How to Register A Car In Arizona

How to Register Car In Arizona

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    When you are going to Arizona then you need to do the car registration, if you are having the car. All the registration is mostly done through the MVD. Arizona Car Registration is one of the complex tasks that need to be done more carefully. If you have recently moved to Arizona State and have a vehicle, then it is important to transfer the out-of-state registration soon.

    There are provisions for registering the vehicle for one, two, or five years. The period for the registration will depend on the type of vehicle you are registering. After purchasing the vehicle, you must apply for the vehicle registration within a period of 15 days.

    If the car is purchased from the dealership then they can provide the necessary documents on your behalf in some cases. If you are a new resident then you can do the registration within a period of 30 days after the arrival. We are providing here a comprehensive guide to Arizona vehicle registration to help you out.

    Here you will get information about the requirements and the process for vehicle registration. When you are moving to Arizona with a vehicle then one of the primary tasks is to register a car.

    One of the primary questions that will come up in your mind is, How do I transfer my driver’s license to Arizona? Where there are more than 40 offices in Arizona where you can do vehicle-related formalities. Also, there are more than 150 private locations that are Authorized Third Party providers where you get the license work done for your vehicle.

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    How To Register A Car in Arizona?

    For getting your car registered, you can go to any of your nearest convenient locations. There you need to apply for Arizona car registration.

    Here, are a few items needed for registering the car in Arizona:

    • A lien clearance, if applicable to you.
    • The out-of-state title if you are applicable to it.
    • An authorization from the Lessor to register in Arizona, if you have leased the vehicle.
    • A proper proof of the identification.

    There are cases, where you need to provide other details. If you are from Tucson or Phoenix then you must give emission compliance accordingly. The vehicles which are newer than 1967 and more than 5 years old must provide older emissions. Provide a certified copy of a Power of Attorney from the lessor, if you have leased the vehicle from other.

    In order to register a car in Arizona, you need to follow certain steps. While doing the registration and getting the driving license, it is important to have a visit the office once.

    Things Required While Arizona Car Registration:

    Things Required While Arizona Car Registration
    Things Required While Arizona Car Registration
    • Emission Testing – The people living in the Tucson and Phoenix must have the newer pass or vehicle after 1967, except for some counties. Some exceptions also include vehicles that are lesser than six years old. The testing technician will connect the vehicle to the inner computer that monitors the emission control operation and system. The test will take a duration of lesser than 20 minutes period.
    • Proof of ownership – While giving the application for the registration of the vehicle, you must provide the relevant proof. The registration is also needed in the case when recording the loan and the title is in the possession of the lender.
    • Proof of insurance – Arizona State needs all operational vehicles to have proper coverage of the insurance from an authorized entity. The amount of coverage has different slabs criteria that need to be considered while getting the vehicle insurance.

    How the registration of the car is done without the title?

    Do not worry, if you do not have proper documentation for the registration of the vehicle. A 90-day registration can allow you to do the process of getting the documentation for the registration.

    The fee will be only $15 for the 90-day registration. The taxes for the vehicle license will be calculated from the date of 90-day registration.

    What cost is required for the registration of the car in Arizona?

    The cost of the registration will depend on the type of vehicle. The fees will be $8.00, $4.50, or $9.00 is the general registration fee, plus the location where the vehicle is to be used. The vehicle license tax is calculated on different factors. For used cars, the rate will be different and for new cars, the rates will be different.

    How can the registration be done online?

    The residents of Arizona can also do the registration of the vehicles online. The online registration can be done at You need to keep the renewal slip ready while getting the online renewal.

    Here, you need to enter the last two digits of your Vehicle ID Number and the record number. Otherwise, you can also enter your last name and license plate number.If the vehicle is not insured then you have the option of keeping the status of removing the insurance or classifying it as de-insured.

    A de-insured vehicle cannot operate public highways. Online registration needs to have better information about the process to make the registration properly.

    What do I need to register a car in Arizona?

    You need to provide a few important details while registering the car in Arizona. These details you can submit to any of the given offices for the license.

    Here is the list of things needed to register a car in Arizona:
    • A valid identification proof of the individual.
    • Completed the emission testing process.
    • Proof of ownership.
    • Proof of the insurance.

    Can I register my car online in Arizona?  

    Yes. You can register the car online in Arizona state. Renewing of the car can be done in a faster way. You can also renew it before getting any renewal notice. For online registration, you can simply visit the site Service Arizona. Here, you will see all the guidelines for registering the car online. While registering, you can check the necessary criteria for car registration.

    How long do you have to register a car after purchase in Arizona?

    After purchasing a car, you have to register the car within a period of 15 days. Some dealers also provide the service of submission of necessary documents on your behalf. Otherwise, you must submit the necessary documents on your own. If you do not register within 15 days, then there is no grace period for the registration.

    Here, you need to pay the fine accordingly. For 1st month, the fine will be $8, then for each month, you will be fined $4. So, registering within the given period of 15 days can avoid the unnecessary cost and do the registrations process conveniently.

    How do I transfer my driver’s license to Arizona?

    You can transfer the driver’s license to Arizona by simply applying to it. Here you need to submit a few simple documents for it.

    Here are a few documents needed for it:
    • Your social security number
    • Proof of identity (military ID card, birth certificate U.S. passport, etc.)
    • Completion of the Driver’s License application of Arizona state
    • Previous state current and valid driver’s license

    All these documents are mandatory for transferring the driving license from one state to Arizona state.

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    How Much Does it Cost To Register A Car in Arizona?

    If you want to register a car then you would incur some cost for it. The cost will depend on several factors for it.

    How Much Does it Cost To Register A Car in Arizona
    How Much Does it Cost To Register A Car in Arizona
    Here are some of the costs incurred:
    Title Fee: $4
    Vehicle Sales Tax: 5.6%
    Plate Transfer Fee: $12
    Registration Fee: $8
    Air Quality Research Fee: $1.50
    Public Safety Fee: $32

    Also, some counties and cities have some extra costs here. The additional cost can range between 0.7% to 2.5%.

    You can also use the vehicle tax calculator for the same reason. While getting the taxable amount, you need to feel the taxable sales amount by feeling the following details.

    Here are details to fill while calculating the taxable sales amount:
    • Price of Accessories (Additions)
    • Vehicle Price
    • Trade-In Value
    • Manufacturer Rebate
    • Tax Paid Out of State
    • Dealer’s Zip Code

    These details are considered while calculating the taxes.

    How To Renew Car Registration Arizona

    You must renew the car registration before the registration gets expired. This can help to avoid the possible impoundment of the vehicle or penalty fees. So, if you are relocating to Arizona then it is important to renew the car registration sooner. After the renewal of the car registration, you can get the new sticker tags for the license plate.

    How To Renew Car Registration Arizona
    How To Renew Car Registration Arizona

    In Arizona state, your registration will expire either in 1, 2, or 5 years. The renewal period depends on the type of vehicle. Generally, they give the renewal notice before the expiry date of the car registration. You must get all the necessary information about the taxes, fees, and other requirements for the renewal.

    Several options for the renewal of the car registration are emailing, online, phone, personally going to the office. You must do some of the important things while renewing the car registration along with finding the exact cost to register car in Arizona.

    Here are a few important steps to do while renewing registering a car in Arizona:
    • Give the vehicle information
    • Provide proper address
    • Confirm all the information provided
    • Confirm the period of the renewal
    • Enter all the payment information
    • View all the given information before confirming

    Renewal Registration with the phone.

    You can call on the toll-free number and do the registration properly:
    • Get the vehicle registration form available.
    • The vehicle must have compliance with the requirement of the emissions test.
    • Give your current address to Motor Vehicle Division.
    • Have a valid credit or debit card, MasterCard, etc. for use.

    What penalty is there if the renewal registration of the car is not done before the expiration of registration?

    The penalty fee goes on increasing after the period of each month. For the first month, the penalty fee is $8. After the addition of each month, the penalty fee will keep increasing by $4. To avoid the penalty, it is always better to renew the car registration before the given duration.

    The cost to register a car in Arizona for the renewal differs as per the type of vehicle and considering a few other criteria. It is always better to do the renewal of the car registration as soon as possible.

    How much does it cost to renew car registration in Arizona?

    The cost for the renewal of the car registration will be $8, plus the addition of vehicle tax fee. You can also do the online payment by paying the fees and providing all the required information.

    If you cannot renew the car before the given duration then a penalty of $8 will be applicable for the first month and it will keep increasing by $4 with each passing month. So, it is always better to renew the car registration in Arizona sooner.


    The above information provides detailed information about vehicle registration in Arizona state. Here you can see that there are some simple processes for car registration and it needs to be done properly. There are some basic documents requirements for vehicle registration in Arizona state. Depending on the criteria you are, the fees will be applicable accordingly.

    If you are having the renewal of vehicle registration then it is important to do it before the given date. You will mostly receive the notice for the renewal of the vehicle. You must avoid the late payment fees to avoid the penalty fees. Whether you are moving to Arizona or bringing a new car, you have to do the vehicle registration process properly.

    Up-to-date record information must be provided to do the registration process. Do the car registration processes sooner in Arizona by following the given steps.

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