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    Are you planning to move to a beautiful and ecologically diverse state with natural panoramas? Well, if it is so, then Florida is the best place for you to move as it is full of adventures.

    This southernmost US state borders the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic on the other. Florida is also referred to as the Sunshine State and has many unique places to visit.

    These adventures range from blissful beaches to sunken gardens, from amusement parks to spectacular zoos and aquariums, from museums & art galleries to a wide variety of restaurants, and the list is endless. 

    Nearly 20 million people live in Florida, as this prominent destination has something to cater to the needs of people of all age groups.

    Moving to a new place may be a daunting task. But here in this article, we have prepared a comprehensive guide that will provide you with knowledge and all the necessary information that you must know before moving to Florida. 

    So, with no further delay, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of relocating to Florida

    Is Florida a good state to move to?

    The Sunshine State attracts thousands of expatriates and US citizens to its sandy shores every year.

    Its diverse cultures, varied backgrounds, a wide range of ethnicities, delectable food, and many attractions make it an interesting place to live. 

    Living in Florida

    Below-stated are a few reasons as to why Florida is a good state to move to and why people moving to Florida live a peaceful and happy life:-

    • Florida is known to be the 10th most affordable state in the US. The living cost in this state is fair as it has affordable properties, and the pricing of services is also average.
    • People living in Florida do not have to pay individual taxes to the government. They are only supposed to pay federal taxes. Thus, making it a great place to work and live. 
    • The climate itself in Florida lures people to move to Florida, as it experiences a tropical and sub-tropical climate most of the year. 
    • Florida is the home of beautiful beaches, picturesque nature, and a serene environment that attracts people who love to be in the midst of the beauty and calmness of nature.  
    • This state is the best place for food lovers as it serves delectable food and drinks. From stone crabs to local brew, from Cuban cuisine to fresh fruits and vegetables, from coffee to Caribbean delicacies, and a lot more.
    •  The best reason to move to Florida is you can enjoy where you live, as this state has a plethora of fun and exciting places to visit. Thus, you can save your vacation costs. 

    Can I move to Florida without a job?

    The answer to this question is yes. Many people prepare a move to Florida checklist for their retirement years because of its warm climate and serene environment.

    The best cities to reside in Florida during the retirement years are Vero Beach, The Villages, Naples, and Sarasota.

     Moving to Florida without a job is not a high-risk task, as this state has various jobs to offer to the people. But you have to keep a few important points in mind, like the ones mentioned below:-

    • You should have a cover letter along with a professional-sounding resume.
    • Your resume should have an address of a place in Florida. Resumes having addresses other than Florida will not be looked into. 
    • If you are a transient, then we would suggest you look for seasonal jobs. 
    • Florida is the home for businesses in the niche of industries such as; tourism, agriculture, aerospace, financial services, and international trade. So we would suggest you apply for jobs in the businesses running in the above-stated niche of industries. 

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    Move to Florida best guide

    1. Moving cost

    If you are a wanderer or an expatriate who loves to travel and visit new states and have a fat sum of money resting in your bank account, then you can easily move to Florida.

    We won’t say that moving to Florida is expensive or not because it all depends on what decisions and choices you make as an individual.

    Whether you rent a house or purchase a property, buy groceries to cook meals, or eat outside, take up a job or rely on your bank balance, and many other such factors. 

    Before moving in, you should also take into consideration the amount of money you will be paying to the packers and movers.

    We advise you to properly read all their terms & conditions before signing a contract with a company.

    Negotiate well in advance with them, as some companies keep customers’ furniture hostage until their complete payment is released or demand extra for unloading the truck.

    So we advise you to seek out all these issues well in advance. 

    2. Living cost in Florida

    – You must have heard people saying that the cost of living in Florida is relatively higher than the average, but that’s not true.

    In reality, the overall cost of living in Florida is 102.8, which is almost negligibly higher when compared to the average cost of living in the US, i.e., 100.

    The cost of living below 100 means cheaper, and above 100 is more expensive. Given below is a table stating the cost of living in Florida under different heads, you can compare and decide whether moving to Florida is the right decision for you or not. 

    Grocery 102.8100
    Health 98100
    Median Home Cost$294,900$291,700

    According to MIT, an average individual residing in Florida or planning to move to Florida should earn a minimal salary(as an employee) or earn a minimum income (as an entrepreneur) of $30,825 per year to comfortably live and enjoy life in Florida. 

    3. Business Opportunities

    In recent times, entrepreneurship and the growth of small businesses have been in trend. Everyone wants to build a business of their own.

    If you are moving to Florida and have an entrepreneurial dream and want to build, grow, and scale your startup businesses in Florida, then the top five industries that will help you incur maximum income are:-

    • Food and Accommodation Services
    • Social Assistance & Healthcare Services
    • Technical, Scientific, and Professional Services
    • Construction
    • Retail

    Florida is also a home of many business accelerator programs that helps entrepreneurs, startup business owners, and business companies to move forward in the industry and build profitable and scalable business firms. 

    Besides opening a business firm, there are also some fun ways that you can adopt to earn money quickly and easily in Florida. These ways are:- 

    • Become a Social Media Manager of a Company.
    • Become an Online Reputation Manager of a Company.
    • Search Experience Optimization Jobs.
    • Blogger or Content writer.
    • Become a Scuba Diver or skilled deep-sea fisher.
    • Become a Dog-walker.

    4. Job markets

    If you are moving to Florida without a job, then you certainly need to find one to be able to pay for the rent of your dream house and spend on exploring the adventurous city of Florida, unless you have a huge amount of money resting in your bank account.

    Moving to Florida - Job

    The best cities in Florida whose job markets have shown good growth are; Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, St.Petersburg. So we recommend you to find employment in these cities.

     Given below is the list of some of the most demanded jobs and the average salaries paid to the employees are mentioned in Florida:- 

    Customer Service Representative$44,689
    Retail Sales Associate$35,232
    Real Estate Agent$88,389
    Sales Associate$43,108
    Registered Nurse$56,429
    Shift Manager$46,879
    Truck Driver$82,446
    Licensed Nurse$41,860
    Food Servers$34,436
    Assistant Manager$47,597

    5. Tax rates

      Florida is among the seven states that do not collect income tax from its individuals. Yes, you read that right. That’s a plus point for the people moving to Florida from California or any other part of the Globe.

    Lack of taxation saves the monthly salary of residents to go into the state’s treasury, and they can spend the same on the marvelous adventures, theme parks, water sports, city thrills, and all that Florida has to offer. 

    The government of Florida does not charge any income tax, estate tax, social security tax, or intangible tax from individuals.

    But, they do charge 6% sales tax, property tax (whose rates are assessed at the local level), corporate income tax of 5.5%, and other taxes charged for products such as; tobacco, fuels, communication services, and other products. 

    If you ask which state is best to retire, Florida or Texas? Then we would like to tell you that there are plenty of factors determining the same.

    In terms of taxes, both Florida and Texas have unique tax systems. But the overall burden on the people of Texas is about 8.19% and on Florida is about 6.97%.

    6. Economy

     Florida is a thriving state with a healthy economy. 

    In terms of economy, Florida is the 4rth largest state in the US and 15th largest globally with an economy of over $1.0 Trillion. The four major industries that drive GDP growth of the state are:-

    Tourism$85.9 Billion
    Agriculture$131 Billion
    International Trade$56 Billion
    Aviation and Aerospace$175 Billion

    All these industries provide a stable economic wealth and income to the people. They also offer people living and moving to Florida jobs, careers, and wealth-generating opportunities.

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    7. Education

     If you are planning to move to Florida with family and are worried about your child’s education and future, then no need to worry.

    According to research in 2019, Florida has one of the best education systems in the nation. Florida offers a wide range of schools option to choose from to both the parents and students.

    Cities having the best schools and educational institutions are; Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando. Names of some best schools in Florida are as follows:-

    • School for Advanced Studies, Miami
    • Pine View School, Osprey
    • Westshore Junior/Senior High School
    • Archimedean Upper Conservatory Charter School
    • iPrep Academy

    Florida is also a home of many universities and colleges that help students shape their future and become successful in life. Some of the top universities of Florida are:-

    • University of Miami
    • University of Florida
    • Florida State University
    • Flager College
    • The University of Tampa, and many more.

    8. Health system

      Florida is known to be one of the fastest-growing states in the US, but when it comes to health and healthcare systems, it consistently ranks last.

    It is important for the people moving to Florida to have complete information about the healthcare systems of the place. After various researches, it is found out that the healthcare system of Florida is poor, and due to this factor, you should think twice before residing and moving to Florida.

    Living in Florida - Health System

    Most of the Hospitals in Florida are below the average ratings and lack major healthcare facilities. Half of the adult population of Florida is uninsured, and people die mostly of lack of proper treatment and mental illness. 

    Some cities in Florida do have good hospitals with proper medical facilities. They are:-

    • Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville
    • Cleveland Clinic, Florida
    • Tampa General Hospital, Tampa
    • Sarasota Memorial Hospital
    • St. Josephs hospital, Tampa

    9. Housing prices

    Florida is known to have way more affordable properties than many other states in the US. The properties and houses in Florida are very spacious, beautiful and have a private swimming pool in the backyard.

    If you ever dreamt of a house at the beach, then moving to Florida will help you make this wish come true. Florida has a plethora of houses at a stone’s throw from the blissful beaches.

    People moving to Florida should contact real-estate agents before moving like; Home of America, to spare themselves from the inconvenience of finding one after relocating.

    The Government of Florida also provides HUD housing facilities to individuals and families having low-income, full-time Floridian residents & US citizens.

    10. Weather

    The weather of Florida is highly influenced by its geographical location. Since it is a peninsular state and surrounded by water on all three sides, the weather remains warm and humid most of the year.

    Summers in Florida last from May to October, and winters last from December to February. July is the hottest month of the year in Florida, having an average temperature of 28°C, and January is the coldest month of the year with average temperatures of 16°C.

    There are huge chances of natural disasters such as hurricanes and thunderstorms to hit Florida in September due to heavy rainfall experienced here. The best time to move to Florida is during the spring and fall months. 

    11. Food

    The Sunshine State is the home to a plethora of delectable delicacies, such as; lip-smacking seafood, Cuban Sandwiches, key lime pie, conch fritters, stone crabs, strawberry shortcake, Apalachicola oysters, gator bites, smoked fish, and farm-fresh fruits like sugarcane, oranges, avocadoes, tomatoes, watermelons, strawberries and many more.

    Florida also serves Cuban coffee, fresh orange & lime juice, and craft beers by the locals. Given below is the list of few famous restaurants in Florida and their specialties:- 

    • Komodo, Miami- This restaurant serves top-notch Asian dishes like; citrus miso black cod, Peking duck, sliced sashimi & nigiri, etc. 
    • The Cellar Restaurant, Daytona Beach- Their menu consists of dishes made of cheese, handmade gnocchi & pasta, and imported meat. 
    • Restaurant Orsay, Jacksonville- This restaurant has a French touch and serves dishes such as; seared duck breast, french green lentils, bacon, crispy carrots, and roasted duck jus.
    • The Ravenous Pig, Winter Park- This splendid restaurant uses local and seasonal ingredients to prepare dishes such as; charcuterie & cheese platter, mushroom & gruyere beignets, grilled octopus, etc. 

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    12. Pros & Cons

    It may be exciting to move to Florida, socialize with locals, enjoy stunning beaches, and be a part of the various festivals and events of the state.

    But there are a few pros & cons of moving to Florida that you should look into before actually settling in here. 

    Moving to Florida Pros & Cons are mentioned below:-


    • Pleasant Climate- The majority of the year, Florida experiences a warm and humid climate. Due to this reason, people spend more time outside exploring what different cities have to offer.
    • No income Tax- Residents of Florida only fill up Federal Taxes, which will benefit them in the long run. 
    • Theme Parks- Florida is the home of some of the world’s famous theme parks, such as; Disney, Universal Studios, and Busch Grades. 
    • Diversity- When it comes to cultural diversity, there is no state like Florida. This US state has a mixed population, and people of all age groups, races, ages, and backgrounds can fit in here.
    • Outdoor Sports- Florida boasts an intense sports culture. Popular sports of the state include; football, basketball, tennis, baseball, hockey, and golf.
    • Water Activities- The warm weather and surrounded water bodies allow people to enjoy water activities such as; swimming, fishing, boating, paddleboarding, and scuba diving.
    • Beaches- Florida is famous for its beach life. Residents of Florida have access to some of the world’s best beaches right outside their doors. 
    • Housing Cost- Florida offers the affordable property to its residents. Expatriates and people moving to Florida can purchase houses at relatively low prices.
    • Greenery- The state also offers various parks, gardens, nature trails, and fields for the residents to enjoy. 


    • Touristy Feel Some parts of the state or some busy cities give touristy and commercial vibes to the people living there, such as Orlando. 
    • Completely Flat- Florida is a completely flat state as it does not have any hills, cliffs, mountains, or valleys. 
    • Oppressive Heat- This state experiences the summer season most of the year. Thus, the heat sometimes can be severe and may make a person fall sick. 
    • Limited Public Transport- Most of the parts of the state has minimal transport services, so the residents have to drive to their destinations. 
    • High Population- As the state is famous for its cultural diversity, the population is also very high according to the available resources. 
    • Few Historical Landmarks- There are not many historical landmarks in Florida. 
    • Terrible Weather- Florida also experiences heavy rainfalls, which can cause thunderstorms, hurricanes, and destruction to property. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the worst place to live in Florida?

    Here is the list of five cities that you should completely avoid while planning to move to Florida, as they have the highest crime rate:-
    1. Lake City
    2. Florida City
    3. Lake park
    4. Opa Locka
    5. Panama City Beach

    What do you need before moving to Florida?

    Below given are some points that should be there in your moving to Florida checklist that will help you to ease your journey:- 
    1. Search for the best cities to live in.
    2. Find employment options & suitable jobs.
    3. Talk to a relocation expert.
    4. Arrange for new utilities.
    5. Enroll kids in school.
    6. Register for a driving license and voter card.
    7. Find a good doctor in your surrounding.

    Why are people moving to Florida?

    People in large no. around the globe are planning to move to Florida because of the following reasons:- 
    1. It is a no income tax state.
    2. It has blissful beaches.
    3. It has great weather all year round.
    4. It is the home of many amusement & theme parks. 
    5. It has a strong economy & better job opportunities.
    6. It is a great state to retire in. 

    What’s bad about living in Florida?

    Florida experiences extreme heat and natural disasters such as hurricanes & thunderstorms have a huge impact on the life of people. The sources of livelihood, business, and houses near beaches may get destroyed and the people have to incur huge losses. If you don’t want to spend money on repairs then you have to a large amount of your income as insurance cost.


    Thousands of people move in and out of Florida every year. Relocating to a new place and starting a new life altogether is not everyone’s cup of tea.

    As per the reports wide range of people who came to settle in Florida move back every year when they realize that their decision was wrong. 

    After reading the above guide, we leave it up to you whether you want to move to Florida or not. In this article, we have tried to put forward as many aspects as we can.

    We would advise you to take your time to understand how your decision to move to Florida will affect your coming life. 

    I hope this guide helps you to make a wise decision. If you have made your mind to spend the rest of your life lavishly and full of enjoyment & excitement in the Sunshine State, then start packing up as Florida is waiting for you!!

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