Does it Snow in Missouri?

Does it Snow in Missouri

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    Missouri is a friendly and unassuming midwestern US state. This state is like a wide-open book, with lots of surprises and countless hidden gems. Some of the major spotlights of the Missouri city where you can enjoy your vacations are- Gateway of Arch, Lake of the Ozarks, Katy Trail, and Route 66. Not only this, but this beautiful state also offers various activities for the people to enjoy, such as art & entertainment, history & attractions, nightlife & family activities, outdoor recreation, shopping arcades, and sports & recreation facilities.

    Missouri is located at the center of the American continent and is ranked as the 28th best state in the nation by US News. The economy of this place is highly diversified and provides good job opportunities to the people. Thus it is a good place to settle down and live for both Missourians and people planning to come from outside.

    The state of Missouri experiences a strong continental type of climate, which thus makes it more favorable to stay and enjoy there. Interested to know more about the climate of the state and does it snow in Missouri? Then, you have landed in the right place, as these are important things to know before Relocation to Missouri. And here we will be discussing the same. So, keep scrolling below to gather essential climate-related information.

    Does it Snow in Missouri

    Does it rain or snow in Missouri?

    Yes, of course, Missouri does experience both rain and snow every year. On average Missouri experiences 43 inches of rain per year which is slightly more than the national average, i.e., 38 inches. If talking about snow, Missouri receives around 13 inches of average snow every year which is less than the national average of snowfall, i.e., 28 inches.

    When was the last snow in Missouri?

    The last snowfall in Missouri was recorded on February 15 2021 in the city of St. Loius, located in Central Missouri.

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    The Climate in Missouri

    The regional differences in Missouri are the major reason for climate change. The state has a continental type of climate with strong seasonality. Also due to its inland location, the state is subjected to frequent changes in its temperatures.

    The Climate in Missouri

    During the summer season, the climate is moist with warm air flowing towards the north from the Gulf of Mexico. Due to the conventional process of air, it also rains in copious amounts but also experiences droughty periods for some time of the year. Also, high pressure stagnates over the state, which thus results in the average temperature ranging between 87-90 degrees Fahrenheit, during July and August the two summertime months in Missouri.

    During the winter season, you will experience dry & cold air that swings in the south direction that comes from the plains of Canada. These winds may not stop due to any topographic barrier and thus may result in rainfall, snowfall, and extremely cold winds. In the northern region, near East Ozarks, and Western Central Plains you will experience temperatures below the freezing point, and also for an average of 100-110 days, you will be experiencing temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

    What type of climate in Missouri?

    Missouri has a continental type of climate. It can be precisely defined as varieties of humid & subtropical types of climate.

    What’s the weather like in Missouri years round?

    Missouri experiences four different types of seasons or weather. The summers are hot, muggy, and wet whereas winters remain cold and snowy. Not only this, but also you will find partly cloudy sky all the year round. The average temperatures of the state may vary from 26 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. But it is rarely recorded to be below 9 degrees Fahrenheit or above 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

    How cold is Missouri in the winter?

    January is considered to as the peak wintertime with the average recorded maximum temperature as 43 degrees Fahrenheit and a minimum temperature of 26 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Freezing Days in Missouri

    As we all know now, the answer to the question is, does it snow in Missouri? Is a yes. During snowy days the temperature of the state may tend to fall below the freezing point. It has been recorded in statistical data that the temperature remains below the freezing point for 106.3 days in the state. Especially during the months of snow, the temperature during the night time falls dramatically.

    Freezing Days is Missouri

    What is the coldest month in Missouri?

    January has been recorded as the coldest month in the state. The average temperature recorded during this month of the year is 20.3 degrees Fahrenheit. The major reason for this is the snowfall of an average of 3.2 inches falling in Missouri in January.

    What was the coldest day ever in Missouri?

    The coldest day in Missouri had been recorded on November 11 in the year 1911, in Warsaw city of Missouri. The temperature recorded on this day was -40 degrees.

    Extremely Clouded Days in Missouri

    Missouri is a sunny city with mostly clear days, but 30% of the sky has been covered up with clouds, during the time of daylight. Missouri has partly sunny days where the sky is covered with 40%-70% clouds during the daytime. Then there are also total sunny days, where about 80% of the sky is covered with clouds. Thus, there are a lot of sunny days with partial clouds and a clear sky which allows you to enjoy various outdoor activities that the state has to offer to you. If you are planning your itinerary, then we must tell you that you will find some of the best hiking trails in Missouri, which you can enjoy on a sunny day.

    Extremely Cloudy Days

    Not only you will see clouds in a clear sky, but also you will find rain-filled clouds over the state. May is the rainiest month of the year with an average of 11 days of rain. The summer season experiences 30% of rain, with an annual average of 97.3 days of rain annually. While the spring season experiences 21% of annual rainfall. So will also see various rain-carrying clouds across the state at different times of the month.

    How many cloudy days does Missouri have?

    Missouri has clouds most of the time of the year. If the day is sunny, then you can find, bright white clouds in the sky, and also during the summer and spring season you will be experiencing rain carrying clouds in the sky.

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    Snowfall in Missouri

    Are you thinking, does it snow in Missouri or not? Well yes, the average annual snowfall in the state of approx 13 inches, which is quite less than the annual snowfall in the entire nation. Missouri experiences snow in five significant months of the year, i.e., January, February, March, November, and December. January is considered to be the snowiest month in the state with an average of 3.8 inches of snow, every year. The months of February and March experience the snowfall of 3.5 and 1.5 inches respectively.

    Snowfall in Missouri

    Whereas the year-ending months of November and December experience, 0.5 and 3.4 inches of snowfall respectively. If you are a snow lover and planning to move to the state, then you should go through the table mentioned below, which states the average annual snowfall experienced in different cities of Missouri according to their location. Thus, you can easily decide on the best places to move to in Missouri for families with maximum snowfall.

    North Missouri


    Central Missouri

    13.8Kansas City18.246.2
    14.5St. Louis16.642.2
    5.6St. Charles9.022.9
    5.1Jefferson City8.922.6

    South Missouri

    3.7Stockton Lake Dam6.917.5
    3.4Ozark Beach6.817.3
    2.0Poplar Bluff5.413.7

    What part of Missouri has snow?

    Almost every city in Missouri experiences snowfall, but the density or the average snowfall rate differences from one another. In the tables mentioned above, we have mentioned the details regarding a few of them.

    Does Missouri get much snow?

    Yes, Missouri gets snow every year, approximately 12.9 or 13 inches. Apart from this, the average number of continuous snowfall days in January(ost snowy month) is 2.2 days.

    What months does it snow in Missouri?

     Do you want to know that for many months does it snow in Branson Missouri? Well, The first three and the last two months of the calendar are considered snow months in Missouri. The months are January, February, March, November, and December.

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    Snow on the Ground in Missouri

    When the snow covers the ground, it becomes the best skiing ground. But before visiting any places as such, you should be first aware of the essential information such as; open slopes, snow depths, lift slopes, etc. During January, the snow in Missouri stays on the ground for an average of 6 days, 4.3 days in February, and 4.2 days during February.

    Snow on Ground in Missouri

    Is there snow on the ground in Missouri Beach?

    Missouri does not possess a pleasant and sandy beach scene. But, they do have some. One of the most popular beaches in Missouri is the Lake of the Ozarks. Are you wondering whether, does it snow in Missouri, the Ozarks? Well, the answer to this is yes. The average number of snowy days is 3.4 days with 6.8 inches annually.

    Does it Snow in Missouri FAQs

    How many inches of snow is there in Missouri?

    The average snowfall in Missouri is 12.9 inches every year. During this time, the temperatures can reach upto 20.3 degrees Fahrenheit, which is less than the freezing point.

    Does it snow in Missouri in February?

    Yes, February is a snowy month for the people of Missouri, as the snow may continuously fall for an average of 1.9 days.

    How many days does it snow in Missouri?

    Are you wondering, for many days does it snow in Springfield Missouri? It has been reported that the snow starts to fall late in October and continues upto early May.


    We hope that through this article we have cleared your queries related to does it snow in Missouri and also about the other climatic conditions of the state. The topographic barriers in the state determine its climate. Apart from summer and winter the state also gets an average of 43 inches of rainfall annually. Thus, it is an extremely beautiful place to live in, but before that, you should be aware of the Missouri cost of living calculator and how it works, so that it can ease your stay in the state. So, plan your itinerary today, and settle down in this great state.

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