States People Are Moving To

States People Are Moving To

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    Moving to a new state can be a stressful, exciting, and fulfilling experience. You have to pack up your life, say goodbye to any friends or neighbors, and head to a place that may be unfamiliar to you.

    Even though moving may be an unpleasant experience, Americans make the move from state to state every year. After spending a year or more in quarantine, many Americans are eager to move to states closer to their families, closer to nature, or for better job opportunities.

    If you have been thinking about moving lately, you may be wondering what states are most people moving to? This article goes over the top five states people are moving to.

    States People Are Moving To

    What is the Cheapest State to Live in?

    If you are wanting to move to lower your cost of living, Mississippi may be the best state for you. On average, Mississippi ranks one of the cheapest states to live in every year. Mississippi’s cost of living is generally 15% lower than the national average cost of living.

    In Mississippi, residents average an annual income of $48,537. Housing in Mississippi costs $795 a month and personal items and food are the cheapest in the nation.

    Other states that are affordable to live in are Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee, New Mexico, Alabama, Missouri.

    What is the Easiest State to Move to?

    In the United States, it is fairly easy to move from state to state. Which states are people moving to sometimes depends on the most affordable options? When moving, the biggest hurdle will be figuring out how to transfer important documents, like driver’s licenses, car registrations, and voter registration.


    It may also be easier for you to move to a state that is closer to where you currently live, so you do not have to pay expensive fees for moving trucks and professional movers.

    Before you move, research important information about your new states—such as income tax, schools, and healthcare. This will help you personally decide which state will be the easiest to move to.

    The Top Reasons for Moving

    Everybody has different reasons for moving. The most common reasons people move are for better job opportunities, to be closer to family, retirement, and lifestyle changes.

    Some people move to states that have cheaper housing, lower income taxes, business, and real estate opportunities, and better school systems for their children.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans moved to states that had more access to outdoor spaces, parks, and nature.

    States People Are Moving To

    Here are the top states people are moving to in 2021.


    While this state may have not been on your radar, it has been increasing in popularity in recent years. In 2019, for the first time in over 25 years, Idaho landed at the top of United Van Lines’ inbound list of moving.

    People are flocking to Idaho for technology jobs, a low cost of living, and wide, open spaces. Homes in Idaho are cheaper in comparison to the rest of the country, with the average home price in the Greater Boise Region averaging out at $425,000.


    Americans love that Idaho is a safe state with enjoyable amenities, making it a great place to start a family or raise their kids. Idaho has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire nation.

    Idaho has plenty of state parks, access to National Parks in border states, and plenty of outdoor recreation. Explore Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Sawtooths, Frank Church Wilderness Area, and Boise National Forest. No matter where you settle in Idaho, there is something for you to do.

    Idaho has four distinct seasons, so you can experience all the perks of winter, spring, summer, and fall.

    Some of the best places to settle down in Idaho are Boise, Moscow, Sun Valley, Sugar City, and Meridian.

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    This Pacific Northwest state has seen an uptick in moves, ranking in the top three states to move to for years.

    Oregon has a bustling job market, especially for technology and business jobs. The cost of living in Oregon is higher than in other states, with groceries and utilities costing more. The median home price in Oregon is $344,200.

    Education in Oregon ranks higher than most states in the nation, making it a great state for your family. Oregon also has no sales tax, so you can shop till you drop!

    Oregon, home to Crater Lake National Park, is a paradise for hiking, fishing, and biking. If you are a waterfall lover, Oregon has some of the best waterfalls in North America.

    The Cascade Mountain Range offers winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, and mountain climbing. However, if mountains and cold weather are not your cup of tea, the central and eastern parts of Oregon are home to expansive stretches of arid land.

    Some of the best places to live in Oregon include Portland, Eugene, Salem, Corvallis, and Bend.

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    The Grand Canyon State has been one of the most popular states to move to for many years, especially for retirees.

    The average home price in Arizona is $249,300. Groceries, utilities, and healthcare are more expensive in Arizona than in other states, but there are also plenty of job opportunities in larger cities, like Phoenix.

    Arizona has year-round sunshine, no humidity, and some of the best landscapes this country has to offer. Home to three National Parks—Grand Canyon, Saguaro, and Petrified Forest—Arizona is perfect for nature lovers.


    If nature is not your thing, there are plenty of urban cities, like Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Sedona, that can accommodate your lifestyle. Sedona has an up-and-coming art scene, where you can buy handcrafted jewelry, pottery, and other forms of artwork.

    The homes in Arizona are perfect for architecture junkies—with plenty of windows for natural light, fireplaces to keep you warm through the cold nights, and Saguaros. If you have ever dreamed of having a large Saguaro in your yard, Arizona is the place for you.

    Some of the best places to live in Arizona are Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Strawberry, and Tempe.

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    South Carolina

    Why is everyone moving to the south? Because the South offers a low cost of living, great jobs, and superb amenities that you can’t find in other states.

    The average home price in South Carolina is $170,100. Groceries, rent, utilities, and transportation are more affordable in South Carolina than in most states in the country.

    South Carolina has an enjoyable climate, great beaches, and plenty of Southern hospitality. South Carolina has long been the perfect state for retirees, but it is also a great state for families, couples, and individuals.

    Cities like Charleston are a mixture of new and old, and offer amenities for everyone. Charleston is packed full of centuries of history, making this the perfect place for any history buff.

    There are also plenty of outdoor activities for residents to enjoy—hiking, boating, and fishing. Although you probably do not think of National Parks and America’s wilderness when you think of South Carolina, the state is home to Congaree National Park.

    South Carolina is one of the best states to move to from California because of its extremely low cost of living, cooler climates, seasonal weather, no earthquakes, and beaches that are actually warm enough to swim in.

    South Carolina is home to popular beaches like Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Sullivan’s Island, and Cherry Grove.

    Some of the best places to live in South Carolina include Charleston, Greenville, Mount Pleasant, Columbia, and Tega Cay.

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    The most Northwestern state in the nation has become a popular state to move to over the last few years.

    Due to its bustling technology industry in major cities like Seattle, Washington has become a refuge for people seeking higher-paying jobs or a change in their careers. The cost of living in Washington is higher than in most states, but the average salaries are higher as well. The median home price is $381,300.

    Washington has lifestyles that suit everyone, from nature to cities. Washington is home to three National Parks: North Cascades, Mount Rainier, and Olympic National Parks. These three gems offer some serious mountain views, alpine air, and gorgeous hikes that will take your breath away.

    Washington is close to Canada, making it easy to take trips to cities like Vancouver.

    Washington has become a state that New Yorkers are moving to thanks to its booming job market, home availability, and nature that isn’t available in New York City. Even though Washington can be expensive, it is significantly cheaper, on average, compared to New York City.

    Some of the best places to live in Washington are Seattle, Spokane, Pullman, Redmond, and Bainbridge Island.


    If you are thinking about moving and wondering what states are people moving to, these might be a good choice for you. When you are making your move, think about where you can afford to live, how long it will take to move there, where your kids will go to school, and if you can find a job in that state. 

    Idaho offers affordable housing with friendly people. Oregon has incredible nature and parks, with high-paying jobs.

    Arizona has some of the best nature and landscapes on the planet, with a climate that is top-notch. South Carolina is a treasure of a state, with access to mountains, beaches, and cities. Washington offers the charm of the wilderness, nestled in high-profile cities. It’s no wonder why these five states’ state people are moving to!

    Moving can be difficult and stressful, but also deeply rewarding and fulfilling for yourself and your family. Thoroughly research any state before choosing to move there, but do not stress yourself out over every little detail.

    Now, get started packing and make your move!