Is Maryland A Good Place To Live?

Is Maryland A Good Place To Live

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    Maryland is known as a Mid-Atlantic state and Old Line State among the local and traveler communities. It has some unique small natural towns and wonders. Maryland is a small state offering everything needed to live a comfortable life.

    It has excellent weather, socially and economically powerful, friendly neighborhoods, mouth-watering food, enchanting tourist attractions, and easily available transportation, making this place a go-to place for every backpacker. Still wondering why is Maryland a good place to live and why is it costly? Let’s understand from the below;

    Is it expensive lto live in Maryland?

    Yes! Maryland is expensive due to higher charges for groceries, rent, and other essentials. Similarly, the cost of goods and services is also higher than the US National Average.

    Is Maryland good place to live?

    Yes, fortunately! It has numerous outdoor attractions and beautiful towns to spend your whole day during vacations. Also, it comes with some of the best eateries to make your stomach happy. The best part is that you can find a higher-income job in the state.

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    12 Best Places to Live in Maryland

    Maryland is a great wonder that makes you fall in love with its atmosphere and localities; hence, it is called Little America. The higher employment rate, great diversities, mesmerizing attractions, and outstanding schools make it more suitable for you to call this small state your home.

    You can also explore other reasons to live in Maryland state cities below.

    1. Columbia Maryland

    Maryland’s Columbia is a great city with a beautiful atmosphere and offers territories governed by the Columbia Association. Similarly, this city also involves a few significant areas from the US Census Bureau and US Postal Service. Currently, 105,412 residents live happy lives in this well-developed community and friendly neighborhood.

    Columbia Maryland
    Columbia Maryland

    Columbia has become a point of attraction due to its recreational facilities, park attractions, shops, restaurants, entertainment options, and more. Recently, Columbia won the title of “Safest City in America” from WalletHub for the fifth time, as it offers a safe environment for locals and international tourists.

    Talking about housing, this is much higher! The median home cost is about $416,800, which is higher than the US National Average per BestPlaces. Despite that, you can enjoy the excellent nightlife style with multiple nightclubs and bars if you live here.

    Is Columbia, MD, a good area to live?

    Yes! The famous Money Magazine awarded this city the “Best Place to Live in Maryland” in 2016. Also, they have given it 6th place for “Most Desirable Communities in the Nation.”

    Is Columbia, Maryland, expensive?

    Yes! It is true because the US National Average is 146% lower than the housing costs in Columbia. Along with that, the utilities, transportation, and grocery prices are higher than the National Average.

    2. Gaithersburg

    WalletHub gave Gaithersburg seventh place for the most diverse city in America in 2017 due to its cultural diversity and less population. With almost half of young household families, it offers a great and friendly atmosphere to a population of 71,601.


    It is primarily famous for its ethnic and economic diversity, which stands at #2 among the 501 largest cities in the US. According to BestPlaces Research, the crime rates of violence and property are 18.9 and 28.9, respectively, and are fewer in this city. Also, the median home prices fetch $441,900, as given in  BestPlaces.

    Further, the hidden secret is that Gaithersburg offers excellent nightlife for night adventurers. This city has unique nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and attractions that vibe with you at your fingertips.

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    Is Gaithersburg a nice place to live?

    Yes! It is rich in cultural diversity and community programming. Similarly, senior citizens can enjoy multiple activities of their choice. 

    What is it like to live in Gaithersburg, MD?

    Residents can enjoy the city’s urban and suburban feel and the home-like atmosphere.

    Is Gaithersburg in Baltimore?

    No! Baltimore is 33.14 miles away from Gaithersburg. Gaithersburg is one of the best cities in Maryland, situated in Montgomery County.

    3. Rockville Maryland

    The origin of Rockville can be seen in Colonial America. Therefore, it is known as one of the earliest towns in Maryland. Still, why is Maryland a good place to live? – comes to mind. So, the answer is hidden in the gem of Maryland’s Rockville, renowned for schooling.

    Rockville Maryland
    Rockville Maryland

    It is also famous for introducing diverse and unique neighborhoods, earliest-ranging roads, architectural styles, and whatnot. In addition, you will get a safe environment to live, play, and travel around the tourist attractions. The crime is very low, 15 per thousand people only. House prices may blow your mind. Buying a house will cost you up to $593,500.

    Further, the presence of Quincy’s South Bar & Grille, Vibes Hookah Lounge, and others make nightlife better in Rockville.

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    Is Rockville, MD, a good place to live?

    Yes! The population of only 68,299 people makes it less crowded and a good place to live.

    Is Rockville, MD, expensive?

    Yes! The US National Average is about 146% lower than housing, making a living more expensive.

    Is Rockville a suburb of Washington DC?

    Yes! Washington, DC, controls Rockville as it is counted as a suburb of Washington, DC.

    4. Ellicott City Maryland

    Locals often describe this place with unique nicknames – E.C., Old Ellicott City, and Historic Ellicott City. Also, “E.C. Strong” is their slogan. With a striking charm and mesmerizing atmosphere, it is one of the best choices for education, healthcare, and diverse communities.

    Ellicott City Maryland
    Ellicott City Maryland

    According to the World Population Review, Ellicott City has a population of 77,969, much lower than other cities. It is also recognized for being the home of the earliest surviving train station in the United States and for its historic charm. Plus, you can find the best small local banks in Maryland in this area.

    Similarly, this city has a crime rate of 1 per thousand people and is 62% safer than other towns in the US. However, the median housing cost is $664,335, higher than the US National Average. But you can enjoy the magnificent nightlife that has something special for everyone.

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    Is Ellicott City, MD, a good place to live?

    Yes! With a suburban feel and less population, it is known as a good place to live and work.

    Is Ellicott City worth visiting?

    Yes! It offers a historical background with abandoned places, antique stores, delicious food items, and more.

    Why does Ellicott City keep flooding?

    Patapsco River is a significant reason for flooding in Ellicott City, which floods often.

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    5. North Potomac Maryland

    North Potomac got its own identification a few years back in 1989, when the United States Post Office used this name for farms, wooded parks, etc. With numerous recognizing awards and an affluent atmosphere, it has become one of the best places to live.

    North Potomac Maryland
    North Potomac Maryland

    It is famous for its Falls Road Local Park, Sylvan Glade Drive, Westfield Montgomery, and other tourist attractions. Similarly, it is safe to travel because violent crimes are only 17.8 and property crimes are 33.1, according to the latest updates of BestPlaces.

    Further, the cost of the median home price is about $848,654 and more. Plus, you can enjoy the savage nightlife in this city because of Quincy’s Potomac Bar & Grille. This is a completely lavish option to make your nightlife more enjoyable.

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    Is North Potomac a good place to live?

    Yes. With a low population and the best transport services, it has become an excellent place to live in Maryland.

    Is it expensive to live in Potomac, Maryland?

    Yes! The US National Average for housing cost is 126% lower than the cost of housing in Potomac.

    Is Gaithersburg the same as North Potomac?

    No! North Potomac has different boundaries from Gaithersburg.

    6. Bethesda Maryland

    This city’s name, Bethesda, was decided due to the Bethesda Meeting House, which is a Historic Presbyterian Church. Still, the confusion fetched “Is Maryland city a good place to live?” And the answer is yes! It is, of course, a great city to live in as it has the best localities, like Bethesda.

    Bethesda Maryland
    Bethesda Maryland

    With a posh and less crowded atmosphere, this is one of the most preferred choices to live in Montgomery County in Maryland. It is mainly famous for its ethnic restaurants, art venues, shopping centers, hot spots, and delicious food options. It is another safe and family-friendly town where a woman can easily travel at night.

    Similarly, the crime rate is around 0.59 per 1000 people, according to NeighborhoodScout. Despite that, the housing is quite competitive, where the median home costs about 714,800. The nightlife is safe and offers a relaxing vibe where you can break the table at night pubs or have a beer at bars.

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    Is Bethesda, Maryland, wealthy?

    Yes! It is because most people in this city are well-educated and have vibrant towns with artistic and cultural events.

    Is Bethesda, MD, a good place to live?

    Yes! The living and working experience is something pleasing in this urban feel.

    Does Bethesda have a downtown?

    Yes! The numerous boutiques, home design shops, art galleries, etc., are the most famous things in Downtown Bethesda. 

    7. Olney Maryland County

    Olney was majorly considered the agricultural unit until 1960. Presently, it has multiple Management of Companies & Enterprises. Most people move to Florida from Maryland. But why moving from Maryland to Florida when you have better job opportunities in this state?

    Olney Maryland County
    Olney Maryland County

    Olney is one of the less crowded, with not more than 37,602 people, which is great for job opportunities for everyone. It is also famous for its Pancake Race, Historic Art House, and Willian Cowper & John Newton’s Olney Hymns. Olney has low crime records; therefore, it is 68% safer than other towns in the US (data based on the NeighborhoodScout).

    However, the total number of crimes is 7.79 per 1000 people, including property and violence. However, you can get a typical home at only $608,907, as per Zillow. Besides that, you can enjoy the nightlife in Olney Station, Brew Billy, and The Greene Turtle Sports bar & Grille.

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    Is Olney in Silver Spring, MD?

    Yes! Both towns are situated in Montgomery County in the state. Therefore, it can be said that Olney is in Silver Spring.

    Is Olney, MD, a good place to live?

    Yes! Olney is gifted with exhilarating recreational activities, tourist destinations, churches, biking trails, and more.

    Is Onley, Maryland, a city?

    Yes! It was founded in 1841, known as a self-governing area in the state, situated at the heart of Montgomery County.

    8. Urbana Maryland

    According to Niche, Urbana was in the 9th position for “Best Place to Live in 2018” and in the 35th position according to Money Magazine in 2015. One of the best Reasons to move to Maryland means less populated cities, and Urbana is one of them. The developing environment and 17,021 residents make it one of the most crowd-free places in Maryland.

    Urbana Maryland
    Urbana Maryland

    It is famous for Urbana District Park, Green Meadows Petting Farm, Monocacy National Battlefield, and much more. Additionally, you will see no crimes in this area, which makes it the safest choice to live in this state. However, the typical housing price is $504,400, which is affordable.

    Further, Nola’s Rock Bar, The Canopy Club, and Boomerangs Bar & Grill are the best choices to enjoy stress-free beer shots at night.

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    Is Urbana, MD, a good place to live?

    Yes! You can get a suburban rural feel in its environment, with most people owning their houses.

    How many houses are in the Villages of Urbana, MD?

    4100 total homes are situated in the Village of Urbana, which has plenty of parks, clubhouses, pools, trails, and much more.

    9. Travilah Maryland

    Travilah is another best town on our list, which encircles Potomac, Darnestown, and North Potomac. And the secret is that the boundaries for this city have yet to be officially announced. Travilah is one of the most preferred places to live, offering the best luxury spas in Maryland.

    Travilah Maryland
    Travilah Maryland

    Similarly, it is famous among tourists and locals due to its top sights, like Greenbriar Local Park, Glenstone, Riverbend Park, Great Falls Park, and many more. This city offers a safe environment with 16% and 29.4% of violent and property crimes, respectively.

    However, a typical home will cost you about $1,071,100, according to the Travilah Real Estate Market statistics by Niche. Further, The Spot Bar, The Bottle Shop Wine & Beer, etc., provide a great nightlife experience to you in this state.

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    Is Travilah a city?

    Yes! It is a city with less than 13,000 people, having an Oak Tree, a local park, and other enchanting attractions.

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    10. Chevy Chase Maryland County

    Stanford Graduate School of Education noted this unincorporated area as “The Most Educated Town In America.’ Our next pick is also a glorious town for you to live in in Maryland, with less than 2,920 people for your company. Columbia Country Club, Chevy Chase Club, Shopping places, and other private clubs are famous in this town.

    Chevy Chase Maryland County
    Chevy Chase Maryland County

    The FBI Crime Data says that this is one of the safest communities to live and grow. According to NeighborhoodScout, the probability of becoming a victim of a crime is 15.50 per 1000 people. And the typical house in this area is available for $1,480,712.

    Further, you can enhance your nightlife adventures in this town as it has excellent nightclubs like The Hunter’s Hound, The Capital Grille, and more.

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    What County is Chevy Chase, Maryland, in?

    This beautiful self-governing town is situated in Montgomery County, Maryland state.

    Did Chevy Chase live in Maryland?

    No! He is an American Comedian born in Lower Manhattan, New York.

    Why is Chevy Chase Maryland called that?

    In 1890, Chevy Chase got its name from the Chevy Chase Land Company, which bought land areas.

    Is Chevy Chase, MD, rich?

    Yes! It is commonly counted as the wealthiest town in the state where job yields are genuinely higher.

    11. South Kensington Maryland

    The total area of this South Kensington area is 2.13 square kilometers, which includes 0.4 square miles of water, and the rest is for land. Reasons to live in Maryland include an exciting place called South Kensington. It is a small town labeled livable in Maryland by CNN.

    South Kensington Maryland
    South Kensington Maryland

    It is another famous destination for shoppers, foodies, comfy living lovers, and large metropolitan area lovers. Similarly, it is considered a safe place due to its low crime rate of 14.14 per thousand people by NeighborhoodScout. Further, a typical house will be available for you at $978,816, according to the prices based on Zillow.

    And the nightlife becomes pleasing with the existence of K Bar, Bar 190, Dolce Kensington Club Bar Sushi London, and more.

    References –

    Is South Kensington, MD, a good place to live?

    Yes! With a hustle-free atmosphere and sparse suburban feel, this town is an excellent place to live in the state.

    Is South Kensington safe to live in?

    Yes! It is one of the best posh areas in the state that offers safe stays and is peaceful for everyone.

    12. Clarksburg Maryland

    It was formerly known by the trader John Clark and was built by intersecting two roads between Georgetown and Frederick. The best thing about this town is that you can easily find a peaceful environment and it is safe to travel. It is further famous for Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center, The Caboose, Tomaro’s Bakery, and more.

    Clarksburg Maryland
    Clarksburg Maryland

    In the case of safety, NeighborhoodScout says 6.16 people per thousand individuals become victims of crime scenes, which is very low. Similarly, Zillow says you will get a typical home price of $598,549 in 2022. Further, you can enjoy your best nightlife in Primanti Bros Restaurant & Bar Clarksburg, High Life Lounge, Clique Club, and more.

    References –

    Is Clarksburg, MD, a good place to live?

    Yes! It is one of the best places to live, with excellent schools, parks, and other amenities in one place.

    Is Clarksburg, MD, diverse?

    Yes! You will see a diverse community of ethnic groups, like Asian, White, Black or African American, Two+, and Whites.

    Is Clarksburg a town?

    No! Northern Montgomery County’s Clarksburg is an unincorporated area, also considered a Census-Designated area.

    Is Maryland A Good Place To Live FAQs

    What’s it like living in Maryland?

    You will get excellent access to outdoor attractions, a strong economy, the best lifestyle, and many job opportunities in this state. Besides, you will easily get multiple opportunities to enjoy nightlife, eateries, bars, and parks.

    Are people happy in Maryland?

    Yes! A recent study in the US says that it is the second-happiest state in the nation, so you can live a happy life here. Also, it is rich in cultural diversity and has numerous tourist attractions that are easily accessible.

    Do hurricanes hit Maryland?

    Yes! This state has seen more than 140 hurricanes since 1950. In addition, the damage risks increase as the form shows high winds, flooding, and storm issues in the state.


    Is Maryland a good place to live?

    Maryland is a great place to live as it has everything from job opportunities to a robust economy. Still, people are determining whether it has good towns or not! So, we are here to clear up the confusion. In this article, we have mentioned the top 12 best places to live in Maryland.

    You can explore these safe towns if you want to live in this Maryland state with your families. The crime rates are much lower than the US National Average. In addition, if you feel tired of working or want to enjoy the best nightlife experience, you can do that at the best bars, nightclubs, pubs, and more.

    These are the best places to go with the flow. Further, most state towns are peaceful because they have less population than other states. The people are talkative, friendly, and helpful. And you know the best part? You can enjoy multiple tourist attractions, biking trails, hikes, parks, and other enchanting places to travel and roam.

    Along with that, the cost of living, housing, and groceries are expensive. But you can enjoy the best suburban feel living, great small towns, friendly communities, and much more in this town.

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