Safest Places to live in Florida


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    Some call it Florida, I call it heaven.

    From the prettiest sunsets, exotic vibes, and endless summer, life seems flawless in Florida to many.

    But do you know it’s the 3rd most dangerous state with 2,087 homicides per 100K and 3.8 violent crimes per 1000 residents?

    Well, I never meant to bother you with all the dangerous Florida crime rates. It’s not like every part of the state is not safe.

    Nearly 444,500 people move to Florida in 2022, proving the fact that there’s the other side of the picture. 

    So, let me tell you about the top 10 safest cities in Florida where life is serene, and there’re no worries to bother you.

    The Safest Cities In Florida – At A Glance

    There are over 400 cities and towns in this sunshine state. Exploring every city was not possible as it might take a lot of time.

    Thankfully, we got our hands on FBI crime and law enforcement data. Here’re the 10 safest places to live in Florida:

    CityViolent Crimes (per 1000 residents)Property Crimes (per 1000 residents)Crimes Per Square MilePopulation
    Marco Island1.006.26717,930
    North Palm Beach0.926.492613,103
    Key Biscayne0.2112.9814614,487
    Cape Coral1.3510.4921204,510
    Satellite Beach0.534.611911,268

    As per the data, Satellite Beach, Parkland, and Weston are the safest cities in Florida. Violent crimes are low in these cities compared to the national average of 16 and 3.8 cases per 1000 residents.

    Safest Places To Live In Florida – Let’s Talk About The Details


    So far, we’re done with the cities. But what about the safest neighborhoods and average median income? After all, these two are the most important factors.

    1. Naples – Famous For Exotic Beaches, Culture, And Cuisine

    • Located In Collier County
    • The safest Neighborhoods are Orange Tree and Copeland

    Known for its luxurious lifestyles and world-class art centers, Naples is a great place for nature and beach lovers. It is one of the safest cities in Northern Florida for families, young adults, and tourists.

    You can enjoy white-sandy beaches and recreational activities like kayaking, swimming, jet skiing, and sunbathing. Property crime is most common here. Every 1 in 72 persons has a chance of becoming a victim of a property crime.

    2. Parkland – Safest Place To Live In Florida For Families 

    • Located In Broward County
    • The safest Neighborhoods are Haron Bay, City Center, and Parkland East

    As the name indicates, Parkland means full of Parks. A great place for youngsters, kids, and pets to enjoy sports and outdoor activities like Football, Volleyball, or badminton.

    As the city is among the safest cities, you can also go for family picnicking. The city is peaceful and a source of relaxation. So, living in Parkland won’t be a bad idea. 

    3. Weston – The Safest Neighborhood In Florida

    • Located In Broward County
    • The safest Neighborhoods are San Mateo, The Falls, and Savanna

    Weston is a small city renowned for its beautiful landscape and vibrant neighborhoods. The low crime rates and small population make it one of the safest places to retire in Florida. 

    The city is also popular due to its best educational schools and relaxing environment. But the living costs are a bit higher here.

    The recreational parks with green landscapes are also a treat to the eyes. 

    4. Marco Island – Safest Place To Live In Florida From Hurricanes 

    • Located In Collier County
    • The safest Neighborhoods are Goodland, Olde Marco, and Tigertail

    Home to the most beautiful beaches and luxury resorts. Even with all the Florida travel restrictions due to the pandemic, over 2 million tourists visited the island in 2022. 

    If you want to live near the beach, then there is no better option than Marco Island.

    The low crime ratio and affordable living cost make it one of the top 10 safest cities in Florida to live in. 

    5. North Palm Beach – Exhale All Your Worries Here!

    • Located In Palm Beach County
    • The safest Neighborhoods are Village Center, Juno Ridge, and Kelsey City East

    Known for luxurious living with all the modern amenities and lower crime rates than the national average, North Palm Beach is one of the safest cities to live in Florida. 

    The city is also rich in beaches, fancy restaurants, and all parks. The city also provides a great number of job opportunities.

    Keep in mind that living in Palm Beach is expensive as the living costs are higher than the national average.

    6. Key Biscayne – Safest Place To Live In Florida From Crime

    • Located In Miami-Dade County
    • The safest Neighborhoods are Mashta Island, Ocean Club, and Islandia

    If you’re looking for the safest area to live in Miami, then there is no better town than Key Biscayne. A stunning place that has scenic views, a low violent crime ratio, and exotic living standards.

    The city is also a family-friendly place to live in. Moreover, the annual household income is pretty good here.

    But, the city is too expensive with a high cost of living. But the pristine coastline and safe neighborhood are worth the high cost of living.

    7. Cape Coral – Safest Place In South Florida

    • Located In Lee County
    • The safest Neighborhoods are Yacht Club, Matlacha Shores, and Pelican

    Undoubtedly, Cape Coral is the cheapest and safest place to live in Florida. Enjoy the authentic Southern cuisine here.

    The vibrant city is popular due to its cheaper living costs and amazing scenery.

    Though the city is also famous for its mesmerizing sunsets, the canals here also give exotic vibes straight out of La La Land in full Moonlight.

    There’s no perfect place under the stars for a cozy romantic afternoon or late-night dinner!

    8. Satellite Beach – A Jewel Among The Safest Places To Live In South Florida

    • Located In Brevard County
    • The safest Neighborhoods are Mid Reach, South Patrick, and Michigan Beach

    The city is popular due to the blue waters and immaculate, uncrowded beaches. For space science enthusiasts, there is a space center from where you can watch the rocket launch.

    The city is also ranked among the safest places to live, with great educational institutes and annual income.

    The only thing that I hate about this beautiful town is the food scene here, which is dull and not delicious.

    9. Oviedo – Best City For History And Architecture Geeks! 

    • Located In Seminole County
    • The safest Neighborhoods are Chuluota East, Twin Rivers, and Alafaya Woods

    Don’t be surprised to see chickens roaming Downtown here. Oviedo is a vibrant city, rich in historic architecture, and is popular due to the community gatherings.

    You can enjoy movie nights, local food, and artistry throughout the city. 

    Due to the rural touch, many families with children and retirees settle here. The cherry on top is that the city is quite affordable.

    Overall you’ll spend 7% less amount as compared to the cost of living in Florida

    10. Tampa – The Jewel Of Florida

    • Located In Hillsborough County
    • The safest Neighborhoods are New Tampa East, Keystone South, and Arbor Greene

    Tampa is one of the most populous and biggest cities in Florida with natural attractions, restaurants, educational institutes, and recreational activities.

    The crime rate in Tampa is a bit higher but still way lower than the national average of 41 per 1000 people.

    Overall it is a great place to raise kids as it is the hub of diverse cultures, educational institutes, and affordable houses.

    Be assured that your little one will love the Busch Gardens and Zoo Tampa.

    5 Small Safest Towns In FL – If You’re Looking For Something Modest!

    One thing is sure, Florida is a beautiful state where life thrives at its fullest. But the truth is life in big cities is more like an adrenaline rush, and you’re always short on dopamine.


    That’s why some people love to settle in small towns with lots of recreational activities and natural beauty to adore. Here are the top 3 safest small towns in FL.

    1. Groveland – Safest City In Lake County Florida

    Groveland is a place surrounded by Citrus Orchards and is rich in history and natural beauty.

    The small town is located in the heart of Florida in Lake County and is a great spot for tourists. The city has low crime rates, and it is safe to call it home.

    2. Sebastian – Best Place In Florida For Vacation

    another safe city to live in and enjoy fishing; from bass fishing to deep-fishing, everything is found in Sebastian.

    The small town, with its relaxing environment and home to Pelican Island, America’s first  National Wildlife Refuge.

    3. Lynn Haven – Best Town Near Bay 

    Lynn Haven is located in Bay County near the Gulf of Mexico. The city is best for tourism and consists of various recreational spots.

    Lynn Haven is a city of young professionals and families. 

    Florida Crime Rate By County – Let’s Find The Safest County

    How many counties are in Florida? Well, be ready to be surprised as the state consists of 67 counties.

    Leon County, Bay County, and Jackson County are considered the safest counties in Florida. 

    Have a quick look at the safest and unsafest counties in Florida, based on crime rate:

    Safe County RankCrime Rate Per 100KUnsafe County RankCrime Rate Per 100K
    Bay2277Miami Dade5769

    This data is for reported violent crimes in 2021-2022. As per states, Duval is the most dangerous place to live in Florida, with 5814 crimes per 100,000 residents, followed by Miami Dade with 5751 per 100,000 residents. 

    Safest Places to Live in Florida FAQs

    What are the safest places to live in Florida?

    Cape Coral, Naples, and Parkland are the safest places to live in Florida. These cities have the lowest crime rate and property theft in Florida.

    Is Florida a safe place to live?

    Florida ranks among the top 25 safest states in the US. Overall 3.8 crime cases are reported per 1000 residents, way lower than the national average of 16 violent crimes for every 1000 residents.

    Is California safer than Florida?

    No, California is a state with higher crime rates. According to the recent data, Florida is the 25th safest state, and California is the 36th safest state.

    183,546 violent crimes were reported in California in 2021, while in Florida 80,823 violent crimes were reported the same year.

    Which city in Florida has the lowest crime rates?

    Marco Island and Weston are the cities with the lowest crime rates. That’s why these cities are the top choices for families with kids, young adults, and retirees. 

    Where is the safest place to live in Florida from hurricanes?

    Winter Springs is the safest place to live in Florida from hurricanes. Since 1930, only 77 hurricanes have been recorded here, making it a low-risk area.

    Miami is the worst place for Hurricanes, as it gets 9 hurricanes per year, on average. 

    Wrapping It Up!

    Florida is one of the most beautiful states in the US. The scenery, the low cost of living, and all the amenities make it a place worth living.

    In the past, the crime rates were higher in Florida, But, now Florida is ranked among the safest cities to live in.

    Moreover, several cities in Florida are declared to be the safest to reside in. Cape Coral, Groveland, Satellite Beach, Palm Beach, Weston, Lynn Haven, and Marco Island are a few to name.

    So, party hard because life is always good in Florida!