reported by World Population Growth.

    Rank: 10

    Area: 34.59 mi²

    Population: 181,995

    House prices: $310,000

    Is Fort Lauderdale a safe area?

    Fort Lauderdale is a bit unsafe city to live in. As compared to other communities of the same population, the crime rate (including property and crime rates) of Fort Lauderdale remains on the higher side than average.

    Is Fort Lauderdale expensive?

    Both costs of Living and vacationing in Fort Lauderdale are quite expensive. While the cost of living in Fort Lauderdale is 16% higher than the US average, the price of vacationing in Fort Lauderdale costs around $150 per day.

    Travelers spend around $40 on meals and $45 on local transportation per day. The city is considered the 7th costliest city in Florida.

    2. Tallahassee – Best for Outdoor Recreation and Job Opportunities

    Tallahassee is the ideal college town because it is home to two major universities, Florida State University and Florida A&M. A large number of young people live in the city, but many professionals and families also make it their home. It’s a terrific spot to put down roots and build wealth due to its low cost of living, abundance of good jobs, and reasonable housing prices. Tallahassee’s 12.4% population growth rate places it ahead of both Miami and Tampa on the list of the world’s fastest-growing major cities. This is the reason why you must need to know how to become a Florida resident before making Tallahasse your living region.


    Rank: 9

    Area: 100.47 mi²

    Population: 194,170

    House prices: $235,000

    Is Tallahassee Florida a nice place to live?

    Tallahassee FL is a nice place to live in as it offers an almost safe and small-town feel to the residents. The crime incidents in Tallahassee are very minor as compared to other areas. The cost of living is very high, almost equal to the national average, still, one can find affordable households and rented houses to live in.

    There are a lot of parks and great schools and colleges in Tallahassee. Most young professionals move to the city in search of good job opportunities as Tallahassee provides ample job opportunities from top employers in different fields.

    How far is Tallahassee Florida from the beach?

    Tallahassee Florida is 35 kilometers away from the Gulf of Mexico, which is known to have the longest coastline of about 2575 kilometers and is home to the world’s best beaches.

    How cold does it get in Tallahassee?

    Tallahassee gets the annual lowest temperature of 0.4°C on average and 31st December is the coldest day in Tallahassee.

    3. Cape Coral – Best for cheap Outdoor Recreations

    Cape Coral is the place to be if you’re looking for the perfect beach lifestyle. The city’s location in southwestern Florida provides easy access to the area’s many canals, as well as the state’s magnificent Gulf Coast beaches and abundant wildlife. Parks, wildlife preserves, and leisure centers abound for locals to enjoy. Public schools in the city are generally excellent options for families. The population of Cape Coral is estimated to have grown by 16.5% since the last census, as reported by World Population Growth.

    Cape Coral

    Rank: 8

    Area: 105.95 mi²

    Population: 194,570

    House prices: $264,900

    Is Cape Coral expensive to live in?

    Cape Coral is a slightly costly city to live in as the cost of living in this community is just 4% higher than the US average. The city doesn’t impose an income tax, sales tax, intangible property tax, and inheritance tax but the factors that affect the cost of living of the residents include average wages, healthcare, food, and restaurant cost, career, and real estate market.

    Is Cape Coral Florida a good place to live?

    Cape Coral, Florida is a safe and secure place to live in. Its overall crime rate is 49% less than the US average and 44% less than Florida’s average. The community has been rated A+ for overall crime ratings.

    Moreover, the warm climate, natural surroundings, exotic beaches, impressive parks, waterfront living style, and more than average education system makes Cape coral a nice living place.

    Does Cape Coral have a beach?

    Cape coral has many world-class beaches and is called the beach vacation spot in Florida. The top beaches present near Cape coral FL are:

    • Cayo Costa
    • Fort Myers public beach
    • Sanibel and Captiva beaches
    • Lovers Key

    4. Port St. Lucie – Best place to find affordable homes

    In recent years, Port St. Lucie has risen to prominence as a desirable residential area along Florida’s “Treasure Coast.” Port St. There are many homes available for sale at reasonable prices and in pleasant, secure areas. Beautiful golf courses and sandy beaches are only two of the many outdoor attractions in Port St. Lucie.

    Port St. Lucie

    There are also several 55+ communities for retirees to choose from. Although Port St. Lucie’s population growth has slowed since the 2000s, the city is still predicted to increase because of its low house costs, as reported by World Population Review.

    Rank: 7

    Area: 119.20 mi²

    Population: 202,769

    House prices: $249,900

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    Is Port St. Lucie a good place to live in Florida?

    Port St. Lucie is a great community to live in and retire in Florida. It’s a great family-friendly city with relatively less overall crime, despite being the most populous area in the county. The cost of living is quite affordable. The city has a moderate atmosphere, safe streets, quiet neighborhoods, and quiet nightlife.

    In 2021, Port Saint Lucie was ranked #3 best place to retire in the country according to the US news World reports and #20 best place on US’s safest cities to raise a family according to safewise.

    Is Port St. Lucie expensive?

    Other than housing prices and food, the other average cost of living indices is slightly less than other cities in the nation and the national average. The cost of housing prices and food earn a score of 5 out of 10 and 4 out of 10 respectively.

    Does Port St. Lucie Florida have a beach?

    The nearest beach located near Port Saint Lucie FL is Hutchinson Island which is 12 miles away from the city.

    5. Hialeah – Best place to find affordable rental homes

    As reported by World Population Review, this well-liked Miami suburb has the largest concentration of Cubans and Cuban-Americans in the entire country. The suburb’s low crime rate and reasonably priced housing attract families. Some of the finest Cuban eateries in the Sunshine State may be found in Hialeah. Living costs are far lower than in other Miami suburbs, and the majority of the population speaks Spanish as their first language. World Population Review reports that Hialeah’s population has grown consistently over the years, with the sole decline occurring between the years 2000 and 2010.


    Rank: 6

    Area: 21.58 mi²

    Population: 234,428

    House prices: $325,000

    Is Hialeah the hood?

    Hialeah is not a hood, rather the city is known to be the arrival spot of new Cubans immigrants. It’s more a Ghetto, rather than a suburb.

    How many Cubans live in Hialeah Florida?

    The population of Cubans and Cuban Americans in Hialeah FL has reached 76% more than in any other US state, making them a quintessential and eminent feature of the city’s society.

    Is Hialeah a part of Miami?

    Hialeah is a small community in Miami having a population of more than 2 lakhs residents living in the city.

    6. St. Petersburg – Best for vacationing

    St. Petersburg, or “St. Pete,” is one of the sunniest places to live in the United States, with an average of 360 sunny days per year. Because of its proximity to the sea, a variety of aquatic activities can be enjoyed with relative ease. The city also has a vibrant downtown, beautiful parks, and delicious eateries that locals may enjoy.

    St. Petersburg

    Rank: 5

    Area: 61.86 mi²

    Population: 273,968

    House prices: $284,000

    Is St. Petersburg Florida Expensive?

    St. Petersburg, Florida is slightly cheaper than the US average. This is because the city doesn’t impose an income tax and real estate market cost is pretty affordable i.e. 7% less than Florida’s average and 15% less costly than the national average.

    Is St. Petersburg Florida a good place to live?

    St. Petersburg, Florida is a great place to stay in. You can experience and enjoy the great lifestyle, warm climate, outdoor recreations, calm nightlife, and art scene. The cost of living in St Petersburg scores 98 out of 100 (US average).

    Is St. Petersburg Florida poor?

    St. Petersburg has a poverty rate of 12% with an average household income of $85,550.

    7. Orlando – Best for vacationing

    Orlando has something for everyone, from young professionals and families to seniors and those just starting out. The city of Orlando is one of the most popular vacation spots in the United States including Disney World and Universal Studios. The World Population Review found that between 2010 and 2012, Orlando saw the second-highest population growth of any city in Florida, with an increase of over 7,100 people. Locals can take advantage of the parks’ many employment options, which include admission savings, as well as the many attractions.


    Rank: 4

    Area: 110.56 mi²

    Population: 297,243

    House prices: $275,000

    Is Orlando Florida Safe?

    Orlando is a safe place to travel and live in Florida. However, there are few communities with higher crime rates that can be avoided by people. You must avoid involving yourself in small crimes, thefts, and scams.

    Is it expensive to visit Orlando Florida?

    You can expect to spend $250 per day if you visit Orlando FL which is very less than the national average.

    8. Tampa – Best for Education

    The Metropolis of Tampa, the largest city in the Tampa Bay Area, is a true metropolitan paradise for working adults, students, and the elderly. Tampa has a robust economy and a wide variety of work opportunities, and the city also features year-round warm weather, a lively downtown, and exciting nightlife.


    In addition to a high net migration rate, a greater birth rate than death rate is responsible for Tampa’s rapid population expansion, as reported by World Population Review. A younger, more urban population is predicted to result from Tampa’s recent population boom.

    Rank: 3

    Area: 114.02 mi²

    Population: 403,178

    House prices: $272,900

    Is Tampa Florida a good place to live?

    Tampa is one of the best places to live in Florida for families. The neighborhoods in Tampa are safe and peaceful, with natural greenery all around. The violent and property crime rates are lower than the national average.

    Housing and rent costs are very cheap. Tampa is a paradise for those who want to enjoy outdoor recreation most often. Moreover, the city provides high-rated public schools that motivate parents to stay in the city and give good education to their children.

    Is Tampa Florida Expensive?

    The cost of living in Tampa Florida is not that expensive as it is 5% less than the state average and 15% less than the national average.

    Is Tampa Florida poor?

    Tampa’s poverty rate is very less than the national average i.e. 20%. Out of 5 residents one resident live below the poverty line.

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    9. Miami – Best for Outdoor recreations and Beaches

    The rich city, Miami has beautiful beaches, excellent restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. Students, young professionals, families, and retirees are all drawn to the city because of its status as the country’s fourth-largest urban region. There is a thriving arts culture in this extraordinarily diversified city, with numerous artistic districts, well-known art shows, galleries, and museums. Global projections indicate that by 2040 the metro area of Miami might have more than 7.5 million residents. This is the reason behind Miami’s name as one of the biggest cities in Florida by metro population.


    Rank: 2

    Area: 36.00 mi²

    Population: 491,724

    House prices: $400,000

    Is Miami Florida a good place to live?

    Undoubtedly, Miami, Florida is a great place to live, work, retire in and spend a vacation. The city is filled with rich culture, outdoor recreation, and entertainment options.

    Transportation systems in Miami are easily accessible and affordable. Besides that Miami doesn’t impose income taxes on its residents, which is why this metro city is a favorable option for living for people of the US and all over the world.

    Is Miami expensive to live in?

    According to the Housing Affordability Index, RealtyHop for October 2021, the cost of living in Miami is much higher than in Los Angeles and slightly less than in New York City.

    The housing, transportation, and food expenses of Miami are 40%, 2%, and 25% higher than the national average making it an expensive city to live in.

    10. Jacksonville – Best for Outdoor recreation and Beaches

    If you are moving to Florida, you must make the largest city in Florida, Jacksonville your hometown. It has a thriving economy that is ideal for professionals, excellent schools for raising children, and a wide range of cultural activities and venues that appeal to seniors. World Population Review reports that Jacksonville’s population is growing at a constant clip. About 1.4 million people call the metropolitan area home. Moreover, the city is home to Florida’s third-largest port.


    Rank: 1

    Area: 747.47 mi²

    Population: 920,984

    House prices: $227,000

    Is Jacksonville Florida rich?

    Jacksonville is one of the richest cities in Florida, as residents of this county earn more than average to make the living cost more affordable. The city provides more purchasing power to its residents than anywhere else in the region.

    Does it get cold in Jacksonville?

    Winters in Jacksonville are beautiful, mild, and warm; temperature rises to the mid-60s and reduces down to the mid-40s during cold months. Snowfall or dips happen rarely in Jacksonville.

    Is Jacksonville Beach expensive?

    The cost of living in Jacksonville Beach is slightly expensive as the housing expenses are 45% more than the national average whereas the utility costs, transportation, and gas prices are 3% and 16% less than the national average respectively.


    As of now, the population of the Sunshine State is expanding making it one of the US’s quickest population growth states. Jacksonville, Cape Coral, Miami, Tampa, and Port St. Lucie are some of the largest cities in Florida by area that are growing at the fastest rates, and almost all of the major cities in the country are witnessing an increase in the number of people relocating here.

    There is no indication that the level of interest in moving to the area due to its high quality of life and good weather all year round will decrease in the foreseeable future.

    Please check with the venues you plan to visit in advance to make sure they are open for business on the dates you plan to visit and also pick the best time to visit Florida to enjoy the fullest of it.

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