Cost of living in Mississippi


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    Mississippi is amongst the best places that offer a lot, including the better southern hospitality. In addition to that, it has a low cost of living and is a happy state with a rural lifestyle and higher education. 

    In fact, the cost of living in Jackson, Mississippi, is lower than 10.8% of the national average, and you can quickly settle down in Mississippi. 

    So, if you are feeling “why move to Mississippi,” low cost of living may be the best answer for you. Let’s get a clear picture below. 


    Is Mississippi expensive to live? 

    Mississippi is a happy state with friendly people and surroundings with a rural lifestyle. Also, it might not be a surprise that it comes with many outdoor adventurist locations.

    But, we would like to have your attention on a thing that says it has the lowest cost of living in the United States below. 

    How much does it cost to live comfortably in Mississippi?

    First, the national average cost is higher than the cost of living in Mississippi. Therefore, you don’t need a huge amount to live comfortably in Mississippi. Only a few dollars complete your needs, and even you can save a considerable amount after spending on daily necessities.

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    Cost of Living in Mississippi

    To be precise, the cost of living in rural Mississippi is more affordable than in urban communities in Mississippi. Also, Mississippi is the second-lowest-cost of living state in the United States. So, let’s take a look at the following different prices. 

    (Note – The costs are based upon the US average of 100. If the price is above 100, Mississippi is expensive and vice versa.)

    1. Groceries Prices in Mississippi 

    Groceries are not so costly in Mississippi; therefore, one can easily have his groceries at the lowest cost.

    The grocery price rates are less than 100, which is 94.9 only.


    How much are groceries in Mississippi?  

    As per the US Department of Agriculture data, an individual needs an average of $3,202 for groceries or food yearly in Mississippi. Also, a family of four needs $9,248 a year to spend on groceries.

    How much does a loaf of bread cost in Mississippi? 

    You don’t have to spend more when you are in Mississippi and want to have fresh white loaf bread. Only $3.08 is enough to buy this from the grocery store. 

    2. Prices of Utilities

    The utility price rates are less than the US national average of 100, only 97.1. So, you can imagine that it is less expensive than the other states in the US for utilities.


    How much are utilities in Jackson MS?

    Jackson is the state’s capital, and you should not forget that it is one of the best cities to live in. So, an apartment of 915 square feet needs the average cost of utilities about $265.67 for a month, including the electricity, water, cooling, and garbage in Jackson city. However, the price can differ if you own a tiny or an extensive apartment than 915 square feet.

    How much is the average water bill in Mississippi?

    The average total cost of Mississippi for utilities is about $285. And Mississippi does not bear many issues with the water supply, which is why it includes the average water bill in Mississippi of $23 only. 

    How much is the average gas bill in Mississippi?

    The amount of your gas bill depends on your gas usage. Gas can help you power the oven or stove and heat your home. Therefore, the gas cost can vary according to use. However, the average cost of a gas bill in Mississippi is about 89.58 per month. 

    3. Cost for Healthcare in Mississippi

    Spending on healthcare is critical for counting the “cost of living in Mississippi vs Texas” or any other state. An individual pays nearly $2,742 towards medical or healthcare in a single year. 

    Health Care

    What is the average cost of healthcare in Mississippi? 

    The average pay in Mississippi might be $216.97 for a person to get an insurance plan. Also, insurance prices can differ according to the schemes and plans you choose. 

    Does Mississippi have free healthcare? 

    There is a health insurance plan, “Medicaid,”  offered by the Government of Mississippi to the Mississippian residents, including the uninsured people. Under this, you can take medical health cover at a low cost or even free of charge.  

    How much is Obamacare in Mississippi? 

    The monthly premium for Obamacare in Mississippi in 2021 was between $267 to $544 for a 40-year-old. You can take this insurance plan very quickly and get the benefits offered by Obamacare. 

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    4. Mississippi House Prices

    As you have read earlier, the cost of living in Mississippi is less than the United State’s national average. Therefore, the cost of housing is lower, and the rent of the houses in Mississippi is affordable. 

    House Price

    Is Mississippi a good place to buy real estate?

    Mississippi is the state that offers the lowest cost of living, which attracts many people, including retirees, to take a house in Mississippi. The most prominent good places for real estate are Jackson, Gulfport, and Hattiesburg. Take a look at the “pros and cons of retiring in Mississippi.

    How much does housing cost in Mississippi? 

    The housing cost in Mississippi is the lowest in the country, and the median home for a single-family cost only $140,818. And the average rent of a two-bedroom apartment is about $777 for a month only. 

    Why are houses in Mississippi cheap? 

    House in Mississippi allows you to enter the Gulf and highways for shipping and many more thighs to explore. However, it comes with colossal land availability and low rents, about 37% lower than the other states in the US. All these things are making it easier to get houses at low prices. 

    5. Average Rent By Bedroom

    A regular renter in Mississippi spends $762 for a month on housing. However, the rent by bedroom differs by the size of the house you want. 

    Bedroom Rent

    What is the average cost of rent in Mississippi? 

    A studio apartment will cost you $568, $600 for a one-bedroom, $727 for two, $941 for three, and $1,073 for four bedrooms. And it would be best if you had more than $1,100 for a five-bedroom or more than that. 

    Does Mississippi have cheap rent? 

    Although it comes with many beachfront properties, you will have to pay less for housing rent. The rent for housing in Mississippi is cheap, and one can afford it. Therefore, you call it home with an average rent of $762 for a month. 

    6. Mississippi Tax Rates

    If you compare the “cost of living in Mississippi vs California,” you will find Mississippi has a lower cost of living. Taxes are one of the biggest reasons to move in because the average tax rate of state and local sales is 7.0-7% only. 

    Tax Rates

    Are taxes high in Mississippi? 

    The state sales tax in Mississippi is 7%, and the 1% is the local sales tax. However, people have to pay a tax rate of 7.07% for the state and sales combined. Also, the Mississippi taxation is on the 30th for the State Business Tax Climate Index 2022. 

    What is the MS state sales tax rate?

    The 7% is the regular sales tax rate in Mississippi unless the law allows you a few exemptions. However, depending on the business type of a person, the person either has to pay tax on gross income or gross proceeds of sales. 

    How much is restaurant tax in Mississippi? 

    On November 1st, 2016, a new tax law was implemented in Meridian, Mississippi. The law states that a 2% tax is in addition to all other taxes taken for gross proceeds of restaurants.

    7. Mississippi Public Transportation 

    As compared to 85.5% of the nationwide travelers, 94.5% of the travelers drive to work in Mississippi. Therefore, a motorist drives near 13,673 km for a year on average in Mississippi. As a result, a single individual needs $5,113 to spend on transportation in Mississippi. 

    Public Transportation

    How much is public transportation in Mississippi?

    The public transportation costs vary as per the essential cost, discount, students, and children. Also, it depends on the destinations, from where they get public transportation to where they want to reach. However, the one-way fixed-route fares are $1.50, 50 cents, $1.00, and 75 cents for different aged people, including students and childrens. 

    How much is a Greyhound bus ticket to Mississippi? 

    The Greyhound bus tickets for Jackson, Mississippi, start from $23, enforced from Apr. 19th 2022. Furthermore, wearing a mask while traveling on the bus is not compulsory for all travelers, including employees.

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    8. Average Cost for Energy & Fuels

    The energy and fuel cost is also an essential factor determining the cost of living in Mississippi. But, the fact is that you have to pay the lower bill for energy and fuels you use, and these are about 11.75 per kilowatt-hour. 

    Energy & Fuels

    How much does a kWh cost in Mississippi? 

    When comparing the kWh cost, Mississippi is the best state to make your home, and it is lower than the other remaining states in the United States. The kWh price is only 11.75, which means you can save a considerable amount by paying fewer electricity bills. 

    What is the average diesel price in Mississippi? 

    The current average diesel price in Mississippi is $4.985, which is the highest recorded average price in Mississippi. Therefore, you should consider these prices while searching for the “worst things about living in Mississippi,” if you use diesel mainly for driving.

    9. Miscellaneous cost

    Keep in mind that Mississippi is developing the state income tax. But, don’t worry, it is below the national average. Also, property taxes are the lowest in the state. 

    Miscellaneous Cost

    Besides that, you should consider storage, movers, transportation, hotels, and land availability expenses before moving from out of state to Mississippi. See the following miscellaneous charges in the table below. 

    Average miscellaneous charges with table

    Groceries$3,202 (Annually)
    Utilities$265.67 (915 sq. ft. house) 
    Home $140,818 (single family)
    Rent$762 (monthly)
    Taxes7% (sales)
    Public Transportation$5,113 (yearly)
    Energy & Fuels11.75 (per kWh)

    We would like to add a quick tip for you despite the cost of living in Mississippi. Laurel is a beautiful place in Mississippi, and if you haven’t made a plan for this weekend, you will love our pick on “things to do in Laurel, Mississippi this weekend.” 

    Cost of living in Mississippi FAQs

    Is it cheap to live in Mississippi? 

    Mississippi is a beautiful state to visit or spend your retired life in on the surrounding beaches. Also, the cost of living in Mississippi is affordable, making it easier to live. 

    Why is Mississippi cost of living so low? 

    Due to the lower prices of taxes, land affordability, healthcare, transportation, and other things, the cost of living in Mississippi is so low. 


    As we all know, Mississippi is one of the best states to live and retire. But, most people are not aware of a few essential things like the cost of living in Mississippi. As a result, our team created this detailed blog where the different prices are mentioned. You should know about the following costs before moving to Mississippi. 

    • Groceries in Mississippi
    • Home Prices
    • Average Rent by Bedrooms
    • Taxes And
    • Public Transportation

    So, we hope you will enjoy this article and collect the information about the various costs you want to know about. 

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