Best Place to Retire in Mississippi

Best Place to Retire in Mississippi

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    Would you like to know about the cheapest place to retire in Mississippi? 

    Well, Mississippi offers the best hospitality to all the locals and tourists. Therefore, you won’t be disappointed in the case of their incredible hospitality. With a short coastline, it is also a home to many beaches to spend a holiday. 

    But, if you are retired personnel and want to settle down in Mississippi, you should learn about “what to know before moving Mississippi?” 

    Best Place to Retire in Mississippi

    Is Mississippi good for retirees? 

    Mississippi is one of the best states to retire, and it welcomes retirees from worldwide. Mississippi ranks number 47 to get retired, and it is an affordable state too. It offers a friendly atmosphere, plus the beautiful aura makes it easier to “live in Mississippi“. Therefore, one can move to Mississippi and live the rest of the life in a jolly state. 

    Is Mississippi a tax-friendly state for retirees? 

    Mississippi is a tax-friendly state for retirees! If your age is more than fifty-nine and a half, you don’t have to pay the tax on your retirement income. The tax does not charge on any forms of retirement income from taxation, including the revenue from 401(k), social security income, income from IRA, and any pension income. 

    And now, let’s go deeper and check out the best places to retire in Mississippi. 

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    10 Best Places to Retire in Mississippi 

    First, what do you feel? “Is Mississippi a good state to retire in?” The state is relatively better than other states in the US because of the following ten cities and their specifications, and we will discuss them below. And the second main reason to retire in Mississippi is its friendly atmosphere. So, let’s take a look at these down-close surrounding cities. 

    1. Hattiesburg

    You will get the dense suburbs feel when you are in Hattiesburg. Also, the younger professionals and many families live in this fantastic place. 


    Hattiesburg is one of the best towns for college in Mississippi, and this is not a surprise anymore! Students can take excellent education in Hattiesburg city. 

    The city is situated on US highways 49, 98, 11, and Interstate 59. As a result, Hattiesburg is famous as “Hub City!” 

    As per the latest US Census estimates, the recent population in Hattiesburg is 45,832 people. 

    The recent data shows the median home value in Hattiesburg was $219k in March 2022. Also, it is increasing by 18.4% per year. 

    Hattiesburg offers many fantastic places for nightlife. People can enjoy their best nightlife in Level Nightclub, Club Nina’s, Club Xclusive, etc. 

    Is Hattiesburg Mississippi a good place to live? 

    Hattiesburg is a small and beautiful town in Mississippi, US. Also, it offers a welcoming and friendly community where everyone recognizes each other. In addition, the schools and the hospitality are flawless. 

    What is the crime rate in Hattiesburg Mississippi?

    The crime rate of Hattiesburg is decreasing from 2017 to 28.23%. Therefore, the crime rate was 198.02 for every 100,000 people. 

    2. West Point

    West Point is located in Clay County in Mississippi, United States. It offers a peaceful and quiet community with slow-paced. Also, the best place to raise a family.

    West Point

    Retirement in Mississippi offers the best exemptions for retirees. And West Point, Mississippi, has many facilities to provide them. 

    West Point is famous as the first airfield place in Mississippi. It offers less than 1” of snow per year, and it is a home for the actual Blazon-Flexible Flyer, Inc. 

    West Point is the 42nd most populated city in Mississippi out of 423 and has a population of 10,209 people as of 2021.

    In March 2022, the median home value in West Point, Mississippi, was $132.5k only, and it is increasing by 15.7% per year. 

    You can enjoy the best nightlife of West Point at The Club Oasis, The Secret Revealed, and Sopranos Cafe & Billiards places. 

    What is West Point MS close to? 

    West Point, Mississippi, is an excellent place to live, and it is close to other fantastic places, Starkville, Columbus, and Tupelo, in Mississippi. 

    How did West Point Mississippi get its name? 

    The community had popped up, which is now West Point. As it was on Lowndes County (Western border), it was named West Point and counted as a city by 1851. 

    3. Jackson

    The other best place to retire in Mississippi is Jackson! It is known as the Capital city of the state of Mississippi. You will meet with the stunning Pearl River in the west-central part of Mississippi. 


    Jackson is considered a safe city to live or retire in and provides the excellent feel of a small town with a friendly atmosphere. 

    Jackson is the best place, famous for its exciting museums offering a variety of subjects to learn about, including the art, natural sciences, civil rights, history, etc. 

    The population of Jackson in 2022 is 431,000 and has increased by 1.17% from the last year, 2021. 

    In March 2022, the median home price in Jackson, Mississippi, was $139.9k. 

    It offers super nightclubs and bars to enjoy the nightlife in Jackson, including Nitelyfe Jackson, Freelon’s Restaurant Bar & Groove hotel, etc.

    What is Jackson Mississippi best known for? 

    Jackson is a very famous spot to visit in Mississippi and the capital. Therefore, it is mainly best known for its tourist attraction points, which start from historical places, museums, and other places to explore. 

    Is it worth visiting Jackson Mississippi? 

    Jackson in Mississippi is the best and most passionate kind of a place where you can plan a tour, business meeting trip, reunion, family fun, and whatnot. Therefore, it is worth visiting Jackson, MS. 

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    4. Natchez

    Natchez was established in 1716 by a French Colonist. It is the oldest and most crucial settlement of Europe in the bottommost Mississippi River Valley. 


    Natchez may be an expensive trip to travel. However, you can meet with the great American history, off-beaten paths, and beautiful homes in the city. 

    Natchez is famous for many places, including Longwood, Rosalie Mansion, Stanton Hall, Melrose Mansion, etc. They are fascinating to explore as a traveler. 

    The population of the city was only 48,596 people in 2021. 

    As of March 2022, Natchez has a median home price of $176k. 

    It offers a great nightlife with many clubs, including Under-the-Hill Station, CR’s, Andrew’s Tavern – Sports & Dance, etc.

    Why is Natchez Mississippi famous? 

    Natchez in Mississippi is world-famous for its annual pilgrimage. Many tourists explore the Longwood, Stanton Hall, and other former estates during the spring and fall. 

    Why did Natchez Mississippi have so many Millionaires? 

    The first reason is that most millionaires from the United States belong to this high on the Natchez bluffs. And the other one is the exciting trade activities. 

    5. Brookhaven 

    Brookhaven is another best place to retire, live, and raise a family. It offers many schools with the best quality education to choose from as per the place you live.


    Brookhaven is close to Clinton, Pearl, and Jackson city in Mississippi and is spread over 56.28 square kilometers. Also, it is only 50 miles away from the state capital. 

    Brookhaven in Mississippi is a part of Jackson and is famous for its television market with news stations WLBT, WJTV, WDBD, and WAPT. Plus, The Daily Leader is a renowned newspaper available in this city. 

    According to the latest US Census estimates, the current population in Brookhaven is 11,704 people. 

    The median home value in Brookhaven, Mississippi, was only $194k in march 2022. 

    The city is a perfect choice for nightlife lovers with many hotels, including Magnolia Blues BBQ Company, Georgia Blue, Tortilla Soup Brookhaven, etc. 

    What is Brookhaven Mississippi famous for?

    Brookhaven is famous for its Skate Zone & Arcade, Brookhaven Skating Rink, Bullet Hole Indoor Range, Regal UA Westbrook, and whatnot.  

    How far is Brookhaven from Jackson MS? 

    You have to face a total driving distance of only 57 miles or 92 kilometers to reach Brookhaven from Jackson. 

    6. Pearl

    You will get the sparse suburban feel if you are willing to live here, and it offers the best high-rated public schools. 


    Pearl is a happy state; it is 96% urban, and the rest is rural. It was founded in 1865 and incorporated in June 1973.  

    Pearl city in Mississippi is famous for many historical sites, local museums, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, etc. 

    According to the latest US Census estimates, the current population in Brookhaven is 26,912 people. 

    Pearl, Mississippi, the median home value was only $199.9k in March 2022. 

    For the best nightlife, Pearl offers the House of Scott, Alumni House Sports Grill, Clutch Bar, etc.  

    Does Pearl MS have water? 

    The city has a primary water supply source, and it is the sole groundwater source, wells, and others. The town offers water to the 26,000 people living in Pearl, Mississippi. 

    What famous person is from Pearl Mississippi? 

    The most famous personality or person in Pearl was Theodore G. Bilbo, who died at the age of 69. 

    7. Meridian 

    Meridian is another one on our list of Mississippi’s best places to retire, and it has many facilities and things to explore for retirees. 


    Meridian offers so much to explore, including Mississippi’s Arts+Entertainment Experience, beautiful outdoors, hall of the famous musicians, etc. 

    Meridian is famous for creating architectural gems and talented people like Jimmie Rodgers. 

    According to the latest US Census estimates, the present population in Meridian is 34,079  people. 

    The median home value in Meridian, Mississippi, was only $136.9k in March 2022. 

    The Touch Sports Bart, Heavy C’s Place, Legend Bistro Lounge, etc., are amongst the best clubs where one can booze.

    What happened in Meridian Mississippi during the civil rights movements? 

    In 1871, the Meridian Race Riot started at Con Sheehan Hall, located at 25th Avenue and 5th Street. It was proof of the Reconstruction Era following the Civil War in Meridian. 

    Is Meridian Mississippi poor? 

    Compared to the other states of Mississippi, Meridian has a higher poverty rate of 29.7%.

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    8. Laurel 

    If you think about “what to do in Laurel, MS?” If there’s nothing to explore, you are wrong! The city offers many art exhibits, peddler’s shows, museums, and antiques. 


    Laurel is a beautiful city to retire and live a happy life with all the facilities and peace. Also, it comes with many artists. 

    There are a lot of things Laurel is famous for. It includes the Lauren Rogers Museum of Arts, Veterans Memorial Museum, Mason Memorial park, etc.

    The city has a population of only 18,005 people. 

    Lauren, Mississippi, the median home value was only $174k in March 2022. 

    It is another best destination to enjoy the nightlife. The best spots to visit are The Grill, Eyes Place, Premier Sports Bar, Grill, etc. 

    Do the Napiers live in Laurel, Mississippi? 

    Erin Napier and Ben Napier are the most famous HGTV couples with their most favorable show Home Town. They are experts in home development fields, and yes, they both live in Laurel, Mississippi. 

    What is the racial makeup of Laurel, Mississippi? 

    The racial makeup of Laurel, Mississippi is 7.7% Hispanic or Latino, 1.0% Native Americans, 0.7% Asian, 29.8% Non-Hispanic whites, and 61.3% African Americans. 

    9. Greenwood 

    If you want to get the rural feeling under a suburban one, this one is the best destination for you. You will experience the authentic southern hospitality in Greenwood. 


    Greenwood is the best place to retire with exciting places to visit like shopping centers, local artists, museums, etc. 

    Greenwood is among the rich soil sources and an ideal Delta location. As a result, it has become the best place to grow cotton. 

    As per the latest US Census estimates, the current population in Greenwood is 12,946  people only. 

    Greenwood, Mississippi, the median home value was only $201k in March 2022. 

    For your best nightlife experiences, it offers many clubs like Orlando Club, Garden Club, Halftime Sports & Grill, etc.

    Did Greenwood Leflore own slaves? 

    Leflore was one of the crucial supporters of the Choctaw Academy in 1825. When LeFlore died, he left an estate of 15,000 acres and 400 of his slaves at 65. 

    What river runs through Greenwood Mississippi? 

    Greenwood city is located in Leflore County in northwestern Mississippi and lies within the Yazoo River. 

    10. McComb

    Last but not least, our list of the best places to retire in Mississippi involves McComb! It is the perfect choice when you want to get a relaxing home experience after retirement. 


    The city offers many things for nature lovers: camping, fishing, boating, golfing, and whatnot. You can also explore the history in the museums and galleries available there. 

    Many things are famous in McComb, including McComb Railroad Museum, Percy E Quin State Park, etc. 

    As per the latest US Census estimates, the present population in McComb is 13,361 people only. 

    The median home value in McComb, Mississippi, was only $110k in March 2022. 

    For your best nightlife experiences, you can visit many places like Ice House, Crossties Lounge, B’s Speed Shop, etc.

    Is McComb Mississippi poor? 

    In 2020, the population of McComb was only 13,361 people. However, it ranks number 31st largest city globally and the 2516th largest one in the United States, with a poverty rate of 15.94%.

    Is McComb Mississippi a good place to live? 

    Charming business opportunities, restaurants, and many other things make McComb a great place to retire. 

    Now is the time to check the “pros and cons of retiring in Mississippi”. 

    Pros of Retiring in Mississippi

    • Low or affordable cost of living
    • Comfort and delicious food 
    • Higher education is available at a low cost 

    Cons to Retire in Mississippi

    • You have to face the extreme weather
    • Sluggish economy

    Despite this, Texas is also another good place to live. So, consider “cost of living in Mississippi vs Texas’ once before moving. 

    Best Place to Retire in Mississippi FAQs

    How much money do you need to retire in Mississippi? 

    The lowest life expectancy is 74.50 years in Mississippi and 63 years is the average retirement age. Therefore, you will need $617,661 to retire and live a happy life in Mississippi. 

    Do seniors pay property taxes in Mississippi? 

    People who are disabled or at least 65 of their age and above are exempt from all ad valorem taxes of 7,500 dollars.


    That’s done for now!

    Mississippi has a low cost of living; therefore, getting to a city to spend the rest of your life is more accessible. So, this article will inform you about the best cities to spend your life in the surroundings of many beautiful beaches. 

    The cities are mentioned here with their facilities and other essential things you should know before planning to move. 

    So, if you are looking for the best cities in Mississippi for retirement life, you should read this article and get the ten best cities. Out of them, our personal favorites are –

    • Jackson
    • Brookhaven
    • Pearl
    • Meridian
    • Laurel
    • Greenwood

    But, you can choose your favorite one from the above.

    So, we hope this blog will prove helpful to you and help you choose the best city to spend the rest of your life in. 

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