Moving to Arkansas

Arkansas, “The Natural State” is a beautiful place to relocate thanks to its charismatic landscape, lakes, mountains, rivers, state parks, and more which attracts people to love it immensely and get settled for a long time.

This is the reason why the state has witnessed a rise in population growth including other various reasons such as low cost of living, plenty of jobs and education opportunities, high quality of life, a lot of outdoor recreation, and many more.

If you want to get familiar with the environment, location, education, transportation, government, health care, etc before moving too little rock Arkansas, go through this A-Z guide to know more about the place.

The moment you get to know it, the sooner you will understand and love the state.

Is Arkansas a good state to move to?

Arkansas is a state situated in the southern part of the US that has the 33rd highest population i.e. 3.5million among all the US states. Area-wise, it’s the 29th largest state that is covered mostly by dense forest and mountainous geography.

The capital city- Little Rock is densely populated with a wide range of living options for those moving to Arkansas.

The Natural State- Arkansas is one of the good states to move to due to its simple living (low living cost) and high thinking (higher lifestyle quality) attitude.

The higher lifestyle quality includes quality job opportunities, natural sceneries, good educational institutions, a lot of outdoor recreation, and more that attracts people so much that they end up living there for a long time.      


Where should I move in Arkansas?

The reasons for moving to Arkansas are its low cost of living, top-class quality of life, low crime rates and tax rates, nice neighbors, awesome BBQs, and many more.

While moving to little rock Arkansas and moving to hot springs Arkansas might be a great move, still listing out the top 10 best places in Arkansas according to the rankings are as follows:

  • Bentonville
  • Rogers
  • Fayetteville
  • Bella Vista
  • Jonesboro
  • Springdale
  • Siloam springs
  • Texarkana
  • Little Rock
  • Batesville

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Move to the Arkansas -Best Guide

Moving Cost

How much does it cost to move to Arkansas?

The average overall cost of living in Arkansas is 79. These cost of living indices are found based on the US average i.e. 100. A value below 100 means the cost of living in Arkansas is inexpensive than the US average and vice-versa.

Cost of livingArkansasUnited States
Other amenities93.9100

Living Cost in Arkansas

Is Arkansas a cheap place to live?

Compared to other US states, Arkansas is a very inexpensive state as a single dollar supports more actual expenses than the rest of the expensive US states.

According to the cost of living index of C2ER, the living costs in Arkansas is nearly 14% less than the other states of the country.

How much do you need to live comfortably in Arkansas?

An annual salary of $22,000 for a single person or $30,000 for a family of four is the minimum amount to live comfortably in Arkansas without depending on any help from others.

Business in Arkansas

Business in Arkansas

What major business started in Arkansas?

Walmart in Bentonville, Tyson Foods in Springdale, and Dillard’s Inc. in Little Rock were the three oldest business companies in Arkansas.  Let us know more about them:

Walmart: In 1970, Walmart company opened its first-ever distribution center and head office in Bentonville to sell a wide range of merchandise at affordable prices at 10,000+ stores and websites.

Till now, it’s one of the largest and most rapid-growing industries in terms of income growth.

Tyson Foods: Founded in 1935, Tyson foods are the world’s second-largest business and marketer selling pork, chicken, and beef. It is based in Springdale, Arkansas, and is listed among the fortune 500.   

Dillard’s, Inc.: based in little rock, Dillard’s has been ranked as the country’s largest fashion retailer.

Dillard’s became successful due to its service, value, and delivery style to its customers by offering cosmetics, captivating apparel, and home preferences that had been complemented by shoppers.  It was founded in 1938

Is Arkansas a good state for business?

Arkansas has been ranked #16 by the area development’s list of “top states for doing business”. In fact, within a few years, it had become one of the country’s leading business-friendly states in the nation.

Arkansas is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs to start new businesses due to its 2nd-lowest labor cost and the 12-lowest business costs. This overall ranking is based on the following factors such as:

  • Low-income tax rates
  • Skill training to the workforce or students before placements
  • Long term partners for business partnership
  • Providing incentive programs
  • Providing improved economic development schemes

Do I have to register my business in Arkansas?

Yes, you have to register your business if you operate it within Arkansas.

Registration is done for various aspects such as licenses or permits; income, sales, and seller taxes; acquiring tax-specific identification numbers, and unemployment insurance tax.

You must fill forms with a NAICS number that is associated with your appropriate business categorization.

To remain protected as a business owner, you need to do business insurance for your and your business’s protection.

Many types of insurances cover taxes and other added expenses on many business aspects, from which workers compensation insurance is one of them.

Job Market


What jobs are in high demand in Arkansas?

The overall high demanded 10 jobs in Arkansas right now are as follows:

  1. Financial advisor
  2. Retail sales specialist
  3. Customer assistant
  4. Store associate
  5. Product designer
  6. Automation test analyst
  7. Technical project manager
  8. Solution engineer
  9. Teller
  10. Sales director

What are the best-paying jobs in Arkansas?

The best-paying jobs in Arkansas are as follows:

RanksOccupationAverage salary
1General internists$267,000
5Marketing, sales, purchasing, or advertising managers$117,280-$134,570
7Petroleum engineers$113,730
8Computer and IT systems managers$112,320
9Architecture and design engineers$112,050

Arkansas job link provides access to public and private available training and jobs opportunities to management, industries, and job aspirants

Address: #2, Capital Mall, Little Rock, Arkansas-72201


Ph- 501-682-7719

Tax Rates in Arkansas                      

Is Arkansas a tax-friendly state?

As per the tax foundation reports, Arkansas is a very tax-friendly state as it pays the third-highest average local sales and combined state taxes in the nation.

Social security benefits, property taxes, and inheritance taxes are very low for retirees and every citizen of the nation.

What are the Arkansas sales tax rate?

The prevailing sales tax rates of the Natural State is as follows:

  • State sales tax-6.5%
  • Municipal sales taxes- 1.5%
  • Sales tax- 1%
  • Food and ingredients taxes- 0.125%

All these taxes are added up to an overall rate of 9% in the nation.

What are the property tax rates in Arkansas?

The average property tax rate nationwide is 0.61% which is very less than other US states as the majority of the state’s median annual property tax is less than $800,000.

The assessed value is similar to the market value i.e. 20% of the property’s appraised value which nearly increases by <5% in a year.

In Arkansas, the property tax rates are calculated in terms of mills which varies by city, country, or district.

One mill = 1/1000 of the asserted value or 1/10th of a percent.

Tax rate= 40 mills

Asserted value=$30,000

Property tax rate= 40/1000×$30,000=$1,200

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Economy in Arkansas

Economy in Arkansas

What is the main industry in Arkansas?

 Agriculture is the most important and leading industry in Arkansas because it contributes nearly $18 billion economies to the state every year.

Previously, Cotton used to be the major cash crop in the state but now rice has taken over the place of the major agricultural export in the nation which is mostly grown in the central-eastern part of the state.

How is the economy in Arkansas?

According to CNBC rankings, the state ranks as the 35th top state for business, 8th for the low cost of living, 41st for giving the top-class educated workforce and infrastructure, 32nd for friendliest environmental regulations, and 10th for a low cost of starting a business.

Where does Arkansas rank in economy?

The overall rankings of Arkansas in the state economy ranking list by Wallethub, 2020 is 39th. The average GDP and per capita GDP of Arkansas are $118,907 million and $39,107 respectively.


What rank is Arkansas in education?

The education rankings of the US states are based on their performance in primary and secondary schooling, Higher education, and pre-kindergarten education.

The major aspects include rate of completion of the education in their following terms (4 yr, program, 2yr program), teachers-cum-students ratio, average tuition fees and living expenses for students in public and private institutions, and graduation rates. 

Based on the above factors and Wallethub’s analysis, Arkansas is ranked #41 among the US’s best higher education systems and #38 among the pre-kindergarten to 12 schools.

Does Arkansas have a good education?

While the education system in Arkansas is below average than other US states but it is home to 40+ colleges and universities for students perusing higher educations. 

Listing out top 5 universities and schools of Arkansas

Schools :

  1. Bentonville Public School- Bentonville
  2. Greenwood Public School- Greenwood
  3. Northwest Arkansas Classical Academy- Hot Springs
  4. Fayetteville School District- Fayetteville
  5. Lakeside School District- Hot Springs


  1. University Of Arkansas- Fayetteville, Little Rock
  2. Hendrix College- Conway
  3. Harding University- Searcy
  4. Williams Baptist University- Walnut Ridge
  5. Ouachita Baptist University- Arkadelphia

Health System


Does Arkansas have good healthcare?

The healthcare system in Arkansas is way behind that of other US states. Improvements have been made recently, still, medical services are quite poor and had been ranked 48th  due to a lack of medical technologies, services, and fundings.

The medicals are adequate to provide basic treatments but one has to go out of the state for intensive care.

Does Arkansas have affordable health care?

Arkansas provides affordable healthcare coverage to its residents through State health insurance exchange or Medicaid depending on their income.

The average monthly health insurance cost in Arkansas for the year 2021 is $426 which is increased by $5% or $21% for 40 yrs old or above and retirees respectively.

Where does Arkansas rank in health?

The overall ranking of Arkansas in the annual scorecard of the commonwealth fund on state health care system performance is 49th out of the 50 US states for the year 2020.

The factors responsible for the overall worse-than-average performance include adult patients who reported their poor health even after treatment, 30 days motility rate of a hospital, and child patients without medical care or dental care visits.

On the other hand, Arkansas got its best rankings in the following measures:

  • 11th for fewer death rates due to breast cancer
  • 2nd for providing employer-sponsored insurance to each enrollee
  • 4th for improved mortality of home health patients

Housing Prices

Why are houses so cheap in Arkansas?

As compared to other US states, the houses and rental prices are cheap in Arkansas due to the absence of enough inventory homes which resulted in the rise of house values by 9% in Central Arkansas and 12% by Northwest Arkansas.

Due to the availability of cheap-priced homes, people consider the idea of relocating to Arkansas to get a home at a reasonable price.

Although it is harder to get affordable homes while moving to northwest Arkansas and Central Arkansas markets, you can easily look for homes in rural areas or lands at the best value which can be further turned into stunning homes.

Are houses expensive in Arkansas?

The average housing value in Arkansas is slightly more than $140,000 which is quite inexpensive than other US states.

Although housing prices rates are leveled up, it is believed that the best time to buy a house is when the interest rates are low and the real estate market rates are on the skyline.

Weather in Arkansas

What is the coldest month in Arkansas?

Little Rock experiences extreme cold in January where the average temperature decreases up to -0.667 °C overnight.

What is the weather like in Arkansas year-round?

Arkansas shares a humid subtropical climate throughout the nation where the weather features relatively hot, long, streamy summers and cold, short, mild winters and it remains partly cloudy throughout the year.

Year around the temperature generally varies from 1.66°C to 33.33°C and rarely increases above 37°C and decreases below -5°C.

Does Arkansas get snow?

Arkansas experiences snow rarely during winters. But mostly it receives some type of precipitation in form of slit, rain, and snow that falls on the ground.



What kind of food is Arkansas famous for?

Arkansas’ dishes are famous for its culture and economy with some signature cuisines like classic country cooking, fried catfish, barbecue, wild duck, purple hull peas, rice, apples, okra, fried green tomatoes, and grits

Does Arkansas have good food?

Arkansas has a variety of cuisine to explore but few iconic dishes that were invented by local families of Arkansas, are now served in the top restaurants. Here is a collection of such mouth-watering dishes that you may salivate over:

  • Barbeque
  • Fried catfish
  • Chicken fried steak
  • Fried chicken
  • Fried okra
  • Baked beans
  • Deviled eggs
  • Sawmill gravy
  • Chocolate gravy
  • Homemade biscuits
  • Cheese dip
  • Fried pickles
  • Beans and cornbread

Long ago, Cotham’s Mercantile used to be one of the most hyped-up restaurants that became the most popular one like nonothers.

But unfortunately, it burned down a few years ago. People still miss their burgers and hangout spot even now.

However, we have collected 10 wildly famous Arkansas restaurants that meet and exceed people’s expectations like Cotham’s.

  • Oark general store- Oark
  • Feltner’s whatts burger- Russellville
  • The pantry- Little Roc
  • Jones bar-B-Q diner- Mariana
  • Bordinos- Fayetteville
  • McClard’s-Hot springs
  • Weinkeller restaurant- Altus
  • One eleven at the capitol- Little Rock
  • The Hive-Bentonville
  • White House cafe- Little rock

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Pros & Cons


  • Broad roadway network

Traffic is always hectic and troublesome, but not in Arkansas as it has an extensive transportation system that connects to leading states, surrounding areas, and four commercial airports through four inter-states.

  • Amazing weather

People in Arkansas experience a mix of weather because of its location. Further moving towards the north, the freezy climate and southern areas are likely warmer with fewer snowfalls.

Northern Arkansas sees more snow events and the weather gets extremely colder in the winter months.

However, the weather remains moderate throughout the year where the chances are average to exceed more than 90° in summers and fall below 30 degrees in the winters.

  • Fantastic Recreation experiences

From the skies to the ground, Arkansas offers everyone something who loves to explore the outdoors. Dream about exploring 600,000 acres of lakes and 9700 miles of waterways to sail on!

Little stone makes you entertained with its amazing outdoor activities like biking camping hiking hunting tubing and canoeing.

The varied geography, bluffs, and mountains like Roark’s bluff, Fiery ledge, and White Rock mountain are simply stunning too.

  • Affordable cost of living

Cost of living is one of the important pros of living in Arkansas. You can expect fewer expenses for groceries, housing, and utilities which are 15 to 20% lower than other US states.

  • Lower property taxes

People living in Arkansas get benefited from low property taxes as buying a home can pay you less i.e. below the national average

  • Higher education options

Arkansas has top-class universities and colleges to pursue higher education. These colleges and universities offer more than 100 master’s degree and undergraduate degree options as well as 30 doctoral degree programs.


  • Higher crime rate

According to the wallethub’s reports, Arkansas is the worst state in today’s date due to its higher crime rate which is more than the national average.

One can become a victim of violent crimes, property crimes, or victim crimes anytime which is why you must protect yourself by relocating to a safe area with strong security systems for your family and vehicles

  • Higher poverty labor

As maximum homes come under rural areas, people struggle with poverty despite the lower cost of living. The rural nature results in less employment and less payment which makes people live below the poverty line.

  • Danger of insects and animal

The state of natural beauty is home to plenty of animals and insects like flies, mosquitoes, snakes that makes their way home whenever they find a water source.

Therefore, you must take precautions to protect your family from animals and insects and stay away from everything that becomes a place for their breeding.

  • Lack of public transportation

Despite a great transportation network, Arkansas doesn’t offer public transportation due to its rural nature. But you may somehow find Limited options in the biggest cities.

Moving to Arkansas FAQs

What should I know before moving to Arkansas?

From the natural beauty to the chocolate gravy, things you should know before moving to Arkansas are as follows:

  • Underrated beautiful nature
  • Sky-high sales and property taxes
  • Obvious to hear gunshots and find plenty of gun owners
  • Enjoy recreation activities with float and pool trips
  • Arkansas is mad for The Hogs
  • Might treat yourself to Mouth-watering cuisines like barbecue or fish and chocolate gravy which is a must.
  • The humid climate can be pretty crushing
  • Don’t forget to carry insect sprays
  • Don’t buy booze or liquor on Sunday
  • You may bump on deer too
  • Don’t avoid the cons too much
  • Here, lunch is called dinner, and dinner is called supper

What are the cons of living in Arkansas?

Any place you stay has something that is not so advantageous and Arkansas has some also. Latest go through the cons of living in Arkansas so that you might consider before relocating:

  • Highest sales taxes
  • Higher crime rates
  • Poor education system
  • Danger of insects and animals
  • Higher poverty rate
  • Higher obesity issues.
  • Mostly rural area
  • Lack of public transportation
  • Risk of natural disaster
  • Poor health care system
  • Face radiation poisoning issues

What are the advantages of living in Arkansas?

Arkansas offers you a lot of things that make you’re living affordable and comfortable and meet your expectations lifestyle and financial goals. So, Take a look at some positive points of living in Arkansas.

  • Extensive roadway network
  • Awesome weather
  • Southern charm
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Cozy atmosphere
  • Amazing recreation experiences
  • Lower property taxes
  • Higher education options
  • Interesting location
  • Great food
  • Lively art scenery
  • Conducive State Laws


Are you ready to move to Arkansas? Hopefully, this guide will be a nice help as it has covered deep-fried facts, features, and trivia that Arkansas would offer.

Remember every place has its pros and cons, therefore it is your choice and wants what matters to you the most. Remember to remain alert to your surroundings and always focus on your path.

Once you move to Arkansas you will experience the people, food, nature, and history that have so much to offer. Don’t forget to share your side of experiences with us in the below comment section!

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