Is Mississippi a Good Place to Live? 

Is Mississippi a Good Place to Live

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    What are your thoughts on Mississippi? Is Mississippi a nice state to live in? 

    Well, Mississippi is one of the best locations to roam and live. It is a blend of incredible cities with safety, job opportunities, livability, better development, etc. As a result, we have decided to give you more information on this beautiful state in the southeastern region of the US. So, stay tuned!

    Is Mississippi a Good Place to Live

    Is there anything good about living in Mississippi? 

    If you are thinking about moving to Mississippi, you won’t be disappointed by your decision. New research says it is the best place to live the “American Dream!” 

    It offers higher education for your children, a high standard of living, and delicious food at a low cost. Above all, Mississippi is home to mild winters where one can experience several winter adventures. Isn’t that great? 

    What part of Mississippi is the best to live in? 

    Whether you want to live near the small towns, scenery views, or beaches, you have many options available to live in Mississippi. These include the following. 

    • Bay St. Louis – Great small town
    • Pass Christian – Best for education
    • Oxford – Excellent Mid-Sized city
    • Petal – The safest city

    These are a few cities in Mississippi you can think of. 

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    What’s it like to live in Mississippi? 

    Mississippi is a blend of all that one can demand. Low cost of housing, scrumptious food, southern charm, mild winters, and whatnot. 

    This is not enough yet! The tourist attraction point includes national parks, art museums, hotels and casinos, and long beaches in Mississippi adorn the state. These things are sufficient to call people from all over the world to live a happy life. 

    Pros  of Living in Mississippi

    • Mississippi provides better quality education at a low cost. 
    • This place offers cheaper gas rates compared to other US states.

    Check some other points below!

    1. Gulf Coast Beaches

    The Gulf Coast Beaches are best whether you want to perform activities like swimming, sunbathing, surfing, or other water activities. There are many options available to spend a day on these beautiful beaches. 

    Gulf Coast Beaches

    Besides this, If you ask us about “does it snow in Mississippi?” We would like to nod yes!

    What is the prettiest beach in Mississippi? 

    People think it has a short coastline. True! Even so, many beautiful beaches attract families, visitors, and tourists. So, if you are looking for a relaxing time on the beach, you should not miss them. Gulfport beach, Biloxi beach, Bay St Louis beach, East Beach, Front beach, etc., are outstanding. Therefore, visiting the beaches in Mississippi will give you many benefits, including mental peace and fun-loving activities. 

    Does Mississippi have clear water beaches? 

    Mississippi is popularly known for its hospitality! But, it successfully offers you the best holidays to remember on its stunning beaches. The endless activities, crystal clear waters, and endless shorelines make it best for water activities to perform. In addition to that, if you are in Gulfport beach, don’t miss going paragliding and recreational activities on this beach. 

    2. Low Opioid Deaths

    In Mississippi, the leading cause of death is drugs! The rates rose to 56.5% between the years 2013 to 2019. 

    Low Opioid Deaths

    Almost 70,000 confirmed deaths were reported due to overdose of the drugs in 2019; out of the 70% of opioid deaths. 

    Does Mississippi have a drug problem? 

    6.95% of residents in Mississippi used illicit drugs in the previous months, and it was less than the United States’ national average of 8.82%. In addition to this, 3.38% of people chose illicit drugs instead of Marijuana in the previous months, and it is still less than the US national average of 3.36%.

    3. Soul Food

    Most foodies visit Mississippi to see the history and for its soul food. The award-winning chefs and the authentic taste of Mississippi are waiting for you from the border of Tennessee to the Gulf Coast. So, don’t worry about the food! It is extraordinarily fantastic!

    Soul Food

    What food is unique to Mississippi? 

    Mississippi has some unique food to offer. The state is famous for its fried chicken, collard greens, cornbread, catfish, biscuits and gravy, and much more,  

    What is a typical soul food meal? 

    The soul food in Mississippi includes cabbage, macaroni dishes, mustard greens, fried up greens, yams, a few varieties of meats, etc. Therefore, you can go anywhere in Mississippi; you will be rewarded with such soul food meat. 

    Is soul food and Southern food the same?

    This is correct that the soul food belongs to the south. However, not every southern food is called soul food, and most African-Americans in the southern United States prefer eating the soul food folk cuisine. 

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    4. Very Religious 

    Mississippi is famous for its religious culture and happy life of religion. Therefore, you will meet with a few beliefs in Mississippi. 

    What is the main religion in Mississippi? 

    “Evangelical Christianity” has been the main religion of Mississippi since the 21st century. The result was forecasted by the emerging churches of the Mississippi frontier for a couple of centuries. 

    Is Mississippi in the Bible Belt? 

    Bible Belt is the word that describes ten cities, and these cities include Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, and Mississippi. Therefore, you can say that Mississippi is in the Bible Belt. 

    What is the leading religious denomination in Mississippi?

    There are two largest groups of Baptists present here. The first one is Missionary Baptists, and the second one is Southern Baptists.

    5. Pleasant southern hospitality

    There is no doubt that the south is the identity of the locals in Mississippi. It offers the best hospitality services to its people, and Southern hospitality is a blend of many vital things. 


    Locals in Mississippi show kindness, politeness, charm, and better home cooking. These are only a few qualities of them, but you can conclude that Mississippi is a place that serves everything on one plate.

    Additionally, the Mississippians hold a slow-paced way of life and provide a pleasant atmosphere to live in. You can choose Mississippi for its friendly locals, beautiful life, and other enjoyable things. 

    However, it would help if you did not forget to check out the worst things about living in Mississippi below. 

    Cons of Living in Mississippi

    • Mississippi offers low-quality education in public schools. 
    • Mississippi has a somewhat poor quality health care system. 

    Don’t miss the other points to know about “living in Mississippi.” 

    1. Poverty

    Although the “cost of living in Mississippi” is lower than the United States national average, the state has poverty. 


    What is considered the poverty level in Mississippi?

    In 2018, a family of four having two kids should have an income of $225,465, and a single kid parent should have an income of $17,308 are acceptable. But, the people whose total income is less than these numbers are considered poor as per the federal poverty income threshold. 

    Why is there so much poverty in Mississippi? 

    Everyone knows that the Mississippi Delta and Southern Black Belt are the poorest, and it’s not a secret anymore. Most experts say that the main reason for poverty is heirs ‘ poverty. 

    2. Hurricanes and Tornadoes Mississippi

    The state health officials said that you could experience between 30 to 100 tornadoes in a year in Mississippi. In 2021, Jackson showed us almost 76 tornadoes between March and May.


    What part of Mississippi gets the most tornadoes? 

    Mississippi is the home of tornadoes! Therefore, you can see tornadoes anywhere in Mississippi. So, if you ask us, Southeast Jackson County and Central Mississippi are most famous for tornadoes. 

    Is Mississippi in Tornado Alley? 

    The tornado alleys in the Southeastern U.S. belong to the upper Tennessee Valley and Mississippi Valley and are called “Dixie Alley.” Allen Pearson originated it in 1971, and he was the director of the National Severe Storms Forecasting Center (NSSFC).

    3. Lack of Sports

    Many people feel that the Mississippi lacks in sports. But, in our opinion, locals are involved in different sports and activities in Mississippi. 


    What sport is Mississippi State known for? 

    Mississippi is mainly famous for its football leagues. However, the list of sports is not short. Baseball, volleyball, and golf are amongst the most preferred sports in Mississippi, and there are other sports available that you can try in Mississippi after visiting. 

    Has Mississippi ever won a National Championship? 

    Mississippi won the 23 single national championships in the 2020-21 academic year. Out of them, one is from boxing, one from men’s tennis, one from women’s tennis, and the rest from indoor and outdoor track and field men’s and women’s. 

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    So, after reading this, it is the time to decide for yourself about “Is Mississippi a good place to live or not”?

    Is Mississippi a good place to live FAQs

    What’s bad about living in Mississippi? 

    Overall, Mississippi is the best place to live, but just like states and countries, it also has some drawbacks, like low-quality education in public schools, poor health care quality, and tornadoes, are a few of them. 

    Overall, Mississippi is the best place to live, but just like states and countries, it also has some drawbacks, like low-quality education in public schools, poor health care quality, and tornadoes, are a few of them. 

    Where in Mississippi should you not live? 

    As per the latest reports, one should avoid living in Jackson and Biloxi in Mississippi. However, there are many cities in Mississippi where one can live happily and comfortably. A few of them are Madison, Arnold Line, Ridgeland, Clinton, Ocean Springs, Oxford, and Brandon.


    As a kid, you can’t correctly speak Mississippi? Isn’t that right? Even though it is not easy to pronounce, it comes with some exciting pros to know. These facts can work as the state’s pros. That includes the Gulf Coast Beaches with exotic beauty, mouthwatering soul food, pleasant hospitality, and much more. 

    Also, the part is that it is very religious and comes with low opioid deaths. However, like everything in the world has loopholes, Mississippi is also not free from them. 

    The state has a poverty rate of 19.78%. On top of that, it lacks in terms of sports. But locals play well other sports and activities. 

    In addition to this, Mississippi faces tornadoes and hurricanes every year, ranging from 30 to 100.

    So, we hope this information is enough to decide “is Mississippi is good place to live or not”. 

    In our opinion, it is the best place to move in and live a life in harmony. Let us know your views on this!

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