Is Columbus Ohio Safe?


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    The megacity of Columbus is the capital of Ohio, the popular midwestern US state. It is not only large in population but also has a large land area as well.

    This city is a hidden gem in the plain areas of the US. The metropolis city of Columbus is packed with everything that one expects to be.

    From a huge cultural plethora to Sports & Leisure, to Outdoors, and vibrant nightlife, Columbus offers everything to the people that they are willing for. 

    If you are wondering, is Columbus Ohio safe for living and starting a family? Well, according to the data analyzed by Niche.

    com, the area of Columbus is pretty safe, with no major safety concerns. Also, according to the data collected by Numbeo.

    com, the Columbus Ohio crime rate index is fairly low, i.e., 44.12, when compared to other major cities of the US. 

    Interested in knowing more facts about the safety in the city of Columbus, then read our below curated descriptive review for the same.

    That would give you some inside detail about this city and will also help you in deciding whether I should move to Ohio or not.


    So, without wasting a moment anymore, let’s now acquaint ourselves with the details this article has to share.  

    What is the Columbus crime rate?

    The annual crime rate of Columbus per 1,000 residents in case of violent crimes is 5.96 and 33.16 in case of property crimes.  

    How safe is Columbus Ohio? 

    According to the findings of, the area of Columbus, Ohio is pretty safe, with fewer safety concerns.

    The rate of violent crime in Columbus is descending than the national average rate whereas, the rate of property crime rate is more elevated than the national average rate. 

    Crime in Columbus Ohio

    In the past years, violent crime rates have been increasing constantly in American cities.

    Similarly, in the state of Ohio, there are also various dangerous neighborhoods that might not be safe for you to reside in.

    Thus, we would like you to read all the below-sourced information carefully, as it would help you know how safe Columbus Ohio is, what are the worst and the best neighborhoods to live in the city, and also some important travel tips that you should be aware of before moving into this beautiful city. 

    All the data listed here is without any sort of discriminatory statement or judgment.

    Thus, keep scrolling further, in this descriptive article, to receive all the updates about Columbus Ohio safety

    1. Is Columbus Ohio a safe place to live

     Are you moving from California to Ohio any time soon and wondering if it is a safe city or has certain dangerous neighborhoods or areas that you should avoid? Well, we would happily like to inform you that globally comparing Columbus, with other major cities around the world, this city has a comparatively low crime rate index of 44.12.


    And is thus not listed as the most dangerous city in the world.

    Also, according to the data published by the FBI, this city of Ohio is not on the list of the 25 most dangerous cities in the entire US nation.

    As per the data collected by World Population and, it is sure that the city of Columbus is not a bad area and is pretty safe.

    Also, it is not part of the list of some of the dangerous cities of the US, such as; Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis, Cleveland, St.

    Louis, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Philadelphia.

    The crime map of Columbus Ohio depicts it to be a pretty safe city for tourists, where they have to be a little cautious and mindful of their safety.

    We would suggest that visitors should avoid a handful of less attractive neighborhood places where they have to be a little careful about pickpockets, mobile phone thefts, or scams. 

    The whole city is divided into various parts, but Downtown Columbus is one such area that has a little risk of crime and is where people can freely walk and enjoy their time with loved ones.

    The Downtown area of Columbus is pretty safe to stroll or take a walk. The major reason for this is that the area of Downtown is quite innovative, cultural, and full of technology. 

    The park and the statehouse available here are the best and no others like those are available near any neighborhood region.

    Apart from that, it is an exciting area, where people, who are looking for how to become an Ohio state resident, can enjoy their evenings to the fullest.

    The area has safe streets, lots of parking space, and an easily accessible and spacious sidewalk.

    Also, the breathtaking views of the riverfront and the skyline are something that would soothe your eyes and give you a relaxing feeling. 

    If you are still in doubt, about whether Columbus Ohio is safe and a good place to live in, then we would like you to trust us regarding the same.

    We have also mentioned below, certain reasons why the city of Columbus is one of the great places to live in the state of Ohio. They are;

    • Affordable living costs
    • Great outdoor recreation options
    • Thriving job market
    • Love for sports car racing among the people

    Thus, plan your visit to the city of Columbus today and start living a peaceful, happy, and contented life. 

    2. Columbus Ohio Crime Rate  

    According to the data collected during the surveys of, Ohio is a midterm US state in terms of crime and safety.

    The state ranks at the 25th lowest position in terms of property crime and at the 18th lowest position when it comes to violent crime.

    Despite such rates, the crime rate in the state of Ohio is regarded as less than a large number of other states in the nation.

    The violent crime rate in the state is 3.4 and 18.5 is the property crime rate per 1,000 persons.

    Thus, that was all about the stats and numbers of the state of Ohio as a whole.

    Now, we would like to discuss with you the numbers regarding how safe Columbus Ohio is

    The city of Columbus has a higher crime rate, if compared to the average crime rate of the nation. But this does mean that this wonderful city has no safe place to live in.

    This city has wide neighborhoods that are family-friendly and have low-crime rates, which makes them the ideal place to live in the state.

    One of the best ways to assess the crime rate in the city is through the crime map of Columbus Ohio.

    The majority of the criminal incidents that take place in a handful of communities rest in all the other safe neighborhoods.

    The basic stats of the crime rates in Columbus are as follows:-

    • 3,811 total crimes per 100K people
    • 3,308 property crimes per 100K people
    • 503 violent crimes per 100K people

    Thus, you have 1 in a 26 chance of getting victimized by any crime in Columbus.

    Scroll below further to know about the bifurcation of crime rates between violent crime and property crime. 

    Let us now first start with the violent crime rates in Columbus Ohio. As through the above-listed stats, we are already aware that the average rate for the same is 503 per 100K people.

    So, we want you to be aware of the further division of the same rates into various types of violent crimes that include; aggravated assault, robbery, murder, and rape.

    The numbers for the Columbus Ohio crime rate have been compared to that of the state average. Let’s now have a look at the same.

    • The murder rate in Columbus per year is 81, and the same in Ohio is 538.
    • The rape rate in Columbus per year is 882, and the same in Ohio is 5,731.
    • The robbery rate in Columbus per year is 1,810, and the same in Ohio is 8,846.
    • The aggravated assault rate in Columbus per year is 1,788, and the same in Ohio is 19,154.

    We believe that the numbers listed above might be a little shocking for you, but as we said earlier along with the places of high crime areas there are various safe places too which we will be learning soon in the coming years. 

    But before that get yourself acquainted with the diversification of various kinds of property crimes and their respective crime rate numbers in both city of Columbus and the state of Ohio as a whole. 

    • The latency theft rate in Columbus per year is 20,606, and the same in Ohio is 177,725.
    • The burglary rate in Columbus per year is 5,809, and the same in Ohio is 43,894.
    • The motor Vehicle Theft rate in Columbus per year is 3,559, and the same in Ohio is 18,672.

    Now let’s move on to the next head describing the worst neighborhood places that you should surely avoid, due to Columbus Ohio safety reasons.

    3. Worst Neighborhoods in Columbus Ohio  

    The worst or the most dangerous neighborhood in Columbus refers to the places that have high capita rates of violent and property crimes.


    This would never mean that you are risking your life by living in such neighborhoods.

    But, it simply means that people living in the below-listed places have to be a little more cautious about the people in their surroundings. 

    Thus, we have listed 5 of the areas in the city of Columbus, below that you should surely avoid especially at night. 

    • Franklinton- The place of Frankilton in Columbus has about a higher percentage of about 151% than the national crime rate. Also, according to the crime map of Columbus Ohio of this place, the crime rate here is 5,898 per 100k people. Thus, an individual living here has 1 in a 14 chance of becoming a victim of any type of criminal activity. 
    • Weinland Park- As an estimate, the total crime rate in Weinland Park is 5,479 per 100K people. Out of which 826 is the rate of violent crime and the remaining 4,653 is the rate of property crime. Apart from these details, it has been found out that the crime rates here are 134% higher than the national average. Thus, there lies a 1 in 19 chance of becoming a victim of any heinous crime.  
    • North Central- About 5,329 per 100k people is the total crime rate of the North Central region of Columbus. And it is supposed that this place has a 127% higher than the national average crime rate. 
    • Southwest- Southwest has a total of 120% higher crime rates than the national average. Out of which there is a 1 in 20 chance of becoming a victim of crimes taking place in the area. The total estimated crime rate in the area is about 5,172 per 100K people. 
    • Lincoln Village- If you are wondering how safe Columbus Ohio is in Lincoln Village, then the crime rates prevailing here are just 2% higher than the national average. In Lincoln Village, there is a 1 in 42 chance of becoming a target of criminals. And when talking about the crime rate, the same here is about 2,404 per 100K people. 

    4. Best neighborhoods in Columbus  

    Before you relocate with your family to Columbus, you need to find a low-crime rate and a kid-friendly area.

    Thus, here are the names of some of the best and safest neighborhoods in Columbus, that would surely give you a sense of security and a warmness to live a happy life.

    Thus the best neighborhood includes places such as; Bexley, Grandview Heights, Worthington, Brewery District, Italian Village, Harrison West, Victorian Village, Lockville, White Ash South, Western Hills, and Cross Creek. 

    These were the names of the best places regarding Columbus Ohio safety. But out of these names, it is a bit difficult to select the best neighborhood places to live in.

    As the city has a unique blend of all kinds of neighborhoods having different atmospheres, unique identities, and also safe & friendly environments.

    Here is a list of some of the best areas in which you can choose to make your perfect dream abode.

    They are; Grandview Heights, Bexley, Brewery Districts, Worthington, Victorian Village, and Harrison West.  

    Mentioned below is a small description of some of the safest places to live in the neighborhoods of Columbus Ohio.

    That would help you in taking a quick decision about where to settle down. 

    • Worthington- The town of Worthington is an extremely safe place, with an excellent school system. The crime rate here is about 1,390 crimes per 100K people, which is about 41% lower than the national average. This northern suburb of Columbus is best for retirees and families and has plenty of iconic places to visit.
    • Italian Village- The total crime rate in Italian Village is 1,474 per 100k people which is 37% lower than the national average. This suburb town has historical roots and also has a varied diversity that is loved by the people living there. This is one of the best places to settle down as it is about 97% safer than the neighboring areas in Columbus. 
    • Bexley- The crime rate in the suburban city of Bexley is about 37% lower than the national average. This is a small town with only about 14K residents and is most suitable for people of every age group and family. This affordable neighborhood is a community-filled and historic place that is one of the best in Columbus. 
    • Western Hills- This is indeed an ‘A’ rating neighborhood of Columbus that has a crime rate of 1,212 per 100K people. This number is about 48% lower than the national average. This place is about 62% safer than the rest of the cities in the entire nation. It is a wonderful and extremely safe neighborhood to move in with family. 
    • Grandview Heights- Grandview Heights is considered one of the best places to live in Columbus, as it has a crime rate of about 2,020 per 100K people. Which is estimated to be about 14% lower than the national average crime rate. This place offers a high-quality lifestyle to its residents, thus, it is a great place for young professionals and families to live in. 

    5. Safety Tips for Traveling to Columbus Ohio

    By now, you are already aware of the fact that the Columbus Ohio crime rate is higher than the national average.


    But overall it is a safe city, where crime is concentrated over a few specific regions. A majority of the major neighborhoods are safe, where you can stroll alone at night.

    Especially the Downtown area of Columbus is one of the most happening places in the city where you can make yourself comfortable exploring the place after the sun sets. 

    After reading the above list of safe places in Columbus, if you are planning to travel to the same and start a new life.

    Then, below mentioned are some safety tips that you should follow in case you encounter any sort of mishap.

    • There is a website of the Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center, that explains to people the rights of a victim who has encountered any crime. 
    • On the website of the Department of Police of Ohio, you can file a non-urgent report against any crime or accident that happened to you.
    • If you are traveling to Columbus for the first time download the My Columbus app on your mobile phone for accessing detailed information regarding Columbus Ohio safety

    After reading all the above-listed detailed information carefully, we should now move on to some of the frequently asked questions regarding the safety concerns of Columbus. 

    Is Columbus Ohio Safe FAQs   

    Is Columbus Ohio dangerous? 

    No, Columbus Ohio is not one of the most dangerous cities in the nation and it also does not lie in the list of the top 25 most dangerous cities in the US. 

    What is the Columbus Ohio crime rate? 

    The total no. of annual crimes in this Ohio city is 35,469 per 1000 people and 39.13 is the crime rate per 1000 people in Columbus. This rate can be further segregated as 5.96 violent crimes and 33.16 property crimes. 

    Is Columbus ohio safe to live in?

    The answer to this is absolutely yes. Like any other city across the globe, there are certain areas that you should avoid visiting, but the rest of Columbus is a beautiful and vibrant city that you should visit to enjoy. 

    What Parts of Columbus should be avoided?  

    Below mentioned are a few most dangerous places to live in Columbus, that should be avoided. They are;

    • Franklinton
    • Milo Gorgan
    • Tri South
    • South Linden
    • North Central
    • Lincoln Village
    • Weinland Park


    Thus, that was all the information we wanted to share with you regarding the topic, ‘Is Columbus Ohio Safe‘.

    We have by far mentioned all the necessary details regarding the same, which included information about how safe Columbus Ohio, the crime rates of the city, and also the best & the worst places in Columbus.

    We hope, that this article has given you an overall insight into Columbus, that would surely help you decide where to move in this incredible city.