Cost of Living in Utah


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    Utah is a beautiful state in the USA famous for its friendly locals, stunning natural beauty, and high quality of life.

    If you are thinking of moving to Utah, you’d probably be wondering what the living cost in Utah is like.

    Before you make the important decision to relocate to this beautiful state, you need to determine whether Utah is the right fit for you and whether moving here is in sync with your lifestyle choices, and if it fits your budget requirements. 

    Is the cost of living cheap in Utah?

     Are you looking to move to a state which is beautiful yet has a low cost of living? Then Utah would be a great choice for you.

    There are plenty of benefits of moving to Utah including the low housing cost, groceries, other essentials, and tax rates than most of the other states.

    Of course, the average cost of living  in Utah  will vary depending on your specific needs and lifestyle, but overall, Utah can be considered as an affordable place to live

    How much money do you need to live comfortably in Utah?

    According to research published by the Missouri economic research and Information Center in the year 2021, Utah is the 33rd most costly state in the USA.

    The average cost of living in Utah per month is not very high, and a person aiming to live comfortably here might need to earn somewhere between $40000 to 60000.

    Cost of living in Utah

    Even though the cost of living in Utah is steadily going up, it can still be considered more economical than the majority of the other States.


    Weighing moving to Utah’s pros and cons is pretty simple, as the pros far outweigh the cons. 

    If you are looking to get more information about this state’s cost of living including the rent, utilities, education, and transportation, read on to find out more.

    1. Utah housing market

    The housing market of Utah is diverse and exciting. Not only is it a great place to live, work, and raise a family, but it’s also a great place to invest in real estate.

    Is Utah expensive in rent?

    While some areas in Utah have expensive rent and the rent is only increasing steadily over the years, there are also other areas where the rent is affordable.

    The amount of rent you pay here among other things depends upon the area you choose to live in and your preferred living arrangement. 

    Where is housing cheaper in Utah?

    Some of the areas where housing is cheaper in Utah are Price, Logan, Eagle Mountain, Vernal, and Cedar City. 

    For instance, the average cost to build a house in Cedar City, Utah will be somewhere between $100 to $120 per square foot, whereas if you choose to rent a house in Cedar City, it can cost you around $700 per month.

    What is the average house cost in Utah?

    The housing cost in Utah is around  $500,077. This figure has been researched and determined by the real-estate website Zillow. Hence, Utah can be considered one of the costlier cities in the country to own a house in.


    2. Utility prices in Utah

    cost of living in Utah is affordable, and utility prices form a large part of that. Utah’s utility prices are quite low, which is certainly a big relief for residents.


    But there are a few things you need to know when it comes to utility prices such as prices may differ depending on your location and prices may fluctuate depending on the time of year.

    What is the average electric bill in Utah?

    The electricity bill is lowest in Utah with average monthly usage of 775 kWh and an average electric bill of $82.77.

    How much are utilities per month in Utah?

    According to the latest report by the US Energy Information Administration, the average cost of utility per month in Utah is $268 per month which has been bifurcated into different heads such as electricity cost $80, internet and cable cost $98, water cost $38 and gas $52.

    Is gas or electricity cheaper in Utah?

    While Utah has the cheapest electric bill in the country, the gas prices in the state are a bit on the steep side. According to the AAA gas price tracker, the national average of gas prices was $3.402 as compared to Utah’s average of $3.760. please note that the price of gas changes daily and the amount reflected is of date 21.02.2023.

    3. Grocery prices in Utah

    Due to the increase in inflation, grocery prices are on the rise in the entire country and Utah is no exception.

    However, the amount you spend on groceries mostly depends on where you live and the number of members in your family.

    How much does food cost in Utah?

    According to the Economic policy institute, a family of four in Utah can spend an average of $9239 on food. This amount covers a healthy diet for two adults and two children but only includes grocery store purchases that are then prepared at home.

    How much does a loaf of bread cost in Utah?

    According to Numbeo, an online database about the world’s food prices, the average cost of a  loaf of  white bread in Salt lake city, which is one of the  finest and best places to live in Utah for families, is  $0.85

    How much are eggs in Utah?

    Buying an egg carton in Salt lake city, Utah  will cost you $0.89

    4. Cost of gasoline and fuels in Utah


    Utah’s gasoline and fuel prices are higher than the national average, and this is due to a number of reasons such as increased demand for Utah refined products due to oil refineries closure in many West Coast states, increasing population, and a seasonal spike in demand particularly during summers.

    How much does a gallon of gas cost in Utah?

    a gallon of gas in Utah will cost $3.758 if you compare it to the national average of $3.397. the figure has been taken on the day of writing this article

    Why is fuel expensive in Utah?

    As previously stated, there are three major reasons why fuel is more expensive in Utah.

    For starters, many refineries on the West Coast have closed and are now switching to biofuel. This has increased the demand for Utah refineries, resulting in a price increase for their products.

    Next, Utah’s population has increased in the last decade by 18.4%, which has eventually led to an increase of 22% in gasoline consumption. The population here is growing at the quickest rate in the country which consequently increases demand for fuel and gasoline.

    Why are diesel prices so high in Utah?

    The following factors contribute to Utah’s high diesel prices: lower imports from Russia due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, seasonal demand, lower production capacity, and a higher tax rate on diesel products when compared to other states.


    5. Education cost in Utah

    There are a number of public and private schools in the state that provide quality education to children.

    Additionally, you can find some of the best universities here like Brigham Young University and the University of Utah

    For students who are looking for something more affordable, there are community colleges and trade schools in the state providing economical education services.

    How much does public school cost in Utah?

    It’s free to attend public schools in the state. And the schools here are operated on the open-enrollment system which means you can send your kids to any public school, irrespective of where the school is situated or where you live

    What is the cheapest University in Utah?

    Utah tech university is the cheapest university in Utah with the total cost in-state being $12630 and the total out-of-state being $23228.

    How much does the University of Utah cost for 4 years?

    The cost of attendance at the University of Utah which includes components such as books and supplies, room, tuition and fees, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses totals $27386 for residents and $49034 for non-residents living on campus. For students living off campus, the cost is $29942 for residents and $51590 for non-residents.

    How much does tuition cost at the University of Utah?

    tuition cost at the University of Utah is $9002 for residents and $30488 for non-residents.


    6. Tax rates in Utah

    Utah is a great choice for people who wish to move to a tax-friendly state. The state has a flat-rate tax of 4.85% which is one of the lowest tax rates in the country.


    Utah also allows people to claim tax credits and deductions which creates plenty of benefits for people living here.

    Is Utah tax-friendly?

    Yes, Utah is a tax-friendly state. The income tax rate as well as the sales tax rate here is considerably low. 

    What is taxed at 3% in Utah?

    Grocery food sold in Utah is taxed at 3% across the state.

    How much is 70k after taxes in Utah?

    If you are earning 70k, you’d have to pay $16918 tax annually, and your earnings after tax would be $53082

    How much do you pay in taxes if you make 100k in Utah?

    If you are earning 100k in Utah, you’d have to pay $27268 tax annually, and your earnings after tax would be $72732

    7. Cost of healthcare in Utah

    Utah has one of the lowest hospital as well as personal healthcare costs in the country.

    There are several healthcare systems available in the state including public, private hospitals and non-profit organizations. 

    According to a study done by the Wall street journal in 2013, the average per capita healthcare cost was $5031 per person in Utah in 2017, compared to $6815 nationally.

    What is the average cost of healthcare in Utah?

    According to the 2020 report by the Bureau of Economic Analysis Personal Consumption Expenditures, the average cost of healthcare in Utah is $5055.

    How much does urgent care cost in Utah?

    Urgent care costs in Utah without insurance can range from $200 to $1000 on average. Broadly speaking, the cost of urgent care in Utah will differ greatly according to the type of care and services provided to you.

    How much does ER visit cost in Utah? 

    ER, a visit in Utah for people without health insurance can cost $1464 on average. However, this amount can vary as it depends upon the services and treatments required by you and the medications prescribed. 

    8. Public transportation cost in Utah

    Public transportation in Utah is relatively affordable. Utah has a range of options for public transportation, including bus systems, light rail, and commuter rail.


    The cost of these services varies depending on factors such as the city or county, the fares, and the type of service you use.

    Is public transportation free in Utah?

    No, currently public transport is not free in Utah but reduced rates are available for students and senior citizens.

    Are buses free in Utah?

    No, Utah Transit Authority (UTA) buses are not free in Utah but discounts are provided to senior citizens and students

    Can you get around Utah without a car in Utah?

    Owning a car in Utah is a necessity. Apart from the buying price, we also need to consider its maintenance cost, insurance cost, how much will my car registration cost in Utah, and so on.

    So can you get around Utah without a car? Yes, you can easily. There are several forms of public transportation available in the state that can be used to travel to and from many major cities.

    For example, the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) operates buses and light rail trains in the Salt Lake Valley, connecting cities such as Salt Lake City, Sandy, and Provo. Also, there are popular ride-sharing options that you can use such as Lyft and Uber.

    Owning a car in Utah is a necessity. Apart from the buying price, we also need to consider its maintenance cost, insurance cost, how much will my car registration cost in Utah, and so on.

    9. Miscellaneous things in Utah

    Apart from the significant expenses mentioned above, there are other miscellaneous costs that you need to consider such as vet expenses, gym and club membership, other recreation expenses, insurance costs, and child care.

    According to the US Bureau of economic analysis, the personal consumption expenditure of people in Utah in 2021 was $21486.

    Cost of Living in Utah FAQs

    What is the most affordable city to live in Utah?

    The most affordable city to live in Utah is Vernal. You can also consider Hyrum, Washington Terrace, Brigham City, and Sunset.

    Is it cheaper to live in Utah or Arizona?

    Yes. It is cheaper to live in Utah or Arizona. Both places are affordable depending on the area you want to live and your current lifestyle.

    Is Utah cheaper than California?

    Yes, Utah is cheaper than California as the cost of living in Utah is 32.3% less than California.

    Cost headsCost in Utah
    House $500,077
    Utilities $268 per month
    Groceries $9239 for a family of four
    Gasoline and fuel $3.758 per gallon
    Education Flat tax rate of 4.85%, sales tax rate of 6.10%
    Tax rates Flat tax rate of 4.85%, sales tax rate 6.10%
    Healthcare $5055
    Transportation $4264 per person
    Miscellaneous expenses$21486


    Utah is a beautiful state to live in and one of the most economic ones as well. 

    The cost of living in Utah is less than the country’s average, health, and education cost is affordable, and the housing cost is much lower than in many other states.

    This makes Utah a perfect choice for people trying to save a bit of money.