Moving from California to Texas

Even though California boasts miles of nice beaches, foothills, and plenty of sunshine, many residents still prefer to live elsewhere due to the high cost of living. As a result, many Californians have relocated to Texas. If you inform someone you’re moving from California and to Texas, they won’t be surprised.

Between 2007 and 2016, approximately a million individuals departed California, as shown in a report by the California Legislative Analyst’s department. The number of persons leaving this area annually is expected to have expanded enormously by the end of 2021, according to estimates. 

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Why Are A Lot of Californians Moving To Texas? 

A lot of Californians are leaving for Texas because of a lot of reasons which include. 

  • The state income tax in California is the highest in the country.
  • Accommodation and rental rates are costly, and a third of California tenants are unable to afford them.
  • Being unable to conduct business in the state.
  • Unstable political climate as a result of the leftward shift.
  • The wage-to-cost-of-living ratio is unreasonable

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Benefits of Moving From California To Texas

Benefits of Moving From California To Texas
Benefits of Moving From California To Texas


Although Ca and Tx are two of the country’s biggest states, the living costs in each differ greatly. Texas is among the few states that do not impose an income tax. Aside from lower tax rates, Texas citizens will benefit from lower expenditures for apartments, food, transport, healthcare, and leisure. 

Favorable Climate

Although it’s difficult to surpass south California’s near-perfect weather, inhabitants of Texas can choose from a variety of pleasant climes. Regardless of where you stay in the state, you will experience year-round sunshine and a coastal atmosphere. 

Occupational Prospects

Texas is the country’s second-largest state, with a growing economy. Austin, the state’s capital, is also one of the country’s top ten fastest-growing cities.

Excellent Schools

Throughout the country, Texas is known for its educational brilliance. Texas students, both in public and private schools, do substantially better than those in other states. Texas is an excellent place to pursue higher education.

Exciting Sports

All Texans like sports, particularly football, and the state is home to many successful national sports league teams, including Dallas Cowboys. 

The Hospitality of the South

Texans are regarded for being among the world’s friendliest people. One of Texas’ most endearing characteristics is its southern hospitality.

10 Things To Know Before Moving From California To Texas

Before moving from California to Texas, there are a few things you should know about the Lone Star State.

10 Things Yo Know Before Moving From California To Texas
10 Things Yo Know Before Moving From California To Texas

What it’s Like Living in Texas

Texas is home to 28.7 million people, it has the second-largest land area and the second-largest population. The non-English speaking population of Texas is 35.8%.  

Texas’s Living Expenses

Depending on where you reside, the cost of living in Texas can be relatively affordable. Austin has a 3 percent lower standard of living than the national average. Houston has 2% cheaper living costs than the national average, whereas Dallas has a 2% higher cost of living. 

Taxes aren’t very high

Only a few states have no personal income tax or state income tax, including Texas. There is, however, a cost. Texas has some of the highest property taxes in the nation.

Impressive Job Market

Texas has 57 Fortune 500 firms where you can carve yourself a great career. If you’re looking for a tech job, travel to Austin’s “Silicon Hills,” where you can live in the city without the high costs of San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Hot Weather

Texas is one of the nation’s hottest states. During the sweltering summer months, some cities, such as San Antonio and Dallas, experience average temperatures above 100 degrees.

The electricity rate is lower

During the hot and humid summer months, electricity rates can skyrocket. But it is still cheaper compared to other states. 

Texans Value Education

There are numerous higher education options in Texas, including many of the country’s biggest universities. Elite universities such as the University of Texas and Texas A&M University, and other minor private universities, are available to residents.

Sports are very prominent in Texas

Texas is a big state that enjoys amazing things, especially sports. Thousands of fans gather to support the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans, who are desperate to protect their state pride.

Texas has a lot of traffic

When you relocate to Texas, big, bustling traffic is unavoidable. Even if you live close to Dallas’s well-developed public transit system, you’ll still need a vehicle.

Perfect for Nature Lovers

The state of Texas is a haven for nature lovers thanks to its mild climate all year. During autumn, trek and cycle your way across the state. Then, during the warmer months, head to the lakes or beaches.

Cost of Moving From California To Texas

The cost of moving from California to Texas varies substantially based on the person or family. The weight of your belongings is among the most important factors to consider when calculating the cost of moving them. Distance, time, and packing services too are factors that influence the cost.

Cost of Moving From California To Texas
Cost of Moving From California To Texas

Moving from Ca to Tx costs between $4,000 and $8,000 for a one-bedroom apartment with two movers and a driver.

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Cost of Living in California Vs Texas

The second-largest state in the nation, Texas, has a lot to offer prospective tenants. The Lone Star State has a thriving sports culture, country music, mouthwatering BBQ, and a hot temperature. Examine Texas costs for food, lodging, taxes, and bills to see if you can afford to live there. 

Cost of living in California vs Texas
Cost of living in California vs Texas

Housing Costs

When compared to national rates, rent in Texas is relatively cheap. Of course, all of this is dependent on which Texas city or town you choose to call home. Even though housing in Texas cities isn’t particularly high, living with a roommate can help you save money.

Many of the apartments for rent in Texas’ major cities are in high-rise apartment blocks or luxurious residential estates. These are excellent choices for individuals who want convenience and are prepared to pay for it. You may choose an apartment in a split-level house in one of the state’s main suburbs if you’re looking for something quite simpler and cheaper.

Cost of Transportation

According to statistics from MIT’s Living Wage Calculator, an average Texas resident spends $5,113 on transport each year. Despite the fact that the public transport system is available in almost all of the state’s major cities, none of them is comprehensive or comfortable enough to persuade most citizens to give up their cars.

Based on current fares, here’s how much a yearly local public transit ticket in Texas’ main cities might cost:

  • Houston: $1,116
  • Dallas: $1,152
  • San Antonio: $365
  • Austin: $495

Utility Costs

Your monthly electricity rate could be greater or lesser than the national average of $240 for standard apartment utilities, depending on where you reside in Texas.

Here’s a short overview of average utility bills in various Texas cities.

  • Houston: $245.36
  • Dallas: $263.55
  • San Antonio: $223.14
  • Austin: $236.71

Food Costs

In Texas, an average individual spends $3,177 a year on food, or $264.75 each month. Food costs rise to $9,305, or $775 per month, for a family of four. Here’s how much a three-course meal in a mid-tier Texas restaurant cost in the major cities. 

  • Houston: $57.50
  • Dallas: $69.00
  • San Antonio: $69.00
  • Austin: $57.50

Health Care Costs

Another cost that might sneak up on you and eat away into your budget is healthcare. A single Texas resident’s average yearly medical cost is present $2,760. In Texas, a family of four should budget around $8,694 per year. You should expect to pay an average of $509 for basic healthcare insurance if you decide to purchase it. Prices, however, depend greatly on the policy you choose, the size of your household, and your family income.


Texas has no state income tax and a low 6.25 percent sales tax, this lower tax rate might save you a lot of money per year. Don’t forget about the 20-cent-per-gallon gas tax policy in Texas also. Local taxing entities, such as counties, cities, transit authorities, and special purpose districts, can also levy a sales and use tax of up to 2%, for a combined rate of up to 8.5 percent. Although it will have an impact on your finances, this is significantly low compared to states with high-income taxes, such as California and Hawaii. 

Educational Costs

Let’s say you want to go to Texas for college. In that scenario, you have to pay $5,957 in-state and $16,378 out-of-state annually, which is slightly more than the national average of $6,768 in-state and $17,692 out-of-state.

What’s the safest city in Texas? 

Though Texas isn’t even one of the safest states in the country in terms of crime, the Lone Star State’s safest towns have crime statistics that easily position them among the safest in the country. The crime rates in Texas’ five safest cities are all less than 0.5 per 1,000, which is seven times lower than the national average. 

The 5 Safest Cities in Texas

Listed below are the 5 safest cities in Texas according to The National Council For Home Safety and Security.


Hutto, Texas’ safest city, is located 22 miles northeast of Austin. In 2018, the city of Williamson County, which has a population of only around 27,000 people, had fewer than 100 total crimes, which is a remarkable achievement for a community of its size. 


Fulshear is Texas’ second safest city, with a population that has grown from 700 in 2008 to a projected 13,790 in 2020. Despite this huge growth, the city has maintained a high level of safety, with only two violent crimes reported in 2018.

Trophy Club

Trophy Club, Texas’ third safest city, which is about the same size as Fulshear, had two violent crimes in 2018 but had eight more property crimes than Fulshear. 


Colleyville is a wealthy Dallas suburb known for its outstanding public schools. Colleyville’s safety record is deserving of praise, as the city had a low violent crime rate of 0.29 per 1,000 last year.


Murphy has grown rapidly since President George Bush Turnpike opened in 1999, however, the city has remained a secure area to reside, with an overall crime rate of 5.83 in 2018. 

What part of Texas has no tornadoes?

There is no place in Texas that has never been hit by a tornado. El Paso County and Presidio County each have only had 5 tornadoes since 1950, according to the Tornado Project. That’s the state’s lowest number Several other towns in far West Texas have small numbers as well.

Pros And Cons Of Moving From California To Texas

Pros of Moving from CA to TX

Texas offers a range of advantages over California. Among them are the following:

  • No Income tax: In virtually every category, Californians relocating to Texas will pay cheaper state taxes. Californians pay a state income tax of up to 13.3% and a sales tax of up to 10%. Whereas they will not pay any state income tax in Texas, and sales taxes will range from 6.25 percent to 8.25 percent.
  • Low Housing cost: According to Zillow, California’s average housing price is $618,016 while In Texas, the price is $222,507. California has a $324 per square foot average listing price but It’s only $129.00 in Texas.
  • Working conditions are is excellent, and there are numerous cultural and educational opportunities available in Texas 

Cons of Moving from CA to TX

For individuals moving from California to Texas, there are a few disadvantages to consider.

  • In Texas, you’ll earn less money compared with California. 
  • Texas summers are significantly hotter than that of California.

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Living in Texas Vs California

Because Texas and California have some of the nicest climates in the nation, many people are interested in the expense of living in “Texas vs California.” We’ve developed a list of the eight most important differences between these two states.

Cost of LivingTexasCalifornia 
Housing CostsRent is relatively cheaper. More expensive. 
Healthcare costCheaper. More expensive. 
TransportationNot too expensive. Cheaper than in Texas. 
Sales TaxVaries between 6.25% and 8.25%Varies between 7.25% and 10.25%
Income TaxNo income taxes in Texas. Among the highest in the country. 
Educational costExpensive. It’s cheaper. 
ClimateHot weather. Near-perfect weather
Minimum wage$7.25$12


It isn’t for everyone to relocate from California to Texas. Although, any potential resident looking for adventure, excellent food, and country music will find plenty to enjoy in the state.

Is it smart to move from California to Texas? 

When the cost of living across both states is considered, moving from California to Texas is a smart move. Newcomers to Texas will enjoy themselves if a suitable career opportunity is offered.

It is the finest country to relocate to since the quality of life is better, there are lower sales taxes, which means you pay less for whatever things you buy, and there are no income taxes. Even though income is lower than in California, there are more job opportunities.

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