Safest Places to Live in Georgia


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    Living in any state of the world the safety concerns have always been on the top. But, one thing we must remember is that no place is 100 % safe and has some petty crimes.

    But, there are many safe places with relatively less crime rates. 

    Likewise, if you are looking for the safest places in Georgia, you won’t get disappointed. As Georgia is a country with many safest places to live.

    Georgia is an excellent place rich in economy, natural beauty and cultural heritage. 15 safest and best cities to live in Georgia are listed below:

    1. Hampton 
    2. Dallas 
    3. Woodstock 
    4. Decatur 
    5. Jefferson 
    6. Roswell 
    7. Milton 
    8. Fayetteville 
    9. Brookhaven 
    10. Alpharetta 
    11. Mcdonough 
    12. Thomasville 
    13. Sandy Springs 
    14. Kennesaw 
    15. John Creeks  

    Georgia is a safe place to live in. From many cities of Georgia, Milton is the top ranked safest city with lowest crime rate to call it a home.

    Moreover, various other cities are also safe to reside in for families and retirees as well. 

    Is Georgia a safe place to live in?

    Yes, Georgia is a safe place to live in. However, there are a few potential risks of living in Georgia including the hot humid summers, allergic season and natural disaster in some of the cities. 

    Georgia is a safe city for solo travellers and girls. The friendly-people of Georgia welcome the tourists warmly.

    Moreover, The land is also safe for international students to study in Georgia with great educational institutes. 

    Safest Cities in Georgia

    Georgia has many safest cities to live in for white families ,Black families, for raising kids and for retirees as well.


    Let’s discuss the safest cities, their crime rates and common crime in detail. So, if you are relocating to Georgia consider the cities discussed below. 

    Safest Cities to Live in Georgia for Black Families

    Georgia is safe for Black Families and welcomes Black Families open-heartedly.


    If you are looking for a safe place in Georgia to reside in for Black Families, here is a list of safest cities of Georgia for Black people. 

    1. Mcdonough – Best for families 

    Crime rate 17.7/100
    Common Crime Burglary & Larceny 
    Population 32,257
    Natural Disaster risk Storms & Tornadoes Possible.

    Mcdonough is a small city in Henry County and is a safe place to call it a home. Average crime is 17.7 less than the national average which is 35.5/100.

    Property crimes including Burglary, larceny and auto theft are common in the city. But, taking necessary cautions can limit the crime rates. 

    Natural disasters are less likely to happen. A low risk of tornadoes are possible and storms are possibly at high risk. 

    2. Milton – Best in horse riding & friendly neighbourhood

    Crime rate 20.8/100
    Common Crime Larceny & Burglary
    Population 40,976
    Natural Disaster risk High risk for Tornadoes 

    Milton is among the top ranked safest cities of Georgia. Milton is best for outdoor activities and families. Crime rate in Milton is 20.8, much less than the national average of 35.4. 

    However, common crimes include the violence and property crime including burglary and larceny. While talking about natural disasters, Milton is at risk for tornadoes. 

    3. Fayetteville – Best Picturesque downtown 

    Crime rate 14.6/100
    Common Crime Violent & Property 
    Population 19,960
    Natural Disaster risk Moderately risky to Tornadoes

    Fayetteville is a city located in Fayette county. Fayetteville is a city with excellent public and private schools.

    This small downtown city has green landscapes and parks for recreational activities for black families and friends. 

    Crime rate is relatively lower in Fayetteville than the national average of 35.5. Common crimes are property crimes including auto theft, and larceny.

    Fayetteville is moderately risky to natural disasters like tornadoes. 

    4. Alpharetta – Best for upscale living

    Crime rate 29.8/100
    Common Crime Property & Violent 
    Population 66,446 
    Natural Disaster risk High Flood risks

    Alpharetta is one of the safest cities for Black families to live in Georgia. The city provides all the basic amenities required for a comfortable living  with the lowest crime rate.

    Crime rate in Alpharetta is lower than the national average of 35.7. 

    Alpharetta is at high risk of flooding from the past few years. However, necessary steps are taken by the government to save the people from floods.   

    Safest Cities for White Families in Georgia

    Georgia also has many well-off places to call them a home for White families.


    The cities contain all the necessary amenities and excellent educational system for the residents and a large population of White people live in Georgia. A list of the safest cities for White families is given below: 

    5. Sandy Springs – Best job opportunities 

    Crime rate 10.7/100
    Common Crime Property & Violent 
    Population 105,223
    Natural Disaster risk Moderate risks of Tornado & flooding 

    Sandy Springs is one of the safest cities of Georgia to live in particularly for white families. The crime rate is lower than the national average of 22.5.

    The city has many green parks, restaurants and shopping centres.  

    Sandy Springs is also known as a walkable city having top notch schools and great job opportunities.

    A few of the properties of Sandy Springs are prone to natural disasters like flooding and tornadoes. Read the average cost to build a house in Georgia.

    6. Brookhaven – Best schools 

    Crime rate 24.4/100
    Common Crime Auto theft & Larceny 
    Population 54,902
    Natural Disaster risk Storm & Tornadoes 

    Brookhaven is a city located in the Dekalb county of Georgia. The city is among the safest cities to reside in for white families and africans as well.

    However, the crime rate is little higher than the national average of 22.7. 

    Brookhaven is rich in excellent schools and friendly-people. The city also has amazing restaurants and recreational parks.

    Moreover, the city is at a high risk of severe storms and moderate tornadoes. 

    7. Decatur – Best income 

    Crime rate 10.0/100
    Common Crime Larceny & Burglary 
    Population 23,953
    Natural Disaster risk Moderate risk tornadoes 

    Decatur is an excellent place for young people and families with high median income. The city is popular due to the arts, culture, educational institutes and green landscapes. 

    Decatur with the lowest crime rate than the national average is the safest city to call it a home for white people, africans and foreigners.

    The natural tornado disaster rates are moderately risky in Decatur.  

    8. Roswell –  Best in Strong economy 

    Crime rate 28.9/100
    Common Crime Property crime 
    Population 47,174
    Natural Disaster risk High Tornado risk 

    Roswell is one of the best and safest cities to live in Georgia. The common crime is  property crime and violent crime lower than the national average.

    But, you must be careful and take necessary cautions while moving around the city. 

    A few properties are at high risk of tornadoes. But safety measures are taken by the state. Roswell is worth living due to the low crime rate, strong economy and the amenities. 

    Safest cities in Georgia to raise families 


    A safe and healthy environment for raising a family is what everybody desires. Georgia also has safest cities for raising families with best educational institutes and all other essential facilities required for a comfortable living with low crime rates. 

    9. Johns Creek – Best in high-quality life & outdoor activities 

    Crime rate 17.7
    Common Crime Property & Burglary 
    Population 81,023
    Natural Disaster risk Moderate risks of tornadoes,floods, heat, drought. 

    Johns Creek is an exceptional city with the lowest crime rate less than the national average.

    Johns Creek is a lavishing city with all the amenities giving a sparse suburban feeling. Indeed a best state for raising families. 

    Common crime in the city is property theft and burglary. But, the crime rates are less in the city than other states.

    Moderate risks of disasters, tornadoes, drought, floods and heat occur according to the weather conditions. 

    10. Kennesaw – Best in Business

    Crime rate 25.6/100
    Common Crime Larceny & theft 
    Population 32,899
    Natural Disaster risk Modern Flooding risk

    Kennesaw is located in Cobb county. Kennesaw is among the top safest cities of Georgia to raise a family.

    The lowest crime rate lesser than the national average  and moderate flood risks makes Kennesaw an ideal place to live in. 

    Kennesaw has all the best facilities for living a wealthier and happier life. Moreover, common crimes can be avoided by taking the cautions.  

    11. Dallas – Best tourist attractions 

    Crime rate 13.3
    Common Crime Violent & Property 
    Population 15,189
    Natural Disaster risk Very high risk for tornadoes.

    Dallas is located in the Paulding county of Georgia and is among the safest places to raise families.

    The low crime rate and the amazing attraction spots in Dallas makes the city worth living.

    Moreover, the delicious food restaurants, high-quality education and amenities are the best for raising families. 

    12. Hampton – Best historic homes & for vacations  

    Crime rate 24.6
    Common Crime Property & auto theft
    Population 8,270
    Natural Disaster risk High risk of tornadoes

    Hampton is located in Henry County. The small city is a perfect blend of art and culture with historic homes and natural scenery.

    The small town is a perfect place to raise a family with all the basic facilities. 

    Crime rate is also lower than the national average and is among the top safest cities to live in. Therefore, the city is highly risky to tornadoes. 

    Safest Places to Retire in Georgia


    Georgia is also ranked as one of the best states to spend the golden years of life. A number of the great places are located in Georgia for retirees in a peaceful environment with the lowest crime rate and all the basic necessities. 

    13. Woodstock – Best for families & kids  

    Crime rate 7.6
    Common Crime Auto theft & Larceny 
    Population 38,487
    Natural Disaster risk High tornadoes risk 

    Woodstock is located in Cherokee county. The vibrant city is popular due to the parks, mouth-watering food restaurants and recreational spots best to enjoy the golden tears of life.

    The lower crime rate than the national averages also makes the city worth living.

    However, common crimes can be avoided by taking precautions while going outside. Hence, a good state for retirees.  

    14. Jefferson – Best Community sense 

    Crime rate 27.6
    Common Crime Larceny & Burglary 
    Population 15,375
    Natural Disaster risk High risk tornadoes 

    Jefferson Is a city in Jackson county of Georgia. The small city is just an amazing place for retirees with a calming environment, historic buildings, fresh atmosphere, parks and recreational places.  

    Crime rates are lower in the city than the national average. However, tornado disasters are at high risk at some properties. 

    15. Thomasville – Best family-friendly 

    Crime rate 17.6
    Common Crime Violent crime 
    Population 18,805
    Natural Disaster risk Moderate tornadoes 

    Thomasville is located in southwest Georgia. The city is popular due to its spring festivals and natural beauty.

    The museums, recreational parks and dining options are the best for retirees and families. 

    The city crime rate is lower than the national average and the disaster tornadoes are moderately risky. 

    Most Dangerous Cities in Georgia 

    The crime rate in many cities of Georgia has risen from the past few years. Property crimes, Violent and homicidal crimes have gone up in various cities. 


    College Park is the city in Georgia with the highest crime rates with 1700 crimes reported in previous year.

    However, Macon is also one of the dangerous cities in Georgia with a crime rate 62% higher than the national average.

    So, you must avoid travelling or living in any of these cities. Visit how safe is Savannah ga

    10 most ghetto cities in Georgia


    The most ghetto cities in Georgia include the following cities: 

    1. College Park 
    2. Macon 
    3. East Point 
    4. Tifton 
    5. Albany 
    6. Atlanta 
    7. Union City 
    8. Hapeville 
    9. Baxley 
    10. Quitman 

    Safest Places to Live in Georgia FAQs 

    Is Georgia safe for solo female travellers?

    Yes, Georgia is safe for solo female travellers. But, you have to remember the necessary precautions while moving outside and avoid travelling to the dangerous cities of Georgia. 

    Is Georgia safe for American tourists?

    Yes, Georgia is safe for American tourists. However, petty crimes like pickpocketing, burglary happen in the cities but you have to be careful and keep your valuables in the room. 

    Is moving to Georgia a good idea?

    Yes, moving to Georgia is an excellent idea.The safest cities in Georgia are worth living for Americans, africans , retirees and families. The low cost of living, less crime rates and amenities makes Georgia worth a living place. 

    Is Georgia a good place to raise a family?

    Yes, Georgia is an excellent place to raise families. There are various cities in Georgia ranked as the best and safest for raising families. 


    Georgia is a state with low living costs, rich in natural beauty and popular due to various celebrities and festivals. Besides the dangerous states, Georgia also has the safest cities to live in and raise families.

     Moreover, The safest cities provide you with all the basic necessities, amenities, quality education, and stunning beauty with various recreational spots. Check also the safest places to live in Florida

    We hope the above article gave you an idea about the safest cities of Georgia and the crime rates as well.