Is Savannah Georgia Safe?

Is savannah Georgia safe

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    A coastal Georgian city, Savannah is widely known throughout the country for its stunning coastal landscapes, vibrant history, and well-preserved architecture. It is a vibrant Southern escape where architecture, culture, art, and haunted stories are all set under the cover of Spanish Moss.

    While the city has amazing landscapes, it is a slightly unsafe place to visit. The violent crime rate in this coastal town was 845.18 per 100k people in 2020, which is a matter of concern for those who are planning to make a move.

    Is Savannah, GA Safe?

    No. While Savannah is a beautiful city with stunning landscapes, this place is reasonably unsafe to visit or settle down. The crime index of Savannah ranges from medium to high, making it less safe than other cities in the US state of Georgia.

    Is Downtown Savannah safe at night?

    Here’s the comprehensive guide to the overall crime rate and statistics to give you a better understanding of how safe this coastal city really is.

    The list of major crimes in Savannah includes assaults, robberies, theft, violent crime, vandalism, drug issues, etc. While you can roam freely around the city during the day, it becomes extremely dangerous at night.

    Is savannah Georgia safe

    The risk of becoming a victim of either property or violent crime in Savannah is 1 in 41. According to FBI crime data, Savannah is not counted amongst the safest communities in Georgia.

    Does Savannah GA have a high crime rate? Yes. A study claims that Savannah has a 73% higher crime rate than other cities and towns of all sizes in Georgia, making it an extremely unsafe place to visit. The crime rate in Savanna is 5.1 percent per 1000 residents dring a standard ear,

    On a scale of 1 – 100, Savannah’s violet crime is 22.7 (the US average is 100) and property crime is 51.5 (the country’s average is 35.4). Owing to the high crime rate, it is recommended not to walk alone in the city late at night.

    How safe is Savannah for travel?

    Thinking Is Savannah Georgia Safe for travel? Statistically speaking, this beautiful coastal town is pretty unsafe to visit. The violent crime rate in Savannah was around 845.18 per 100k people in 2020.

    The city’s violent crime rate is continuously increasing and is more than 2x times than the national average. It is on par with big cities like Newark, Tucson, and Dallas. While Savannah is quite safe to travel during the day, it is not recommended to walk alone late at night.

    This city is in the 13th percentile for safety, which means that 87% of cities are safer and 13% of cities are more dangerous.

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    Natural Disaster in Savannah GA?

    If you are Moving to Georgia, then it is important to learn about what natural disasters Savannah generally faces. This city is prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, severe storms, floods, and wildfires.

    Although tornadoes are often associated with spring, they can form in any season in Savannah and Atlanta regions. If you are wondering Does it snow in Atlanta, then check the weather updates and plan your visit accordingly.

    Agriculture is another threat to a Savannah ecosystem and further instigates the effects like climate change and farming practices, overgrazing, etc.

    Does Savannah Georgia have flooding?

    Yes. Since Savannah is a coastal town, it is prone to moderate risk of flooding. Floods in Savannah generally occur about 10 times a year, which is way higher than the average of just five or fewer some 40 years ago. The risk will increase over the next 30 years, which means that flooding is likely to impact day-to-day life within the community.

    Are earthquakes common in Savannah?

    No. Earthquakes in Georgia are rare, especially when compared to seismic hot spots in the western US. While Savannah experience 10 to 15 minor earthquakes every year, most people never feel them. The strongest earthquake in Savannah was recorded in 1886.

    1. Violent Crime Rates in Savannah

    The violent crime rate in Savannah is increasing, making it one of the most dangerous cities in GA to live in. In 2020, this city reported 1249 violent crimes and had a crime rate of 845.18 per 100k people.

    Vehicle Theft1.890

    What city has the highest violent crime rate?

    While the crime rate is surging everywhere, St. Louis is considered to be the most dangerous city to visit in America. This city is struggling economically, which is the major reason for its increasing crime rate.

    Highest assault rate in Savannah

    Wondering is Savannah Georgia safe for LGBT? The aggravated assault rate in Savannah is 397 per 100,000. The statistics suggest that you are more likely to be the victim of an assault in Savannah than in other GA cities like Atlanta.

    2. Property Crime in Savannah

    According to, the property crime rate in this city is 51.5, way more than the country’s average which is 35.4. In 2020, Savannah has a property crime rate of 2994.99 per 100,000 people, and the city reported around 4,426 property crimes.


    Savannah’s property crime rate is approximately 1.53 times greater than the national average and around 1.5 times more than the state’s average. While the city’s property crime rate has decreased by 32% year over year, it has a similar rate to big cities like Long Beach, Las Vegas, and Sacramento.

    What is the most popular property crime in Savannah?

    Some of the most popular property crimes in Savannah are burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson. It is generally calculated by dividing the number of reported crimes by the total population.

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    3. Other crime rates in Savannah

    Crime is surging everywhere in the US, and Savannah is no different. Thinking about is Savannah Georgia safe at night? Check the crime rates in the city and make a final move accordingly. In addition to property and violent crimes, other metrics you should be mindful of are Kidnapping, Drug-related crimes, Vandalism, Animal Cruelty, and more.

    Check other crime rates in Savannah in the table mentioned below.

    Crime TypeCrime Rate
    Drug Crimes2.387
    Identity Theft0.8206
    Animal Cruelty0.1062
    Total “Other” Rate11.14

    4. The crime rate in the neighborhood of Savannah

    The crime rate in this coastal city is around 56.17 per 1000 residents during a standard year. It is approximately 33% higher than the national average. While Savannah has a high crime rate, its neighborhoods are no exception. They are equally dangerous and impose a great risk.

    Some of the alarming cities in the neighborhood of Savannah are Thunderbolt, Garden City,  Whitemarsh Island, Vernonburg, Montgomery, and more.

    Before thinking about how much does it cost to build a house Georgia, check the crime grades in the neighborhood of Savannah here.

    Nearby CityViolent Crime per 100KProperty Crime per 100K
    Garden City1757.72,460.1
    Tybee Island285.95114.4

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    5. Yearly crime rate comparison in Savannah Georgia

    Thinking Is Savannah Georgia Safe? Check the yearly crime rate comparison here and make a decision accordingly. The trend shows that there’s a gradual increase and decrease in certain crimes year over year. Find the crime rate in Savannah from 2011 – 2017 here.

    Crime Type2014201520162017
    Violent Crime Rate391.66486.31486.44462.66
    Property Crime3594.273845.483631.223431.29
    Is Savannah gerogia safe

    Why you should live in Savannah?

    There are plenty of reasons to live in Savannah. The city is filled with museums, excellent eateries, and various other tourist attractions. It hosts live performances, concerts, and food festivals every year to entertain travelers. Moreover, this city is consistently on lists of both “most affordable city” and “great places to retire.”

    What is the best area to live in Savannah GA?

    The southeast part of the city is generally considered to be the safest to live in Savannah. Your chances of being a victim of crime is high as 1 in 8 in the northeast neighborhoods and as low as 1 in 29 in the southeast part of the city.

    The best areas to live in Savannah are River Street, E Broad Street, Gwinnett Street, Martin Luther King, and Jr. Boulevard.


    That’s all about it!! We hope our in-depth research has resolved your query – Is Savannah Georgia safe. While this coastal city boasts plenty of tourist attractions and offers stunning ambiance, its high crime rate is a matter of concern for both locals and visitors.

    Both violent and property crimes are surging in Savannah, making it one of the most dangerous cities in Georgia to settle in. If you still want to relocate to this coastal town, find the safest place in Savannah, check the best time to visit Georgia and move to your dream home.

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