Best Time to Visit Florida

best time to visit florida

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    Florida is a water-filled wonderland for travelers around the world. This beautiful sunshine state offers something for everyone and is home to incredible coastlines, maritime forests, and the famous Everglades National Park.

    best time to visit florida

    Although the state is famous for its pleasant weather, the temperature varies drastically throughout the year. Florida has a subtropical climate with hot, sunny summers and mild winters.  

    Since the weather leaves a big impact on your vacation experience, it is suggested to know the best time to visit the Florida Keys and make plans accordingly. 

    Wondering about the perfect time to head south? Here’s the comprehensive guide that will walk you through the weather in Florida while outlining the best and worst time to visit this picturesque state. 

    When is the best time to visit Florida?

    The best time to explore the scenic beauty of Florida is any month between February and May. The temperature is normal and the weather is pleasant during these months. The sun shines on average for eight hours a day and sea temperature remains around 75 degrees. Rain only falls around six days a month, making the state pretty dry and mild. 

    February to April is also the best time to witness the true colors of Cuba. Thinking how far is Cuba from Florida? You will be glad to know that Cuba is just 90 miles south of the Key West so you can add this beautiful destination to your itinerary while exploring the Sunshine State. 

    Since Florida is filled with beaches and theme parks, travelers should avoid visiting during the cold months of the year, from November through January. Summer is the perfect time to make the most out of your Florida vacations. 

    What is the best time to vacation in Florida?

    The best time to enjoy vacations in Florida is from February through May and from October through December. During this time, the rainfall levels are fairly low and the state enjoys warm temperatures without too much heat and humidity. 

    The off-peak times to visit the sunshine state is during the spring or fall when the state has a lot to offer. What makes off-peak times best for visiting Florida is the lesser crowd and affordable accommodations.  

    Those heading to the northern parts should plan their visit during the summer. The weather is reliably warm during these months, making it a perfect time to visit white sandy beaches. 

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    Cheapest Time To Visit Florida

    The cheapest time to visit Florida is during the late Spring or early Fall when travelers can experience mild weather, avoid most hurricanes while going easy on their pockets. The off-peak months of July and August are also ideal for exploring the sunshine state while reducing the cost of living in Florida. Read on to learn more about the same. 

    Central Florida

    The central region of Florida comprises Orlando, Tampa, and Kissimmee. 


    The best time to visit Orlando is between January and early May when you can enjoy warm temperatures and the driest days.  


    The cheapest time to explore Tampa, Florida is from January through April and from August through November. During this time, you’ll find thinner crowds and great deals.


    Planning a vacation to Kissimmee, Florida without costing a dime? The cheapest time to visit the beautiful city is between January and June and between August and November. 

    South Florida

    Southern Florida includes travel hot spots, like Miami, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. 


    The cheapest time to visit Miami is between late winter and spring. By visiting this time, you will not just avoid the peak season crowd but also reduce the cost of living in Miami.  

    West Palm Beach

    For the cheapest rates, travelers should visit West Palm Beach during the shoulder season, from February to May, excluding spring break. 

    Fort Lauderdale

    The absolute cheapest time to take a vacation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is usually from mid to late September. 

    North Florida

    Northern Florida is not as famous as its central and southern regions. It includes cities like Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Tallahassee


    Find the best areas to live in Jacksonville Fl, and enjoy a cheap vacation from March through May and September through November. 

    St. Augustine

    March through May are the cheapest months to visit St. Augustine. During this time, you will find fewer people, comfortable temperatures, and low hotel rates. 


    The cheapest month to plan a vacation to Tallahassee, Florida is January when you can enjoy mild temperatures and exciting deals on flights and accommodation. 


    The Weather in Florida and When To Go

    It is important to remember how big Florida is when putting the weather into context. It is twice as large as Ireland and long too. Check here the best time to visit Florida weather wise and plan your vacation accordingly.  

    Visiting Florida in the Summer

    Summer in Florida extends from May to September, when it’s hot and very humid throughout the state. Coastal areas reap the benefits of sea breezes. Summer is an ideal time to enjoy a pleasant sightseeing experience. 


    The month of May brings the onset of the warm weather, making it the best time to visit Florida. It is also the ideal time to enjoy International Fringe Theater Festival in Orlando. 


    It is the wettest month in Florida and visitors can expect to see as much as 7.5 inches of rain during this time. Temperature can be as high as 91-degree Fahrenheit, making it a bit uncomfortable for visitors to enjoy certain activities. 


    July is one of Florida’s hottest months and is the best time to visit some of the theme parks. The crowd is slightly thinner during this month and you can enjoy some great deals on accommodation rentals and entry fees.  


    It is another hot month in Florida, making it an ideal time to visit beaches. This time of the year is when the theme parks can be particularly busy. 


    It is a slightly cooler month and there may be a few pop-up thunderstorms in the area. Apart from this, you won’t see much rainfall. 

    Visiting Florida in the Fall

    October and November are generally regarded as the fall months in Florida when the temperature is pleasant and crowds are thinner. 


    October is perhaps the best time to visit Florida. The weather is pretty good and temperatures can soar up to 72-degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, there is a lot less rain around too. 


    It is also a good time to visit the Sunshine State. This is one of the driest months with favorable weather conditions.

    Visiting Florida in the Winter

    Florida enjoys the winter season from December to February. This state has the mildest winters in the Continental US. 

    Winter Florida


    With temperatures reaching to 72-degree Fahrenheit, December is one of the quieter months to visit in Florida. 


    It is usually the coldest month in Florida and visitors can expect the temperature to be as low as 49-degree Fahrenheit. 


    Temperatures generally start to get a little hotter in February, making it the best time to visit Florida Keys. 

    Visiting Florida in the Spring

    Spring Season in Florida runs from March to early May. Although this time enjoys a warm temperature, it also brings tropical rain showers. 


    March is the beginning of Spring in Florida and the area tends to be quite sunny and dry. Spring break is one of the crowded times to visit the Sunshine State. 


    April is well-known for being the shoulder season to visit Florida when the days start to get longer and the weather is quite warm. A few local events like Siesta Fiesta Arts Festival and Fort Myers Beach Film Festival are also hosted during this month. 

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    Climate Charts For Florida by City

    Check the best time to visit Florida weather wise here. 

    MonthsOrlando (average high/ low temperatures)Miami (average high/ low temperatures)Pansacola Beach (average high/ low temperatures)Naples (average high/ low temperatures)Key West (average high/ low temperatures)Jacksonville (average high/ low temperatures)
    January72/ 5174/ 6361/ 4374/5675/ 6766/ 46
    February74/ 5478/ 6364/ 5278/ 5577/ 6767/ 51
    March78/ 5881/ 8669/ 5775/ 6480/ 6973/ 55
    April83/ 6384/ 7076/ 6082/ 6583/ 7380/ 62
    May88/ 6987/ 7382/ 6986/ 7086/ 7685/ 68
    June91/ 7389/ 7688/ 7488/ 7489/ 7990/ 73
    July92/ 7591/ 7889/ 7689/ 7690/ 8190/ 74
    August92/ 7591/ 7889/ 7689/ 7691/ 8191/ 76
    September90/ 7489/ 7785/ 7592/ 7489/ 7986/ 73
    October84/ 6886/ 7479/ 6788/ 6986/ 7780/ 65
    November78/ 6081/ 6871/ 5883/ 6281/ 7272/ 56
    December73/ 5578/ 6464/ 4876/ 5978/ 6867/ 49

    The Best Time Of Year To Visit Florida’s Theme parks

    Florida boasts some of the world’s famous theme parks, including Disney World, The Wizard World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios, Legoland, and more. The best time to visit Florida’s theme parks depends on three factors – weather, historical crowd levels, and their schedules. 

    Best time to visit florida

    Check here for more details. 

    • Weather

    If pleasant and clear weather is your topmost priority, plan your visit to Florida’s theme parks from October through the end of March. The hurricane season usually runs through November, there are lesser chances for storms to occur in Orlando, making it the best time to visit Orlando.  

    • Crowd Levels

    The weeks after Thanksgiving snd before December break are ideal for visiting Florida’s theme parks. The crowd level is slightly lower during these months, allowing you to enjoy rides with no or minimal lines. You can also get easy bookings in top restaurants and accommodations without putting a hole in your pocket. It is ideally the best time to enjoy a crowd-free day at the parks. Moreover, these are perfect times to get cheaper flight tickets. 

    • Schedule 

    While there is no specific schedule for anyone, you can visit Florida’s theme parks whenever you get time. If you are an office-going person, plan your vacation during summer breaks or you can also visit during vacation periods if you have kids. 

    The Best Time to Visit Florida for Great Vacation Rental Deals

    Wish to explore world-famous theme parks and amazing wildlife without spending a fortune? Traveling during the off-season is an ideal way to save money but you should do some homework to find the best offers and discounts. 

    Plan your visit during the shoulder seasons and enjoy great vacation rental deals. The best time to get the biggest bang for the least bucks is possible in the late spring or early fall. These are the best time when the weather is mild statewide and crowds are thinner, and lots of bargain possibilities. 

    July and August are also termed as the off-season and might be an ideal choice for those who can deal with the hot weather. However, you should remember that July and August are also peak season for rain and insects; hence, you should plan accordingly. 

    Additionally, June through November is regarded as the Hurricane season in Florida. Before planning your vacation, you should consider the history of hurricanes and tropical storms in the area where you are planning to visit.  

    September and November are the cheapest months of all to shop around the budget-friendly accommodations. Check the availability of off-season travel packages, where a number of things are bundled together at a lower cost. 

    Worst Time of Year to Visit Florida

    Since Florida is a Sunshine State of the US, people might assume that they can visit at any time of the year. However, this is not the case. It also experiences an off-peak season when the weather is not favorable to visit.

    The worst time of the year to see Florida is between June and October. This time of the year experiences heavy rainfall. June has a lot of rain, followed by July through September. Visitors have to survive the sweltering humid heat with afternoon thunderstorms. 

    June through November is also regarded as the hurricane season in Florida. You need to pay close attention to weather forecasts and always be prepared. Insects also abound during July and August. 

    Undeniably, you will find great vacation deals and discounts during this time of the year but all it avails at the cost of the horrible weather. It is advised to avoid visiting Florida from June through October. But if you are still planning a vacation, then don’t forget to pack an extra water bottle and a raincoat. Also, always check the weather updates before stepping out of the accommodation to avoid any last-minute hassle. 

    The Best Times to See Wildlife

    From the coral reefs of the Keys to the swamps of the Panhandle, Florida is a diverse habitat of an incredible troop of wildlife. Visitors here can witness playful manatees, plumped water birds, and alligators in a single day. 

    Since Florida is one of the largest US states with a massive footprint, there is no specific best time to see wildlife. While January through early April is an ideal time to spot birds, it is easiest to track down Manatees from March through September. 

    Alligators can be seen throughout the year. They are present everywhere, including lakes and retaining ponds. If Dolphins attract you much, plan your visit to the coast either during sunrise or sunset. These can be found on both east and west coasts and you can easily spot them right from the beach. 


    Great Blue Heron can be witnessed throughout the year near freshwater bodies. They are most active just before dawn and at dusk. The most bountiful Florida Black bear sightings occur in May, followed by June, August, and September. These timid teddies boast curved claws and look exceptionally beautiful. 

    Florida is also home to 50 species of snakes out of which six are dangerous to humans. Make sure you know about them while hiking or walking through remote areas. 

    The Best Times to See Beaches

    Florida is home to some of the pristine beaches in the world. While you can visit these beach destinations in Florida at any point in time, the best time to explore their scenic beauty is during the warm weather, May through September. 

    Keep in mind that the US state of Florida is notorious for its afternoon thunderstorms that might pop up nearly when the temperature rises. Therefore, you should not plan your vacation to Florida beach destinations from June through August.

    These lightning storms can be strong and should be taken seriously. Never visit the beaches without getting updated with the weather alert. Get off the beach for some time if a thunderstorm hits and come back when the danger has passed. Moreover, these months experience the highest average rainfall, making it the worst time to visit there. 

    South Florida beaches hit their peak during spring break. The pleasant time attracts visitors from all around the world. The best time to visit Florida Panhandle and northern beaches is during the summer season when the weather is hot and humid. Take care of the sandflies while discovering the northern beaches in the warm weather. Always use repelling lotions to avoid these biting midges. 

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    Time to Visit Florida FAQs

    What month is the hottest for Florida?

    July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 28-degree Celsius (82-degree Fahrenheit). This month receives around ten hours of daily sunshine, leading to the warmest temperatures and humidity. Key West in Southern Florida is ranked as the hottest location in the state in terms of the highest average annual temperature. 

    What is the coldest month in Florida?

    January is the coldest month in Florida with an average temperature of around 16-degree Celsius (61-degree Fahrenheit). However, the temperature can hit 74-degree F in the middle of the day in the Florida Keys, giving an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities. Crestview is the coldest city in the state with an average low of 53-degree Fahrenheit. 


    That’s it, readers!! We hope you have enjoyed reading the guide to the best time to visit Florida and found it informative. 

    Weather plays a significant role when it comes to planning a vacation anywhere in the world. While a favorable climate allows you to enjoy a thrilling holiday experience, bad weather conditions can make the vacation horrible. 

    Although Florida is the sunshine capital of the USA, it too experiences good and bad weather conditions. So, if you are looking forward to moving to Florida, it is recommended to make bookings from February through May. The temperature is quite normal during these months, providing tons of opportunities for sightseeing and enjoying outdoor activities. 

    Wait no more!! Figure out the purpose of your visit and plan the vacation to Florida accordingly.  

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