Is West Palm Beach Safe?


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    West Palm Beach is situated on the western seaside of Worth Lake on Florida’s Atlantic coast. It features great weather, art galleries, the best museums, ravishing estates, unbeatable restaurants, pubs and shopping malls, and white sandy beaches.

    These are a few of the numerous reasons for people relocating to Florida and the beach receives over 7 million visitors every year. 

    But on the flip side, West Palm Beach is not safe. It has a higher crime rate of 39 per 1000 residents, which is higher than the US’s average crime rate of 22.7, and Florida’s average of 4 per 1000 residents.

    But visiting the beach as a visitor and doing normal visitor things while remaining cautious, will absolutely create no issues while visiting West Palm Beach. 

    Is West Palm Beach Safe?

    Despite being a dynamic urban area visited by many locals and tourists throughout the year, West Palm Beach is declared an unsafe place, because of its higher crime rate.

    What is the West Palm Beach Crime Rate? 

    West Palm Beach has a crime rate of 39 per 1000 residents which is higher than the US’s average crime rate of 22.7. 

    1. Is West Palm Beach ghetto? 

    West Palm Beach is a reasonably safe place to visit along the Atlantic coast of Florida.


    However, there are fewer chances to get involved in local crimes and offenses from a mass of visitors. Unless you bump into risky areas or keep your things safe while in public.

    The FBI reported about 8-10 violent crimes in Palm Beach every year, which is now gradually decreasing to 3-5 crimes yearly. 

    Is West Palm Beach a safe area?

    Overall, West Palm Beach is a safe area, unless you encounter a serious crime. 

    Is West Palm Beach the wrong area?

    West Palm Beach is not the wrong area. You can visit the beach anytime. There are many fun things to do and explore around the beach. 

    Is Palm Beach Safe to Visit?

    Palm Beach is safe to visit, despite having a higher crime rate in the county and nearby areas. 

    Is West Palm Beach rough?

    Overall, West Palm Beach is moderately rough and is known to be the safest place to visit in the town. 

    2. The Crime Rate in West Palm Beach

    The city of Palm Beach is a relatively smaller area having a population of about 10,000 residents.

    The county gets unknown crime scenes daily, which are quite fatal and get resolved quickly by the police. 

    As a tourist, visiting and exploring the place normally would have no issues while visiting Palm Beach. 

    What is the crime rate in West Palm Beach?

    West Palm Beach has a higher prime rate with one getting a chance to become a crime victim of about 1 in 30. 

    There are several other large cities in Florida that have lower crime rates than the National average, but this small populated city has higher poverty rates, substance abuse, drug trafficking, income inequality, and less policing that contribute to the crime issues in the city. 

    The crime rate in West Palm Beach vs. the national average in the year 2022-23 is mentioned below-

    Type of crimeWest Palm Beach (per 100,000 residents)USA (per 100,000 residents)
    Violent crime762396
    Property crime34091933
    Total crime 41712329


    With 117,415 residents, there will be a total of 4171 total crimes in West Palm Beach in 2022. So, you have a 1 in 28 chance of getting into crime in West Palm Beach. 

    Property Crime in West Palm Beach

    In 2022, there were 3409 per 100,000 property crimes in West Palm Beach which includes:

    • Theft – 2573
    • Burglaries – 479
    • Car thefts – 342
    • Arsons – 15

    Whereas property crime in the USA is about 1933 per 100,000 population. This means the property crime rate of West Palm Beach is 1.5x more than the US average and 1.8x more than the state average.

    Aggravated assault in West Palm Beach

    In 2022, there were 762 per 100,000 violent crimes in West Palm Beach which includes:

    • Assaults -470
    • Robberies-220
    • Rapes- 52
    • Murders – 20

    Whereas, Violent crime in the USA is about 396 per 100,000 population. This means the violent crime rate of West Palm Beach is 2x more than the US average and the state average.

    In 2020, the police department of Palm Beach reported a decrease in violent crime rates, although crimes in other categories were on the higher side. 

    3. Areas to avoid in West Palm Beach

    Areas with the most crowds, roaming late at night, and the pleasant city are considered dangerous in West Palm Beach, hence, suggested to avoid or remain aware while living.


    The police department acts as an incentive to crimes and keeps on patrolling all day long in the neighborhoods. 

    Areas like Rosemary Square, Clematis Street, and North Tamarind are considered home to nightlife resulting from criminal activities like alcohol-related offenses, drugs, prostitution, assault, larceny, fights, and shoplifting.

    With a population of around 100-3500, these areas report crimes more than 60%-250% of the West Palm Beach and national average. 

    What are the wrong areas of West Palm Beach?

    Rosemary Square, Clematis Street, Dunbar Village housing complex, Grandview Heights, Riviera Beach, and Pineapple Park are some of the wrong areas of West Palm Beach.

    Which are the most dangerous cities in Palm Beach County?

    Palm Beach Lakes, Roosevelt Estates, Lake Mangonia, Southwest, and Northwood are the most dangerous cities of West Palm Beach plagued by prostitution, assault, fights, drugs, and crime. 

    Is West Palm Beach a high-crime area?

    West Palm Beach is a high crime area that has nearly double crime rates than the national average.

    Pinewood Park 

    Pinewood Park is not a safe place to live in Palm Beach, FL. Its crime rate is 37.4 which is 60% higher than the national average of 22.7.

    Roosevelt Estates

    Roosevelt Estates is not a safe neighborhood to live with family in Palm Beach Florida. Its overall crime rate is 372% higher than the US average with just a population of 2000 residents.

    North Tamarind

    With only a 2000 population, North Tamarind faces 177% more crime rates than the national average and 56% more crime rates than the city average. 

    Lake Mangonia

    Lake Mangonia, the non-violent neighborhood of Palm Beach has 57% more crime rates than the city average and 178% more crime rates than the US average.

    The area witnesses regular violent incidents like bag snatching, pickpocketing, and assaults by thieves in open areas, dim nights, and crowded places.

    Progressive Northwest

    Progressive Northwest is the least safest place in West Palm Beach having 54% higher crime rates than the city average and 183% more crime rates than the US average. 

    4. Best neighborhoods in West Palm Beach

    Don’t get alarmed by the higher crime rates in West Palm Beach. There are neighborhoods like Downtown, Flamingo Park, Grand View Heights, and more that are the safest and best places to live in Florida with families.

    These are quite reserved neighborhoods with a great alarm and police patrolling system available all day long.

    It also has a broad selection of educational institutes, outdoor recreations, high-end restaurants, shops, malls, pristine beaches, and cultural attractions that attract retirees and families to settle down. 

    But the only thing to be aware of is not roaming late at night, and staying within the boundaries will keep you safe from crimes and offenses. 

    What is the best area to live in West Palm Beach?

    The Southside and the waterfront near downtown are the best areas to live in West Palm Beach.

    Where is the best place to live in Palm Beach?

    Flamingo Parks, Prospect Park Southend, and El Cid are the best places to live in Palm Beach.

    What are the safest areas in West Palm Beach?

    South of Southern, Villages of Palm Beach Lakes, Flamingo Park, and Downtown are the safest areas in West Palm Beach.

    Grandview Heights

    With a 700 residents population score, Grandview Heights is a desirable neighborhood in West Palm Beach offering many housing and rental options, safer communities, close access to the airport, beach, and city, and a great quality of life.  

    Central Park

    Central Park is a West Palm Beach safe neighborhood for families and retirees that offers various affordable smaller and mid-size homes with great amenities, coastline views, and proximity to beaches.

    It is a family-oriented area that provides a high walk score, event venues, great parks, and no criminal scenes. 


    Southend is one of the most preferable and safest communities of West Palm Beach offering proximity to the southern bridge, intercoastal waterway, and South Dixie corridor.

    It offers a family-friendly atmosphere with great schools, parks, recreation, and amenities. 

    Northwood Shores

    With a population of 4050 residents Northwood Shores is a reliable place to live in West Palm Beach, FL.

    It offers some of the best restaurants, pristine beaches, walkable roads, recreational activities, and high-end amenities to visitors and residents of the city.

    With family-friendly communities and safer neighborhoods, it is a great place for families and retirees. 

    5. Factors Why is West Palm Beach so dangerous


    How safe is West Palm Beach? It’s inherently dangerous to live in the city. But what are the factors contributing to West Palm Beach being dangerous? Read on!


    Income and employment rates have a revealing effect on how safe a city can be.

    The safest cities in the states are the ones having more employment opportunities, median income more than the US average, and higher economic rates. 

    West Palm Beach has a poverty rate of 19.26% and a median household income of $82,000 which is quite low and is affecting the safety and security of the city.

    More the poverty rates, the more the people are eager to commit crimes. 

    Excessive Use of Drugs

    The town is home to bustling nightlife, cultural scenes, and crowded leisure places, hence leading to proximity to drug usage, trafficking, and drug-related issues.

    It also attracts criminal organizations to create notorious criminal scenes like human trafficking, abuse, and usage of illicit substances like opioids and heroin. 

    High Rate of Tourism

    Palm Beach attracts more than 2 million visitors and seasonal residents annually.

    The temporary nature of some residents, local gangs, and visitors creates community cohesion and quick crime issues like theft, offense, and abuse. 

    Community Factor

    Dispossession in communities can create a lack of resources, fewer support systems, and Infestation.

    Abandoned communities might experience higher crime rates due to limited economic chances, less social engagement, and community activities. 


    West Palm Beach is highly differentiated between the wealthy and economically challenged ones.

    This results in frustration, disparity, lack of resources, and fewer opportunities, leading to higher crime rates.

    6. Safety Tips for Traveling to Palm Beach

    Is Palm Beach Nice? Yes, but only when you remain cautious & incident-free while you are in the city. It takes a lot of attentiveness and cunning moves to avoid such issues. 

    Following are the tips for West Palm Beach safety while traveling or living in West Palm Beach.

    • Avoid booking accommodations in dangerous areas.
    • Choose the right time to arrive. Make sure not to arrive while a hurricane is about to hit the city. 
    • Check your car thoroughly. Don’t leave any valuables or kids inside the car. 
    • Be aware of your surroundings. Be attentive. Don’t watch your phone, use headphones, and talk with fellow mates while walking around the city
    •  Don’t walk alone at night. Avoid using liquor, drugs, etc. while alone or with friends at night. 
    • Avoid crowded areas. Stay in lighted areas. Avoid dark and deserted areas. 
    • Avoid talking with strangers. Keep on walking, don’t let them engage with you. 

    Is Palm Beach safe at night?

    Palm Beach is not safe at night. But staying within society’s boundaries, staying cautious, and moving out with purpose can make living safe in Palm Beach at night. 

    Is West Palm Beach safe from a hurricane?

    West Palm is a hurricane-free city, although it had felt several storm effects at times. Although it’s nearer to Miami, the hurricane-prone state, it’s 

    West Palm Beach safe FAQs

    Is West Palm Beach safe to live in?

    West Palm Beach is a moderately safe place to live in. It’s a lively built-up city that attracts many visitors throughout the year despite having a higher crime rate of 39 crimes for 1,000 residents.

    When is the best time to visit Palm Beach?

    The best time to visit Palm Beach is between December to March when the climate is temperate, and temperatures in the city are not so hot but not so cold.

    Is West Palm Beach safe for women?

    The waste Palm Beach is safe for women only if they travel around with utmost safety, caution, and purpose.

    Is Downtown West Palm Beach safe?

    Downtown West Palm Beach is a relatively safer area to stay and roam while in the city. The only thing to keep in mind is to be aware of your belongings, surroundings, and what’s going on around you. 

    Should You Live in West Palm Beach?

    You must consider living in West Palm Beach as it offers something for every age group. It is a lively city center providing vivid recreational options, cultural scenes, great weather, and unique communities.


    To sum up, West Palm Beach is not safe. The startling crime rates make the city unsafe to live in.

    The visitors and residents have almost double the chance of being incident victims as compared to other Florida citizens. 

    However, West Palm Beach also has safe neighborhoods with lower crime rates and safer communities meant for families and oldies.

    If you’re looking to move to West Palm Beach or just visiting the city, try to stay in a safe community or accommodation mentioned in this article.

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