Moving to Missouri

Moving to Missouri

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    Are you thinking of moving to Missouri? Well, this Midwestern US state is a classic and friendly place. Crossroads of various other states touch the borders of Missouri, thus providing easy travel opportunities. 

    The state has a great location that is full of surprises and countless hidden gems that you will be glad to explore. Some Missourian highlights are; Gateway Arch, Fishing Spots, Craft Beer, Katy Trails, Route 66, Lake of the Ozarks, and various other things that will mesmerize you. 

    Want to know some quick details about the state before actually moving in, then keep scrolling below to know the same. 

    Moving to Missouri

    Is moving to Missouri a good idea?

    Moving to Missouri will be one of the best decisions that you would take for yourself. As, the state has one of the best job opportunities, a laidback lifestyle, a variety of outdoor activities, low living costs, various historical attractions, friendly people, a centralized location, less traffic, and a lot more. 

    What should I know before moving to Missouri?  

     Before relocating to the state, you should be aware of the cost of living in Missouri, the procedure to purchase a house, issue a driving license & residency status, job opportunities, tax rates, cheap places to live, food scenes, moving costs, and other items of your interest.

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    Quick Facts about Missouri

    Some quick facts about Missouri that you should be well aware of before actually moving to this wonderful state are as follows:- 

    • There are some excellent hiking trails in Missouri with waterfalls that are worth visiting. 
    • Missourians are highly obsessed with their barbeque.
    • Missouri has one of the best breweries in the entire world.
    • Missourians are extremely fond of some of the other sports & recreation activities. 
    • There are 5,500 caves alone in Missouri, so you better be a cave lover if you want to mingle with the Missourians. 

    What are 5 interesting facts about Missouri?

    Some interesting facts about Missouri are:-

    • Earlier there used to b a special day in the state when people were served beer in buckets.
    • Cow Tipping has been declared an unofficial sport in Missouri. 
    • Missourians are fearless of Tornadoes. Don’t be surprised if you see people putting up chairs on their porches and enjoying the spectacle of brewing twister.
    • Salt, Pepper, and Ketchup are the only species people use here.
    • Dancing is illegal in Purdy, Missouri.   

    Living in Missouri

    Missouri is a great area to live in since it has one of the cheapest housing markets, a low cost of living, and the best BBQ in the country. The best part about Missouri is that it has practically everything for everyone. This Midwestern state has everything, whether you like professional sports, the outdoors, culture, or just eating.

    Living in Missouri is the dream of most US citizens. The reason is the lifestyle of people living there is quite amazing. The state has a lot of well-developed cities and doesn’t disappoint if you want to experience rural life. Yes, the state also has rural areas which are extensively connected with main and big cities. One thing is sure the three basic needs which a person wants in his life are very affordable here which are: house, job and food.

    From excellent restaurants, barbeques and beverages to a well-established job market you will enjoy your routine life in the state. Eleven if you don’t have enough money to buy a new house you can easily get houses for rent at affordable pricing. And as we mentioned above the state has a well-established job market so if you have capabilities your job is almost confirmed there.

    Cost of living in Missouri

    As mentioned, the cost of living in Missouri is not very high. The beautiful destinations, good economy, developed infrastructure, and low cost of living make it one of the best places to live in the world. Here is the table which will tell you a wider picture of the cost of living in Missouri.

    Cost of living in Missouri
    Cost of living in Missouri

    Cost of Living Indices for Missouri Cities-

    Joplin MO             83.9   91.3   66.998.3   92.2   90.487.6
    St. Louis MO-IL    87.7   101.2 76.791.4   88.391.489.4
    Springfield           90.898.9   78.992.891.3101.794.9
    Missouri             91.2   98.0
    Jefferson City MO     91.9   94.9   80.3   90.6   100.8 99.797.0
    Columbia MO           92.996.583.5   97.9       94.196.796.9
    Kansas City MO-KS            94.689.5101.3 97.4   87.487.3          93.4
    St. Joseph MO-KS            96.5113.6 86.990.7   104.6104.795.6

    Everything is based on the US average of 100.

    Pros & Cons

    Nothing is perfect in this world and so is this state. Though it is one of the best states in the US and among the best places to live in the world it has some negative points also. So here we will tell you both pros and cons so that you can get a clear picture about what this state is good or for what is bad. Here are some pros and cons. Here are some Pros and cons of living in Missouri-


    • Budget-friendly: Missouri ranks #7 in US News & World Report’s Affordability Rankings. Its cost of living ranks #4.
    • Affordability: The state is one of the ten most affordable states for homebuyers in 2019.
    • Food in general: Fine. Missouri’s culinary claims to fame are a waffle cone, pizza, butter cake, toasted ravioli, and slingers.
    • Attractions: The Show-Me State offers several museums, theaters, national parks, and other attractions.
    • Sports: Many to choose from: NFL, MLB, MLS, NHL, Sporting KC, St Louis Cardinals (MLB).
    • Good people: The locals are very kind and helpful. A hint of Southern hospitality while not being in the South.


    • Humidity: Summers may be hot and humid, with plenty of rain to add to the misery.
    • Freezing winters: During the winter, expect severe ice storms and plenty of snow.
    • Tornadoes: Located in Tornado Alley, the state averages 30 per year.

    Is Missouri a good place to live?

    Yes. Missouri is an excellent place to live. The state’s economic potential benefits residents, and they also save money because of the low cost of living in Missouri. There’s also lots of entertainment, food, and fun to be had.

    Is Missouri an expensive place to live?

    Missouri was recognized as the tenth most cost-effective state to live in. Overall prices are believed to be cheaper than the national average, including rent, utilities, food, and entertainment.

    How much money do you need to live comfortably in Missouri?

    To live comfortably in Missouri, the estimates say that a family with two adults and two children would need to earn a combined $79,283 per year — or $6,607 per month.

    Taxes in Missouri

    Missouri is considered the 18th most tax-friendly state in the US. It also has somewhat higher combined state and local sales taxes than the national average and significantly lower property taxes. The cost of tangible personal property or taxable services acquired at retail is subject to the state sales tax.

    Taxes in Missouri
    Taxes in Missouri

    There is no doubt in the fact that taxes play an important role in the life of an individual as well as his family. The taxes in Missouri are comparatively higher when we compare all states but it doesn’t mean that taxes here are too high and unstable. The tax rates in Missouri are stable and seeing the quality of life they justify their value. Here is the complete information regarding the tax in Missouri.

    Tax TypeMarginal Tax RateEffective Tax Rate2020 Taxes*
    Total Income Taxes21.85%$13,353
    Income After Taxes$47,750
    Retirement Contributions$0
    Take-Home Pay$47,750

    Taxes on a car in Missouri

    You have 30 days from the date of purchase to title and pay sales tax on your new car. You may get a temporary permit, transfer license plates from another vehicle, or purchase new license plates when buying your vehicle.

    What taxes do you pay in Missouri?

    The state sales tax is levied on the cost of tangible personal property or taxable services purchased at retail. A use tax is set on the storage, use, or consumption of tangible private property in this state.

    • General Revenue – 3.0%
    • Conservation – 0.125%
    • Education – 1.0%
    • Parks/Soils – 1.0%

    These are the four accounts that receive the 4.225 percent state sales and use tax (0.10 percent).

    Is Missouri a high tax state?

    Missouri’s income tax system is progressive. There is a statewide sales tax and additional county and municipal levies, and Missouri has a somewhat lower effective property tax rate than the national average.

    Is Missouri a tax-friendly state for retirees?

    Missouri is a tax-friendly state, with Social Security income being partially taxed, withdrawals from retirement accounts being fully taxed, and public pensions being partially taxed while private pensions being fully taxed. Social Security retirement income is generally excluded if seniors earn less than $85,000 per year filing single and $100,000 per year filing jointly.

    Law in Missouri

    How can we forget laws? When it comes to quality of life, especially when we are shifting to another place, the first thing that comes to our minds is laws. People are very sensitive towards the law when they are planning to shift to another place. So here we will clear everything about the laws in Missouri. Let’s get into it.

    Law in Missouri
    Law in Missouri

    Missouri has its own set of laws that regulate it. Missouri state laws include the Missouri Constitution, legislation passed by the Missouri legislature and periodically codified in the Missouri Revised Statutes, and judicial decisions that interpret Missouri statutes. There are 14 articles in the Missouri Constitution, established in 1945. It delves into the three branches of government in more detail than the previous three editions.

    Both state and federal laws govern Missouri residents. Missouri abides by the same federal regulations as the rest of the United States, and Federal legislation also includes court decisions that interpret federal statutes.

    Weird laws in Missouri

    With a list of genuine laws applied on citizens, some weird laws also exist in Missouri which are as follows:

    • In Missouri, driving with an uncaged bear is prohibited.
    • The most current “Blue Law” in Missouri restricts the purchase of a car or truck on Sunday, and you may, however, buy a boat or a motorcycle.
    • Anyone under 21 who takes out the trash and discovers even one empty alcohol beverage container might be charged with criminal alcohol possession.
    • Racing a stagecoach down Rollins Street in Moberly, Missouri, is illegal.
    • In Kansas City, shotguns are accessible for purchase by children.
    • No outdoor “rock and roll” concerts are authorized in St. Charles County.
    • Beeping your horn is illegal in Missouri.
    • It is prohibited in Missouri to own or ride a “pocket rocket” in public.
    • Although clotheslines are not permitted in Columbia, clothing may be hung on a fence post.
    • All unmarried men in Missouri between 21 and 50 must pay a one-dollar annual tax.

    Is it illegal to worry a squirrel in Missouri? It is not acceptable to worry a squirrel, and it’s against the law to do so.

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    Missouri Housing System

    Missouri is situated in the Midwest region of the U.S. Kansas City serves as an important shipping and marketing center for a vast agricultural area. This favors a fantastic place for living and housing in Missouri.

    Missouri Housing System
    Missouri Housing System

    Property renting in Missouri

    Missouri tenant screening laws include many facts. Landlords can charge application fees unlimitedly. A Missouri application fee is non-refundable. Missouri security deposits cannot be more than two months’ rent. Security deposits are refundable only after the tenant has gone through the lease agreement. Missouri landlords should understand that the application fee is different from the security deposit and collected earlier.

    A Missouri tenant-screening criteria list includes:

    • No prior evictions
    • No arrests or crimes
    • No pets are allowed
    • Salary must be two times the monthly rent
    • No smoking

    Tenant-screening criteria should never include discriminating features. Avoid a discrimination lawsuit by using the same screening criteria for every aspiring tenant. The tenant screening process will help pave the way for landlords to stay out of trouble and find the most acceptable applicants in town. Additionally, these are some essential laws:

    • The state doesn’t limit application fees or security deposits collected by landlords.
    • Application fees should be paid when applying, andsecurity deposits should be paid when signing a lease agreement.
    • Security deposits are refundable if the tenant follows the lease.
    • Although there is no limit to the application fee amount, landlords must charge everyone the same amount to avoid discrimination.

    What is the average cost of housing in Missouri?

    The overall cost of housing in Missouri is 69.

    CitiesCost of housing
    Kansas City63.3
    St. Louis50
    Lee`s Summit106.1
    St. Joseph45.1
    St. Charles86.3

    How is the real estate market in Missouri?

    The real estate market in Missouri is showing no signs of slowing down, with home costs on the rise and listings hard to find. As per the St. Louis Business Journal, single-family homes in Missouri are seeing high demand from buyers, with several offers common in many of the most popular neighborhoods in metropolitan areas.

    Is Missouri a rent control state?

    Missouri has applied various laws that set forth the rights of landlords and tenants. However, Missouri law does not choose to govern some areas of the landlord/tenant relationship. For example, Missouri does not have laws limiting how much landlords can charge for rent, and there are no societies in Missouri with rent control laws. Missouri also does not restrict landlords from retaliating against tenants for exercising legal rights.

    Jobs & Employment in Missouri

    Healthcare, Professional Services and Construction are three industries with the highest levels of employment growth. Missouri nonfarm payroll employment grew from October 2021 to November 2021, and the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate slashed down by two-tenths of a percentage point. Employment, seasonally adjusted, increased by 7,600 jobs over the month, with job gains in both the goods-producing and service-providing industries. 

    Jobs & Employment in Missouri
    Jobs & Employment in Missouri

    Missouri’s prime industries include aerospace, food processing, chemicals, publishing, electrical equipment, and beer. Employment grew over the year in portions of the metropolitan area. Kansas City, which accounted for 56% of the area’s total nonfarm work, gained 35,500 jobs over the year. Professional and business services employment increased by 11,700 in the metropolitan area over the year, with the Missouri portion adding 9,900 jobs. The metro area had a 6.4% rate increase compared to a national rate of 5.6% for this supersector.

    The trade, transportation, and utilities supersector gained 6,900 jobs in the metropolitan area over the year, with the Kansas portion adding 3,900 jobs. Education and health services gained 4,300 jobs in the local area over the year. 

    What jobs are in demand in Missouri?

    The jobs that are highly demanded in Missouri are:

                                        Job title     Average salary
    Occupational therapy assistant         $56,800
    Therapist         $50,800
    Operations Analyst         $73,020
    Interpreter And Translator Jobs         $58,360
    Business Analyst         $90,000
    Software developer         $95,740
    Miner         $64,390
    Loan Officer         $75,350

    What is the average salary in Missouri

    Missouri’s salary ranges from 26,500 USD per year (minimum wage) to 468,000 USD per year maximum average salary). The average income for jobs in Missouri, U.S., is $57,362 (USD) per year or an hourly rate of $28 (USD).

    Can 14 year olds work in Missouri?

    Youth under 14 years of age are usually not permitted to work at any job (other than entertainment). Youth who are 14 or 15 are typically allowed to work, but their work is subjected to many restrictions. Work certificates are needed for children 14 to 15 years of age before starting employment at any job (except the entertainment industry) during the school year.

    Missouri Department of Health

    The Health Network of Missouri is structured to permit members to work together as partners on common objectives while enabling each hospital or health system to serve the health care needs of its society and preserve its independence and unique identity. Each design will have equal representation in the governance of the network. The health systems will share the best business, clinical, and operational practices.

    Missouri Department of Health
    Missouri Department of Health

    Healthcare System in Missouri

    According to Commonwealth Fund, Missouri ranks 43rdon a healthcare scorecard. It has both private and public Medicare facilities. There are about 181 hospitals in Missouri, out of which 47 are government and 46 are private hospitals. There are many leading health insurance companies plans for single and families.

    Public vs PriVate Healthcare

    A comparison between private and public healthcare in Missouri is noted down. Have a look!

    Private healthcarePublic healthcare
    In Missouri, private hospitals are owned by an individual or a group of people.Public Hospitals are owned and funded By the Missouri state government.
    Private hospitals provide the best healthcare facilities.Public hospitals offer healthcare services, but the quality is not up to the mark.
    They have a short period of waiting timeThey have longer waiting periods.
    Private hospitals are not easily affordablePublic hospitals are affordable
    The doctor-patient ratio is highThe doctor-patient ratio is low

    Does Missouri have good healthcare?

    According to WalletHub, Missouri is ranked at 43rd position in the healthcare scorecard. Barnes-Jewish is ranked as the top hospital in Missouri. It received national recognition in 10 categories, including cancer, cardiology and heart surgery, diabetes and endocrinology, gynecology, neurology, and neurosurgery. U.S. News & World Report also assigned the hospital as one of the country’s most extensive clinical spine care methods.

    Does Missouri have free HealthCare?

    Around 6.1 million people call the Show-Me State home. Most citizens get health insurance through an employer, while some get them through government programs. Approximately 5.7% of the population have Obamacare health insurance (private health insurance) through the Marketplace. Most residents with Marketplace coverage get subsidies from the federal government to help offset coverage prices. Other residents with low income, seniors and disabled qualify for Medicaid.

    What is Missouri ranked in healthcare?

    Missouri ranks 43rd on a state-by-state health scorecard. Among all hospitals, Barnes-Jewish is the top hospital in the state, followed by St. Luke’s hospital of Kansas City. Out of 141 hospitals, 14 hospitals meet high U.S. News standards and are ranked in the state.

    How do I get free health insurance in Missouri?

    If you’re unemployed, you may get an affordable health insurance plan through the Marketplace, with savings depending on your salary and household size. You may also fit for a free or low-cost plan through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Your household size and salary determine what health coverage you’re eligible for and how much help you’ll get paying for coverage.

    Education System in Missouri

    The school choice options in Missouri included charter schools, open enrollment policies and online learning programs. In 2011-2012, about 11.50% of school-age children attended private schools, and an estimated 2.67% were homeschooled. The state’s graduation rate was 85.7%.

    Education System in Missouri
    Education System in Missouri

    Education in Missouri is provided by public and private schools, colleges, universities, and various public library systems. The Missouri State Board of Education governs all public education in the state, where the administration of primary and secondary public schools is conducted by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

    Education is mandatory from ages seven to seventeen, commonly but not exclusively divided into three tiers: elementary school, middle school, junior high school, and high school. The public school system includes kindergarten to 12th grade. The Elementary and Secondary Education Department does not regulate home-schooling.

    Education in Missouri – Facts

    • Missouri is the only state in the country with a growing proficiency gap on NAEP tests
    • Missouri has the seventh-lowest rate in the nation of students scoring a three or higher on an A.P. exam
    • Missouri K-12 system is not grooming students for the future
    • CEAM pays attentionto giving families power over their children’s education
    • It expands education options to disadvantaged students
    • It aims in providing families, not district leaders, control over how to spend funding for their children’s education
    • It helps teachers have the freedom to make real connections and change in their classrooms.

    Is public school free in Missouri?

    The Missouri State Board of Education administers the public education system. Missouri spent $9,597 per pupil on average. In 2020-2021, the average tuition & fees for public colleges in Missouri is $9,059 for in-state and $12,250 for out-of-state. The amount is cheaper than the national average.

    Is Missouri good for international students?

    As per the Institute of International Education, the present number of international students is about 24,170 in Missouri. Missouri is graded 12th in the nation in welcoming international students. It is partly due to the variety of excellent universities and colleges for international students.

    Is free education in Missouri?

    The state provides a free public education system, and public schools are run by federal and state law. But public colleges are partially charged. The average tuition fee for public colleges in Missouri is around $9,059.

    Missouri Transportation System

    Missouri has two major airport hubs, busiest rail centers, public transit services and smooth and safer highways for transportation.

    Missouri has vital assets in the four primary freight transportation modes — roads, rail, waterways, and air — and has made past investments to position the state as an important logistics hub.

    Missouri’s rail strength is unrivaled and provides the state with a competitive advantage no other state can match. With the suitable investment, it could be an even more significant asset. Missouri’s 34,000-mile highway network is the seventh-largest in the United States.

    Missouri Transportation System
    Missouri Transportation System

    Major Medium of Transportation in Missouri

    Research by the Missouri Department of Transportation shows that Missouri’s airports produce $11.1 billion to Missouri’s economy and support 100,621 jobs. As per the Missouri State-wide Airports Economic Impact Study, the economic contribution of Missouri airports increased 17.1 percent in the past decade.  In 2012, an estimated 6.2 million travelers arrived in Missouri via commercial airports, and more than 260,000 came on general aviation aircraft. Missouri travelers can reach most cities in the United States and Canada in less than three hours by air. The airport system in Missouri consists of around 140 public airports.

    Does Missouri have public transportation?

    In 2019, Kansas City, Missouri, is the first U.S city to start free public transportation. Public transport is available in urban as well as non-urban areas. All buses operate on fixed routes and timetables. However, most of these systems also provide specialized services for seniors and disabled persons who cannot use their regular buses effectively.

    How much does it cost to ride the bus in Missouri?

    It takes $1 for the full-fare customer to ride the bus in Missouri. Low fares are available to seniors (age 65+), customers with disabilities and customers who possess a Medicare ID. Children aged 5 to 12 can ride a bus for half-price. A Two-Hour Pass or Transfer is great for making multiple trips on Metro or transferring between buses and trains, valid for limitless rides on Metrobus and Metro link for two hours.

    Missouri Culture & Climate


    If you are looking to shift to Missouri, then it’s obvious you want to know about the culture. The first thing we want to tell you is that their culture is very exciting and full of happiness. The reason is Missouri is the birthplace of a lot of music genres and no one can deny the fact that music excites a person. Missouri’s arts have thrived since its inception. The state’s creative environment is diverse, including worldwide fine art, music, and theater. Musical genres like ragtime, Kansas City jazz and St. Louis blues originated from Missouri.

    Apart from that, the state is known for art, cinema and entertainment. The state has given birth to legendary persons in the field of art and paintings. Many architectural personalities are also from the state of Missouri. The state has a catholic population in large numbers and the most common religion followed there is Christianity. However, people from religions like Jewish and Islam also lived there.

    English is the most spoken language in the state but interestingly a large number of Spanish-speaking population is also there. The state has a lot of cultural institutions to spread its culture, history and other information.


    The climate of Missouri is continental, with strong seasonality. During the winter, dry, cold air masses from the northern plains may swing south, undisturbed by topographical constraints. They create snowfall and rainfall when they contact sufficiently humid air.

    Missouri Culture & Climate
    Missouri Culture & Climate

    In the summer, moist, warm air masses move north from the Gulf of Mexico, undisturbed by geography, and may produce a lot of rain, either via fronts or conventional processes. Spring and fall are transitional seasons, when opposing air masses are separated by frequent, fast-moving fronts, bringing dramatic temperature and precipitation changes.

    What are some traditions in Missouri?

    The major traditions and customs followed in Missouri are as follows :

    • A Missourian State Fair dates back to 1901 when a group of dedicated cattle breeders proposed it.
    • In 1958, Kay Burns of Caruthersville was the State Fair Queen. This legacy of brilliance, leadership, and persistence has inspired young Missourians ever since.
    • In many aspects, the fair’s origins may be traced back to agricultural shows.
    • For the young and the young-at-heart, the State Fair’s Midway is one of the most appealing attractions.
    • The State Fair has always offered live entertainment, ranging from dance revues and choirs to notable performances.

    Does Missouri have 4 seasons?

    Missouri has a humid continental climate due to its middle position. This means scorching summers and freezing winters, four different seasons, and significant temperature swings. March through May is usually the wettest month of the year.

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    Famous Food in Missouri

    Missouri also referred to as The Show Me State is the land of exclusive flavors with various iconic dishes. Some of the most appetizing & delectable dishes of Missouri are as follows.

    Food in Missouri
    • Gooey Butter Cake
    • Burnt Ribs
    • Hot Salami Sandwich
    • Toasted Ravioli
    • Barbeque
    • Provel Cheese
    • St. Louis-style pizza 
    • Deep-Dish Apple Pie
    • Cheese Curd
    • Candy milkshakes
    • Bacon Sandwiches
    • Charcuterie
    • The Darkness Croissant
    • Pan-Fried Chicken 

    What is Missouri State food?

    You will be surprised to know that a simple-looking ice cream cone has been declared the state food in Missouri. 

    What are the top two most popular dishes in Missouri?

    Barbeque and Toasted Ravioli are considered the two top most popular dishes.  

    Moving Cost for Missouri

    Missouri is considered one of the best states to live in because of its serene and friendly environment. The state has everything to cater to the needs of young families, students, and also retirees. Places in the state such as; Jennings, Ferguson, Carthage, Overland, and St.Ann are considered the top five best places to live in Missouri for retirement. If you are planning to move to Missouri, then the average cost of moving may range from $923 to $6,163. 

    Moving Cost for Missouri
    Moving Cost for Missouri

    For the process of relocation contact the best packers and movers who are skilled in their job of gathering all your possessions and transferring them from your current place to Missouri safely. Get price quotes from them, compare the same, gather up all the necessary documents, and start with the relocation process. The costs may vary depending on the place where you are moving from. 

    How do you calculate how much it will cost to move?

    The cost of moving can be calculated depending on the distance between Missouri and the place from where you are coming. Total weight of your luggage, cost of packing materials, the total mileage of the vehicle you will be using, elevator & flight charges, total no.of journey hours, and also cost of any additional services taken. 

    What is the most inexpensive way to move?

    You can pack your stuff yourself, hire a vehicle and relocate yourself to Missouri or you can transport your stuff in a moving container.  

    Missouri Residency

    After moving to Missouri permanently, the next step you need to do is to apply for residency in the state. The condition or the requirement that allows you to get residency is as follows:-

    • You should either be in the state for full-time business professional practice, retirement, and full-time employment. 
    • You should be present for 12 consecutive months in the state to make Missouri your permanent home.

    If you have proof of fulfilling these conditions, then you would be granted residency status in Missouri. 

    What qualifies you as a Missouri resident?  

    The residency in Missouri can be granted on the basis that you are living in the state for 12 consecutive months or living with the purpose of retirement or full-time employment.

    How do you prove residency in Missouri?  

    The documents that prove your residency in the state of Missouri are:-

    • Driving License
    • Voter registration Card
    • Copy of Income Tax Receipt
    • Automobile registration receipt in Missouri 
    • And any other necessary document that is issued by the government of Missouri. 

    Starting Business in Missouri  

    Missouri is a great state to start something of your own. Thus, the below mentioned are certain steps that will guide you to form your own business.

    Starting Business in Missouri
    Starting Business in Missouri

    Certain steps to start a business in Missouri are;

    • Consult with an expert such as an attorney, accountants, experts, financial advisors, etc regarding your small business. 
    • Choose a business entity such as; a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, or limited liability company.
    • Register your business for state taxes.
    • Register your business with the Missouri Division of Employment Security for unemployment tax purposes.
    • Apply to get a federal employer identification number.
    • Workers’ Compensation Insurance should be obtained.
    • Register for a business license and other necessary permits.
    • Register for any special kind of Missouri agency if required according to your niche.

    Is Missouri a good business place?

    According to a version of Forbes magazine, Missouri has been ranked as the 18th best place in the nation to do business. Thus, you can happily start your business here and scale it to successful levels.  

    How do I find out if a business is registered in Missouri?  

    By visiting the website of the Missouri Secretary of State, i.e., you can check whether a business is registered in the state or not.

    Driving License For Missouri

    After moving to Missouri, if you purchase a vehicle of your own, then getting a driving license issued under your name is a must. For this, you need to consider a detailed guide that informs you about the step-by-step things that you might need to run your vehicle on the roads of Missouri. 

    Driving License For Missouri
    Driving License For Missouri

    Getting a license is a fast and easy three-step procedure, that includes:-

    • Getting Instruction Permit
    • Getting Intermediate Licence
    • Getting a full Adult License.  

    How do I get a Missouri driver’s license?  

    You must present the following documents to get your Missouri’s driver license issued in your name:-

    • Identity Proof
    • Lawful Status
    • Residency Proof
    • Proof of Social Security number

    How do I transfer my out-of-state driver’s license to Missouri?

    To transfer your out-of-state driver’s license to Missouri, you need to submit documents like:-

    • Identity Proof
    • Lawful Status
    • Residency Proof
    • Proof of Social Security number
    • A fee of $10 will be charged to people below 21 or older than 70 and a fee of $20 will be charged to the people of the age group of 21-69.  

    Economy Of Missouri  

    The economy of the Show Me State majorly relies on its industries. The main manufacturing industries settled in the state are Transportation & Aerospace equipment. But other than industries such as; food, electrical equipment, fabricated metals, publishing, printing, and chemicals are also important industries that contribute to the revenue system of the state. 

    Economy Of Missouri
    Economy Of Missouri

    Missouri is a target state with the 4rth diverse economy in the nation because it is the home to an educated & highly-skilled workforce, low cost of living, and a centralized location. The Show Me State has also witnessed an increase in the job market rate by 0.7%, which has led to growth in the economy on an overall basis. 

    What is Missouri’s main economy?

    The major economy of Missouri is due to the industries such as; food processing, aerospace, printing, publishing, chemicals, electrical equipment, health innovation, and beer.  

    What is the biggest industry in Missouri?  

    Ambulatory health care services are one of the largest industries in the state that contributes about 3.7% of the total GDP of the state, i.e., $328.4 billion. 

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    Best Place to Live in Missouri

    Looking for the Best areas to live in Missouri? Here is your answer-

    Best Place to Live in Missouri
    Best Place to Live in Missouri

    1. Glendale

    Glendale, Missouri, is a tiny suburb of St. Louis whose slogan is “people’s wellbeing above everything else.” Glendale’s crime rate is almost 75% lower than the national average, and it ranks 4th in Missouri.

    2. Clayton

    Tucked amid boutique stores, historic residences, and the beautiful Shaw Park are high-quality locally-owned restaurants, pubs, and cafés.

    3. Ladue

    This posh inner-ring suburb of St. Louis has a lot going for it. Ladue is the wealthiest town in Missouri, with residents earning an average of $214,875 a year, the highest median household income in the state.

    4. Creve Coeur

    Creve Coeur is well-known as a hub for technology, life sciences, and medical services. Creve Coeur residents have Missouri’s 16th highest median household income. It is one of the Best areas to live in Missouri.

    5. Battlefield

    Battlefield, Missouri, is a town in the southwest part of the state. Battlefield, despite its name, was the safest site in the state of Missouri.

    6. St. Louis

    Whether you’re attending an event or creating family memories, St. Louis is alive with energy and excitement, from the famed Gateway Arch to our miles of trails, parks, and rivers accessible to explore.

    7. Columbia

    Columbia is a city in central Missouri, midway between St. Louis and Kansas City. It is Boone County’s seat. Smithton was established in 1819, but due to a water shortage, it was relocated in 1821 and renamed Columbia.

    8. Springfield

    Springfield, Missouri, is built on the joys of family, friends, and authentic moments in life. The city is brimming with the opportunity to create big moments and enduring memories as a regional center with large-city conveniences and small-town charm.

    9. Dardenne Prairie

    While it’s located on the opposite side of the Missouri River from St. Louis, it has above-average schools, highly sought-after real estate, and minor crime, allowing you to leave your doors unlocked while running to the grocery store. So, if you have a question: Is Missouri a good place to live, then our answer should be yes.

    10. Lee’s Summit

    The schools are fantastic, and the crime rate is minimal. Aside from statistics, Lee’s Summit has a lot to offer. Paradise Park is a local favorite, Longview Lake, and the stores in downtown Lee’s Summit.

    Overall Ranking of Missouri

    Whenever a person is thinking of shifting to other places the first thing he searches for is the ranking of the pace he wants to go. Rankings play an important role in making the popular image of a country, state or city. They are the reason behind the millions of travelers. So for Missouri, we have made a chart of rankings in various categories. You can take an idea about the rankings of the state.

    Overall Ranking of Missouri
    Overall Ranking of Missouri
    Health Care#42
    Fiscal Stability#15
    Crime & Corrections#45
    Natural Environment#21

    Overall Rank- #28

    Well after reading this we don’t think that you have questions or doubts regarding Missouri in your mind. We have covered all information that a person requires. Reading this guide a person can easily tell that Missouri is a great place to live in. From climate to the cost of living and from laws to famous destinations the state has everything to attract you. Now it’s your choice but one thing is sure that after reading this guide even an unknown person can tell a lot about Missouri and he will definitely put Missouri in the top ranking of his travel list.


    That was all about some of the quick details that we wanted you to be aware of before moving to Missouri. Thus, we hope that by reading this article, we must have assisted you in clearing all your doubts. 

    Missouri is a perfect state to live in for those, who want to be away from hustle and bustle of big cities, the realm of various opportunities, and the low cost of living. Over the year, the state experiences four different seasons. Are you thinking, does it snow in Branson Missouri, or not? Well, the answer to this is yes. So, get ahead with your plan of relocating to the Show Me State and start a wonderful life there. 

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