Safest Places to live in Texas

Safest places to live in texas

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     Texas, The Lone Star State, is known for its history and heritage, many employment opportunities, affordable cost of living, BBQ, and hot weather.

    Also, despite being a gun-friendly state, Texas is one of the lowest-ranked US states for crime rate and safety. 

    If you are soon moving to Texas and confused regarding which is the safest city to live in Texas,


    look no further as here we have compiled all the information regarding Texas’s safest cities, their crime rate, livability, and more.

    Is Texas safer than California?

    One of the reasons why Californians are moving to Texas is because Texas is safer than California.

    The crime rate in Texas vs California is 24.9 and 39.6 per 100 people violent crime rate and 55 and 79.2 per 100 people property crime rate respectively.  

    Which major city in Texas is safest?

    According to the “Safest City in the US – 2023 edition”, The safest major city in Texas is Frisco city. 

    The city’s violent and property crime rate is 9.8 per 100 people and 26 per 100 people respectively in 2023. 

    10 Safest Cities in Taxes

    Here is a list of the 10 safest towns in Texas in 2023 if you moving to Texas due to its less crime rates. All the towns on the list make a great new home for your safe and secure living.

    CitiesCommon crimesViolent crime rate(incidents per 1000 people )Property  crime rate(incidents per 1000 people )Law Enforcement  crime rate(incidents per 1000 people )
    Fort WorthLarceny, Motor Vehicle, and Burglary26.551.419.58
    PlanoProperty 1.6116.697.71
    AustinRape, Robbery, Assault5.233614.774
    San Antonioproperty377221.95
    Irving Murder, rape, assault, and robbery13.4397.9
    El PasoEape, assault, murder22.130.610.3
    Roundrock Assault, murder, rape10325
    Corpus ChristiProperty, violence, trafficking35564.2

    1. Fort Worth – A safest city in Texas for young professionals

    Fort Worth is the thirteenth largest US city in Texas. It is home to younger residents and ex-pats due to its vibrant downtown area, city center,

    Fort Worth Texas

    southern hospitality, history and culture, top universities, and ample job opportunities.

    Fort Worth Crime rates have reported a decrease in the violent crime rate from 33 to 26.5 in 2023 with no such changes in property crime rates.

    But mostly, the city faces higher property crime rates than violent ones.  

    Arlington Heights, Mira Vista, Westover Hills, and Overton West are some of the safest neighborhoods in Fort Worth Texas. 

    What is Fort Worth most known for?

    Fort Worth is known for TCU, the football team, which is one of the best in the nation. The city is also known for hosting the world’s largest indoor rodeo and also the first across the globe. 

    What is the nicest part of Fort Worth?

    Arlington Heights, Wedgwood, TCU Westcliff, western hills-Ridglea, and downtown are the five safest neighborhoods to consider for living in fort worth.

    2.  Plano – Safest place in Texas for families

    Plano, TX is one of the richest yet greenest cities in Texas. It is also known as the “Park City” of Texas as 80% of residents stay near or at a walkable distance to a public park.

    Plano Texas

    This vibrant city offers affordable plenty of family-friendly outdoors, good schools, and restaurants.

    Moreover, the crime rate in Plano, TX  is very less, which makes it a great option for families.    

    What is Plano Texas known for?

    Plano TX is known as a center for academic achievers. With an excellent education system, Plano schools and colleges devote themselves to setting up their children for success right from pre-kindergarten to graduation along with 24hrs full-service libraries, good coaching systems, internet facilities, and more.

    Are there black people in Plano TX?

    Plano TX has 8.4% African Americans or black people living in Texas according to the most recent census estimate.

    3. Austin – Safest Cities in Texas for Black Families

    Austin TX is a great city and the capital of political, social, and economic change in the state. The city is green and has many public parks in the main neighbourhoods.

    It has more than 80,000 black people out of the overall population living in the city. 

    The Crime Rate in Austin Texas stands at 11th position as the secured area in Texas, US for crimes against an individual.

    It makes a great place to have some good food and go for hikes and outdoor recreation.

    Is Austin Texas safe right now?

    Right now, Austin, TX is listed as 9th for crimes against property and 12th against social crimes according to the FBI’s 2022 NIBRS crime data report. 

    What are the safest areas in Austin TX?

    Hydepark, Rollingwood, and Old Enfield are the safest areas of Austin TX. 

    How far is Manor TX to Austin TX?

    Manor TX is 23.65 kilometers (30 minutes) away from Austin TX. 

    What is the most dangerous place to live in Austin, TX? 

    The most dangerous place to live in Austin TX is Georgian Acres. The crime rate in the area stands at 11,000 incidents per 100,000 people.

    4.  Frisco – Safest city in Texas to raise a family

    Texas’s fastest growing city, Frisco is known for the central headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys and state-of-the-art stadium – the star.

    Frisco Texas

    The low cost of living, booming job market, good educational facilities, and extremely low crime rate make the city one of the safest places to live in Texas.

    Where is Frisco Texas?

    Frisco Texas is situated in Collin and Denton counties, around the state’s northeastern region. 

    What is the crime rate in Frisco TX?

    The overall crime rate in Frisco TX is 11 per 1000 residents. So, the probability of becoming a victim in this city is 1 in 90.

    Is Frisco safer than Plano?

    Frisco is safer than Plano as it has 20% less violent crime rates than Plano.

    5. San Antonio – Safest Cities in Texas for Black Families

    San Antonio, the South Texas city is known for the Alamo, a large melting pot with a mixture of both Mexican and Texan cultures.

    Saint Anthony Texas

    The city gives a suburban feel and is the best place to find authentic Mexican food. Despite a higher San Antonio crime rate, it has safer neighbourhoods,

    Family-friendly outdoors, great schools, and amusement parks ideal for families. 

    What are the safe neighbourhoods in San Antonio? 

    Alamo Heights, Tobin Hill, Monte Vista, Oak Park-Northwood, and Downtown San Antonio are San Antonio safe neighbourhoods.

    Is the crime rate higher in San Antonio?

    The crime rate in San Antonio TX  is one of the highest as compared to other smallest and largest towns in the US. The probability of becoming a crime victim in the city is 1 in 21.

    Is San Antonio TX a good place to live?

    San Antonio is a calm and relaxed city to live in. The residents enjoy a below-average cost of living as they have to pay less housing costs and no income tax. If you consider living in the safest city in Texas, add San Antonio to your list. 

    6.  Irving – Safest city in Texas for families

    Irving is located in Dallas County and is known as the business hub of north Texas, home to the nation’s largest office center.

    Irving Texas

    The cost of living is relatively low and has great food options. Amusement parks, kids’ fun activities, and safe neighborhoods make Irvinga a family-friendly city. 

    Irving is home to a family advocacy center that provides free counseling to domestic violence, crime, and family with juvenile victims. 

    Is Irving Texas a safe place to live?

    Irving, TX is one of the safest places or neighborhoods to live in Texas for families and young professionals as the city offers an urban-suburban feel. According to FBI crime data, the probability of becoming a victim in Irving is 1 in 38.

    7. El Paso – Safest city in Texas from natural disasters

    El Paso one of the border cities of the US is constantly praised for less violence and property crime.

    But the city remains in talks due to its decrease in net population as a large number of residents have been seen moving to Ciudad Juarez regularly.

    The step texas

    With less average home prices and a cost of living index, El Paso is one of the most affordable towns to live in.

    El Paso weather had remained free from natural disasters with an overall score of 40% in the past 30 years. 

    What is El Paso Texas known for?

    El Paso is nicknamed the sun city as it receives an average of 302 days of sun every year.  It is also well known for its famous cuisine – Tex-Mex, numerous haunted places, famous wild-west history, and boot manufacturing capital of the world.

    Is El Paso a white city?

    El Paso’s population consists of 80.07% of white Americans, 11.40% of other races, and 3.63% of black people.

    What are the safe neighborhoods of El Paso?

    Album Park, Messa Hills, Cielo Vista, and Castner Heights are the safest neighborhoods in El Paso. 

    8. Round Rock –  Safest places in Texas for Families

    Round Rock is one of the fastest developing cities in the US and is known as one of the country’s most hustle-bustle towns.

    round rock texas

    This city is located north of Austin and is the fifth most populous city in the U.S. because of its many technology and job opportunities.

    Round Rock is the “Sports Capital of Texas” and is home to the Triple-A baseball team, the Round Rock Express, which plays on the Dell diamond.

    Is Round Rock texas a safe place to live?

    Round Rock is not at all the safest place to live in the US. The probability of becoming a victim in the city is 1 in 50. According to the FBI crime data, Rock Round TX crime rate crime rate is 70% higher than any other town and city in the state.

    9. Corpus Christi – Safest town in Texas to raise a family

    Corpus Christi, the largest city of Nueces County, TX is a coastal city situated in the south Texas area of the US.

    Corpus Christi

    This place is worth raising a family in as it’s a great place to live with an affordable cost of living, a great public transportation system, top-class education systems housing rates, and higher safety ratings.

    Even though dumpster diving is illegal in Dallas Texas, Corpus Christi is one of the Texas cities that allows a lot of places for people to dumpster dive. 

    Is Corpus Christi a safe place?

    Corpus Christi is a safe city with a probability of one in 23 becoming a sufferer of either property or violent crime. It has one of the highest crime rates in the nation compared to all larger and smaller communities in the US.

    Where does Corpus Christi rank in crime?

    In terms of violent and property crimes, the crime rate in Corpus Christi TX ranks 43rd most dangerous city in the US according to the FBI’s 2022 database rank.

    What are the safest neighborhoods in Corpus Christi Tx?

    The safest neighborhoods of Corpus Chisti are Southside, Bay Area, Calallen, and Mustang-Padre Island. 

    10. Fulshear –  Safest city in Texas to raise a family

    Fulshear ranks no 1 spot among the safest cities in Texas in 2023 with very fewer to no violent crime rates.

    Fulshear Texas

    The city of Fort Bend County is a marketing hub for locally produced pulses, grains, horses, and cattle.

    It’s a residential area offering family-friendly amenities and surroundings to relax and enjoy. Farms, grasslands, ranches, and rolling terrains make Fulshear beautiful and vibrant as a city. 

    Is Fulshear TX safe?

    Fulshear TX Crime rate is very less, mostly 89% safer than any other Texas city in the US.

    Safest places to live in Texas FAQs

    Where is the safest place to live in Texas?

    The top 3 safest places in Texas are Hutto, Fulshear, and Trophy Club.

    What major city in Texas has the lowest crime rate in Texas?

    With a population of people, Arlington is the only major safest Texas city in the US having more population and less violent and property crime rates according to MoneyGeek’s study.

    What is the nicest and safest place to live in Texas?

    Trophy Club is the nicest and safest place to live in Texas with an overall crime rate of 4 incidents for 1000 people.

    What city in Texas has the lowest crime rate?

    Fulshear is the lowest crime rate city in Texas with an overall crime rate of 0.1 incidents per 100 people.

    Where is the cheapest and safest place to live in Texas?

    El Paso is the cheapest and safest place to live in Texas in 2023


    Summing up everything, there are many great cities in Texas but as far as safety is concerned, the cities on this list top other Texas cities.

    Also, this article will give you information about each of Texas’s cities which will help you to figure out where you can move to and avoid unsafe areas.

    And don’t forget to tell us which city you chose as your hometown in the comment box below.

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