Moving to Atlanta GA


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    Atlanta, the capital of Georgia is well-known for its rich history, southern hospitality, stunning landscapes, affordable living, and booming economy. 

    Moreover, Atlanta also has high-quality educational institutes and various industries with a variety of job opportunities and career advancement opportunities. 

    So, if you are moving to Atlanta after college or moving to Atlanta with no job. You must not worry about whatever the reasons for moving to Atlanta are.

    We will provide you with everything you must know for your next residence. 

    If you are looking for amenities, rich neighborhoods, a lower cost of living than other states, recreational places, and a good job market, Atlanta is an excellent place for moving. 

    However, the cost of moving depends upon factors like the location & size of the house and the moving company you hire.

    Let’s discuss in detail the things you need to know about Atlanta! 

    Things to Know Before Moving to Atlanta 


    1. Cost of living in Atlanta 

    Living costs in Atlanta are 14% higher than the state average and 2% higher than the national average. Still, the living costs are pretty affordable than the neighboring cities. 

    Living in Atlanta is a bit expensive city to live in but cheaper than the other neighboring states.

    To live comfortably in Atlanta, every month you need to earn  $4,381 for a family of four and $1,222 for a single person without rent. 

    Living in Atlanta Living costs in Atlanta 
    Housing $489,573
    Utilities $134.75
    Healthcare$115.86 (doctor visit)
    Gasoline $3.69 
    Median household income $69,164


    2. Housing Market in Atlanta 

    The average cost of a house in Atlanta is $489,320. Housing costs in Atlanta are 14% higher than the state average and 8% higher than the national average. 

    Moreover, the median rent is 12% higher than the national average in Atlanta.

    The monthly average rent of a 1-bedroom apartment in City Center  Atlanta is $1,942  and outside City Center is $1,511. Check how much it cost to build a 1500 sq ft house in Georgia.

    3. Tax in Atlanta

    The individual tax rate in Atlanta is between 1.00% to 5.75%. The corporate income tax rate is 5.75 in Atlanta and 4% state sales tax.

    Atlanta does not have a separate high city income tax. However, the residents are subject to the state income tax rates. 

    4. Weather in Atlanta 

    The residents of Atlanta enjoy all four seasons from mild winters, and warm springs to hot and humid summers. 

    The weather conditions in Atlanta are favorable for everyone.

    However, the average temperature during the hottest months of June to August is approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    Moreover, the coldest month is January with an average low temperature of 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Light showers of snowfall during the month of January. February is a warm month and the best time to visit Georgia USA with excellent weather conditions. 

    5. Economy in Atlanta 

    Atlanta is one of the best cities having a robust and diverse economy in the state.


    The main industries of Atlanta include business, technology, finance, logistics, healthcare, transportation, and entertainment. Thus providing great job opportunities. 

    Moreover, Atlanta is known for its prominent corporations and 500 Fortune companies.

    The economy of Atlanta has grown significantly due to numerous business corporations including the headquarters of Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, Home Depot, and Cox Enterprises. 

    Besides this, the tourism industry has widely contributed to the economy of Atlanta.

    The natural beauty, lush green parks,  Georgia Aquarium, and many other spots attract various tourists ultimately playing a vital role in the growing economy. 

    6. Traffic and Transports in Atlanta

    Traffic in Atlanta is worst, particularly during peak commuting hours. The highways have traffic jams for hours. 

    In addition, the public transportation in Atlanta is operated by multiple agencies like MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority )and ATL Transit. 

    MARTA is the main transport in Atlanta and provides bus and rail services throughout the city and surrounding neighborhoods.

    As public transportation is not free in Atlanta, you have to pay $2.50 for a bus or you can buy weekly and monthly passes for traveling. 

    Moreover, besides public transportation, uber services are also available in Atlanta and one of the world’s busiest airports Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the transportation hub of the state. 

    7. Outdoor Activities in Atlanta 

    Atlanta is an outstanding place offering plenty of recreational activities for families and kids. 

    You can visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Piedmont Park, Atlanta Zoo, Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta Beltline, and Chattahoochee River and recreational areas for outdoor activities and adventures.

    Furthermore, on a rainy day, you can explore the indoor recreational areas in Atlanta.

    You can visit the museums, various cafes and restaurants serving delicious cuisines, and adults can watch a movie or a play at a theater. 

    Atlanta also offers a variety of activities to do during COVID. You can take a virtual tour of Georgia’s Aquarium, Atlanta History Center, and National Historic sites.

    You can also order food from your favorite restaurants. 

    8. Education In Atlanta

    Atlanta is popular due to its high-quality educational institutes.

    Public schools, private schools, charter schools, colleges, and universities are excellent for students and help in developing confidence, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

    Education in Atlanta

    Atlanta is a great city for local and international students.

    The higher educational institutes provide various opportunities for students in career development and internship at the top industries of the state. 

    9. The crime rate in Atlanta 

    The crime rate in Atlanta is a bit higher than the national average. But, recently the crimes have dropped 7% from the previous year.

    Violent crimes and property crimes are high in Atlanta. 

    The city police have taken necessary steps and programs to eliminate the crimes and also advise the residents and tourists to be very careful while moving outside.

    However, if you see any suspected person or any burglary incident remember to call the police. Read: is savannah georgia safe for LGBT.

    10. Healthcare in Atlanta 

    The healthcare system in Atlanta is outstanding and has been ranked among the top best healthcare systems at the state and national levels.

    The hospitals in Atlanta offer medical services like primary care, emergency care, specialized care, and advanced treatments. 

    The major hospitals and healthcare systems in Atlanta are Emory Healthcare, Piedmont Healthcare, WellStar Health System, Northside Hospital, and Grady Hospital which is also the largest hospital in Georgia. 

    Atlanta also has specialized medical centers for cancer treatments, brain injuries, spinal cord, and autism. 

    11. Business Opportunities in Atlanta  

    Atlanta is a top business location and offers a wide range of business opportunities for start-ups and innovators due to its business-friendly environment.

    Hence, one of the best reasons to move to Georgia.

    The biggest businesses include software development, cyber security, data analysis, entrepreneurs, filming and production, transportation, and real estate & construction companies.

    12. Job Market in Atlanta 

    The job market in Atlanta is highly competitive. However, there are various job opportunities in various fields like tech, healthcare, and finance.

    Job Market in Atlanta

    Jobs in these sectors are high paying and demand high educational skills, experience, and knowledge. 

    Besides this, the common jobs include office administrators, sales representatives, registered nurses, security officers, project managers, and cashiers. 

    However, it is a bit challenging to get a job in Atlanta, but still, you can make an effort and do proper research and prepare yourself to meet the demands of the job you desire. 

    13. Pros & Cons of Atlanta 

    Like all other cities, Atlanta also has some advantages and disadvantages. Given below are the pros and cons of living in Atlanta. 

    Pros of Atlanta 

    1. Atlanta has a booming economy with the fastest-growing industries.
    1. The Living costs are reasonable in Atlanta. 
    1. Due to the wide industries and companies, Atlanta provides you with an excellent job market. 
    1. You can enjoy delicious cuisines at the cafes and restaurants serving iconic traditional foods as well. 
    1. Atlanta is popular due to its outstanding hospitality and the residents are welcoming and kind towards their guests and visitors. 

    Cons of Atlanta

    1. Atlanta is well-known for its worst traffic, especially on highways you have to expect delays in your affairs. 
    1. The crime rate in Atlanta is high compared to the other states.
    1. For snow lovers, it is bad news that you can only enjoy little to no snow showers in Atlanta. 
    1. The public transportation in Atlanta is less and is operated by transit agencies. 
    1. Due to the pollution and traffic, the air quality of Atlanta is poor which can cause respiratory issues. 

    Moving to Atlanta FAQs

    Why does everybody move to Atlanta?

    Everybody is moving to Atlanta due to its reasonable living costs, amenities, excellent job market, countless business opportunities, and diverse economy.

     What is the safest part of Atlanta to live in?

    Acworth, Dallas, Johns Creek, peachtree city, and Alpharetta are the safest parts to live in Atlanta. 

    Is Atlanta Georgia Boring?

    No, Atlanta is not boring at all. In Fact, Atlanta offers a wide range of recreational activities, amenities, rich neighborhoods, parks, and entertainment options for locals and tourists alike. 


    Moving to Atlanta offers all the amenities for a comfortable lifestyle, rich neighborhoods, high-quality educational systems, thriving job opportunities, vibrant culture, and an excellent economy. 

    However, the living costs are a bit expensive, and keeping in mind the pros and cons of Atlanta, living in Atlanta is still worth it.

    We hope the above article gave you an idea for choosing your next residence.