Moving to Idaho

Moving to Idaho

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    Are you planning for moving to Idaho? Then you are certainly at the right place where you can get better information about it. Idaho State is located in the north-western region of the US. It is also known by the nickname “The Gem State”. This is a very better place for the people to live a comfortable life here with better amenities.

    This state was always in the forefront in terms of the agricultural field, now it has also made nice progress in other fields. After relocation to Idaho, you will notice that the average cost of living here is far lesser than the average cost of living in the US. The progressive income tax rate is 6.925% and the sales tax rates all the state is 6%.

    The state is emerging as a growing economic center as the studies also show that a growth rate of 3.4% over the five years to 2019. The quality of education is average compared to the national overall education quality. There are some quality high schools and colleges where nice quality education is provided.

    The average housing rates are a little high in developed areas, while it is low in most of the areas. Apart from that, there are many places here for rejuvenation. Know more about the Idaho state below.

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    Cost of Living in Idaho

    According to worldpopulationreview, Idaho’s cost of living index is 92.3. It is comparatively lower than the united states index average of 100. On average, Idaho has a lower cost of living than the entire U.S. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, living in Idaho are 7.5% cheaper than they are on average nationwide.

    Cost of living in idaho
    Cost of living in idaho

    With regard to average costs of living, Idaho is ranked 22nd out of all states. Six metropolitan areas are located in Idaho. Coeur d’Alene is the most expensive metro area in the state, where costs of living are 5.4% cheaper than the national average and 2.1% higher than statewide.

    Median Home Value$192,300.00$204,900.00
    Median Monthly Rent$825.00$1,023.00
    Average Car Insurance$1,918.00$1,517.00
    Healthcare cost for Single Adult$4,139.00$4,266.00
    Healthcare cost for family of four$12,648.00$12,950.00
    Food cost for Single Adult$3,212.00$3,240.00
    Food cost for family of four$9,276.00$9,354.00
    Annual Child care cost$6,422.00$8,903.00
    Annual Taxes$5,991.00$6,542.00

    Job Market in Idaho

    According to U.S. News, Idaho ranks 4th in the nation for employment. In Idaho, the average household income is $70,620 While the median household income is $53,089. The most wanted job in Idaho is Respiratory therapist With an Average annual salary of  $57,700.

    Job Market in idaho
    Job Market in idaho

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, Idaho’s current unemployment rate in February 2021 was 3.3 %, which is lower than the 6.2% average Unemployment Rate in the United States. It is 10.4x more common for a worker in Idaho to be a Farm Manager than all U.S. workers.

    The Most Common Jobs in Idaho

    RankJobLocal Jobs.Local Popularity Index
    1Retail salespersons15,0501.3
    3General and operations managers9,1402.1
    4Office clerks, general9,0401.1
    5Customer service representatives8,2001.4
    6Waiters and waitresses7,7801.3
    7Combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food7,3901.2
    8Registered nurses6,4201.1
    9Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks6,3601.3
    10Construction laborers5,9802.4

    Highest paying jobs in Idaho

    RankJob DescriptionAverage SalaryEntry Level
    1General Internal Medicine Physicians$202,230$21,430
    3General Dentists$190,040$109,900
    4General Pediatricians$161,890$90,870
    5Nurse Anesthetists$150,630$132,190
    6Architectural and Engineering Managers$142,490$84,710
    7Computer and Information Research Scientists$131,110$92,320
    8Nuclear Engineers$128,410$86,570
    9Judges, Magistrate Judges, and Magistrates$124,770$124,760

    Largest employer in Idaho

    #EmployerCityNumber of Employees
    1Micron Technology IncBoise8,000
    2Boise State UniversityBoise4,834
    3Mountain Home Air Force BaseMountain Hm Afb4,800
    4Military DepartmentBoise3,500
    5Battelle Energy Alliance/IdIdaho Falls3,000
    6St Alphonsus Health SystemBoise3,000
    7University of IdahoMoscow3,000
    8St Luke’s Magic Valley Med CtrTwin Falls2,483
    9Kootenai HealthCoeur D Alene2,083
    10Idaho Department of LaborMeridian2,000

    Tax Rates in Idaho

    Idaho has progressive income taxes that reach a maximum of 6.925%. Property taxes are relatively low in Idaho. The Idaho State Legislature has enacted numerous tax cuts since 2011, including lowering the highest income rate from 7.80% in 2011 to 6.925% for the 2020 tax year. This remains the highest tax rate in the country, even after these tax cuts.

    Tax Rates in Idaho
    Tax Rates in Idaho

    A 6% statewide sales tax and a few limited municipal sales taxes further contribute to the Gem State’s low sales tax environment. Idaho homeowners benefit from favorable property tax policies since their average effective rate of property taxes is 0.63%, which is lower than the national average of 1.07%.

    Idaho income Tax:

    Idaho state is applicable to dividends and interest income. Idaho State has a progressive tax structure. Idaho state tax is divided into 7 brackets with tax rates of 1.125%-6.925%applicable on an income range of $1,568-$11,760.

    Idaho Sales Tax:

    Idaho State is ranked 17  nationwide. In Idaho, the state sales tax is 6.00% and the average local tax rate is 0.03%.

    Idaho Property Tax:

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Idaho state’s median property tax is $ 1,246 with an effective property tax rate of 0.72%.

    Idaho Gas Taxs:

    Idaho state has a $0.33 / gallon gasoline tax and $0.33 / gallon diesel tax.

    Idaho Cigarettes Tax:

    Idaho state ranks 46th out of 50 states in the cigarette tax. In Idaho, the cigarette tax per pack of 20 is $0.57

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    Economy in idaho

    Idaho is currently ranked 3rd for its economic outlook and 11th  for economic performance rank. Economic exposure to COVID-19 is the 43rd highest in Idaho. There are 397,011 employees employed in sectors that have a High or Medium-High level of economic exposure to COVID-19, totaling 44% of all Idaho employees.

    Over the five years to 2019, Idaho’s population will have grown by 1.8% a year, placing it one of the US’s top states. With a growth rate of 3.4% over the five years to 2019, Idaho’s Gross State Product reached $72.5 billion, ranking 7th out of the 50 US states.  Based on 2018 data, Idaho’s per capita income was $43,901, ranking 43 out of the 50 US states.

    Education in idaho

    According to U.S. News, Idaho is ranked 29th overall in the United States education system, 30th for higher education and 23rd for Pre-K-12. Idaho is ranked 35th for quality of education in public schools among all 50 states by WalletHub. Idaho schools spend $7,771 per pupil for a total of $2.2 billion annually.

    Education in idaho
    Education in idaho

    That’s the equivalent of 3% of taxpayer income. 20,135 college students graduate annually in Idaho. The cost of the average community college in Idaho is $3,380 for In-state tuition and $7,960 for out-of-state tuition. In Idaho, public university costs $16,618 which is less than the national average of $21,216.

    In-State Total$16,618
    In-State Tuition & Fees$7,814
    Room & Board$8,804
    Out-Of-State Tuition & Fees$24,566

    Best Colleges in Idaho

    According to

    • Brigham Young University-Idaho
    • Northwest Nazarene University
    • University of Idaho
    • Boise State University
    • The College of Idaho

    Healthcare in Idaho

    In Idaho, the healthcare system is renowned for providing quality care to those in need. Numerous programs are in place to assist with medical insurance. Families with low incomes and children are also covered.

    Healthcare in Idaho
    Healthcare in Idaho

    You then have Medicaid, which offers free and low-cost health coverage to those who qualify, however, no state law currently requires an employer to offer employees group health insurance. Although, this benefit is sometimes included in employee contracts anyway.

    Best Hospitals in Idaho

    • St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center
    • Kootenai Health-Coeur D’Alene
    • St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
    • Portneuf Medical Center
    • Bear Lake Memorial Hospital

    Housing Prices in Idaho

    With a 23.7 percent rise in home prices in the year to March 31, Idaho’s home prices are the hottest in the nation. It is also the most robust economy in the country in terms of job creation. As a result of the high cost of living and taxes in the state, and a lower mortgage delinquency ranking, the state performed moderately.

    Housing prices in idaho
    Housing prices in idaho

    Boise has a median home value of $341,449. In the Boise City metro area, the median home value is $324,254. Boise Regional Realtors® reported a median sale price of $375,000 for June 2020.

    Most affordable cities in Idaho

    • Payette
    • Lewiston
    • Chubbuck
    • Twin Falls
    • Coeur d’Alene
    • Preston
    • Nampa
    • Ammon
    • Idaho Falls

    Most Expensive Places To Live In Idaho

    • Sandpoint
    • Eagle
    • Rexburg
    • Ammon
    • Boise City
    • Coeur d’Alene
    • Lewiston
    • Meridian
    • Hayden
    • Garden City

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    Weather in Idaho

    In the center and eastern regions of Idaho, the climate is mainly continental.  As a result of the maritime influence of the Pacific Ocean, cloudy, humid, and wet winters characterize the north and west of Idaho.

    Weather in Idaho
    Weather in Idaho

    Weather hazards

    In late spring and early summer, Idaho is often hit by thunderstorms and flash flooding. Heavy rain and lightning strike during thunderstorms, which usually bring strong winds and strong winds. Trees and communications lines are damaged by windstorms in the summer, which are common.

    Forested areas in the country are at risk of wildfires during peak summer and lightning during thunderstorms. Winter months often bring massive amounts of snow to the high mountain slopes. In the spring and summer, hailstorms cause some crop damage, but they are rarely bigger than half an inch in diameter.

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    Pros and Cons of Living in Idaho


    • Low cost of living

    The average cost of living in Idaho is 2.3% cheaper than the national average. You don’t have to spend more on groceries, transportation, health, and other utilities while living in this state. 

    • A safe place to reside in

    Idaho stands at the 5th position when it comes to public safety. Its violent crime rate is 15.2 which is way lesser than the national average. 

    • Excellent job market

    The job growth in this state is positive and the total number of jobs has increased by around 2.8% over the past year. Its unemployment rate is also lower than the country’s average.

    • Clean and organized

    The state of Idaho is well-known for its continuous efforts to ensure cleanliness. You will unlikely encounter issues like litter and trash while living here. 

    • Unlimited Outdoor Activities

    Idaho offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Here, you can indulge in various activities such as kayaking, off-roading, snowboarding, snowshoeing, tubing, hiking, paragliding, white water rafting, etc. 

    • Good weather conditions

    It experiences all four seasons with excellent weather conditions. Moreover, days with noticeable humidity are rare throughout the year. 


    • Housing cost

    The median housing cost in Idaho is about $263,900, higher than other states in the country. 

    • Low income

    Low income is one of the major drawbacks of living in Idaho. The median household income in this state is $47,334 which is lower than the US average. 

    • High Income Tax

    You will have to pay steep taxes while living in Idaho. The income tax for the state is 2.8% more than the country’s average. 

    • Limited shopping opportunities

    The state of Idaho is not suitable for the shopping buffs. It offers limited shopping opportunities and thus unable to satisfy your retail therapy cravings. 

    • Politically Consistent state

    Idaho is a politics-eccentric place and always votes for conservative principles. You will have to face criticism if you have a different thought process. 

    • No Public Transportation

    If you cannot afford your own vehicle or don’t know how to drive for any reason, then Idaho is not an option for you. Public transportation in this state is almost non-existent. 

    • Isolation

    People here tend to embrace the isolationist spirit with a definite desire to be left alone. 

    Things To Do in Idaho

    1. Boise River Greenbelt
    2. Coeur d’Alene Lake
    3. Hiawatha Mountain Bike Trail
    4. Snake River Greenbelt
    5. Shoshone Falls
    6. Idaho Falls River Walk
    7. Middle Fork of the Salmon River
    8. World Center For Birds of Prey
    9. Seven Stars Alpaca Ranch
    10. Old Idaho Penitentiary
    11. Payette Lake
    12. Museum of Clean
    13. Silverwood Theme Park
    14. Tubbs Hill Nature Trails
    15. The Village at Meridian
    16. Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park
    17. Harriman State Park
    18. Yellowstone Bear World
    19. Hells Canyon National Recreation Area
    20. Farragut State Park


    The above details show some detailed information on Idaho State. The easy availability of the amenities can make living in Idaho easier. The affordable cost of living can help you to save some extra money compared to living in other states. A better job market can help you to explore newer opportunities in Idaho.

    There are some of the large companies in Boise city. Your decision of moving to Idaho will certainly be better, as this state is a growing economy.  Continental type of climate is experienced here and there is a little variation of weather in different areas of the state. Get prepared to come live in Idaho in a more comfortable way.

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