Best small Towns In Idaho

Best small towns in idaho

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    Idaho! A natural environment spot that comes with exciting historical places, rich heritage, and friendly communities. Also, it offers many adventures no matter which is the season. As a result, people come from across the world to enjoy their summer and winter vacations in Idaho. 

    Talking about the activities, the winter season offers snowboarders, skiers, and snowmobilers gathering from across the country. On the other hand, the summer season provides lakeside escapes, mountain peaks, lakes, and natural reserves to explore. All these things are enough to make Idaho an enchanting and exciting place to visit. 

    Best small towns in idaho

    But, besides that, do you know it has beautiful small towns too? Idaho offers small towns with the best hospitalities and natural beauties. The beauty of these small towns has hidden in their simplicity, snow-capped mountains, and sky-high trees. Therefore, most people live happily, and they raise a family. How exciting is it? 

    So, this article is all about the best small towns in Idaho to raise a family. You can take a quick view of these towns, but before that, we would like to introduce the friendliest and prettiest town in Idaho. So, continue your reading. 

    What is the friendliest town in Idaho? 

    There are many small towns in Idaho, and they are the best due to their reasons. Also, it is an injustice to take only one name. But, we would like to tell you about Oakley from southern Idaho. It is a probability that most people haven’t heard about this small town. But, it is one of the best and most charming places to visit in Idaho. 

    Oakley is covered by the mountain range from the three sides. So, you will get nothing, but the friendly people and beautiful atmosphere can fall in love with it. It feels like you are in a village town, which is the best part of Oakley. We mentioned it on our friendliest list because of the colorful history of pioneering. 

    What is the prettiest town in Idaho? 

    Again at this point, we would like to remember that it will be injustice with the rest of the others. Idaho is the best place in the US and offers many prettiest places to live, travel, and explore. Therefore, taking only one name is not correct. 

    However, we would suggest you roam at Garden City, located in Boise, the capital. The green spaces and nearness of the river make it the prettiest place to live in Idaho. Do you know, after going down from the main street, there is a place called “Chinden Boulevard?” You can see the beautiful gardens and mountains by the seat on a beach by the river there. Isn’t it beautiful? 

    By knowing this, if you have made your mind clear to live in Idaho, stop there. We have the best places to live in Idaho after your retirement, and you can choose one of them. Now, it is the time to go forward and unfold the best small towns in Idaho.

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    Best Small Towns in Idaho

    The above information shows that Idaho is a blend of mountains, rich heritage, rivers, and lakes. But, the small towns are also best because of their reason, and we have seen the above two small towns. So, it is time to tell you more about the small towns in Idaho from the following. 

    1. Stanley

    Idaho has the Sawtooth Mountains, and this charming Stanley is located on the east Falkland island. Also, it is part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. You know what, Stanley was formerly known as the Port William, and it is now a foreign territory of the UK in the South Atlantic Ocean. 

    Stanley Idaho - Best Small towns in idaho

    In Idaho, Stanly is one of the best and most beautiful small towns, with less than a hundred locals. Can you believe this? Yes, it is true. The snow-capped mountains cover the sides of Stanley, and it provides full adventure activities. Other than that, you can see the backdoor; a stunning  Sawtooth National Recreation Area exists. 

    In addition to this, there are many options for a stay in Stanley. They start from the Mountain Village resort, Redfish Riverside Inn, Triangles C Cabins, Stanley High Country inn, and more. You can get affordable living in these places. 

    Stanley is a famous spot for all adventure lovers. It offers hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and white-water rafting. 

    If we talk about the weather or climates, the summers are dry and comfortable for the locals and tourists. On the other side, Stanley becomes snowy and partly cloudy in winters. 

    Is Stanley, Idaho, worth visiting?

    Exploring Stanley becomes worth visiting because it offers beautiful hiking trails, many hot springs, and small downtown areas to enjoy. 

    What is the closest city to Stanley, Idaho?

    Many cities are around Stanley, and nearby cities are Hailey, Boise, Garden City, and more. 

    2. McCall 

    McCall is another best and most beautiful town in Idaho. It is located on the coast of Payette Lake, and as a result, it is one of the most peaceful places in Idaho. The Winter Carnival, charming downtown, and scenic parks make it more special than other towns. 


    McCall is one of the best adventure destinations in Idaho. The locals are nearly about five thousand, and it is amongst the popular weekend destination from Boise. The large area of the Payette National Forest covers most of the town. Thus, most visitors can get lost in the hot springs, backpacking, and downhill skiing.

    Many staying options are available for tourists, visitors, and backpackers. These are The Scandia Inn, Shore Lodge, Hartland Inn, Hotel McCall, and more, and you can get a room in these places without any issues. 

    McCall destination is famous for the best outdoor locations and adventure lovers. In the winter, snowmobiling, alpine, Nordic, and Backcountry skiing enhance the beauty and attract more visitors. 

    In McCall, Idaho, the summers become short, warm, and dry. On the other hand, the winter is snowy. During the year, temperatures vary, and it changes the climate accordingly. But, McCall is not that dangerous in those changing climates. 

    Is McCall, Idaho, a good place to live?

    McCall offers friendly communities and is known for its various activities. McCall is also the place of season paradise with outdoor fun. As a result, it is a great place to live. 

    Is McCall Idaho a mountain?

    McCall is located on the south end of Payette Lak and West Mountains. Therefore, it is surrounded by peaks that reach the 8000 feet range. As a result, we can say that McCall Idaho is the mountain.

    3. Wallace

    Wallace is the best photogenic destination for all, and it is the National Historic Register for all. Also, an energetic community spirit, the most beautiful sceneries, the exciting history make it more special than other towns. 


    Once, the Wallace was an old silver mining town for the America Wast’s economy. And do you know one best thing about it? It is the heart of the Universe, declared in 2004. Apart from that, it offers the best dining options, cultural events, and outdoor recreations. Everything in the Wallace is a reason for being stan out elsewhere from the other. 

    Staying is not an issue in Wallace. Wallace’s many options, including Wallace Inn, The Brooks Hotel, Ryan Hotel, Stardust Motel Wallace, and more, are available.

    Wallace is well-known for completing more than a hundred years run as the World’s Largest Silver Producer. 

    The Wallace comes with changing climates. Wallace bears rain, snow, sleet, and hails falls on the grounds. But, these increase the beauty of Wallace and attract tourists. 

    Is Wallace Idaho safe?

    We should consider data that states Wallace got the 11th percentile for safety purposes, and it means 89% of the area is entirely safe, and 11% of the area is dangerous.

    Is Wallace Idaho a good place to live?

    The community, atmosphere, various festivals, natural beauty, and small towns make Wallace a better place to live. 

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    4. Priest River

    Can you imagine that you can see a beautiful river with a mindblowing scenic view near Washington Border? You can be surprised to know that Priest River is there and provides a mesmerizing look, and you can plan outdoor adventures on it. 

    Priest River

    If you want to meet with the scenic town in Northern Idaho, this is the place you should visit. The town was a house of old timber companies, and you can attend the Timber Day Festival here. Along with that, you can do other adventurous activities like hiking, fishing, and backpacking. 

    Priest River area offers Eagle’s Nest Motel, Stoneridge Resort, Walden House Inn, and other places to stay and enjoy. 

    Priest River is famous as a gateway to a glorious aquatic and mountain land. Also, you can go to the national forest like Coeur d’Alene, which means your vacations can be enjoyable.

    The climate of Priest River, Idaho, is warm and dry during summers. During winters, the weather becomes snowy and overcast. 

    Can you swim in Priest River?

    Priest River offers many water activities like kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. Therefore, one can easily swim there. 

    How far is Priest River from the Canadian Border?

    Priest River is only 7 miles away from the Washington Border. But, it is 75 miles away from the Canadian Border. 

    5. Sandpoint

    Sandpoint is another small town covered by three mountain ranges. It is located on the coast of Lake Pend Oreille. You will get a friendly community with art and culture. Also, it offers mountain biking and camping for adventure lovers. 


    The Idaho Panhandle National Forests fully surround Sandpoint. It is a stunning small town, and you can see the beauty of various spots in any season of the year. A warming climate can help you do stand-up paddling, fishing, swimming, and more. On the other hand, you can go skiing, sled, and snowboarding in the winter. 

    Hotel Ruby, Cedar Street Hotel & Suites, The Lodge at Sandpoint, Talus Rock Retreat are amongst the best-staying options out there. 

    Sandpoint is famous due to Lake Pend Oreille’s beautiful, still pristine nature. It is the fifth-largest natural lake. 

    The temperature of the Sandpoint often varies from 24F to 84F. As a result, the summers become dry, and the winters become freezing and snowy.

    Is Sandpoint Idaho a good place to live?

    Sandpoint is a peaceful, relaxed, friendly town. Most artists, nature lovers, and people who want fresh air can come and enjoy it here. Therefore, it is the best place to live and a better small town in Idaho to retire. 

    So, if you want to live a happy retired life in Sandpoint or Idaho, you need to see our blog on the cost of living in Idaho. You will get all the relevant details out there, which helps you make your decision fast. 

    What airport do you fly into to go to Sandpoint, Idaho?

    If you want to reach Sandpoint by plane, there is a Spokane International Airport 80 miles away. People can access many airlines from there. 

    6. Salmon 

    If you want to step back in time and experience the old times, you should visit Salmon. It will give you the same experience with the western-themed architecture and unblemished surroundings. Also, it is a hub for many adventure activities in Central Idaho nearby the Montana border. 


    Along with that, it’s an excellent hub for backpackers, nature lovers, campers, and climbers. It offers many activities like water rafting and more for a water sports lover. Above all, the Salmon’s winter season offers you the ski slopes, delicious food items, and many restaurants. 

    Staying options includes many hotels like Stagecoach Inn, Sacajawea Inn, Super 8 by Wyndham Salmon, Salmon River Inn, and more. 

    Salmon is one of the best destinations, famous for hunting, fishing, outdoor recreation, and more. No one will disappoint after visiting here. 

    Salmon Idaho summers are hot & dry, and winters are cold and snowy. Therefore, you can enjoy many sports activities in winter like skiing, snowboarding, and more. 

    What is the nearest city to Salmon, Idaho?  

    Idaho offers many small towns. Thus, you can see many small towns near Salmon. However, Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Ammon, and Emmett are among Salmon’s nearest cities. Interestingly, Emmit is also a small town near Boise, Idaho. So, you can take advantage of roaming in both areas. 

    How far is Salmon from Boise?

    You may be surprised to know that the road distance from Salmon to Boise is about 248.7 miles

    7. Bonners Ferry

    Bonners Ferry is midway from Sandpoint to the Canadian Border and is known as an International Gateway. It is amongst the Kootenai River Valley and covered with many peaks. It offers the exciting history of this place to know for the history lovers. 

    Bonners Ferry

    Bonners Ferry is no way from the natural sites like Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, Katka Peak Trail, Selkirk Scenic Loop, and Myrtle Peak. So, one can make their vacation enjoyable and memorable.

    Bonners ferry is famous for various restaurants, antique shops, and more. You can make a tour of the Fairbanks-Morse Generator Plant and Pearl Theater. 

    Many hotels are open for tourists around the world in Bonners Ferry. It includes the Best Western Plus Kootenai River Inn Casino & Spa, Northside School Bed & Breakfast, Dodge Peak Lodge, and more. 

    The climate of Bonners Ferry stays hot and partly cloudy during the summer season. On the other hand, the winter becomes snowy and overcast. The temperature falls from 8F to 94F barely. 

    How far is it from Bonners Ferry, Idaho, to the Canadian Border?

    The distance is not that long from Bonners Ferry, and you have to come near about 22 miles to reach the Eastport-Kingsgate Border. 

    What is it like to live in Bonners Ferry, Idaho?

    As per the Idaho Governor’s Conference on Recreation & Tourism, Bonners Ferry is now known as the Most Friendly Town in the US. People can plan to live, work, raise a family, and retire. 

    8. Island Park 

    If you love spending time in a place of water, this is the place you should not miss. It is part of the Yellowstone National Park, and people love to spend some time here in the surroundings of waterfalls.

    Island Park

    Island Park is a small-town heaven for outdoor activities. They can enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, snow activities, and many more. You can also explore the wooden lodges that can provide you with a cozy retreat. 

    You all know that it is famous as a gateway to Yellowstone. But, a few people know that it is an independent destination of National Park. You will see incredible wildlife, majestic mountains, lakes, and more. 

    Most tourists stay in the SpringHill Suites by Marriott Island Park Yellowstone, Sawtelle Mountain Resort, Island Park Lodge, and more, and it is because they offer the best rooms at affordable prices. 

    The summer season is humid and wet in the Island Park, and the winters are cold, windy, and cloudy. 

    Is Island Park, Idaho, a good place to stay when visiting Yellowstone?  

    Most people are adventure lovers who visit Island Park. Therefore, Island Park has many hotels and staying options for them. So, considering that, you can say that Island Park is an excellent place to stay when visiting Yellowstone.

    Can you see the Tetons from Island Park, Idaho?

    Most people choose to drive up 2h 50m to see the Tetons from Island Park, Idaho. Also, it becomes the cheapest way to get there with a price between $11 – $17.

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    9. Hailey 

    Hailey is one of the top 50 small towns in America. It comes with many festivals and events that make it more special than the others. You can visit Hailey to get the best environment. 


    Hailey celebrates the Northern Rock Festival and says it is the oldest courthouse for its functioning. But, to be precise, the scenic views are enough to make you fall in love with Hailey’s beauty. 

    Hailey is situated 15 miles away from the Sun Valley, and it is also known as the home for skateboard parks in the country. 

    You can make your comfortable stay in the Wood River Inn & Suites, Fairfield inn & Suites by Marriott Hailey Sun Valley, Silver Creek Hotel, and more. 

    The weather says that the summers are dry and hot, and also, the winters become freezing and snowy.

    What famous person is from Hailey, Idaho?

    Ezra Pound from Hailey, Idaho, is most famous as an American Poet and Critic. He was popular as an energetic entrepreneur of the arts too. 

    What is the cost of living in Hailey, Idaho?

    It depends on many factors of living to provide an idea of living in Hailey, Idaho. However, you can spend 111.5 dollars on overall expenses.

    10. Preston 

    Preston got its nickname because of Wellsville Mountain’s low settings. Do you know, Preston becomes world-famous after the “Napoleon Dynamite” movie? Now, it is one of the most common tourist destinations for all. 


    Preston is an excellent blend of the natural beauty views and classic southern Idaho’s small-town. You can plan a holiday trip here with your family and loved ones to experience the natural environment. 

    Preston is famous for festivals and events like the Idaho Festival of Lights, Famous Preston Night Rodeo, and more. 

    Many staying options are available to stay in Preston. Some of them are Pizza Motel, Rocky Mountain Red Brick, Bear River Hot Springs, Day Mountain Ranch Resort, and more. 

    Preston, Idaho, has hot summers and snowy winters. But, you can enjoy many activities in the winter season. 

    Is Preston, Idaho, a nice place to live?

    Preston, Idaho, is the best town with a united community. People of Preston are friendly and helpful too. And, it is amongst the nicest places to live and visit.

    How far is Preston, Idaho. from the Utah Border?

    You don’t have to break the mountain to reach the Utah Border from Preston, and it is about 27 miles away from Preston. 

    By now, if you think Idaho is an excellent place to live, check our moving to Idaho blog for all the essential information.


    Many people know America for its political power and historical monuments. But, only a few of them knows that America has Idaho and if you think what’s that? Why are we taking the name Idaho? So, continue your reading to get your answers. 

    First, Idaho is a blend of the mountain range, lakes, rivers, parks, festivals & events, and more. But, apart from that, it offers many small towns that come with scenic views, natural environments, a friendly atmosphere, and peacefulness. 

    As a result, we have gathered the best small town in Idaho in this entire blog with their popularity, staying options, weather conditions, famous activities, and much more. You can see the following list of small towns, which we have included here. 

    • Stanley
    • McCall
    • Wallace
    • Priest River
    • Sandpoint
    • Salmon
    • Bonners Ferry
    • Island Park
    • Hailey
    • Preston

    These are our best picks. By reading them, if you want to settle there for a particular job, you need to know the wage rate. Right? Therefore, we have created a different blog about minimum wage in Idaho. You can get all the information there. 

    Now, we hope that you will find the best destination to spend your winter and summer holidays in Idaho. 

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