Missouri Cost of Living

Cost of Living in Missouri

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    The state of Missouri has something to offer to people with different tastes. From rivers to mountains, from lakes to waterfalls, from the professional sports complex to parks, and from museums to the famous Kansas City Barbeque. If you are also planning to move to Missouri, then you can find both small towns and big cities, where you can suit yourself and live a comfortable life. This is because, Missouri’s cost of living is quite low, which will help you live a satisfying life according to both your budget and lifestyle.

    It has been recorded that the state of Missouri has the 12th lowest cost of living in the country. This means, that you will have great purchasing power in your hands, as the goods and services sold here are 11.2% lower or less expensive than the national average. Missouri has eight metropolitan cities, out of which the Kansas City metro area is the most populated and happening city in the state. So, what’s stopping you now? Keep scrolling below, to know about the detailed cost of living in Missouri that will help you ease your stay.

    Cost of Living in Missouri

    Is the cost of living in Missouri low?

    Yes, the average cost of living in the state of Missouri is $1729, which is considered to be around 1.09 times less expensive than the average cost of living in the entire United States. Missouri is also ranked as the 39th most expensive and the 24rth best state in the nation, which is quite ideal to live in. 

    Why is housing so cheap in Missouri?

    The Missouri cost of living calculator depicts that the rates of housing properties in the state are quite less and affordable. Thus, this is a major factor that makes the state a relaxed place to live in. The average price of a home in Missouri is $151,600 which is about $53,000 less than the national average. Also, if you are planning to rent a house in Missouri, then the average rent will be $809 which is about $200 less than that of the nation as a whole.

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    Cost of Living in Missouri

    According to the data researched and published by the US News state of Missouri ranks 28th place in the entire nation. As this state has one of the fastest-growing industries and a good level of professional services. The cost of living in Missouri is about 10% lower than that of the national average. Before moving to a particular head that states the cost of living you should be well aware of the Missouri cost of living comparison in context to the entire nation of the United States.

    Cost of Living HeadsComparison with national average
    Housing (rented or purchased)22% lower
    Food4% lower
    Utilities (per month)4% lower
    Healthcare4% lower
    Goods & Services5% lower
    Transportation8% lower

    1. Groceries Prices in Missouri

    Whatever may be the best places to live in Missouri are, one thing is for sure, you may need food and groceries to survive wherever you live. The prices of food items are 5% less in this state than the national average. Not only this if you are a bachelor or planning to settle down alone in the state then the annual cost of groceries will be $3,001 and for a family of four will be $8,666 which is comparatively lower than the national average. Go through the table given below to know the cost of some of the grocery items in Missouri.

    Grocery in Missouri
    Milk  (1Lt)$ 0.84
    Bread  (1 Loaf)$ 2.27
    White Rice (1 Kg)$ 2.73
    2 dozen of eggs$ 2.76
    Chicken Fillets (1 Kg)$ 12.85
    Round Beef (1 Kg)$ 14.72
    Apples (1 kg)$ 5.24
    Bananas (1 Kg)$1.48
    Potatoes (1 Kg)$ 2.70
    Onions  (1 Kg)$ 2.57
    Water (1.5 Lt)$ 2.29
    Domestic beer (0.5 Lt)$ 2.31
    A regular cappuccino$4.31
    Meal in an inexpensive restaurant                  $14.00
    A three-course meal ( mid-range restaurant)$60.00

    Are groceries expensive in Missouri?

    No, the prices of groceries in Missouri are less than the national average. Also, if the average money you have to spend in Missouri on eating food outside is less than the national average.

    How much are groceries in Missouri?

    The cost of living index in Missouri in terms of groceries is 95.8 which is comparatively lower than the national cost of living index, i.e., 100.

    How much should I budget for groceries in Missouri?

    If you are living alone in the state, then the annual cost of groceries and food will be $3,001. But if you are living in a family of four, then the money spent on food annually will be $8,666.

    2. Prices Of Utilities in Missouri

    Utilities or the basic services are very necessary to be available in homes or apartments to be able to live a cozy and comfortable life. Before actually moving into the state of Missouri, you should be aware of the cost of living in Missouri in terms of utilities. Below given in a table that states the prices of utilities in the state.

    Price of Utilities
    Basic bill including electricity, water, cooling, heating, and garbage for an 85 m2 apartment$ 168.41
    Mobile Tariff per min$ 0.12
    Internet of 60 Mbps speed$ 59.16

    How expensive are utilities in Missouri?

    As per the research of NewsPressNow.com, if talking about the cost of utilities Missouri ranks at the 15th position. The average money that an individual needs to budget for utilities per month are $240.

    How much is the electricity bill in Missouri?

    In Missouri, the average electricity bill of a residential area amounts to $152 per month. This calculation has been done by keeping in mind that the monthly electricity consumption by Missourians is 1,248kWh and the cost charged per kWh is 12 cents.

    How much are water and sewer a month in Missouri?

    The average water and sewer bill in Missouri amounts to $$70.39 per month and $37.23 per month respectively.

    3. Cost of Healthcare in Missouri

    According to the scorecard, Missouri ranks 43rd place in terms of healthcare. This also means that Missouri is the 8rth worst state in terms of healthcare. But if you are not considering this and still moving to the state. Then you should be aware of the amount of money you need to spare from your annual budget to pay the healthcare insurance premium. Given below is a table stating the different insurance premium amounts according to various tiers and ages.

    Healthcare Cost in Missouri
    Metal TierAge 21Age 40Age 60
    Catastrophic$ 228$ 368$ 781
    Bronze$ 350$ 447$ 949
    Bronze Expanded$ 404$ 516$ 1,097
    Gold$ 577$ 738$ 1567
    Silver$ 485$ 620$ 1316

    Is Missouri healthcare more expensive?

    The prices of the healthcare premiums may differ according to the individual insurance plan, their age, and the plan type you are opting for. The average money per month to be paid for healthcare premiums by an individual is $230.8.

    Is healthcare free in Missouri?

    In Missouri, the Medicaid services are free and also cover low-cost services for needy eligible persons.

    How much does Obamacare cost in Missouri?

    Obamacare is a government healthcare plan in which you can take part. The average cost of the Obamacare plan varies as it depends on the type of plan, company, and the place where you live in. The cost of it ranges between $328 to $482.

    4. Missouri Home Prices

    A roof is the most basic necessity for you if you plan to move to any new state or place. Thus, searching for an appropriate house that can fulfill all your basic shelter needs is the first thing you should do after moving into Missouri. Are you wondering what is the cost of houses in the state, whether you are renting them or purchasing the same for permanent relocation.? Given below is a table stating the cost of living in Missouri in terms of houses.

    Missouri Home Prices
    Rent of 1 Bedroom apartment in a city center$ 1,101.43
    Rent of 3 Bedroom apartment in a city center$ 2,008.33
    Rent of 1 Bedroom apartment outside the city center$ 797.92
    Rent of 3 Bedroom apartment outside the city center$ 1693.75
    Cost of per square apartment in city center$ 2,402.88
    Cost of per square apartment outside the city center$ 821.86

    What is the average cost of a house in Missouri?

    The average cost of houses in Missouri is $151,600 which is about $53,300 less than the average national cost of a house i.e., $204,900.

    Which Missouri island is the cheapest to buy a house?

    According to the finding of Listwithclever.com, the 5 most affordable cities to buy a house in Missouri are; Webb City, New Franklin, Fayette, Aurora, and St. Ann.

    Has Missouri’s home price dropped?

    According to the reports of Redfin.com, the prices of houses in Missouri have gone by 11.7% in April 2022.

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    5. Education in Missouri

    If you are moving to Missouri with your kids, then you should be aware of the education system and the fees to be paid in the educational institutions of Missouri. The system of education is divided into three tiers i.e. elementary school, junior high school, and middle school. Also, this state has been given a ‘C’ grade in the terms of education. According to the ‘US News’ Missouri has been ranked 26th place, in terms of both higher education and K-12 education. Go through the table listed below for the Missouri cost of living calculator in terms of education.

    Education in Missouri
    Cost of daycare or preschool for a child for 1 month$ 1,126.33
    Cost of sending the child to an international primary school for 1 year$ 20,000.00
    Average Tuition fees for attending a renowned college in the state$ 10,165
    Average college fees of a renowned college$ 14,564

    Is education free in Missouri?

    In Missouri, it is compulsory for students between 7 to 17 to gain an education and thus their families do not have to pay any tuition fees for attending online public schools.

    Is college cheaper in Missouri?

    Yes, colleges are cheaper in Missouri as compared to various states. Some of the cheap colleges in Missouri are; Central Methodist University, Webster University, Park University, and more.

    Are universities in Missouri expensive?

    The average fees of universities in Missouri amount to $14,564 for an academic year.

    6. Missouri Tax Rates

    Filing taxes on the income earned is the responsibility of every citizen. Thus, if you are moving to the state of Missouri for growing professionally, then you should be well aware of the taxes charged by the Missourian government so that you can pay them the taxes on your earned income. Study the below table carefully to be aware of the rate of taxes charged under different circumstances.

    Tax Rates Missouri
    HeadsTax Rates
    Individual Income Tax Rate1.50% – 5.40%
    State Sales Tax Rate4.225%
    Corporate Income Tax Rate4.0%
    Property Tax0.95%
    Local Sales Tax Rate5.763%
    Combines State and Local Sales Tax Rate8.29%

    Is tax cheaper in Missouri?

    The tax system of Missouri ranks 13th place in 2022 in the entire nation.

    Are tax rates higher in Florida or Missouri?

    The tax rates in Missouri are higher than in Florida. The sales tax in Missouri is 6.23% whereas in Florida it is 0%.

    7. Missouri Public Transportation

    Traveling by public transportation is quite common in the United States. Investing lumpsum money in purchasing a private vehicle may be difficult for you at the initial stage of your moving to Missouri. Also after relocating to Missouri car registration can be a tedious task. So, read the below-mentioned table below to know more about the fares of local public transport in the state.

    Public Transportation Missouri
    1-way ticket in a local transport$ 2.50
    Monthly pass for a local transport$78.00
    Normal taxi tariff$ 3.00
    Taxi fare for 1 km$ 1.37
    Taxi fare for waiting 1 hour$ 28.75

    How much does transportation cost in Missouri?

    An adult spends about $10,080 annually on transportation in Missouri.

    How much do bus rides cost in Missouri?

    The cheapest ticket available from Missouri costs around $13 and the most expensive one is $227.

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    8. Average cost for Energy and Fuels

    The land of Missouri has an abundance of energy resources. These sources of energy and fuels may be used for generating electricity, fuels, and other forms of convertible energy. Thus, given below is a table that states Missouri’s cost of living in terms of different forms of fuels and energy.

    Energy & Fuels
    Gasoline (1 Lt)$ 1.21
    Average sale price of coal (per thousand cu ft)$ 12.61
    Average electricity cost per year$ 152

    What are the fuel prices in Missouri?

    The current average of regular fuel in Missouri is $4.103 and diesel is $5.067.

    Why are gas prices so high in Missouri?

    The prices of gas are higher in Missouri as compared to the other neighboring states due to strong demand and tighter supplies due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

    9. Miscellaneous Things in Missouri

    There might be a few other expenditures that you might do during your stay in the state of Missouri. You should certainly be aware of them as they might help you in deciding your monthly or annual budget.

    Tennis Court
    Fitness Club Fee for 1 Month$ 32.83
    Tennis Court Rent for an hour$ 7.00
    1 seat ticket at cinema hall$ 10.50
    Gym membership for a month$ 36.7
    Cost of a pair of jeans$ 37.38
    Cost of a dress$ 41.25
    Cost of a pair of running shoes$ 78.00
    Cost of a pair of leather office shoes$ 96.25

    10. Table of Living Things

    In the above-listed comprehensive information, we have mentioned Missouri’s cost of living under different heads. But, here in this head, we will be comparing the cost of living indices in the state with that of the entire nation, i.e., 100. If the cost of living index of Missouri, is less than that of the nation, that means that Missouri is less expensive. Listed below is a table that defines the comparison under different sectors.

    Overall Cost of Living
    Cost of LivingMissouriUS
    Median Home Cost$194,000$291,700

    Missouri Cost of Living FAQs

    Is Missouri expensive to live in?

    The state is a good place to live in with a low cost of living, good growth opportunities on both personal & professional front, fantastic food culture, cities, and great outdoor activities, and you will also find some of the best hikes in Missouri. If you are planning to move into the state of Missouri, then it is probably a very good idea as the cost of living in Missouri is comparatively lower than that of the national average. Thus, the state is not expensive to live in and you will be leading a happy, comfortable and affordable life.

    How much does it cost to live in Missouri per year?

     However, it is a tricky business to determine the cost of living in any particular state or city. But, Movoto.com has done this job quite well, as according to its finding the average money required to live in Missouri per month lies between $2,202 and $6,411.


    We hope that you must have now figured out Missouri’s cost of living and this will help you to lead a comfortable and affordable life. Missouri has the 12th lowest cost of living in the United States. The cost of living index of the state is 85.9 which is much lower than the national average of 100. Missouri has big towns to small cities and everything else you need to live a relaxing life. Are you wondering does it snow in Missouri, the Ozarks, or not and what is the overall weather and climate of the state? Well, the state has a pleasant ad humid subtropical climate which makes it a calm place to live. So what’s keeping you away from Missouri now? Go, and settle down today in this wonderful state.

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