Moving to Tucson, AZ

Moving to Tucson

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    If you are considering moving to Tucson, AZ, this is the right time to understand the city and the facts related to it. It offers everything a person needs to live happily, from outdoor activities, sunny days to enriched culture.

    Moving to Tucson
    Moving to Tucson

    In addition, it is quite popular for its mouth-watering dishes and lively downtowns covered with bewitching mountains. Plus, you will get to see eye-soothing spots, glorious history, and museums; the list is quite long. Due to this, most locals and tourists call this paradise The Old Pueblo.

    Is it a good idea to move to Tucson, Arizona?

    Yes! Job seekers can find jobs with higher salaries, entrepreneurs can start their startups, and it has friendly people to communicate with. On top of that, there is no risk of natural disasters, volcanos, earthquakes, floods, etc. The weather is sunny, as the desert covers the city.

    Why I should move to Tucson?

    The city stays under hot temperatures, and the weather becomes dry. The open landscapes, panoramic views, natural beauty, and delicious food are the most important reasons for moving to this city. It also offers spas, golf courses, exceptional food items, and more. Furthermore, the mountain range is magical here.

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    Things To Know Before Moving To Tucson

    You can make yourself comfortable in this city only after knowing a few facts about several essential things. It includes the cost of living, healthcare, economy, job markets, etc. Below is the complete information with the latest indices and results for your convenience.

    1. Cost Of Living in Tucson, Arizona

    The overall cost of living here is about 95.7, whereas the state is expensive to live with 106.4 and the US National Average of 100. So, if you plan on moving to Tucson, Arizona, and you want to live in Arizona, you will get a low cost of living.

    Cost Of Living in Tucson, Arizona
    Cost Of Living in Tucson, Arizona

    Is it expensive to live in Tucson, Arizona?

    No! The living cost is affordable in the city, offering low housing prices that help to live comfortably. The median house price is 271,800, based on data available on BestPlaces indices.

    How much money do you need to live comfortably in Tucson, AZ?

    According to Numbeo, you will need $966 for a month if you are single in this city. On the other hand, if you are a family man with two children and two adults, you will need $3,336 monthly without rent to live comfortably.

    Cost Of Living Things in Tucson

    Living things Costs
    Groceries(Tomato, Potato, Onion, Milk, Bread Loaf, Rice, Beef Round, Chicken Filters, and Eggs)$58.57+
    Utilities & Internet$311.56+
    Healthcare$503 per person
    Education(Undergraduate Student Fee For a Year)$12,726 to 13,265
    Combine Taxes(State + County + City Sales)8.i%

    2. Housing Market in Tucson, AZ

    Although housing in this area is quite growing, you can choose to live in a rental property. However, the average price of the rent is $1.249. Therefore, how much does a house cost in Arizona will help you find cheaper housing rates.

    Housing Market in Tucson, AZ
    Housing Market in Tucson, AZ

    What is the average cost to live in Tucson?

    According to data based on RentCafe, the studio apartment is available from $450. However, the current average rent for an apartment is $1,249, which is actually increasing.

    To live here, a single person in the city needs $710 per month without rent. In addition, a family of four will need $2,312 monthly without rent on average. The food ranges from $476 to $1239.

    How is the Tucson housing market?

    This city’s house was listed with an average of $356.1k in October 2022. These charges increased by 9.6% annually. However, houses were registered with a price tag of $219 per square foot. Further, the price for home purchasing was $333.5k during that period.

    Why is rent in Tucson so high?

    The city offers higher rent charges due to its low housing land availability. The population rate is growing, and housing availability is less than the population. Similarly, the demand for housing in this area is higher. This majorly becomes the reason for the increase in rent prices. 

    3. Tax in Tucson, AZ

    According to the Tax Foundation, people in Tucson must pay 4.90% of corporate income tax to the government of Arizona. The State Business Tax Climate Index provided a position on 23rd for its tax system.

    Tax in Tucson, AZ
    Tax in Tucson, AZ
    Taxes in TucsonTax Rates
    Property Tax0.62%
    Income Tax2.59% to 4.50%
    Combined Tax(Sales + County + City)8.7%

    What is the sales tax for Tucson, Arizona?

    Based on the data in the Sales Tax Handbook, people in this area need to pay a sales tax of 11.1% to the state government of Arizona.

    Does Tucson have city income tax?

    No! Residents are blessed because they don’t need to pay city or county income tax here. However, people must pay the state income tax to the government, which ranges between 2.59% to 4.50%, depending on an individual’s income.

    What is the food tax in Tucson, Arizona?

    Food is exempt from taxation. You don’t need to pay food tax in Tucson. However, you are liable to pay the sales tax of 5.6%.

    4. Weather in Tucson, AZ

    Snowfall is rare in the city. The heavy snowfall of 6.8″ was recorded on December 8, 1971. However, after ten years, in 1987, this city got its highest snowfall of 8 inches at the airport. Plus, the last snowfall was recorded on February 22, 2019.

    Weather in Tucson, AZ
    Weather in Tucson, AZ

    What is the coldest month in Tucson?

    January becomes the city’s coldest month, with an average temperature of 38.9°F. But you can rarely see snowfall in this entire area.

    What are the rainy months in Tucson?

    You can experience the rainy season from June to September. However,  August has become the rainiest month in this area, which offers high rainfall.

    Is Tucson hotter than Phoenix?

    No! Phoenix has an average temperature of 75.1 degrees, whereas Tucson’s temperature stays at 70.9 degrees according to Chicago standards. This shows that Phoenix is hotter than Tucson city.

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    5. Economy in Tucson, Arizona

    Here, you can experience a splendid economy with an unemployment rate of 4.1, based on data from the United State Bureau of Labour Statistics. Similarly, the post-covid period offers multiple opportunities to every job seeker.

    Economy in Tucson, Arizona
    Economy in Tucson, Arizona

    How is the economy in Tucson?

    It offers a great economy due to several businesses and industries established here. Also, employment opportunities have risen here faster compared to the last five years.

    What is the main industry in Tucson?

    You will mainly find medical astronomy, optics, aerospace, and defense industries in the city. Such industries’ establishment is the main reason to call this city a national leader.

    Is Tucson a poor city?

    Yes! In the entire state, South Tucson has become the poorer part and offers high poverty rates. You can find a poverty rate of 46.2% with an average household income of $21.160 only.

    6. Traffic & Transportation in Tucson, AZ

    You don’t need to pay to travel to the city as it involves cost-free transportation service, including bus facilities. However, you can drive a car for your convenience. But, before you go, you must know how much does it cost to register a car in AZ to drive without any issues.

    Traffic & Transportation in Tucson, AZ
    Traffic & Transportation in Tucson, AZ

    Is public transportation free in Tucson?

    Yes! It offers multiple freely accessible public transportation to everyone. It includes Sun Link, Sun Tran, and Sun Van services connecting numerous destinations around the city.

    Is the Tucson streetcar still free?

    This trolley service is freely available to travel till 31st December 2022. This is the most useful service in this city as 100,000+ residents cover a half-mile of the streetcar’s route for their easy living and working purpose.

    Does Tucson have trolleys?

    Yes! Sun Link Streetcar is an amazing ride in Tucson city to traverse around five districts downtown, including Fourth Avenue and Main Gate Square. It is a long route of 3.9 miles with more than 20 stops decorated with artistic paintings.

    7. Outdoor Activities in Tucson, AZ

    The city is blessed with multiple attractions, wide open spaces, unbelievable magnificence, and numerous outdoor activities. These places offer trails, horse riding, hiking, biking, birdwatching, camping, and incredible picture-perfect views to make your vacations memorable.

    Outdoor Activities in Tucson, AZ
    Outdoor Activities in Tucson, AZ

    Which experiences are best for outdoor activities in Tucson?

    Start your day by exploring local favorites and kids-friendly outdoor locations like Reid Park Zoo, Tucson Botanical Gardens, etc. Similarly, it has museums and historical places. So, people who love to unfold past mysteries should visit this place.

    What are the best places for outdoor activities in Tucson?

    Catalina State Park is great for hiking, birding, and biking. Similarly, Tucson Mountain Park allows you to explore the breathtaking beauty of nature.

    Further, you can experience Sentinel Peak Park and Colossal Cave Mountain Park for swath desert and unbeatable panoramic views. These are handicapped-accessible.

    8. Education in Tucson, AZ

    Education facilities are top-notch in this city, with multiple high schools and public schools. Besides, five private colleges, one community, and one public college are established to deliver degree courses.

    Education in Tucson, AZ
    Education in Tucson, AZ

    Where does Tucson rank in education?

    According to Public School Review, the city’s schools stand on the median ranking of 7/10. Further, these schools are also ranked among the top 50% of Arizona public schools.

    Does Tucson have good schools?

    Yes! The city offers endless options of ranked public schools, including University High School and Basis Oro Valley. Currently, more than 1500 students are taking education from these schools. Plus, the teaching faculties are excellent.

    How many high schools are in Tucson?

    You will find more than 80 schools in Tucson, of which 14 are high schools.

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    9. Crime Rate in Tucson, AZ

    You will see huge rates of crimes in this area. In such situations, you can think about where to move in Tucson. Thus, making yourself comfortable in El Presidio, Civano, Keeling, Oro Valley, Sam Hughes, etc., is the best way to protect yourself from several crimes.

    Crime rate in Tucson, AZ
    Crime rate in Tucson, AZ

    They offer a less crime atmosphere compared to other areas in the city.

    Is Tucson, Arizona, a safe place?

    No! Although the crime rates are higher in this area, the risk is medium, and you can easily travel in most areas. However, it is better to take necessary precautions because the chances of theft are higher than the US National Average.

    Is Tucson has the highest crime rate?

    Yes! You will see a crime rate of 37.5% for violent crimes involving murders, forcible rape, robberies, aggravated assaults, etc. On the other hand, you will find a crime rate of 83.2% for property crimes in the area. These are highest compared to Phoenix city and United States indices.

    10. Healthcare in Tucson, AZ

    Tucson has better healthcare facilities for every resident with a great patient-doctor ratio. Similarly, this city became the home of the most renowned hospitals in Arizona State.

    Healthcare in Tucson, AZ
    Healthcare in Tucson, AZ

    Does Tucson have good healthcare?

    Yes! Healthcare completes several needs of the residents for medical help in this city. Similarly, depending on your income or affordability, you can easily get Obamacare healthcare plans.

    Are hospitals good in Tucson?

    Yes! It has well-maintained hospitals with better medical services, with enough doctors and registered nurses. University Medical Center, Tucson ER & Hospital, Northwest Medical Center Houghton, Northwest Medical Center, etc., are among the excellent ones.

    11. Business Opportunities in Tucson, AZ

    To start your business activities in this area, you need to obtain an Employer Identification Number with the help of a tax ID. After that, you can take the necessary approvals from the Office of Finance to commence your business activities.

    Business Opportunities in Tucson, AZ
    Business Opportunities in Tucson, AZ

    What major companies are in Tucson?

    The University of Arizona, Raytheon Missile Systems, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Walmart Stores, and other major employers are based in this area.

    What is the main industry in Tucson?

    It is mainly known for optics and mining technology industries where challenging mining functions are admirably performed. Despite that, you can find renewable, bioscience, transportation, logistics, defense, and other industries in this area.

    Is Tucson a good place to start a business?

    Yes! It delivers plentiful opportunities to initiate your organizational activities with minimum cash requirements. Several lawful startups are growing here and earning their desired profits. So, you can also begin your business activities just after business registration.

    12. Job Market in Tucson, AZ

    The job market in this area is growing rapidly, with numerous job opportunities for every local and relocator. Similarly, the unemployment rate was 3.1% in March 2022, with an average salary of $44,560 annually.

    Job Market in Tucson, AZ
    Job Market in Tucson, AZ

    Is it hard to find work in Tucson?

    No! You can easily find multiple job offers in this city, including medical services, customer service agents, property managers, and other job opportunities. Similarly, you can easily start your business activities to work more efficiently.

    What is a good salary in Tucson?

    According to data published in Ziperecruiter on 06th November 2022, $65,186 is an employee’s good salary in this city. Note that the salaries can vary depending on your workplace.

    What is the highest paying job in Tucson?

    Currently, you can get average salaries of $261, 520, $223,340, $198, 570, and $169,820 for jobs like Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Physicians & Surgeons, Family General Practitioners, Health Specialities Teachers, and Postsecondary, respectively.

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    13. What Are The Pros And Cons Of Tucson, AZ

    Let’s discuss essential pros and cons to get a clearer picture of whether Tucson is amongst the good places to live in Arizona.


    • Breathtaking sceneries and nature atmosphere
    • Diversity in population
    • Clean and dust-free air
    • Affordable or even low cost of living
    • Multiple outdoor activities with thrilling experiences
    • Enough job opportunities
    • Great education facilities for every student
    • Mouth-watering food with southwestern tastes


    • Sunny weather throughout the year
    • Multiple common creepy crawlies
    • Higher crime rates

    Moving To Tucson, AZ, FAQs

    Is Tucson depressing?

    Kind of! You can say that most people in the city are sad and angry with each other. Therefore, it is quite possible that the city is in a depression. However, you can make yourself happy on Sundays with happy hours, spending your time on the activities you like the most.

    Why is Tucson called the dirty T?

    Tucson is undoubtedly a great place to visit and relocate. But you will find a few areas with dirt, and you will get a dusting atmosphere. Similarly, the bike road trips are mainly dirty as the area is covered by desert. However, you can find some beautiful scenery in this area.

    What is the best part of Tucson to move?

    If you want to live in safe areas with affordable monthly living costs, choose El Presidio, Dunbar Spring Neighborhood, Armory Park, Sam Hughes, and West University Neighborhoods. These are filled with multiple benefits and are among the great places to start your life in Tucson.


    Tucson is a wonderful city in Pima County, Arizona State. It is covered with a tremendous mountain range and offers a great living atmosphere. It has amazing spots to spend your time and relax a bit. It offers several outdoor activities to make your vacations memorable.

    Coming to the cost of living is lower than the US National Average, and you can smoothly find cheaper accommodations without many complications. In addition, the city proposes a great healthcare and education system for you, with three best hospitals in Arizona and top-rated public and high schools.

    Further, it is free from natural disasters and delivers hot weather. However, you can experience great rain to enjoy rain activities like the International Wildlife Museum. You can reach here by enjoying freely accessible transportation services around the city.

    Lastly, the economy is growing and increasing employment rates with multiple chances for job seekers. Similarly, entrepreneurs can start their businesses in this area without many difficulties.

    So, we hope you will love this place as it involves everything you want, from well-equipped healthcare, affordable taxes, outdoor locations, and considerable employment opportunities. Along with that, you can get a treat with its several mouth-watering dishes in most eateries.


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