How Much Does It Cost To Build A House in Arizona?

Arizona is widely known for its lush landscape, amazing snowfall, incredible Grand Canyon, and its great housing options. The average cost to build a house in Arizona depends on the square footage of the home. Since everyone is moving to Arizona, the cost of buying a house in this state is way more than the national average.

You will be surprised to know that the lavish and customized homes in Arizona cost $200 – $500 per square foot, making it one of the most expensive places in the country to build a house. However, you can find cheap land options on the outskirts that are developing for new home sub-divisions. 

Wondering how much it cost to build a house in Arizona?

Continue scrolling the page, and the guide will walk you through the process to evaluate the per-square-foot cost. The post also outlines the building and finishing cost of the house per square footage. So, let’s get into it. 

How To Calculate The Per-Square-Foot Cost?

Per square foot is the most common criterion to calculate the housing cost. It is calculated by dividing the price of the home by the square footage to determine the price per square foot. For instance, if the price of the house if $200,000 and it is 2,000 square feet, then the price per square foot is $100. 

If you have to determine the price of the home, reverse the formula and figure out the final outcome by multiplying the price per square foot by the total square footage of the home. However, there are several issues that are raised by this calculation and need to be addressed to ensure the accuracy of the resulting value.

The major elements involved in the calculation are – the price per square foot, the square footage, and the price of the home. Whatever method is used to determine the square footage of the home, it has to be very accurate and consistent with the methods to measure comparable properties. 

You can also use the conversion chart to find the construction cost per square foot in Arizona. 

  • Square feet to square meters: multiply feet by 0.092903 to get meters
  • Square yards to square feet: multiply yards by 9 to get feet
  • Square meters to square feet: multiply meters by 10.76 to get feet
  • Square feet to Square yards: multiply feet by 0.11111 to get yards

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The Cost of House is Based on Three Things in Arizona

Thinking about how much it cost to build a house in Arizona? Before jumping into the cost, it’s essential to learn about the three major factors on which the cost of a house depends. These are – the size of the land, Architecture, and Finishing Materials. 

The Cost of House is Based on Three Things in Arizona
The Cost of House is Based on Three Things in Arizona

1. Size of Land

The size of land you are buying to build a house and the location greatly impacts the cost of living in Arizona. There are plenty of options available for constructing a new home, including building a developer neighborhood, buying your own land, or building on a lot that a housing construction company has already purchased and cleared. 

The housing cost is based on various factors such as surveys, municipality permits, leveling, and more. Therefore, it is advised to find land that has already been checked, permitted, excavated, and leveled to lower the average cost to build a house in Arizona. 

2. Architecture

The second most important factor affecting the cost of housing in Arizona is architecture. The decision of what type of house you prefer to build can significantly increase or decrease housing prices. 

Select the more-designed floor plans with a builder to keep the price low. However, if budget is not the constraint, then hire a professional architect to create a whole new floor plan to build your dream house. There is no second thought that hiring an architect will cost thousands of dollars more. 

Additionally, you can also go for semi-customization that strikes a perfect balance between budget and your preferences. 

3. Finishing Material

One of the major factors that you should consider while thinking about how much a house cost in Arizona is the finishing material. It includes both interior and exterior finishes, such as cabinetry, flooring, interior design, garden, parking, and a lot more. It also includes bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances. 

The finishing material can make or break your housing budget, and that is where you can make the most cost-saving decisions as a homeowner. You can select ordinary and medium-quality materials to save a few bucks. However, you can also go for customized ones to bring your dream house into reality. 

Building Cost Of House Per Square Feet

The average cost to build a house in Arizona is $150 per square foot. You can easily figure out the cost yourself by multiplying the cost per sq ft. with the total square footage. Are you in a hurry? Fret not, as we have done a job for you. Scroll down to find the building cost of the house per square foot. 

Building Cost Of House Per Square Feet
Building Cost Of House Per Square Feet

A person requires an average cost of $291,538 to build a house in Arizona, according to HomeAdvisor. The cost to build a house in Arizona mainly depends on the per square foot. The more square footage, the higher will be the price. 

Square footCost
1,400 sq ft home$210,000
1,500 sq ft home$225,000
1,600 sq ft home$240,000
1,700 sq ft home$255,000
1,800 sq ft home$270,000
1,900 sq ft home$285,000
2,000 sq ft home$300,000
2,100 sq ft home$315,000
2,200 sq ft home$330,000
2,300 sq ft home$345,000
2,400 sq ft home$360,000

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Cost to Build A House in Arizona FAQs

Can I build my own house in Arizona?

Yes, absolutely. However, keep in mind that you need to seek a permit to build a house on your own land in Arizona. There’s no statewide code in this US state, and each county and municipality has its own permit process, which you have to follow. 

Do you need a permit to build a house in Arizona?

Yes, sure. The permit is required in Arizona for building new homes, most non-residential construction, and remodeling existing homes. The permit is issued at the time of structural design in accordance with the building codes to ensure safety.


That’s all about how much it cost to build a house in Arizona. We hope our research will give you a clear idea of the building and finishing cost of a house in this US state. 

It is no surprise that homeownership is the most rewarding milestone in life, but it involves several elements that one should understand before taking a step further. 

The average cost of building a house in Arizona ranges from $170,000 to $480,000 for a 2000-square-foot home. The housing price mainly depends on three factors – location, size, and customization. The average cost per square foot in Arizona is around $150 but it varies from one location to another. 

Also, keep in mind that you need a permit to build a house on your own land. So, wait no more!! Select among the top places to live in Arizona, find your desired home option that fits your budget, hire a team of professionals, and design the home of your dreams. 

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