Moving from Texas To California

Moving from Texas To California

Texas and California are the most attractive and desirable US states to live in. While people have their reasons for moving, research shows that Texas is better than California in every area. So why are Texans moving from Texas to CA?

The reason is that California offers beauty, opportunity, nobility, and adventure. On the other hand, Texas is quite affordable, prosperous, and abundant.

From the magnificent mountains and beaches to the vibrant nightlife and lifestyle, California’s uniqueness makes life unavoidable. 

Moving from Texas To California

Before you pack your bags and start moving from Texas to California in 2023, there are a few things you should know about living in California.

What Do I Need To Know About Moving To California From Texas?

The following facts you should know before moving from Texas to California:

  • Comply with California DMV and motor vehicle registration requirements within 10 days of becoming a resident.
  • The cost of living in CA is very high.
  • California is known for its excellent weather and resourcefulness.
  • Mortgages, housing costs, and rental costs are higher in CA.
  • California has higher tax rates.
  • The geographic landscape is varied with beautiful beaches and magnificent mountainous landscapes.
  • California is the fifth largest economy in the world and has a profitable job demand with countless career opportunities.
  • The state offers world-class educational institutions.

Is it worth moving to California from Texas?

It is worth moving to California from Texas, despite its high prices because of its booming employment opportunities and healthy wages.

1. Cost of Living in Texas And California

The average cost of living in California is 149.9, 39% higher than the national average. On the other hand, the cost of living in Texas is 93.9, 8% lower than the national average.

Cost of Living in Texas And California

This means that California is 74.5% more expensive than Texas.

While the average cost of living in Texas is $45,450 per year, the average in California is $55,000 per year.

It follows that basic living expenses such as food, home prices, housing rent, and transportation costs are higher than in Texas.

The below tables depict the cost of living indices differences between California and Texas to the national average (100). A value above 100 means more expensive and vice-versa.

Cost of Living IndexCaliforniaTexasDifferences
Overall expenses17610175% more
Food & Groceries104995% more
Housing  29893205% more
Utilities941006% less
Transportation16511748% more
Health90988% less
Miscellaneous105105.50.5% less


Is income in California higher than in Texas?

Employers in California pay 15% more than employers in Texas.

2. Moving Cost from Texas to California

The average moving cost charged by Texas to California movers ranges from $1000 to $8000.

Moving Cost from Texas to California

These estimates vary depending on the company’s quote, the scope of the move, the number of pieces of furniture, and the time of year.

However, if you can move with your car and fit all the important furniture in it, then the trip will probably require more than the fuel cost and some hotel stays.

How much does it cost to move from TX to CA?

The average cost of moving from Texas to California is about $4000.

What is the cheapest way to move from Texas to California?

A rental truck is the cheapest way to move from Texas to California. Moving furniture and other items for a single person in a rental truck costs about $950-$2000.

3. Taxes in Texas And California

California is known for its luxury buildings and excessive taxation. California ranks 10th in the United States with the highest sales tax rate at the state level at 7.25%,

Taxes in Texas And California

while Texas ranks 33rd. Ensure you know how California taxes your purchases, property, and wages.

When comparing the income tax of Texas vs California, Texas has no income tax, while California has a progressive income tax system ranging from 1.0% for low-income taxpayers to 13.3% for high-income taxpayers.

California income tax is 9.3% if your income is between $52,612 and $268,749.

California also imposes an average municipal capital gains tax of 7-8.5%, which varies by city. Sales tax can be as high as 10.2% in some places like Santa Monica.

While property taxes in Texas are among the highest in the country, averaging 1.8%, they are as low as 0.81% in California.

Are taxes higher in California than in Texas?

California has 13.0% higher income tax rates than Texas. Besides that, it has a higher state and local sales tax rate of 7.25% to 10.25%, whereas Texas has a relatively low local and state sales tax rate ranging from 6.25% to 8.25%.

How much is income tax in California compared to Texas?

Texas has no income tax. While California imposes 13.0% income tax rates on Californians. 

Is California highly taxed?

California is highly taxed which imposes a combined state and local tax rate of 8.97%.

4. Housing Texas & California

Housing costs in California are much higher than in Texas. This is because the population of the state is greater than the number of homes, which leads to a major problem in the state.

Housing Texas & California

The average housing price in California in 2023 is $758,600, while in Texas it is $341,200, depending on location and payment method.

Rental costs for an apartment in California average $1,600, which is significantly less than $1,000 in Texas.

Housing CostCaliforniaTexas
Median Home Cost$913,000$295,000
Rental Cost$1600$1000

Is it cheaper to buy a house in California or Texas?

Buying a home in California costs between $50,000 and $210,000, while in Texas homebuyers spend between $20,000 and $90,000 to close a deal.

Is housing more expensive in California or Texas?

Housing costs in California are 60% more as compared to Texas.

5. Healthcare Texas & California

California is among the top 3 healthcare systems in the United States. While Texas ranks 38th in overall health care in the U.S., California ranks 12th on the list.

Healthcare Texas & California

The state offers low-cost or free Medi-Care health insurance to its residents who meet eligibility requirements.

California’s healthcare spending averages $10,300 per person per year, well below the national average of $13,000.

Is Healthcare insurance plans cheaper in California than in Texas? 

Health insurance plans in California are slightly more expensive than in Texas.

Insurance plans in Texas start at $436 per person per month, while in California they start at $487 per person per month and vary by plan.

6. Jobs in California vs. Texas

Despite the higher cost of living in California, it is worth moving to California for its increasing employment opportunities and healthy income rates.

Jobs in California vs. Texas

The state thrives higher job options in technology and management fields in giant companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, etc.

You can get jobs in fields like tourism, agriculture, entertainment, government, education, and more.

These jobs provide a median household income of $85,000 per annum while the median household income in Texas is $65,000 per annum. 

What is the highest salary in California vs. Texas?

The highest salary in California is of a surgeon that gets an average annual pay of $250,000 whereas in Texas it’s of a hospitalist physician who earns a highest average annual salary of $230,000.

Is it easy to get a job in California or Texas?

It is easy to get a job in California as there are 150 job vacancies for 100 jobless persons while Texas has more vacancies for skilled workers and laborers statewide.

7. Weather in California vs. Texas

Relocating to California means bidding goodbye to Texas’s extreme climatic conditions and saying hello to California’s impeccable temperatures. 

Weather in California vs. Texas

Summers in California average around 85°F which is warmer, but Texas’s summers are roasting averaging 95°F.

California’s winter remains temperature averaging 65°F while Texas’s winters remain chilly ranging from 45° to 55°F. 

While California gets 16 inches of rainfall on average per annum, Texas gets 53 inches of rainfall on average every year. 

Also, you will get an opportunity to enjoy snowfall in the elevated parts of California. 

Does California or Texas have a better climate?

California is known for its mesmerizing climate out of all 50 US states, i.e. a perfect temperature year-round. Whereas, Texas’s weather varies from arid to humid to muggy throughout the year.

8. Education System in California vs. Texas

California offers high-quality education, all because of its abundance of top-notch private schools, colleges, and respected universities.

Education System in California vs. Texas

Every city has excellent elementary, high, and private schools, so it is not an issue with any city in the state you are moving into.

While Texas, on the other hand, offers an average level of education resulting in a lack of career and willingness for higher education for adults and school students. 

Does California or Texas have a better education system?

According to US News and World Report rankings for best states for education 2022-2023, California is ranked #36 whereas Texas lands up at #40 in the list.

9. Safety in California vs. Texas

Living in California can be less dangerous than in Texas. Texas’s violent and property crime rates are 16% and 8% respectively more than California’s average and 16% and 15% respectively more than the national average. 

Safety in California vs. Texas

This makes California a great state to raise a family and elders to retire in. The cities, communities, amusement parks, and other outdoor spots are very secure.

While the violent crime rate is steady over some years, the property crime rate seems increasing due to the massive population and dense metropolitan cities.

Crime rate (per 100 people)California TexasUS average 
Property crime293722.7
Violent crime355135.4

Are crime rates higher in California or Texas?

Crime rates (violent and property crime) are higher in Texas than in California. 

Which state is safer, California or Texas?

California is ranked as the #27 safest state in the US, whereas Texas is ranked #47, according to Wallethub’s 2023 rankings.

10. Best Places to Live in California 

Cost of Moving From California To Texas

The 5 Top-most cities to consider living in California are as follows:

  • San Francisco

San Francisco is the largest metropolitan area in California with dense hills bordering the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

The city has a population of 884,363. The average household income for residents is $96,265 and housing costs are $1.6 million. San Francisco has a cost of living of 267.8.

  • San Diego

San Diego is the sixth largest city in the United States and is located on the Pacific coast of California. It is known for its parks, beaches, and mild weather.

It has 1.42. The average real estate price in San Diego is $925,000 and the average apartment rent is $3000 per month. San Diego has the largest naval cavalry in the world.

  • Berkeley

With a population of 122,324, Berkeley is one of the freest cities in America.

The city is home to the University of California, many top-rated public schools and universities, the UCB Botanical Garden, the UCB Greek Theatre, and several delicious California cuisines. The average income of Berkeley residents is $75,709.

  • Irvine

Head to Irvine if you are looking for a diverse and dynamic university community. Irvine offers its 273,157 residents an efficient urban school system, a pleasant climate, a high level of safety, and the best economic values.

The city ranks among the safest cities in California. The average price of a home in Irvine is $853,200.

  • Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the United States.

It offers its 3.9 million residents the most beautiful weather, breathtaking beaches, a pleasant lifestyle, a tech job market, exciting nightlife, world-class restaurants, and yoga studios in every corner of the city.

The city welcomes new actors, singers, and artists who want to fulfill their dreams in the entertainment world.


Moving from Texas to California in 2023 is the best decision you can make if you want to live a luxurious and ravishing lifestyle.

The city has the best geographical, economic, constitutional, technological, and social amenities that distinguish it from other US states.

It is also home to many historical sites, cultural festivals, outdoor recreational opportunities, and other special activities that are suitable for people of all ages.

If you are considering California as your next vacation destination and do not know when the best time to visit California is, it is the warm summer season from June to September.

This time is ideal to enjoy beaches and music festivals. So, what are you waiting for? Start your trip to the Golden State.