How Much Does it Cost to Build a House in Georgia?


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    Whether you are looking to escape into the mountains or want to dig into the past, Georgia caters to all tastes and preferences. This Southeastern US State is well-known for its coastal beaches and farmlands. The astounding beauty of the North Georgia mountains enthralls nature lovers from far and wide. 

    Thinking about how much does it cost to build a small house in Georgia? Here is the comprehensive guide that will take you through all essential aspects, including soft costs, hard costs, land costs, and much more. Keep scrolling the page to take a virtual tour of Georgia and then plan to build a house accordingly.

    Is it legal to build your own house in Georgia?

    Yes, absolutely. Building your own house in Georgia is legal and property owners may construct a structure for their personal use. However, before constructing a house, you must obtain a building permit. It is essential for all construction works in Georgia, including making a new structure or expanding and modifying the existing ones.

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    The permit rules and regulations usually vary from one city to another. Along with building a house, you also need valid permission for substantial electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work.

    Is it cheaper to self build a house?

    Sure. Constructing a house yourself in Georgia is way easier than purchasing the already constructed property. It allows you to add only essential aspects in the house based on the requirements while being easy on your budget.

    If you consider the initial cost of building a house in Georgia, it is around $70,000 less than buying one. You can further reduce the cost if you take some steps to lower the construction costs and do not include any custom finish or design.

    Compare the construction cost of different companies and choose the one that fits your budget well. 

    How much does it cost to build a house in Georgia?

    The average cost to build a house Georgia falls within the range of $100,000 – $400,000. This value may vary according to the size and location of your property. The average construction cost in Atlanta is around $90 per square foot, while it is about $150 per square foot in Georgia.

    This price increases to $200 per square foot for standard homes and up to $250 square foot for more customized projects. According to HomeAdvisor, custom and luxury options can also reach up to $500 or more per square foot.

    In the most recent analysis of 2022, the cost per sq feet to build a house in Georgia is about $130 – $300.

    Check the construction cost in Georgia based on the following estimates for 2022.

    Building Permit Fees$500 – $2000
    Labor Costs$50,000 – $80,000
    2000-Square Foot House$260,000 – $600,000
    Per Square House Building Cost$150 – $300

    Home Sizing Trends in Georgia

    Among custom homebuyers who not buying their first homes, a majority of people buy larger than their previous homes by anywhere between 50 – 499 square feet. However, 28% prefer buying identical to the size of their last homes while 15.3% buy homes that are significantly larger than their prior homes.

    The Average Cost of a Custom Built Home in Georgia?

    Custom homes are typically equipped with specialized finishes, high-end appliances, and other personalized features, that you cannot find in an existing home. The average cost of a custom-build house ranges anywhere from $250,000 to $1.5 million.

    A recent study suggests that custom homeowners are expected to pay up to $499,000. The custom-built homes also include the highest cost of architects who design a well-planned homes for them. An architect may charge around $50 to $180+ per hour for offering his service in Georgia.

    cost to build a house in gergia

    Furthermore, you also need to hire an engineer for planning the house’s infrastructure. An engineer can charge from $100 to $250 per hour. In addition to this, a land surveyor is needed who conducts the land survey and tells whether it is ideal to build your dream home or not. He can charge from $200 to $1000 in recent years.

    The custom-built house also includes a high labor cost, which in turn contributes to its value. The labor cost depends on a number of aspects and is anywhere in the range between $50,000 and $80,000, for standard homes. The labor costs include everything from Plumber, Farmer, Electrician to Roofing and Construction managers.

    House Sizes in Savannah GA

    Savannah is a city in Georgia that consists of 85 neighborhoods. The home sizes in Savannah range from 1,588 to 2,371 square feet and are priced from $200,000 to $400,000. This beautiful city offers affordable condo/ townhouses.

    The average size house in Savannah Georgia is around 1,963 feet. The biggest and most expensive home in Savannah is located on the Riverside and is priced at $8.75 million.

    What kind of houses are in Savannah Georgia?

    There’s a variety of home styles in Savannah, including Cape Cod, Art Deco, Craftsman Bungalow, Contemporary, Colonial, Dutch Colonial, Mid-Century Modern, French Provincial, Greek Revival, Classic Revival, Low Country, and more.

    Cottage, Farmhouse, and Victorian-Style Homes are also quite popular in Savannah, GA. The construction amount of building a house in Savannah depends on the design and home style.

    Do homes in Savannah have basements?

    No. The majority of homes in Savannah do not have basements, owing to the low elevations. Moreover, the city’s soil type, climate, and water level are not favorable to make a basement in homes. However, it is legal to have basements and you can make one while constructing your house in Savannah, Georgia.

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    What Should My Budget Be to Build a House in Savannah?

    Wondering If Savannah Georgia safe to build your own house? This charming southern escape is an ideal destination to make your dream house. The cost to build a house in Savannah ranges from $90 to $210 per square foot. However, the final cost will be based on the grade of construction you choose.

    Cost to build a house in Georgia

    While you may be charged from $90 to $130 for standard grade construction, luxury homes might cost you about $170 to $210 per square foot.

    There are lots of factors that influence the construction cost in Savannah, including location, type of work required, design, configuration, and more.

    What should my budget be to build a house?

    There’s no fixed budget to build a house as it depends on lots of factors such as size, location, grade of construction, etc. Thinking how much does it cost to build a 1,500 sq ft house in Georgia? It might cost you anywhere between $150,000 – $300,000.

    What costs the most when building a house?

    While there are several factors affecting the construction cost of a house, what influences the most is the land on which your home will be going to build. It makes up a substation portion of the cost of the home.

    It is not just the cost of land but also the cost of inspecting, surveying, and adding plumbing hook-ups.

    Hard Costs in Building House

    Wondering about how much does it cost to build a small house in Georgia? The construction cost is mainly classified into two parts – Hard Costs and Soft Costs. The hard cost is directly related to the construction of the project in the real estate industry. It mainly includes costs like raw materials and direct labor.

    Hard Cost is often referred to as brick and mortar cost encompassing the actual physical construction of a real estate project. Moreover, this cost doesn’t incur once the project completes.

    What are considered hard costs in construction?

    Hard costs in construction are linked with the building’s structure, the site, and the landscape. In terms of a building site, all utilities, HVAC system, foundation cost, grading, life safety system, and paving are considered hard costs.

    What is the most expensive part of a house to build?

    When it comes to house construction costs, framing is the most expensive part to consider. The exact framing cost depends on various factors, such as the size, type, materials, and labor. The bigger the house, the more expensive it will be to frame.

    There are two types of framing available – Stick Framing and Timber Framing. While Stick Framing costs approximately between $100 – $200 per square foot, you can expect to pay $200 – $250 per square foot for timber framing.

    Soft Costs in a House

    Soft cost is an indirect cost that is not easy to forecast. It is generally intangible and can continue even after the project has been completed and delivered. Soft costs in a house are not directly related to the physical construction of a building.

    Build a house in atlanta

    Moreover, soft costs are less obvious as they encompass everything which is not directly linked to physical development.

    What are soft costs when building a home?

    Soft costs generally include insurance costs, legal fees, inspection permits, housing permits, zoning applications, occupancy permits,  set-up costs, off-site costs, indirect labor, etc.

    Insurance expenses like builder’s risk insurance, worker’s compensation, construction bonds, property insurance, construction bonds, etc., are also included in the soft costs of a house.

    How do you calculate soft costs in construction?

    The soft costs in construction can be determined by keeping a lump sum amount aside. Since this cost is not directly related to the construction, it can be hard to estimate an exact amount. It is the fees related to the service required to design the project. Soft costs generally account for 8 to 12% of the total project cost.

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    How Much Does an Acre of Land Cost in Georgia?

    Before thinking about moving to Georgia Pros and Cons, let’s first learn how much you have to pay for an acre of land in this US state. The value of Georgia’s irrigated land is $4,550 per acre in 2018 while non-irrigated cropland is available at $3,010 per acre in the same year.

    The average price of rural properties, ranches, and other rural acreage in Georgia is approximately $463,617.

    How do you calculate the cost of land and building?

    In general, the building value is estimated by calculating the reconstruction cost and the current value considering the depreciation. Here, the reconstruction cost refers to the price required to imitate the same building using similar materials and construction techniques.

    The cost of the land is calculated as a percentage of the total value of the property (land + improvements).

    Is land cost a fixed cost?

    No. Although the land is a fixed asset, it is not subject to depreciation. The cost of land is based on its acquisition price. All the costs linked with acquiring land and putting it to use are considered as the cost of land.

    What Type of Expense are Permits?

    While calculating how much does it cost to build a house Georgia, do not forget to add permit fees. Permits refer to the costs payable to a Government authority. It also includes all other third-party costs and expenses incurred in the connection with an application permit.

    The lowest fee to get a building permit in Georgia is around $30 plus a $50 certificate fee. Multifamily and commercial projects need a plan approval statement before seeking the permit. Residential permits are generally approved in two weeks while commercial and multi-family may take more than 30 days.

    How much do Permits cost for construction in Savannah?

    Residential permit fees are evaluated at $6 per $1000 pf cost of construction value, based on the greater of $80/ sq ft. However, commercial permit charges are calculated at $7 per $1000 of construction cost based on the greater of $100/sq. 

    Can I build a house without a building permit?

    No. Building or re-construct a house in Georgia without a permit is illegal. You cannot start any construction work without the permission of the government authority.

    Architecture and Design Fees

    Architectural and design fee is usually 7% of the construction costs. It basically depends on the amount of detail and is typically used for new construction or total remodeling projects. This pricing also changes based on the type of services being offered by an architect.

    Cost to build a house in georgia

    The lower percentage is used for minimal consultation and the higher percentage refers to premium-quality advice and on-site management. The typical range falls between 5.76% to 8.75%.

    How much should architect fees be?

    Before thinking about Does it snow in Atlanta, Georgia, you must learn about the architectural value of the capital city. In general, the architect fees typically range from 5% to 20% of constructions costs for residential projects whereas, it is 3% to 12% for commercial structures. The cost of commercial architects in Atlanta, Georgia is $60.63 per hour (plus materials). It falls under the range of $45 to $76.25 per hour.

    Architects who charge by the square foot consider overall pricing on their training, project complexity, services, more. 

    How are architectural design fees calculated?

    The architectural design fees only include structural building construction costs and not the finishing cost and interior design. Additionally, the fee can be calculated in various methods – a lump-sum basis, time charged by agreement, and according to the percentage.

    How Do Custom Home Building Trends in Georgia Compare to Cities?

    How Do I Build a house in Georgia? Building a house in Georgia is a bit more time-consuming process than buying a ready-made one. You have to follow a step-by-step procedure to construct your dream house in this US state.

    • Buy a plot or a piece of land that doesn’t fall under the category of agricultural or recreational purposes.
    • Start the construction once you have become a landowner. Connect with the architecture to get the list of requirements.
    • Do not forget to seek the necessary construction permits before building a house in Georgia. For this, you need to submit the application to the mayor’s office. Be sure to wait for the full approval of the documents.
    • Finish the construction in full accordance with the approved project.


    So, that’s all about how much does it cost to build a house Georgia. We hope our guide will give you deeper insight into the construction market of this charming US.

    The national average for new home construction is recorded to be $100 to $155 per square foot while you have to pay around $136 per square foot in the capital city of Atlanta.

    Other than the price per square foot, homebuilders also keep in mind hard and soft costs when budgeting for a project. Planning to make your dream home in Georgia? Check the best time to visit Atlanta, Georgia, buy land, arrange all permits, and bring your imagination into reality.

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