10 Best Places to Live in Arizona

Places to live in Arizona

Arizona, The Grand Canyon State, is one of the most wonderful states in the US that is growing as an economic hub.

Amazing landscapes, monuments, retirement communities,  plentiful outdoors, lower taxes, and housing prices are the reasons behind everyone is moving to Arizona.

Searching for a nice place to reside after relocating can be a challenge to decide due to various factors that are taken into consideration thereby obstructing the move.

In this article, we will present you with the best cities to live in Arizona in 2023. Read on to learn more!

Is Arizona a good place to live?

Arizona is a fantastic place to live, offering some picturesque landscapes, stunning weather, affordable housing, and lower taxes.

Best Places to Live in Arizona

Check out the list of the 10 best places to live in Arizona that best suits your choice and preference before making up your mind about living here.

The table below represents the facts and information about the best places in Arizona.

City BestPlaces To LiveIn Arizona forPopulationCrimeRate (per 1000 people)MedianHomepriceAverageRentpriceCOL
Per month
Per person
Phoenix Weather1.5 million43$215,800$1600$1061$31383
TempeYoung adults 184,18088$450,000$2000$1061$31,926
Chandler Families 279,45844$511,000$1805$750$42,600
Gilbert Buy a house273,13611$600,000$1800$700$45,000
Oro Valley Outdoors47,89913$550,000$1700$2000$41,710
Scottsdale Retirees243,0001$28.1 million$2100$2050$978,500
SedonaNear water11,00012$885,955$2500$1000$58,428
ParadiseValleySingles12,68233$4.6 million$2006$1896$85,942
Flagstaff Retirees76,98940$779,000$1996$710$22,381

Source: https://www.arizona-demographics.com/cities_by_population,

1. Phoenix – Best known for its great weather, golf, & desert landscapes

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona is one of the most developed places in the state.

Places to live in Arizona - Pheonix

Its warm weather, diversified culture, top-rated schools, and colleges, the best banks in Arizona, thriving economy, and great job options are the reasons behind people moving to Phoenix from all over the nation to call the city home. 

The median home costs remain above average in the developed regions and little low rates in the developing regions.

Indulging in outdoor recreation, shopping, enjoying cuisines, and enjoying nightlife are some of the things to do in Phoenix. 

Is Phoenix AZ a good place to live?

Yes. Phoenix is undoubtedly a better place to live in Arizona State. It has all the necessary facilities available for the people staying there.

Is Phoenix AZ expensive?

Phoenix is a little expensive in terms of the different housing rates, cost of living, and other facilities. However, compared to other cities in the US, Phoenix is quite affordable to live in.

Why Phoenix is the best place to live?

The abundance of job opportunities, pleasant weather, a strong economy, and a growing population make Phoenix a popular place to live in Arizona.

2. Mesa – Known for outdoor adventures, endless hiking trails & delicious cuisines

Mesa, AZ is a desert town that is popular for the Christmas lights all over the nation. It has a high quality of life along with all the necessary amenities available.


There are many things to do in Mesa AZ, like horseback riding, golfing, nightlife, etc. You can easily get plenty of housing options with an affordable price range.

There are different attractions for the museums and naturally beautiful places here.

Its immediate proximity to big city amenities with a cozy life in the city’s suburbs makes it an ideal place for older people. 

Is Mesa AZ good place to live?

Mesa is a very nice place to live where you can easily get all the necessary amenities, public schooling, amazing nightlife, top-rated healthcare, and tons of diversity availability.

How cold does it get in Mesa AZ in winter?

Weather in Mesa, AZ is one of the hotter regions in Arizona, where the climate is hot in summer. This is the reason why Mesa Arizona is so hot. But during winter, some mild cold climate is experienced and there is no snowfall during this season.

Is Mesa AZ safe?

Mesa, Arizona is a relatively safe place to live in Arizona as its violent crime rate is 19.3 which is much less than the National average of 22.7. Its property crime rate is 37.6 which is a bit higher than the National average of 35.4.

3. Tempe –  Known for Arizona State University, excellent weather & magnificent arts & culture

Tempe, AZ situated in the east of Phoenix, is one affordable place to live in Arizona.

This place has some high-rated schools and colleges and developing technology companies making it a go-spot for kids, students, and professionals. 


It also features the best restaurants, annual events, walkable downtown, urban amenities, major threeways, and several historic attractions to make the town lively.

Apart from that numerous bars, shops, dazzling nightlife, outdoor activities, etc. add more desirability to this place.

How far is Tempe from Phoenix Arizona?

Tempe is 17.7 kilometers (17 minutes) away from Phoenix Arizona.

Is Tempe Arizona a good place to live?

Yes. Tempe is one of the most amazing places in Arizona to live. The basic facilities availability is very good here and there are some incredible places to visit.

Is Tempe Arizona a safe place to live?

The crime rate in Tempe City is very less. This place is much safer to live in with a very nice availability of all the basic facilities.

4. Chandler – Famous for its agricultural business & annual ostrich festival

Chandler Arizona is one of the cosmopolitan family-oriented cities situated in southwest Phoenix.


The lively vibe of the city features a strong community feel, a progressive job market, top-rated schools, and bustling providence. 

There are some first-class restaurants, shops, outdoor recreations, and entertainment delights that will keep you engaged at times. 

Chandler has experienced very nice economic growth due to the presence of some top companies like Intel, Wells Fargo, Bank of America,

Northrop Grumman, NXP Semiconductors, etc. If you are looking for everything in one place in Arizona, Chandler is best for you. 

Is Chandler AZ a good place to live?

Chandler AZ is one of the best cities to live in Arizona with the most basic facilities and amenities available. Here, you can even find some amazing places to travel to which can make your stay pleasant.

Is it expensive to live in Chandler AZ?

Living in Chandler is a bit expensive as its overall cost of living is 116 which is more than Arizona’s 106, and the national average of 100.

5. Gilbert –  Best known as the hay capital of the world

Gilbert, Arizona is one of the top-ranked cities in the “best places to Live in Arizona” list.


Top-rated public schools, low crime rates, affordable median and housing prices, and high median income are the reasons behind the city’s regular success for a decade.

Weather In Gilbert Az gives a hot desert-type feel with hot summers and mild cold in the winters.

Living is a much more pleasant experience with all the basic amenities, recreational facilities, and a family-friendly atmosphere being easily available.

The cost to build a house in Arizona Gilbert is about $650,000.

Is Gilbert AZ a good place to live?

Gilbert Arizona is the most happening place to live for those looking for bright Sunny skies, the best schools, a booming job market, and great adventure.

Where is Gilbert Arizona?

Gilbert lies in the southeast region of the Phoenix metropolitan area of Maricopa County.

Is Gilbert safe?

Gilbert AZ is a very safe place to live in the state of Arizona because there are 11 crimes per 1000 residents, so people can live in more harmony.

Is Gilbert Arizona a good place to retire?

Many people are living their retirement life here. The pleasant atmosphere, better healthcare facility, and amenities make this a better place to live a retirement life.

6. Oro Valley – Best known for its gorgeous landscapes & outdoor activities

A small suburb, embodied in 1974, Oro Valley AZ is a developing city to live in Arizona.

Despite being a new city, it offers some outstanding schools, tech industries, business start-up regions, great healthcare facilities, and more. 

Oro Valley

The place has very few crime scenes, a high standard of living, great nightlife, serious outdoor recreation, the best camping in Arizona, and amusement parks suitable for all ages.

The quiet and calm atmosphere attracts a lot of retirees and couples to raise their families here. 

Oro hosts many festivals and events yearly like Tour de Tuscon and musical magic for kids.   

Is Oro Valley expensive?

Oro Valley is not expensive in terms of both costs of living as well as housing rates. You can easily live a life at a low cost and get a home at a very low cost compared to other places in the US.

Is Oro Valley a good place to live?

Oro Valley is a very calm place with some picturesque landscapes. This place has all the basic facilities easily available making it a very good place to live.

7. Scottsdale – Well-Known Destination For Golf Courses, Luxurious Hotels, High-End Resorts & Art Galleries

Scottsdale AZ is an all-in-one place in Arizona State where you will find something for everyone. 


Home to the most-rated AAA four-diamond hotels in the nation, the place also offers outdoor galleries, astonishing art galleries, excellent golf courses,

low living costs, a low crime rate, high family income, plentiful amenities, top-notch education, and the best quality of life.

Aren’t these features enough for retirees and families to settle down in this city? 

The vibe of the city is luxurious and sophisticated, with endless shopping, dining, and entertainment delights.

Catch some breathtaking views of nature with mountains and deserts followed by exploration, and relaxation.

Is Scottsdale a good place to live?

Scottsdale is a nice place to live in Arizona for its peaceful, luxurious, and safe lifestyle offerings to every resident residing in the city.

Is it expensive to live in Scottsdale AZ?

No. Scottsdale is not expensive to live in. The cost of living is low and the housing rates are also lower making it comfortable to live with a medium income.

Is Scottsdale a party town?

There are some of the places which are emerging as a happening place for the young crowd. The people enjoy nice nightlife with several parties here.

8. Sedona –  Acknowledged as a spiritual mecca & healing guides

Situated around the Coconino National Forest, Sedona, the smallest yet unique city of Arizona is known for its evergreen, red rocks and the best lakes in Arizona.


The warmth, wilderness landscapes, national forest, and state parks attract visitors throughout the year to adore the stunning views and warm temperatures. 

Known to be the “epicenter of Healings” Sedona also invites creative minds, healers, artists,

and yogis to get the therapeutic properties of the red rocks feature often regarded as magic pills and regenerative properties through its various energy vortexes. 

Is Sedona AZ an expensive place to live?

No. Sedona is not an expensive place to live. Housing prices and the cost of living in Sedona AZ are quite low, so it is a good place to live.

Is Sedona Arizona a good place to live?

The pleasant atmosphere of Sedona makes it very comfortable to live here. Many retired people prefer to live here comfortably.

9. Paradise Valley – Known For Its Gold Water Memorial, Luxurious Golf Courses & Costliest Real-Estate Scene

ParadiseValley, AZ stands true to its name which has gained popularity for being one of the nice places to live in Arizona.

Paradise Valley

This beautiful suburb is surrounded by natural beauty from everywhere, from Phoenix mountains reserve to Piestewa and echo canyon parks.  

The Valley of the Sun city features a good transportation network, luxurious single-family homes, ample outdoor spaces, and some champion-level golf scenes.

that connects the city to the different important nearby regions. According to the business journal, this quaint city ranks as one of the wealthiest places in the US.

10. Flagstaff – Famous for its grand canyon tours, beautiful landscape & art & culture

Moving to Flagstaff AZ is one of the best areas to live in Arizona, particularly for students seeking a college education.


There are some reputable colleges here with grading rates. The availability of housing is also ample here with affordable costs making it easier to stay. 

Flagstaff receives snow in Arizona of about 100 inches annually, as per the reports of the Flagstaff convention and visitor bureau.

Is Flagstaff Arizona a safe city?

Flagstaff is a moderately safer place to stay. There is about 1 chance of becoming a victim in Flagstaff from about 30 people.

Does Flagstaff have a high crime?

With a crime rate of 40 incidents out of 1000, Flagstaff is one of the highest crime cities in Arizona.

Best Places to Live in Arizona FAQs

What is the best place to live in 

Phoenix is the best place to live in Arizona in 2023.

What is the nicest town to live in Arizona?

Chandler is the nicest town to live in Arizona in 2023.

What is the nicest part of Arizona to live in?

Paradise Valley is the nicest part to live in Arizona in 2023.

What is the most beautiful city to live in Arizona?

Sedona is the most beautiful city to live in Arizona.

How much does it cost to live in Arizona?

To live in Arizona a median income of 45000 per annum is ideal, according to the cost of living index of MERIC.


The above guide gives a detailed review of the 10 best places to live in Arizona in 2023 which can make it easy to decide the place to live.

Arizona is all about having everything in abundance, from stunning weather, and gorgeous landscapes to hot springs in Arizona, no wonder, it’s a beautifully developed state of the US. 

If you’re thinking about moving to Arizona, check out our list to figure out your budget, thoughts, and priorities before making a final move.

We’re confident that it’s going to be easy and hassle-free. 

Make sure to go through our Arizona car registration and moving to Tucson guides for more details about the same.