Best Places To Live In Missouri

Best Places To Live In Missouri

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    The state of Missouri has been nicknamed The Show Me-State by the folks. Missouri located in the heartland of the United States has many attractions that naturally appeal to people such as; a large shoreline, excellent waterways, hilly forested terrain, gigantic, caves, endless striking plains, and much more.

    Apart from this Missouri, also has a fabulous barbeque scene, frozen custard, hot real-estate market, hill forested terrain, one of the biggest & the loudest stadiums, theaters, museums, national parks, a thriving economy, low cost of living, and a lot more.

    However, there are some objectionable things in the cities such as high pollution levels, high crime rates, reduced quality of healthcare services, low levels of diversity, and a few more.

    If you are moving to Missouri, and looking for an ideal place to live in that can offer you all the amenities and excellent services, then you have landed at the right place. Here in this comprehensive article, we will be disclosing to you the ten best places to live in Missouri. So, go through this interesting article to find some appealing details about these Missourian cities. Without wasting a minute further, let’s get started.

    What do I need to know about moving to Missouri? Before moving to the state of Missouri, you should be aware of certain things such as; Missouri’s cost of living, housing costs, food culture, various attractions, great sports culture, and friendly folks.

    Best Places To Live In Missouri

    Is Missouri a good state to live in?

    Missouri is a fantastical place to live in as the state has a low cost of living, affordable housing markets, and a delicious barbeque scene. The best thing about this state is that it offers something to people with varied tastes, whether you love nature, are a sports fan, love culture, or just love eating different delicacies. This Midwestern state offers everything.

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    The 10 Best Places To Live In Missouri

    Our team has worked hard in finding out the details about the best places to live in Missouri for families. No matter what you prefer, living in a big city or a small county, Missouri offers you both, along with excellent services to fulfill your basic living needs. This Show Me-State is a perfect blend of all the past, present, and future. Keep scrolling below to know more about the cities and small towns of this state located in the heartland of America, which attracts thousands of new residents each year. 

    1. Creve Coeur

    This town is a suburb in St.Louis county, with an average population of 18,000 people. The median household income of people of this town is approximately $96,000, which thus allows the residents to freely enjoy numerous parks, recreation spots, Creve Coeur Lake, and other amenities that the town has to offer.

    Creve Coeur

    Creve Coeur is an affluent place in Missouri with average housing prices of $443,700 and rent of $1,304 per month. The town also has some of the best-performing schools and universities. Also, the cost of living in this town is 6% higher than the national average. This town is the home to many young professionals working in the sectors of life science, bioscience, and technology. The unemployment rate in this state is 1.8% and also has a ranking of 7 out of 10 in terms of safety.

    Is Creve Coeur Missouri a good place to live?

    It is one of the best places to live in Missouri, which gives its residents a dense suburban feel with lots of amenities and facilities. Creve Coeur has a thriving community with beautiful homes, excellent business opportunities, various high-tech offices, and hundreds of acres of parkland.

    Can you fish at Creve Coeur Lake?

    This lake is located near Maryland heights. The most popular species of fish that can be caught in this lake are Largemouth bass, Freshwater drum, and Channel Catfish.

    2. Clayton

    Clayton is a cultural panache town located in the suburb of St. Louis. It is an ideal destination for people with free spirit as it is the home to various art venues, galleries, the St.Louis Art fair, A Taste of Clayton festival, fine boutiques, nightspots, restaurants, and much more. The town is home to more than 16,000 people whose average median income amounts to $108,000.


    The average cost of houses in this town is about $597,700, which is the third highest in the state. Also, the graduation rate in this city is 96% as the town has a top-notch educational system, with some of the best schools and Universities. The cost of living in this city is on the higher side, but its clean environment, high-quality amenities, and safe & clean streets are worth every penny. In terms of safety, this city has a ranking of 8 out of 10, which makes it the best place to live in Missouri.

    Is Clayton MO the same as St. Louis MO?

    Clayton is a suburb city located at the seat of St.Louis County, Missouri.

    Which county is Clayton Missouri in?

    Clayton, Missouri is a part of St. Louis county and it also borders St. Louis city.

    3. Wildwood

    Wildwood is a guaranteed pleasurable city for nature lovers. This city is home to one of the best hiking in Missouri, walking trails, biking paths, a range of paths, ski resorts, and various other outdoor opportunities. Not only this, the city has various indoor activities too that entertain people irrespective of their age, such as; cinemas, shopping outlets, restaurants, bowling alleys, cafes, and the Wildwood farmers market which is a prominent attraction in warm months.


    This suburb has a population of about 35,000 people and is the best small town in Missouri to live in. As the people here earn a six-figure household income which amounts to about $121,026. The crime in Wildwood is nearly non-existent. Along with various top-class high schools. Wildwood also boasts one of the highest costs of living in entire Missouri with the average price of houses amounting to $384,200 and an average monthly rent of $1,284. 

    Does it snow in Wildwood MO?

    The average snowfall that occurs in Wildwood, Missouri is 13 inches, which is less than the national average of 27.8 inches.

    What is the crime rate in Wildwood Missouri?

    The crime rate in this city is 0.65% per 1,000 residents.

    4. Chesterfield

    Chesterfield is a small town, located close to the city of St. Louis. This town has all the necessary perks required to live a happy and satisfying life. With a population of more than 47,000, this town is the home to Logan University, gorgeous Faust Park, Butterfly House, Chesterfield amphitheater, the longest strip mall, other premium outlets, top-quality restaurants, and a lot more. People residing here have good access to biking, walking, and fishing venues.


    This is a lean and conservative place with low crime rates, thus making it one of the best places to live in Missouri for retirement. The prices of houses in this town are comparatively on the higher side thus the median home value is $374,100 and the median rent is $1,212. Also, the paychecks of the people in this suburb are high as the town has a good education and employment scene. The average household income in Chesterfield amounts to $120,394 per year.

    Is Chesterfield MO nice?

    Chesterfield, Missouri has an extremely nice neighborhood with friendly people and a growth-focused environment, thus it is a great place to live and raise a family.

    Does Chesterfield MO have a downtown?

    Yes, Chesterfield does have a downtown area, that features four freestanding buildings, that can be used as restaurants & retail stores and two office buildings.

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    5. Ballwin

    Ballwin is a town in St.Louis county that is home to more than 30,000 residents. It is considered one of the best places to live in Missouri as the cost of living and the prices of houses in Ballwin are comparatively lower than the other cities on the list. The median value of homes in the city is $277,100 and the median rent amounts to $1,157.


    This city has low crime rates and a diverse economic base. It is also the home to several attractions, parks, an aquatic center, recreational sports, a Ballwin golf course, 14 National Blue Ribbon Schools, and 17 Missouri Gold Star Schools. Ballwin has a close-knit community and a safe environment where families flourish. The average household income of people here is $87,373 which allows them to live a comfortable life. 

    Is Ballwin Missouri a safe place?

    Ballwin is safer than many major towns and cities in America. Also, it has about 73% fewer crimes than many other major cities in Missouri.

    Is Ballwin MO a good place to live?

    Ballwin is a good place to live in and settle down with A+ ratings in terms of safety. The town has a sparse suburban feel which thus allows residents to settle down happily in their own homes.

    6. Glendale

    Glendale has been named the best place to live in Missouri for families because the motto of this city is ‘residents’ welfare above all else. The crime rate in this city is the 3rd lowest in the state and also the unemployment and poverty rates are also extremely low.


    The population of this small town is about 6,000 people who live together with a deep sense of community. The cost of living in this city is high as the median value of a house in Glendale is $415,900 and the value of median rent amounts to $1,750. The quality of life lived by people is high as their median household income amounts to $120,653. Glendale also offers various recreational opportunities to the residents with a bustling nightlife. This is the 7th best place in Missouri to raise a family and also has some of the best schools in the state.

    What county is Glendale Missouri in?

    Glendale, Missouri is part of St.Louis county.

    What is the zip code for Glendale Missouri?

    The zip code for this suburb town of St.Louis is 63122.

    7. Kirkwood

    The town of Kirkwood is known to be the Queen of the St.Louis suburbs because the people living there have a good quality of life. The residents living there get a good education, job opportunities, excellent salaries, and a safe neighborhood environment.


    Kirkwood has a happening downtown area, where you could find amazing restaurants, best dining areas, excellent shopping areas, farmers’ markets, the annual Peach festival during summers, and dazzling fireworks show during the winters. This suburb resides about 27,000 people, who can buy a house at the median value of $337,100 or can even rent one at the average rental price of $1,116 per month. The people here live in close-knit communities with a friendly vibe. The average household income of the people of Kirkwood is $70,439. Kirkwood has been given the ranking of C+ in terms of crime and safety.

    Is Kirkwood MO a good neighborhood?

    Kirkwood is considered one of the best places to live in Missouri for families and raise them.

    What county is Kirkwood Missouri?

    Kirkwood Missouri belongs to St. Louis county.

    8. Webster Groves

    This town is a suburb of St. Louis, but earlier it was part of Louisiana Territory. At the present time, this is one of the most affluent and desirable places to live in Missouri because of its safe neighborhood environments, high-income earning opportunities, and affordable housing. The median household income of people of Webster Groves is $88, 388. And the median value of homes in this town is calculated to be $301,700.

    Webster Groves

    The suburb of Webster Groves is home to about 23,000 people. Out of which a major portion is of students, due to the presence of Webster University. This area also attracts retirees and families due to its historic bustling charm, exciting entertainment scene, various quaint shops, top-class amenities, and the great job market. 

    What type of city government does Webster Groves have?

    Webster Groves, the suburb city of St.Louis, is a Charter city and has the Council-Manager type of government.

    What is Webster Groves High School mascot?

    ‘Statesmen’ is the mascot of Webster Groves High School.

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    9. Ozark

    The town of Ozark is in the Christian county of Missouri, with a population of about 20,000 people. This town is located about 19 miles south of Springfield and is considered the third-largest city in the Midwest area. Ozark offers its residents a buffet of recreational activities such as; golfing, fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, bird watching, caving, biking, and many other mountainous activities.


    The city of Ozark got its name from the famous Ozark mountains and has an extremely reasonable cost of living. The average median price of houses is around $161,600 and the average rent of houses in the city is $899. has given this suburb B- ranking in terms of crime & safety and also the same ranking goes in for economic & ethenic diversity.

    Are there Ozarks in Missouri?

    The word ‘Ozarks’ is referred to as the Ozark Plateau or the Ozarks Mountain and is stretched across five states, namely; Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Illinois.

    What is the crime rate in Ozark Missouri?

    The current crime rate in Ozarks is 221.3 per 100,000 residents.

    10. Columbia

    The city of Columbia commonly called ‘Co-Mo’ is an educational hub for Missourians or students coming from different other places. Columbia is the home to Columbia College, the University of Missouri, and Stephens College. Columbia is a boon county city with a population of about 115,400 people and is one of the largest cities in the midwestern state of Missouri.


    This is indeed the best town in the state with a friendly environment, various growth opportunities, influential economic culture, strong sectors of insurance & technology, brimming restaurants, fancy shops, exciting music venues, and a good interstate transportation system. Columbia is ranked ‘C’ by in terms of safety & crime and the median cost of houses here is; $208,300 and the average rent amount is $890.

    What is it like living in Columbia Missouri?

    Columbia is one of the best places to live in Missouri, as the city has an excellent school system, good healthcare facilities, low-cost living, exciting entertainment options, a clean environment, affordable housing options, satisfactory salaries, and many other factors.

    Is Columbia Missouri a small town?

    Columbia is an average-sized city that is neither too big nor too small. The city has a small-town feel with all the necessities and amenities. It also has a downtown area for the people to enjoy and hang out.


    What are the pros of living in Missouri?

    Missouri or The Show-Me-State has a lot to offer to its residents. Whether you are planning to move to Missouri for economic or recreational activities, this state will never disappoint you. But, before you make any movement or decide to live in any of the above-mentioned cities, you should be aware of the pros of living in Missouri. Some of the same are mentioned below:-

    • The cost of living is comparatively low.
    • Affordable cost of housing.
    • Good economic conditions and the job market.
    • Delicious food scenes.
    • Various exciting attractions and sports environments.
    • Friendly people.

    What part of Missouri is best to live in?

    St.Louis and all its suburb cities in the entire county are considered the best places to live in Missouri for retirement.


    We hope that by going through the above comprehensive article, you must have now been aware of all the best places to live in Missouri for families. All the ten places or cities mentioned above, offer great experiences to their residents and are always willing to give a warm welcome to the people coming from outside with the intent of settling there. We thereby, assure you that you are going to live a comfortable and exciting life if you settle in any of the above-mentioned cities.

    Also, if you are wondering does it snow in Missouri or not? Well, we would say, that The Show Me State does experience snowfall, which can excite you in the winter season. So what are you waiting for now? Look for the best opportunity, assemble your necessary documents, plan your itinerary, and move to Missouri, located in America’s heartland.

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