Best Time to Visit Georgia

Time to Visit Georgia

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    The state of Georgia, located at the center of the southern USA, borders the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Appalachian mountains on the other. It is one of the most beautiful and blessed states in the entire nation because of its rich culture.

    The state is a beautiful combination of art, modernization, and history and possesses a few gems such as Savannah, Athens, and Atlanta. From big cities to small towns, from mountain ranges to beaches & peaches, Georgia has everything to offer to the people.

    Time To Visit Georgia

    The state boasts its pleasant & moderate climate throughout the year while providing a distinct & rich experience every year. The summers here are warm, sunny, and brisk, with mild winters, blooming springs, average rainfall, and varying snowfall.

    If you are also planning to move to Georgia or go there for vacation purposes; then, you must be extremely curious to know about the best time to visit Georgia. Hence, here in this article, we will be going to discuss the same with you.

    Which is the best month to visit Georgia?

    The best time to visit Georgia, USA, a year-round destination is in April or May or from mid of September to November. The temperatures at this time are quite pleasant with fewer crowds and great attractions to visit.

    How many days are enough for Georgia?

    If you want to explore the state of Georgia, then one week will be enough for touring the major attractions of the state. You can happily explore certain places such as; Golden Isles, Warm Springs, Callaway Gardens, various attractions in Atlanta & Savannah, and a lot more.

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    Best Time To Visit in Georgia

    The state of Georgia is a paradise for visitors. Regardless of the season, each area of the region is unique in its ways and offers a distinct experience to the visitors. From scenic mountain views to plantations & swamps, gorgeous beaches, sightseeing & hiking opportunities at the Appalachian Hills, and a lot more to discover & enjoy.

    Although, it is a fantastic year-round destination. The best time to visit Georgia, the beautiful state is either in April and May or from the mid of September to November. During both these durations, there is mild weather, a pleasant climate, and fewer crowds.

    Given below is a piece of detailed information about the two major cities of Georgia; i.e., Atlanta and Savannah. Keep scrolling below to know more.

    • Atlanta- The best time to visit the capital city of Georgia, i.e., Atlanta is from March to May. Although these months are quite sticky & hot it is considered the best time as most of the activities happen during this time. Such as; you can visit the famous Atlanta Botanical Garden and enjoy the blooming flowers, or you can even go to the special exhibition where there are wonderful mosaic sculptures and other supernatural displays. If you are Chionophile, you must be wondering does Atlanta get snow? The answer to this is yes, in January Atlanta does get average snow of 2.9 inches, and is worth enjoying.
    • Savannah- The best time to visit Savannah is from March to June, as during this time the azalea blooms & green leaves blossom on trees. Along with that, there are many festivals held in this season which can be enjoyed by the people. But remember to enjoy all these festivals & buzz happening in Savannah during the day. You might be wondering; is downtown Savannah safe at night? Well, the area is neither safe for tourists nor locals at the night.

    Vacations In Georgia

    Vacations In Georgia

    The state of Georgia is very beautiful, it is because of its cosmopolitan cities, sandy beaches, sunny coastline, and majestic mountains. It also has the city of modern Atlanta with an urban beautiful skyline, the largest aquarium, botanical gardens, and more. Also, there is the first historic city of Savannah where you can see magnificent architecture, wild horses, war sights, scenic beaches, Blue Ridge mountains, amusement parks, romantic getaways, waterfalls, waterparks, and more. If you are visiting Georgia in March, you can also visit Cumberland Island, Driftwood Beach, Callaway Botanical Garden, Alpharetta, Tallulah Gorge State Park, Blue Ridge, and many more destinations.

    What is the best thing to do on vacation in Georgia? Given below is a list of certain places to visit on your trip to Georgia. They are:-

    • Atlanta Zoo
    • Six Flags Over Georgia Theme Park
    • World of Coco-Cola
    • Underground Atlanta
    • Georgia Aquarium
    • Georgia Music Hall of Fame
    • Elegant Hay House
    • Enjoy at Riverwalk
    • Davenport House Museum
    • Savannah Riverboat Cruises
    • Telfair Mansion & Art Museum

    The Best Time to Visit Georgia By Season

    The best time to visit Georgia is during the autumn season as the weather during that time is mild and sunny. It is the fall season with dry weather, pleasant outdoors, beautiful mornings, and breezy evenings. The landscape here has colorful hues and weather, i.e., fit for activities such as; mountaineering, hiking, and trekking. The hilly areas are colder than the rest of the state during late December and early February; thus making it the best time to visit Georgia for snow. During the mild days of sunlight, you can also do activities such as; hunting & fishing.

    Georgia Weather Chart

    Weather Chart

    The climate of the state of Georgia ranges from oceanic in the northeast region to subtropical humid climate in the rest of the state. Summers here are warm & humid, and winters are cold & mild. Thus, given below is a table stating the high, low, and average temperatures in the different months. 

    MonthsHighest TemperatureAverage TemperatureLowest Temperature
    January53 F43 F35 F
    February57 F46 F38 F
    March65 F54 F45 F
    April73 F62 F52 F
    May80 F70 F60 F
    June86 F77 F68 F
    July88 F79 F71 F
    August87 F78 F70 F
    September82 F72 F64 F
    October72 F62 F53 F
    November63 F53 F44 F
    December55 F45 F38 F

    What is the coldest month in Georgia? January is the coldest month in the state of Georgia. During this time; the average low temperature is 35 F and the average high temperature is 53 F. Also, during this season, snow can be experienced in the weather thus, making it the best time to visit Georgia for snow. The average snowfall during this season is about 2.9 inches every year. 

    Does Georgia have 4 seasons? Yes, of course, Georgia experiences four different seasons every year, which makes it more attractive and appealing to the people to permanently move to this state. The four colored well-defined seasons of this state are:-

    • Summer- The average temperature in summers is 80 F which makes the days warm and evenings cool.
    • Autumn- This is the brilliant fall foliage season that makes the mountains beautiful.
    • Winters- The average temperature during the winters is above 40 F along with the light snowfall during several months of the year.
    • Spring- It is the most beautiful time of the year with lots of flora, dogwood trees, and azaleas.

    Spring – March to May


    This is indeed the best time to visit Georgia or the peach state. As, the weather during this time of the year is extremely delighted with blooming flowers, fresh peaches, strawberries, berries, and peaches to enjoy. From March to May the average low temperature is 65F and the average high temperature is 80F. This weather is perfect for picnics, in the mesmerizing parks of the state.

    You can also enjoy your spring break in the state by spending quality time with your family at various theme parks & attractions, outdoor adventures, watching the braves baseball matches, enjoying patio dining, in the lake, or spending a beautiful time at Atlanta Dogwood Festival or the International Cherry Blossom Festival.

    Is March a good time to visit Georgia?

    The best time to visit Georgia, USA is the month of March. As there are plenty of activities to do during this time, as the average temperature ranges from 61 F to 80F.

    Does Georgia have springs like Florida?

    Yes, of course, Georgia does have some beautiful hot springs; namely:- Radium Springs, Providence Canyons, Amicalola Falls, Warm Springs, Okefenokee Springs, Tallulah Gorge, and more.

    Are there any hot springs in GA?

    Visit Georgia in march, to enjoy the mesmerizing hot springs created by the powerful landscapes due to geologic time and thousands of years.

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    Summer – June to August 

    You will enjoy the summer season in the peach state as the sun here at this time is scorching hot, with average low temperatures of 80F and average high temperatures of 95F. Light rain showers are quite common during a summer afternoon.

    Another way of beating the heat is to wade into the ocean waters, play in the water parks, or jump into the lake or beaches. You can explore places such as Tybee Island, Jekyll Island, St. Catherine Island, the water park at Margaritaville, Lake Oconee, Lake Sinclair, Six Flags White Water, SoakYa Water Park, and many more. Hence; Georgia is a land where you can get various adventurous experiences and can even go on a road trip through to some of the quirkiest landmarks in the state.

    Is Georgia good in summer?

    You will for sure enjoy the summers in Georgia, due to its temperatures and exciting places to visit.

    Does it snow in Georgia in July?

    No, not at all the best time to visit Georgia for snow is during January.

    Autumn – September to November

    Autumn or the fall season is the most beautiful time of the year in the peach state. During these months from September to November, the average temperature ranges from 55F to 75F. These are indeed one of the best times to visit Georgia with family and friends due to the activities such as; camping, hiking, camping, sports, and scenic drivers.


    If you are a nature lover, then this is the perfect time for you to see the leaves change their color from green to orange. You can go on a road trip from Blairsville, Cloudland Canyon, Lookout Mountain, Scenic Highway, visit charming small towns, visit zoos and parks, enjoy picking apples at the apple orchards, or even go camping in Suches & Tugaloo State Park, visit sunflower park, pumpkin patch & can also navigate a corn maze,

    Where are autumn leaves in Georgia?

    Brasstown Bald is a popular visitor center near Blairsville which offers dramatic fall foliage. It is also the highest peak in the state where you can go hiking.

    What is there to do in Georgia in October? Some of the most interesting things to do in October are:-

    • Visit Georgia State Parks
    • Rent a Cabin
    • Adventure in a pumpkin patch.
    • Wander in apple orchards or corn mazes.

    Winter – December to February

    The winter weather does not last long in the state. The average temperature here ranges from 50F to 60F. Snowfall is also quite common during this time of the year. This is indeed the best time to visit Georgia as you can shop around places, enjoy romantic gateways with your partner, stay in either beachside bungalows or beautiful mountain resorts, thus making it a wonderful time.


    Although there are bitter cold winds from December to February, the temperatures here are comparatively warmer than in the other northern states of the US.

    What are the winter months in Georgia?

    The winter months in Georgia last from December to February, with January having an average maximum temperature of 53.6 F.

    How cold does it get in Georgia in winter?

    The temperatures are variable during the winter months. The winter winds are cold and harsh but have a comparatively warmer climate than the rest of the northern states of the US.

    Festivals & Events In Georgia

    The state of Georgia is very famous for its statewide & regional festivals, art, culture, food, music, history, and more. This lit state is a land of themed festivals celebrated during the fall season, live music, local beer, wine, southern food, and lots of cherry blossom trees. Given below is a list of some certain festivals celebrated in Georgia and we have also mentioned some of the intricate details about the same.

    International Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon

    Held in the city of Macon, this statewide festival is celebrated during the month of Match. At this festival, there is an extravagant display of springtime beauty, a canopy of pink blossoms, hot air balloons, fireworks at the parade, amusement rides, and historic tours. You can also enjoy musical shows representing various musical genres and dine at the Cherry Blossom Festival’s Food Truck Frenzy.

    Atlanta Dogwood Festival

    In spring, Dogwoods start to bloom, and it is the year of celebration. It is the oldest celebration in Georgia that happens in Piedmont Park in April. This festival brings together the lovers of music, entertainment, and art. You will also find plenty of dogs playing here with their frisbee disks and enjoying the moment.

    Fairs With All the Fixins: Georgia’s Tastiest Food Festivals

    Georgia food festival is one of the best places to eat, drink, and enjoy. The year-round flavor-focused festival serves the best local delicacies of the state. Some of the local state food festivals are:- Brunswick Rockin’ Stewbilee at Brunswick in January, Peanut Proud Festival at Blakeley in Match, Vidalia Onion Festival at Vidalia in April, Georgia Strawberry Festival at Reynolds in April, Georgia Blueberry Festival at Alma in June, Georgia Peach Festival at Peach County in June, and more.

    Georgia’s Fall Fairs

    The fall season is the most loved season by the people of Georgia. Each community prevailing in the state uniquely celebrates this festival. During this time when you move around the state, you will find colorful decorations, food, music, games, art, and various other fun activities which you can enjoy with your family and friends. Some of the festivals held during the fall season in Georgia are:- Labor Day Weekend at Callaway Resorts & Gardens, Sheriff’s Jeepfest, Yellow Daisy Festival, Music Midtown, ArtsCity Festival, and more.

    Best time to visit Georgia FAQs

    What month does it snow in Georgia?

    The coldest and the most peak season in Georgia starts from the end of December and lasts the whole of January. Thus, making it the best time to visit Georgia for snow. The three most snowy regions of Georgia where the average snowfall recorded is 5.42 inches are; Mountain City, Rabun Gap, and Dillard.

    What can you see in Georgia for 5 days? 

    For your 5 day itinerary in Georgia, you should take a flight from Weston and land in Atlanta, the capital city of the state. Spending 1 day & night is enough here and you can explore zoos & aquariums, parks, wildlife, museums, fairs, and more.

    Then take a flight and land on Jekyll Island and stay there for 1 day and enjoy wildlife, tours, outdoors, and various theme parks. After spending a day & night on the island, take a flight and land in Savannah, and enjoy here for the next two days. This is the oldest city in the state famous for its historical tours, outdoors, shopping, and historic sites. 


    That was all about when you should visit the state of Georgia and what things you can experience there every season. You must have seen, that this peach state is full of diversity and many natural landscapes, thus, every time of the year is the best time to visit Georgia. As this state has to offer some of the other special things to the visitors at every time of the year. Hence, if you are a traveler then plan you’re itinerary accordingly, but if you are on the stage of retirement and have decided to ultimately settle down in Georgia.

    Then, in such a case you should be aware of how much does it cost to build a small house in Georgia, which will help you and your partner to settle down peacefully. So what are you waiting for now? Plan your visit to Georgia today.

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