Best Spas in Maryland

Best Spas in Maryland

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    After a weary day or tired working week, you might need a massage to refresh yourself and enjoy your me-time. So, nothing would be better than a spa treatment.

    And if you are a Marylander, you are gifted with a great chance to experience the best luxury spas in Maryland. All these spas are relaxing! Thanks to their affordable costs, reliable services, and rejuvenating hand & feet treatments.

    What hours are Spas open in Maryland?

    Mainly, the spas in Maryland attend to their customers from 8 AM to 9 PM on working days. These timings change on weekends from 2 PM to 6:30 PM.

    However, ensure to check the correct timing before making an appointment at any spa center in Maryland, as their operating hours are different.

    Do I need to make an appointment for spa services in Maryland?

    Yes! You must book an appointment for spa services in Maryland. This will help you avoid delays, and you can utilize your time better. Possibly, making an appointment will never disturb your schedule.

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    6 Best Spas & Wellness Centers in Maryland

    One of the best reasons to live in Maryland is hidden in its exotic spa experiences. You can visit here and get complimentary gifts without any extra charges.

    These are fully developed to give you the best possible comfy vibes through massage, body treatments, facials, scrubs, deep cleansing, and whatnot. Everything is under one roof! And that too at affordable prices!

    1. Spa FLOAT Annapolis MD

    This FLOAT provides 5″ wide, 8″ long, and 7″ high Float Lab Chambers to de-stress yourself. Your “moving to Maryland” list must include information about the genuinely beneficial spas; spa FLOAT is one of them.

    Spa FLOAT Annapolis MD
    Spa FLOAT Annapolis MD

    If you want to experience the float spa and avoid the traditional spa services, try this Float spa. It has a quiet and soothing atmosphere, refreshing your body.

    It is famous for giving peaceful, tranquil, and comfortable surroundings with its tub salt float and water therapy sessions. The packages start from $60 for floats up to an hour and end at $120 for up to 2 hours for three.

    However, some discounts and gift certificates are also rewarded to you by this spa. Visit this spa at 801-1 Compass Way, Annapolis, MD – 21410. Or Contact them at 443-822-2203.

    Are float spas worth it?

    Yes! According to Healthline Studies, it is found that people feel relief from pain, stress, and anxiety. It also offers muscle relaxation, resulting in better sleep.

    Can you wear a tampon in a float tank?

    Yes! You can use a tampon with a few precautions while going to the float tanks. Use the fresh one while going into the float tank and change it after you are done with your session.

    Can you sleep overnight in a float tank?

    Yes! You can easily sleep in the float tanks though you can go into a meditative state. However, it is a great choice to save yourself from anxiety issues.

    2. Spa At Four Seasons MD

    It is a famous hotel in Baltimore for international tourists to provide a complete home-like feel with their services. Also, they provide the 24 hours of fitness service to their registered hotel guests only.

    Spa At Four Seasons MD
    Spa At Four Seasons MD

    If you are looking for a Spa in Maryland for couples, try this exotic and excellent spa service. It is the place where you can get a wellness retreat from their spa service providers.

    Further, this spa is famous for giving body healing treatments, poolside yoga, traditional spa experience, and embracing a sense of calmness. Moreover, the nighttime experience in this spa gives a memorable experience.

    They offer several services, from Biologique recherche facials to waxing and more. You can contact them to know their packages and find the best deal. 

    It is located at 200 International Drive, Baltimore, MD – 21202. Also, you can contact them at +1 (410)-576-5800 to book a treatment.

    What forms of payment are accepted at Spa at Four Seasons Hotel?

    They accept all major credit cards on their spas. Therefore, you can pay at your convenience.

    Does the Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore spa also offer themed signature treatments?

    Yes! Themed signature treatment is a complimentary service that this hotel spa center provides. Also, they serve premium Wi-Fi, overnight shoeshine, multilingual concierge, etc.

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    3. Turf Valley Resort MD

    This is a tranquil and peaceful resort spa where you can renew your mind and body with multiple treatments, therapies, etc. In our list of best spas in Maryland, this is full of benefits.

    Turf Valley Resort MD
    Turf Valley Resort MD

    It offers an outstanding Loyalty Program that helps you make points. If you make 25 points, $1 will be redeemed for services and products you buy. Similarly, you can get an immediate Bonus point of 200.

    You can further inquire about this with their representatives. It further delivers you with weekend spa getaways in Maryland here, offering affordable packages to choose from and satisfy your inner self.

    Their packages include the ultimate experience, classic collection, organic bliss, girls’ day out, custom retreat, a mini spa day, and more. This place is famous for giving a relaxing environment to calm your mind.

    Therefore, it offers a wide range of body treatments, massage therapies, and facial treatments, making your soul calm. It is situated at 2700 Turf Valley Road, Ellicott City, Maryland – 21042. You can contact them at 410-203-2755 for further details.

    What are the hours of operation at The Spa?

    Commonly the staff works for you every day. However, booking an appointment for Monday to Wednesday, 9 AM to 6 PM, is a better option. They are also available for Thursday to Saturday, 9 AM to 8 PM, and Sunday, 9 AM 5 PM.

    How do I get to TURF VALLEY RESORT & SPA?

    You can book a taxi or search for public transport to Ellicott City from Baltimore Airport. After that, you can reach Turf Valley Road and take a short walk towards this Turf Valley Resort & Spa.

    4. Vita Wellness Spa MD

    If you move from Maryland to Florida, you will surely miss an opportunity to get a spa treatment at Vita Wellness Spa. It has full amenities like showers, washrooms, towel services, a sauna, and of course, a spa.

    Vita Wellness Spa MD
    Vita Wellness Spa MD

    It is an exotic place where you can fall in love with its mind-relaxing services, like body cleansing, yoga massage, and more. It is famous for giving couples massages and providing European retreats.

    And the payment process is utterly suitable as they accept all types of credit cards.

    The packages start from Peruvian Chocolate, Dead Sea Arabian Renewal, Amazon Rainforest, Asian Indulgences, Vita Detox, Organic Facial & Back Massage, and others.

    You can visit 2160 East, Joppa Road, Suite 102, Suite Parkville, Maryland – 21234. You can also contact them at 410 513-7069.

    When Should I arrive for my appointment at Vita Wellness Spa MD?

    You can reach there 10 to 15 minutes before your appointments. This will give you enough time to relax before the treatment starts.

    What happens if I am late for my appointment at Vita Wellness Spa MD?

    The appointment can be shifted to the next time slot at the same fee.

    5. Spa at Harbour Inn MD

    It has some online gift cards to enhance your spa experience, and the waterfront view makes you more pleased with the environment. Along with that, you can explore the best hikes in Maryland area near this beautiful Harbour Inn.

    Spa at Harbour Inn MD
    Spa at Harbour Inn MD

    It is a unique place where you can take a break from busy working hours and calm your mind. It allows you to find your real inner peace.

    With six treatment rooms, Harbour Inn is famous for giving a petite retreat to every local or out-of-state visitor. Their special packages include Facials & Massage.

    But they also offer affordable Skincare, Body Rituals, and Other Massage services. Visit this spa at 101 North Harbor Road, Saint Michaels, MD – 21663. Or call them to make an appointment on 410 745-0646.

    When is Spa at Harbour Inn open?

    The Spa at Harbour Inn opens from Mondays to Sundays. But, they take their weekly off on Wednesdays.

    What forms of Payment are accepted at Spa at Harbour Inn?

    It accepts Credit cards and Apple Pay to make payments. You can choose according to your convenience.

    Does St. Michaels Harbour Inn, Marina and Spa have a pool?

    Yes! They offer an Outdoor Pool for your comfort. However, it is not open throughout the year; therefore, guests can enjoy a few moments at this pool seasonally.

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    6. About Faces Day Spa and Salon

    They have a total of five branches in different locations in Maryland. They also offer gift certificates and use famous branded products like Caudalie, Bumble and Bumble, Coola, Dermalogica, Lalicious, and more.

    About Faces Day Spa and Salon
    About Faces Day Spa and Salon

    With their products, your session becomes more enjoyable and fruitful. It is one of the most elite salons in Maryland, where you can quickly get wax, makeup, bridal look, bodywork, and other therapies.

    This is one of the most famous spas to give you all services, from nail treatments to hair. They have different packages for bridal, body massage, makeup, face med spa, spa body treatments, haircare services, etc.

    Take this excellent spa experience at the Festival at Woodholme, 1809 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, MD – 21208. Or make an appointment by a call at 410 602-0888.

    When is Faces Day Spa and Salon open?

    They operate from Sundays to Saturdays. However, they are typically closed on Thursdays and Wednesdays.

    What forms of payment are accepted at About Faces Day Spa & Salon?

    They mainly accept credit card payments.

    Best Spas in Maryland FAQs

    What is the best schedule for Spas in Maryland?

    Commonly, you can make a spa schedule two or three times a week. This will surely reduce your anxiety, stress, and other hectic issues. At the same time, this will help you keep your health free from specific issues.

    Can you offer child care services at spas in Maryland?

    Yes! Several spas, like Spa at Harbour Inn, provide child spa treatments in Maryland. You can go there and book an appointment at the lowest price of $10 only for 5 to 18-year-olds.

    Do you get membership of spas in Maryland?

    Yes! Most spa centers or hotels provide membership programs to their regular or new customers. But the membership fees or monthly membership charges differ. So, you need to choose one that provides complete satisfaction.


    You can explore the wide range of best spas in Maryland. They all are affordable and offer excellent services to their clients, whether they want a spa for adults or kids.

    Similarly, these are full of peaceful environments where one can quickly feel relaxed and forget about worries. They provide you with the best relaxing vibes, offering great packages to everyone.

    The spa has an excellent staff with a friendly and supportive nature.

    Now, what remains?

    You will get all benefits in one place, and that too at reasonable prices. Therefore, we have these six best spas in Maryland on our lists. So, whenever you visit this state, ensure to relax at these spa centers.

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