Moving to Mississippi

Moving to Mississippi

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    The name of the state Mississippi is named after one of the important rivers named “Mississippi River” flowing from here. The state is very good in the culture, basic amenities, different music, declivous food, hospitality, etc. The cost of living in Mississippi is much lower compared to the other states. The transportation network is good connecting with other neighboring states is good. Public transportation is well-developed in the cities of this region.

    Moving to Mississippi

    The education system is better, still, it is not well developed. Mississippi ranks lowest in terms of education. However, the government is providing support for developing quality education. There are some best places to live in Mississippi where you can get better availability of basic amenities. The climate of the state is nice that can make the stay comfortable. The expats can live here as the housing rates are very lower compared to the other states. We will guide here through the different aspects of the Mississippi state in more detail here.

    Is Mississippi a good place to live?

    Mississippi is one of the amazing places to live in the US that has very nice amenities. This place is having a great history, culture, better food, etc. The climate is better that can make you feel comfortable with a healthy stay. Compared to other states, there are lesser places that have developed cities. Some region is covered with dense forest, while some region is delta. This makes it difficult to pace up the development here. However, it is having very nice facilities in terms of education, job, health, housing, and other basic amenities. The comparative cost of living in Mississippi is lower which makes it easier for the expats to live. Mississippi is definitely a good place to live that can provide better comfort.

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    Interesting facts about Mississippi

    Mississippi is definitely a better place to live where you can easily get all the basic facilities. Before moving to Mississippi, it would be exciting to know some of the interesting facts about here.

    Here are some of the interesting facts about Mississippi that you must know:

    • Mississippi is home to Blues Music and there are many musicians like John Lee Hooker, John Lee Hooker, etc.
    • Mississippi is also well-known as “The Magnolia State”.
    • Mississippi is the country’s second-largest cotton producer and a leading producer of pond-raised catfish.
    • Gulf Coast, from Biloxi to Henderson Point in Mississippi State is the longest and largest man-made beach in the world.
    • A sizable portion of the Mississippi state is a delta region.


    There are hardly any reasons not to live in Mississippi. There is a very good facility of all basic requirements for any individual to live.

    Living in Mississippi

    Mississippi has a very good place to live here comfortably. The excellent universities, colleges, and schools make this place better for living. The capital of the Mississippi State is Jackson and other important cities include Biloxi, Hattiesburg, Gulfport, etc. There are hardly any reasons not to live in Mississippi. The housing rates are lower, variety of food dishes, better education facilities, and other amenities are available here.

    Cost of living in Mississippi

    The cost of living in Mississippi is lower which can make it comfortable for any expat to live. Also, the average salary of the state is lower and this is the state with the lowest living costs.

    Below table lists down the cost of living per month of some major cities in Mississippi:

    (Data as per

    CityJacksonBenton CountyBiloxiHattiesburg
    CHILD CARE$680$604$650$636
    HEALTH CARE$1,134$1,092$1,161$1,160
    OTHER NECESSITIES$678$567$621$625

    Living in Mississippi Pros & Cons:

    It will be interesting to look at some Pros & Cons of living in Mississippi.

    Here is the list of Living in Mississippi Pros & Cons in detail:

    There are some beautiful natural places to visit.The economy of the state is comparatively lower.
    The cost of living in Mississippi is lower making it comfortable to stay.Natural disasters like tornadoes, storms, etc. are frequently experienced.
    The education facility is of excellent quality.The per capita income is lower in this state.
    The food quality is very nice with some better varieties of dishesThere are comparatively lesser universities
    The climate of the state is more comfortable 

    Is Mississippi a good state to live in? Yes. Mississippi is certainly a good state to live in. This place is safe, has better job availability, a good education facility, etc. Apart from it, there are many picturesque places to visit here.

    How expensive is in Mississippi? Mississippi is lesser expensive compared to other states in the US. The cost of living in Mississippi is much lower making it comfortable to live.

    Is Mississippi the cheapest state to live? Yes. Mississippi is the cheapest state to live in. The cost of living here is 84.8 and this state has one of the lowest rates for housing.

    What should I know before moving to Mississippi? When you are moving to Mississippi, the most important thing to know is the cost of living and housing rates. Also, it is important to know the food, education, healthcare facility, and other basic amenities available.


    While moving to Mississippi, it is important to know the taxes applicable in this state. We will look more at the taxes in the different aspects here that are friendlier for the people.

    Taxes in Mississippi

    The detailed bifurcation of the tax rates in the Mississippi are as follows:

    • Sales Tax – The sales tax rate is 7%.
    • Property Tax – The property tax rate is 0.8%.
    • Income Tax – Unlike other states, there are three income taxes here. 3% first $5,000 of taxable income, 4% on taxable income between $5,001 and $10,000, and 5% on taxable income of $10,001 and above are the three income tax.

    State income tax in Mississippi

    The state income taxes in Mississippi are very straightforward with proper bifurcations. The taxes are applicable for the salary, wages, or any source of income earned.

    The below table shows detailed information about taxes:

    CategoryTax Rate
    Top Individual Income Tax rate5%
    State and Local Tax Burden8.6%
    Top Corporate Income Tax Rate5%
    Sales Tax Rate7%
    Property Tax as a percent of owner-occupied housing value0.65%

    Tax free weekend Mississippi

    The Mississippi State offers tax-free weekends for the residents here. Some of the basic items are exempted from the sales taxes which makes the rates lower for these items. The lowered rate further brings down the costs of the different items in the Mississippi which increases the sales. The tax-free weekend can vary as per the instructions of the government.

    What is included in Mississippi tax free weekend?

    The school and apparel are exempted from the sales tax. The Mississippi tax-free weekend exempts the taxes on footwear, clothing, and school when per item cost is lesser than $100.

    Is Mississippi a tax-friendly state? Yes. Compared to the other states, Mississippi is quite a tax-friendly state. The three income tax rates 3%, 4%, and 5% are applicable as per the salary.

    Do seniors pay property taxes in Mississippi? The senior citizens who are above 65 years of age are fully exempted from $7,500 of their property’s assessed value. The senior citizens are exempted from the income earned.

    Does Mississippi have a state income tax? The state does not have state income taxes. Mississippi has graduated income tax rates.

    What is included in Mississippi tax-free weekend? There are many items included in the tax-free weekend. Some of these items include Shirts, Pants, Dresses, Footwear, Jackets, Belts, etc.


    If you are moving to Mississippi, it is important to know about the residency here. We look here in detail about the residency and the lowered rates of the residence in the Mississippi.

    How to become a Mississippi resident

    You must first have completed an age of 21 years for becoming eligible for the resident of Mississippi. You must also have lived in Mississippi for twelve months for becoming eligible for Mississippi residency. You then need to get a proper state driver’s license or file the income tax returns of the state.

    Mississippi residency requirements

    If you want to become a resident of Mississippi then you have to complete 21 years of age and have lived for at least 12 months in this state. Further, you need some important documents for becoming a Mississippi resident. Some of these documents include driving license, school enrolment, voter of registrations, and other documents as required as per the case. The requirements can vary to some extent depending on the different regions here.

    What do you need to become a Mississippi resident?

    You must have lived in the Mississippi for more than 12 years and have completed 21 years of age. Also, you need to provide the needed documents for becoming a Mississippi resident.

    How do I establish residency in Mississippi? If you have completed 21 years of age and live in Mississippi for more than 12 months then you can apply for establishing residency in Mississippi. You further need to provide the required documentation to become a  Mississippi resident.

    How long do you have to live in a state to be a resident in Mississippi? After completion of the 21 years of age, you must live in Mississippi for at least 12 months. This makes you eligible for becoming a resident of Mississippi.


    When you go to Mississippi, you need to understand some of the basic laws here. We list here details about the laws in the Mississippi.

    General Laws in Mississippi

    There are some of the basic and general laws in Mississippi. People living in this state must know these laws properly.

    Here are some of the general laws in the Mississippi:

    • If you want to keep the horses, then house them about 50 feet away from the road.
    • It is illegal to interrupt the church services in the Mississippi.
    • You cannot use profane language in the public, otherwise, you will be fine up to $100.
    • Tylertown prohibits any person from doing shaving in the public.

    Weird laws in Mississippi

    Amidst some of the general laws, there are some of the weird laws that will stun you.

    Here we list down some of the weird laws in the Mississippi:

    • It is not illegal if you have one illegitimate child. However, if you have two illegitimate children then it is considered illegal, it is either punishable or a fine needs to be paid.
    • Polygamy is considered illegal in the state. However, if you explain it to other people then it is illegal and you need to pay more fine.
    • The cheerleaders cannot cheer in the sports unless there is a reason to cheer.
    • Taking part in cattle rustling is considered illegal in the state.

    What are some strange laws in Mississippi? There are some strange laws in the Mississippi state that you need to understand. Some of these strange laws include: You need to wear a diaper to your dog while taking out to roam, you may be fined if you are a vagrant, using the gun for fishing is illegal, you need to house the horse 50 feet away from the road, etc.


    Going to the state of Mississippi you need to find the housing rates for property here. So, you must initially know the different housing rates applicable here.

    Housing market in Mississippi

    The housing rates are very lower in the Mississippi state when compared with the other states. The median monthly rate is around $740 and the median monthly mortgage payment is $1,105. The rate of housing is more affordable here. The median home values are $126,500. The median rental expenses are $663 for 1 BR and $808 for 2 BR.

    Average house price in Mississippi

    The housing prices in Mississippi are lower and it varies from city to city.

    Below table shows the house price in Mississippi:

    Gulf Park Estates$215K

    Is Mississippi a good place to buy real estate? Mississippi has one of the lower prices of real estate and the cost of living in Mississippi is also low. So, it is a good place to buy real estate in Mississippi State.

    Is housing cheap in Mississippi? Yes. The housing rates in Mississippi are cheaper. You need to look at amenities available near while buying housing.

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    If you are planning for moving to Mississippi, it would be worth noting the job opportunities there. We will look below in more detail regarding the jobs in the Mississippi state.

    Job Market in Mississippi

    The job availability in Mississippi is lower compared to the other states in the US. Some of the common jobs here include nursing, sales, cashiers, etc. There are also other job opportunities like Home Health Aid, Physical Therapist Assistant, Industrial Mechanic, Driller Jobs, etc. There are some of the renowned companies too operating from here. Some of the companies include Nissan North America, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Mississippi State University, etc. A skilled individual can easily get a job in this state.

    Highest paying job in Mississippi

    The salary of the job in Mississippi State will vary as per the industry and experience.

    Below table shows the average salary per annum:

    Job TitleSalary
    Certified Registered Nurse$155,371
    Clinical Physician Assistant$142,536
    Operator And Truck Driver$138,695
    Endoscopy Registered Nurse$86,754
    Consumer Sales Associate$81,471
    Lead Assistant Manager$67,659
    Operating Partner$60,038

    Does Mississippi have a good job market? Mississippi State does not have a good job market, as the employment rate here is 52.7 percent. There are better job opportunities in only a few sectors.

    What is a good salary in Mississippi? There are lesser job opportunities in the Mississippi state. So, an average salary of above $7000 is considered a good salary here.


    If you are going to Mississippi State, it is necessary to know the basic healthcare facility here. Below we list down some healthcare availability in more detail.

    Healthcare in Mississippi

    The healthcare system in the Mississippi state is average and it depends more on the agencies through which you take the healthcare service. The Mississippi State Department of Health looks after the healthcare system in the state. The private and public hospitals are the two systems of the healthcare providers here. The private hospitals are owned by an individual or group where they aim at providing better service and gaining more profits. The public hospitals are government aided and they aim at giving all possible services free or at a very lower cost.

    Some of the medical institutions in the Mississippi are:

    – North Mississippi Medical Center

    – Mississippi Baptist Medical Center

    – St. Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital

    – Allegiance Specialty Hospital of Greenville

    Health Insurance in Mississippi

    In Mississippi State, you have different options for getting health insurance. The individual can enroll in any of the health insurance schemes available. There are both private as well as public sectors in health insurance. Public health insurance is supported by the government that puts lesser pressure on the premiums. However, public health insurance has coverage for limited health concerns. Private health insurance has a little high premium. Private health insurance also provides coverage for many health concerns.

    Is health care good in Mississippi? The healthcare facility in Mississippi is average. It provides good treatment for some of the common health problems to improve health.

    Does Mississippi require you to have health insurance? There is no such law in Mississippi State for getting health insurance. However, it is always better to get health insurance to ensure better treatment at an affordable cost when needed.

    Is Healthcare free in Mississippi? Not all healthcare is free in Mississippi. The individuals who qualify for Medicaid coverage can only get better healthcare here.


    You must understand the education pattern in the Mississippi when you are planning to live there. We will put some valuable information about education in Mississippi below.

    Education in Mississippi

    The education in Mississippi is average with most of the educational institutions being concentrated in the cities like Jackson, Lewisburg, etc. The education system here mainly includes elementary, middle, and high schools. There are private and public schools, colleges, and universities. The rate of graduates is also lower in the Mississippi state. The education policy of the state is taken by the Mississippi Board of Education which also looks after the education system here. The State Superintendent of Education is the main person who looks after the education system here.

    Mississippi education ranking

    The education system in Mississippi State is graded very low when compared with the other states. The public education of Mississippi State is ranked last in the whole US. The early childhood program is graded “B” which is very lower compared to the grade of the national average.

    Top 10 Colleges in Mississippi

    • Mississippi State University (Mississippi State)
    • University of Mississippi (Oxford)
    • Millsaps College (Jackson)
    • William Carey University (Hattiesburg)
    • Blue Mountain College (Blue Mountain)
    • Rust College (Holly Springs)
    • Belhaven University (Jackson)
    • Mississippi University for Women (Columbus)
    • Alcorn State University (Lorman)
    • Delta State University (Cleveland)

    Top 10 School in Mississippi

    • Oxford School District (Oxford)
    • Petal School District (Petal)
    • Ocean Springs School District (Ocean Springs)
    • Clinton Public School District (Clinton)
    • Gulfport School District (Gulfport)
    • Madison County School District (Ridgeland)
    • Pass Christian Public School District (Pass Christian)
    • Biloxi Public School District (Biloxi)
    • Lamar County School District (Purvis)
    • Tupelo Public School District (Tupelo)

    What is the average education level in Mississippi? The average education level in the Mississippi state is up to a two-year college degree.

    Does Mississippi have free college? There is no free college in the Mississippi state. However, there are some scholarship programs that offer only full tuition payments.

    Where do Mississippi schools rank? The average rank of the school education is last in the whole US country. Many steps are taken to upgrade the school education system in this state.


    Going to Mississippi state, it is necessary to know regarding the transportation network here. Here, we put below some details about the transportation network in Mississippi.

    Transportation in Mississippi

    The roads are well-built in the Mississippi state where you can easily go to the different important locations. Public transportation is not too good in the state which makes it important to have private vehicles to travel around. There are two major airports in the Mississippi state: Gulfport- Biloxi International Airport and Evers International Airport.

    Some of the primary interstate highways are:

    Interstate 10, Interstate 20, Interstate 22, Interstate 55, Interstate 59, Interstate 69, etc.

    Major Medium of Transportation in Mississippi

    Below is the detailed list of the major medium of transportation in the Mississippi:

    AmtrakThe price depends on the location
    Greyhound Bus StationRanges $39-$114
    Coast Transit AuthoritySenior: $1, Adult:$1.5, Child: Free
    Gulfport-Biloxi International AirportPrices as per the location
    TaxisStarting at $3.50

    Public transportation in Mississippi

    Public transportation is not well-developed in the remote areas of the state. However, public transportation is concentrated well and well-developed in the city-region.

    The 3 major public transportations in the Mississippi are:

    • Ferry transportation in Mississippi‎
    • Bus transportation in Mississippi‎
    • Passenger rail transportation in Mississippi‎

    Is there public transportation in Mississippi? Yes. There is public transportation in the Mississippi. It may not be well-developed all over the state, however, it is well-built in important cities.

    How much is public transportation in Mississippi? Public transportation is much affordable in the Mississippi. The transit rates start at a base fare of $1.75. Apart from that you even get the facility of the 7-day pass and monthly pass.

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    Driving license

    If you are moving to Mississippi and wish to own a vehicle then getting a driving license is mandatory. Below we put the details about the driving license in the Mississippi.

    Mississippi driving license

    The basic criteria for getting a driving license in Mississippi are that you must have completed 16.5 years of age. You initially need to apply for the learner’s license. However, after satisfying a few criteria, you can also get regular criteria directly without applying for the learner’s license. If you have a driving license from another state then you can directly transfer a driving license. For getting a driving license, you need to meet a few requirements.

    Mississippi driving license requirements

    There are few requirements for getting a driving license in the Mississippi state.

    Here is the list of the requirements for getting a driving license in the Mississippi state:

    • Must have completed 16.5 years to get a learner’s license and 17 years to get a regular license.
    • Hold at least 12 months of learners’ permit before getting the regular license.
    • If you are a US citizen then you need to provide social security card.
    • Proper birth certification.
    • Provide proper residency proof.
    • Pass the test of the driving skills.
    • Pay the required fees.

    Mississippi driving license test

    The Mississippi driving license test will have 30 questions and you need to score at least 24 to pass this test. It means you need 80% correct answers for getting a driving license in the Mississippi state. The test will include some basic questions about driving, understanding the signboards, and the ability to drive the vehicle properly.

    Can you get your license online in Mississippi? Yes. You can get a driving license on the online platform. Here, you need to fill proper full name, the last 4 digits of SSN, license number, etc. You must also pay the convenience fee of $1.50 and Pay the fee of $24.00.

    How hard is the Mississippi driver’s test? There will be a written test, as well as a practical test. Both written, as well as a practical test, will not be hard, it would be easy to understand and pass the test with only a little preparation.

    Best Place to Live in Mississippi

    If you are thinking about the better places to live in Mississippi then do not worry, there are many best places to live in Mississippi. We will look at some of these better places to live in Mississippi.

    Here is the list of best places to live in Mississippi:

    1. Jackson

    Jackson is the capital of the Mississippi state and one of the better places to live in this state. This is the most developed state that has a very nice availability of the facilities.

    2. Oxford

    The city Oxford is named after the “British city of Oxford”. This is one of the developed places with a comparative very good education system here.

    3. Tupelo

    Tupelo is a very nice place to live which has a very pleasant climate. The Buffalo Park Zoo is popular here and visited by a large number of people from the nearby states.

    4. Gulfport

    Gulfport is the second-largest city in the Mississippi state and has very nice transportation. Several recreational activities like kayaking, golf, fishing, boating, etc. are available here.

    5. Hattiesburg

    Hattiesburg is one of the faster-growing cities in the state where many businesses are flourishing. This place is better for outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, hunting, etc.

    6. Biloxi

    Biloxi is a wonderful place with nice beaches attracting a lot of tourists. People can experience deep-sea fishing, jet skiing, delicious food, and several other activities here.

    7. Olive Branch

    Olive Branch is a very fast-growing city in the Mississippi state where a lot of job opportunities can be explored. There are all the basic facilities available at this place.

    8. Ridgeland

    Ridgeland is a better place to live in Mississippi with many of the new projects paving the path of this place. Nice public transport availability makes this place a better destination to go to any place.

    9. Flowood

    Flowood is a less populous place in this state where one can find food of different varieties. Different recreational activities can be explored here making the stay very enjoyable.

    10. Petal

    Petal is a very nice place which is having close proximity to the river leaf. All the basic amenities are easily available here that makes this place comfortable to live in.

    Culture & Climate

    Before moving to Mississippi, know something regarding the culture and climate of this place. We will look in more detail at the culture and climate of this place.


    Mississippi has a very nice culture that manifests artifacts, historical landmarks, and other art objects. There are some of the sturdy furniture available here are some of the specific places. Ballads and hymns are some of the vocal music played here. Novelists like Richard Wright and Eudora Welty are from this state. The outdoor sports of football have well-flourished in this state. There are many festivals celebrated in Mississippi State and Natchez Pilgrimage is one of the notable festivals here. Overall, Mississippi has some of the notable cultures that can be experienced.


    The climate of the Mississippi is of a humid subtropical type. You can experience hot summers, temperate winters, and moderate types of rainfall. Some regions experience freezing with some amount of snowfall. Overall, the climate of the Mississippi state is much favorable for most people to live comfortably.

    What are some traditions in Mississippi? There are many amazing traditions in the Mississippi state.

    Here is the list of a few traditions:

    • Cheering “Hotty Toddy”
    • Ringin’ Cowbells.
    • Dedicated Tailgating.
    • Dinner on the Ground
    • Feeding Others

    Does Mississippi have 4 seasons? Yes. There are 4 seasons experienced in the Mississippi state. Some of these seasons are winter, fall, spring, and summer.

    What is the weather like in Mississippi year-round? Generally, the climate of Mississippi is warm and humid during the year around. Only a few regions of the state experienced snowfall during the winter season.


    Below table shows the ranking of the Mississippi state in the different sectors:

    (Data as per

    Health Care50
    Fiscal Stability41
    Natural Environment22


    Looking at the above guide, you must have surely gotten acquainted with living in Mississippi’s pros and cons. Although the state is not much developed compared to the other states, many cities are developing faster. Many businesses are exploring that is providing many job opportunities. The expats eager to come here will hardly find any reasons not to live in Mississippi.

    The affordable housing facility is a big advantage for the expats coming here. The expats can also find many best places to live in Mississippi. The better availability of different things in the Mississippi can make your stay comfortable. Come to Mississippi State to have a better living.

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