Moving to Tampa FL


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    Are you moving to Tampa, Florida, and want to know about Tampa? Well, Tampa is a city in the sunshine state offering diverse culture, pristine beaches, warm weather, and a booming economy. 

    Tampa is a city with a fast-growing economy and an excellent job market, so, if you are moving to Tampa with no job.

    You must not worry about that. You can find a great job of your interest in Tampa as well. 

    The outstanding neighborhoods of Tampa from the urban atmosphere of downtown to the great Yibor city and family-friendly suburbs to live in after moving to Tampa.

    Also, look at the best neighborhoods in Miami for families

    The Tampa Bay area is one of the best parts of southeast Florida to reside in.

    So living in Tampa is worth it due to its affordable living costs, community sense, Gulf Coast, and recreational areas.

    We will discuss things to know before moving to Tampa in the given article. Let’s delve into the details! 

    Things to know before moving to Tampa

    Tampa is a great metropolitan area in Hillsborough County of Florida and is an outstanding tourist destination.


    Tampa is the third largest city in Florida with a growing population of 395,199. 

    1. Cost of living in Tampa, FL

    Living costs in Tampa are much more affordable and cheaper than in other cities of Florida.

    The average living cost in Tampa is 1% higher than the state average and is almost equal to the national average. 

    For a single person in Tampa, it costs $1,253 per month and for a family of four, the living costs are $4,497 per month without rent.

    So, the average salary you need to live comfortably in Tampa is $57,562 per year. Compare the cost of living in Florida per year

    Tampa, FLCost of living in Tampa, FL
    Housing $423,986
    House Rent $1,543
    Gasoline $3.68
    Phone Bill$193.38
    Doctor visit $103.88
    Bread $4.06


    2. Housing Market in Tampa, FL

    The Housing Market in Tampa is growing rapidly and the housing rates are increasing every year due to the growing population.

    The average house cost in Tampa is $423,986 and the average rent is $1,543. 

    House rents in Tampa are also expensive but affordable as compared to the other cities of Florida.

    According to the apartment list, the median rent for a 1-bedroom is $1,400 and for a 2-bedroom apartment, the rent is $1,727. 

    3. Tax in Tampa, FL

    Florida is the only state in the United States with no income tax. So, the city income tax does not levy on the residents of Tampa as well. 

    However, the combined county and state sales tax in Tampa is 7.5% in Tampa. The sales tax on cars in Tampa will be 6%. 

    4. Weather in Tampa, FL

    Tampa has a subtropical climate with warm and humid conditions throughout the year.

    Winters in Tampa are cool, windy, and short and it rarely snows in Tampa. However, summers in Tampa are hot, wet, and humid. 

    January is the coldest month of Tampa with an average temperature of lowest 52 degrees Fahrenheit and  71 highest degrees Fahrenheit. 

    Whereas the hottest month in Tampa is July with an average lowest temperature of  76 degrees Fahrenheit and highest 91 degrees Fahrenheit.

    July is also the month of excess rainfall in Tampa. 

    Summers in Miami are hotter than in Tampa. The best time to visit Tampa is during the months of February to May and October to December.

    These months have warm-weather conditions and are excellent for sightseeing. 

    Like other cities in Florida, Miami also experiences Hurricanes from the month of June to September. So, residents must be careful and prepared for any emergency conditions. 

    5. Economy of Tampa, FL

    Tampa has a fast-growing economy due to the industries like technology, finance, tourism, healthcare, construction, and maritime. 

    However, the major industry in Tampa contributing greatly to the economy is Maritime & technology. 

    Moreover, Tampa Bay is renowned due to its international trade and manufacturing goods.

    The financial services have also played a vital role in the growing economy and due to its proximity to Latin America, it also helped in building connections with international markets. 

    6. Traffic & Transports in Tampa

    Public Transportation in Tampa is not considered very well and is one of the worst transportation of the state.

    The public transit is operated by the HART( Hillsborough Regional Services) services in the city. 

    You can get along the city by Pirate water taxi, TECO streetcar, Electric scooters, car rentals, and Charter buses.

    Moreover, Limos, Sedan, and Minibusses can also be used to get around the city. 

    Furthermore, Traffic in Tampa is always congested during the peak tourist season and rush hours.

    The rush hours are from 7.30 – 9.30 am and 3.30 – 7.30 pm during the commuting hours. 

    7. Outdoor Activities in Tampa

    Tampa is a great destination for people seeking adventure and recreational activities. Tampa offers a wide variety of must-go places.


    From white sandy beaches to state parks, Gardens, and aquariums, Tampa has everything to spend quality time with your family and friends. 

    The stunning Gulf Coast beaches of Tampa include Clearwater Beach, St.Pete Beach, and Honeymoon Island.

    These beaches offer plenty of water sports like kayaking, swimming, sunbathing, beach volleyball, and jet-skiing. 

    Besides the Beaches, Tampa also has various parks offering biking and hiking trails alongside the lush green scenery.

    These parks include Water Works Park, Lettuce Lake Park, Ballast Point Park, Tampa River Park, Sunken Gardens, and Skatepark of Tampa. 

    You can also enjoy marine life by visiting the Florida Aquarium and wildlife by visiting the Big Cat Rescue. Read the best places to live in Jacksonville

    8. Education in Tampa, FL

    Tampa has a diverse educational system. Tampa has excellent public schools, high schools,  charter schools, colleges, and universities.

    Hillsborough County Public Schools district is one of the largest school districts in Florida offering quality education and operating various high, middle, and elementary schools. 

    Tampa also has higher educational institutes including the University of South Florida, the University of Tampa, and Hillsborough Community College. 

    Besides the quality of education, Tampa is still facing education issues like a shortage of teachers, bus drivers, and professional staff.  

    9. Crime Rate in Tampa, FL

    The crime rate in Tampa is less than the other cities in Florida. However, Property crime is less than the national average and Violent crime is a bit higher than the national average. 

    The Violent crime rate is 147.6 per 100,000 people and Property crime is  686.6 per 100,000 people in Tampa. 

    So, Tampa is a safer city to reside in. The police and law enforcement organizations are working hard to eliminate the crimes completely and make Tampa a safer place to live in. 

    10. Healthcare in Tampa, FL

    Healthcare in Tampa is excellent and provides a great number of medical services. Tampa is well-known for its strong medical research community and professional staff.

    Tampa also has specialized centers for cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, and neurology.

    Tampa General Hospital is the largest and the top-ranked hospital in Florida.

    Tampa Bay medical center, USF health center, and Moffitt Cancer Center are also the best providing outstanding medical services.  

    11. Business Opportunities in Tampa, FL

    Tampa provides great business opportunities in various growing industries in the Tourism industry, you can start hotels, restaurants, travel companies, and entertainment venues for visitors and residents alike. 

    You can also start a business in international trade, finance, insurance, construction, and fishing in Tampa due to its great beaches. 

    12. Job Market in Tampa, FL

    Like Business opportunities, Tampa also has a great job Market. The booming industries of Tampa offer various job options for young professionals and other job seekers. 

    The Job Market is a bit competitive in Tampa due to the growing population.

    Healthcare. Finance, Information Technology, Film & Production, and real estate companies offer high-paying jobs in Tampa. 

    13. Pros and Cons of Tampa, FL

    Living in Tampa has its own charm. But, like every other place, Tampa also has some hard realities alongside the excellent lifestyle and facilities.


    Given below are the pros and cons of Tampa, which you must know before residing. 

    Pros of Tampa

    1. The low living costs of Tampa are the biggest advantage of the city. 
    1. Tampa is a walk-friendly and bike-friendly city. 
    1. Tampa has a flourishing economy. 
    1. Tampa provides great business opportunities for larger and smaller businesses. 
    1. Tampa has a diverse Job Market. 
    1. Tampa has the biggest and top-ranked hospital in America.
    1. Tampa offers plenty of festivals and events throughout the year.
    1. Tampa is home to national sports teams including baseball, football, and hockey.
    1. There are a wide variety of entertainment options in Tampa. 
    1. Tampa also has countless recreational places for kids and families. The turquoise water beaches in Tampa are worth seeing. 

    Cons of Tampa

    1. Worst traffic congestion in Tampa during commuting hours. 
    1. Hot and humid summers in Tampa with high temperatures.
    1. Tampa is prone to hurricanes and natural disasters. 
    1. Public Transport is limited. 
    1. Due to the subtropical climate, a great number of bugs and insects are found in Tampa. 

    Moving to Tampa FAQs

    How much money do you need to move to Tampa?

    The total moving cost depends upon various factors like the location of the house, the size of the house, your financial budget, and the company you hire. You can get an online quote to know about the exact money needed for moving. 

    Should I move to Tampa or Miami?

    Both Tampa and Miami are great cities in Florida. If you want a place with affordable living costs and moderate temperatures you must choose Tampa.

    However, if you want a place with a booming economy as compared to Tampa, and a vibrant place with a bit high living costs you must choose Miami. 

    What is the difference between Tampa and Tampa Bay?

    Tampa is the biggest city in Tampa Bay which is the largest metropolitan area in Hillsborough County. 


    Moving to Tampa, Florida is a great idea.

    Tampa is a city with affordable living costs, picturesque lands, State parks, Wildlife Parks, Excellent educational institutes, and a great healthcare system. 

    Moreover, Tampa also offers great business opportunities and a job market in great industries.

    The less crime rate and thriving economy of Tampa is also a plus point. So, if you are wondering, Why move to Florida, you can get your answer from the above article.