The Minimum Wage In Idaho

Minimum Wage in Idaho

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    Idaho in the United States is a beautiful environmental place where you will see the mountains, rivers, lakes, snow, and much more. Most people visit here during the winter season to enjoy the winter activities like snowboarding, skiing, and all. But, a few of them dream to have a home in this stunning location, especially retired people. And a few want to do know about the wage rates and a job in Idaho. 

    Minimum Wage in Idaho

    So, we would like to remind you about Idaho’s minimum wage history. The minimum wage was set at $7.25 and is not changed yet. We will discuss it in this entire blog. So, if you want to know about the wage, we will help you with the minimum wage rate in Idaho. 

    Along with that, retired people who want to have a home in Idaho can look into our moving to Idaho blog. In this, you will get to know about how you can move to Idaho. 

    So, let’s discuss the wage rate in Idaho from below. 

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    What is a Good Wage in Idaho?

    If a person is working for 40 hours a week, the minimum wage he would take home a gross pay of $290. Also, he can take a total of $1,160 for a month and more than $15,000 annually. In addition to this, the state legislature of Idaho is not passing any bills stating to increase the minimum wage rate. 

    But, when it comes to a good wage in Idaho, it ranges between $19.08 to $28 for an hour. Additionally, a person can get up to $906 for a week as a good wage in Idaho. That makes it more suitable for people to choose Idaho for their working issues.  

    What is the Average Wage in Idaho? 

    From the above, you have an idea about the wage rate in Idaho. Further, in Idaho, there are 44 counties, and amongst them, only Butte County has an average wage of $1,767 more than the national average of $1,289. And Boise County has the lowest weekly average rate in Idaho of $506. 

    Likewise, if you talk about the total 44 counties, 14 counties were considered for average weekly wages of not more than $700. Also, the 11 counties registered for $700 to $749 wages, and 12 have average weekly wages of $800 or more. 

    We know the good wage and the average wage rate in Idaho from the above. Now, we are going to discuss them in detail. But, if you want to get information about the cost of living in Idaho, you can see our blog on this. 

    With that, let’s take a long drive on the wage rate in Idaho. 

    What do you need to know about Idaho’s minimum wage rate? 

    As you know, the minimum wage in Idaho is 7.25 dollars, and these are similar to the federal minimum wage, which has not changed since 2009. Also, Idaho is one of the 21 states that follow the federal minimum wage. Further, see the following bullet points to know about the hourly, weekly, and yearly wages in Idaho, 2022. 

    • You will get $7.25 as an hourly minimum wage if you work in Idaho. 
    • They charge up to $290 as a weekly minimum wage for only 40 hours. 
    • They will provide you with $15,080 as a minimum wage for a year. 

    The above wages are offered to most employees in Idaho, with a few exceptions. Also, it is suitable for business owners of at least four employees or more than that, excluding family members. 

    Minimum wage in Idaho

    Apart from that, the history of labor laws says, in 1998, the state rate was similar to the federal rate of $5.15 per hour. And the rates have been similar to each other since this year. Now everyone knows that it was last changed in 2009 and became 7.25 an hour. 

    Also, the official working hours in Idaho are 40 hours. If a person works more than this duration of a workweek, he can get overtime from his employer. The employer must have paid the bonus for all hours he worked, including 40 hours. The overtime wage is about $10.88 an hour.

    Idaho Minimum Wage Exceptions 

    When it comes to getting paid for work done by you, it will bring you a few exceptions too. Idaho follows the federal minimum wage rates. Hence, the Idaho minimum wage for servers is $7.25 and has a few exceptions. These exceptions are as follows. 

    • Idaho under 20 minimum wage – If a person works under 20 years of his age, he will get up to $4.25 in an hour for the first 90 days. An employer is not allowed to replace existing employees by hiring a trainee below 20 years of age. 
    • Idaho student minimum wage – Idaho offers job opportunities for school and college students, and the Department of labor issues the license for students to work. They have included the time, terms & conditions, and wage rate. They can work full-time or part-time and get paid off up to 85% of the minimum wage in Idaho. Per week they will get $6.16 for 20 hours of work for certain employers. 
    • Idaho tipped minimum wage – People who earn tips each month may be paid less cash minimum wage. $3.35 is the recently tipped minimum wage in Idaho. However, they should earn at least $7.25 with tips each hour. Besides, if a person is not paid the standard minimum wage when tipped wages are incurred, employers should make up the difference. In case of debates between the employer and the employee for tip amounts, the employer is answerable to verify the amount. 

    Besides the wage rate and exceptions, if you want to work in Idaho, that means you must have decided to stay there. Therefore, we have the best places to live in Idaho blog for you. We have collected the best places, which will help you stay and work without any issues. In addition to this, we have included the capital city Boise. And the minimum wage in Boise, Idaho, is also similar to the federal minimum wage. 

    With that, let’s move to preparation for minimum wage increases from the below section. 

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    Preparation for Minimum Wage Increases 

    In the current situation, Idaho does not have plans for new minimum wages in the nearer future. But, lawmakers insisting the issue of increasing the minimum wage in recent years. Likewise, it is better to discuss Idaho’s minimum wage law to make sure that you are in obedience and avoid payroll issues.

    You can follow the below steps to know your business is organized for anything.

    Evaluate your staffing 

    Consider your hourly, weekly, and monthly sales to decide if your current staffing is enough and appropriate or not. After analyzing, you will get an idea about future hiring based on sales and remaining finance options. There might be a possibility of hiring a new full-time employee each year. Or maybe your sales are seasonal, and hiring an agreement-based employee makes the best decision for the business. 

    Hire the best 

    Hiring the right person for the right job is one of the important things in an organization. And it becomes necessary when you run a small business organization. Therefore, make popper scrutiny by taking enough time and employing a wide net when admitting fresh employees. After this, we would suggest making a preference for employee retention through benefits offered to them soon after getting your team ready. Also, work on growth and expansion to make your business a better place to work.

    Upgrade Your Technology 

    Automation is the need of an organization because, with automated technologies, you can save time. It will help you to focus on other things like growing and expansion. Nowadays, much small business payroll software is available, which can free up your business times every month. If you ask us, then we will suggest the Square. It comes with many software features like automatic hours tracking and team management functions. Also, it is made to track and control both hourly and salaried payrolls. Beneficially, the updates do not cost you a lot because the Square offers affordable prices for small business owners. 

    Wage in Idaho

    Apart from getting the best job and wages, it offers plenty of things you can enjoy in Idaho. You can see our blog on the best things to do in Idaho, which will take you to the universe where you can perform exciting things. 

    Minimum Wage in Idaho FAQs 

    What is Idaho’s under 18 wage? 

    The job providers of Idaho may pay to the people who are under 18 years or minors. Such people are eligible to get a minimum wage of $4,25 for the first 90 days of employment. Also, the labor law exemptions for them in Idaho can exist. 

    How much will I earn working a minimum wage job in Idaho?

    If a person works in Idaho for 40 hours a week, he can earn up to  $58.00 per day, $290 per week, $1,160 for a year, and $15,080. A family unit consisting of two people has the national poverty line of $16,020 for a year. 


    Idaho is a blend of natural places like waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and many more. Plus, most retired persons can easily spend their remaining days of life in the small towns of Idaho. Also, the youngsters are getting job opportunities, and a few of them are not aware of the wage rate. As a result, we come up with this blog that includes the following points. 

    • Good wage in Idaho. 
    • The average wage in Idaho. 
    • What you should know about the minimum wage in Idaho.  
    • Exceptions of Idaho minimum wage. 
    • A few preparations for minimum wage. 

    Also, if you are under 18 or 20 years of your age, you can check the wage rate of Idaho. 

    In the end, we hope that this article will prove helpful to you and you will get enough information about the wage in Idaho. 

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