Best Areas to Live in Jacksonville FL

Best Areas to Live in Jacksonville FL

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    Wondering to make Jacksonville your new home, you probably must be having some sense of what makes the area so desirable. It’s like heaven on earth, thanks to the robust economy, booming culinary scene, and miles upon miles of pristine white sand beaches. The city, to its credit, contains communities that are unique and diverse in their own way.

    In Jacksonville, you can find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a beachfront condo, a cozy single-family house, or an urban apartment close to stores, restaurants, and a lively nightlife scene. You can discover what you’re searching for here.

    The most desirable areas of Jacksonville feature a wide range of architectural styles and have their own special brand of allure. Since this is one of the greatest cities in terms of geographical size, you can be sure that there are many best areas to live in Jacksonville FL. So, let’s proceed and explore some of them.

    Best Areas to Live in Jacksonville FL

    What is the safest area in Jacksonville FL?

    San Marco square is the safest area in Jacksonville FL to live in. It has the safest communities with less crime rate which is very less than the national average.

    Is Jacksonville Florida expensive to live in?

    For those who are wondering, is Jacksonville Florida a good place to live, Jacksonville ranks #51 in the most affordable places to live in. The state’s cost of living is 10% less than the national average. One needs to earn an average salary of around $40,000 to lead a comfortable lifestyle in Jacksonville.

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    Best Areas to Live in Jacksonville FL

    Whether you’re relocating to Florida for work or to settle down, you might be curious to know about life in every area of Florida. There’s more to this beach town than meets the eye, even though it’s well-known for its sizzling summers, beautiful beaches, and vast landscape. Here are the top 8 safest neighborhoods in Jacksonville, FL.

    1. Downtown – Best Top-Rated Attractions

    You’ll be right in the middle of all the action if you make your home in Downtown Jacksonville. The central commercial center may be found Downtown, which is located on the banks of the St. Johns River and just opposite the city’s beautiful beaches. Enjoy the relaxed vibes at one of the many highly regarded pubs or seafood restaurants that provide outside seating.

    Downtown Florida

    If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you can go kayaking on the river or hiking on one of the many routes. For all you sports aficionados out there, the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL play their home games at EverBank Field in downtown Jacksonville. A number of Fortune 500 corporations call the Downtown district their home. Downtown is a great place to find work, and if you decide to settle there, you’ll save a lot of time in your daily commute. The neighborhood is among the finest in all of Jacksonville.

    Is Downtown Jacksonville walkable?

    Downtown is a walkable area of the city, having a walk score of 75. Despite the city being largely automobile-dependent, Downtown is walkable with cultural events, venues, riverside dining, shopping destination, restaurants, concerts, and NFL football.

    2. Southside –Best Riverside Views

    Southside, one of Jacksonville’s finer neighborhoods, sits to the south of the St. Johns River and benefits from riverside access. To become a permanent resident of the safest communities like Southside, you need to know how to become a Florida resident. There is a lot of history and greenery in this residential area. Use one of the two nearby malls as a kind of therapeutic shopping to alleviate stress.

    Southside Florida

    The Avenue Mall is a covered shopping area situated here. The St. Johns Town Center is an open-air complex with a hotel and a business center located in this city. Tinseltown is a section of the neighborhood that features a cinema, trendy boutiques, and vibrant nightlife. If retail therapy is not your thing, there are plenty of museums and parks in the area to keep you occupied.

    What is considered South Side Jacksonville?

    Southside Jacksonville is a larger city of Jacksonville along with Northside, Arlington, and Westside. The city comprises the south of the downtown area, a community which is now called San Marco, situated across the St. Johns river.

    Is South Jacksonville a good place to live?

    South Jacksonville is a less expensive neighborhood to live in Florida. With a population of 2000 people, the city offers a low cost of living, affordable rental homes, and a dense suburban lifestyle. You can access great restaurants, parks, art activities, bars, and coffee shops at a walkable distance.

    The median housing and rental prices in the southside average $470,500 and $1000 respectively. To live a standard lifestyle in the southside, you have to earn a median household income of $57,000.

    3. Northside – Best natural scenery

    Northside is a neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida, that features numerous museums, parks, and historical buildings. This area’s relevance to the city’s transportation system is likely responsible for its prominence on the map. Points of interest including the Jacksonville Airport, Jacksonville Amtrak Station, and the JAXPORT Cruise Terminal may all be found here. This residential neighborhood, which was once a part of a manufacturing hub, has become increasingly desirable due to its location on the sea.

    Northside Florida

    Northside has seen a proliferation of new construction in recent years, with architectural styles ranging from Mediterranean villas to ranch-style houses. If you have always dreamed of living by the river, your best bet is to look for a lot on the north side of town that is both large enough and close enough to the water to make it possible.

    What is considered Northside Jacksonville?

    The northern region of Jacksonville, Florida is called Northside. It comprises a larger part of Duval County. It covers anything that is situated north of Arlington and the Downtown neighborhood. The city is known for having waterfront properties, and commercial and industrial assets.

    4. Riverside – Best walkable neighborhoods

    It is often held that Riverside, a posh area of Jacksonville, is among the city’s safest communities. Since this is a hip neighborhood, it attracts a large population of young professionals and families and is known to be the best place to live in Jacksonville, FL for young professionals. Find the perfect place to call home among the luxury apartments, modern single-family homes, or waterfront mansions available here. The community in Riverside is close-knit and has an urban feel. Go out on the town with your pals on the weekend and check out some bars, galleries, and vintage clothes shops.

    Riverside Florida

    Is Riverside Jacksonville a good place to live?

    Riverside is one of the safest areas in Jacksonville FL to live a life in. It is one of the oldest communities in the city and has been listed among the top 10 greatest areas in the county due to its rich cultural landmarks, historic communities, walkable neighborhoods, logistic facilities, secured ecosystem, and vibrant transportation system.

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    5. Deerwood- Best outdoor attractions

    This posh section of town is one of the city’s wealthiest areas. Resort-style apartments refurbished single-family houses, and country clubs may all be found at Deerwood. If you’re looking for a posh community close to all the action in Jacksonville’s best neighborhoods, go no farther than Deerwood. Wealthy and middle-class people alike will feel at home in this upscale area.


    The low crime rate in this area is reflected in the high home values. Many of the houses in Deerwood date back to the 2000s, therefore the neighborhood is relatively new. The majority of residents in this area are commuters. Numerous outdoor sports fields, picnic spots, and playgrounds make this a fantastic place for families. In one of the greatest areas of J-ville, you may go shopping at posh malls, window shopping at luxury stores, and dining at elegant restaurants.

    What zip code is Deerwood Jacksonville FL?

    The zip code of Deerwood Jacksonville FL is 32255.

    6. The Beaches – Best Beachside views

    Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Neptune Beach are some of the most desirable and pricey places on the Beaches because of their proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. You can find an ideal property by the water for a variety of lifestyles, including those at the beach, with a family, young professionals, and the elderly. The majority of locals value an active lifestyle, therefore sports like surfing and paddle boarding are popular.

    Beach in Florida

    In this area, you may find the best conditions for mastering the art of surfing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. In this beachside community, you can also go for a run, ride a bike, roller skate, or skateboard without worrying about anyone getting in your way. Jacksonville’s beaches stretch for almost 22 miles, and they’re great for families and filled with high-quality homes.

    What is the nicest beach in Jacksonville FL?

    Jacksonville beach is known to be the nicest, largest, and most beautiful beach area in Jacksonville FL, followed by Atlantic beach and Neptune beach.

    Does Jacksonville have white sand beaches?

    Florida dominates the continent in having the most beautiful beaches and Jacksonville possesses most of them. The city features more than 22 miles of beautiful, clear white sand beaches that are ideal for relaxing under the daylight, resting on the sand, and catching beachside views.

    7. Mandarin – Best riverside views

    The area known as Mandarin may be found in the southern part of Jacksonville. Harriet Beecher Stowe (author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin), referred to this area as a “tropical paradise” because of its abundance of natural beauty. Residential life, commerce, riverfront activities, and historical landmarks have all converged here, making it the place to be today. Its majestic oak trees and Spanish moss give the area its distinctive appearance. If you’re looking for a cheap place to live in Jacksonville, Mandarin is a great place to look with an average rent of only $1,197.


    Is Mandarin Jacksonville a good area?

    Mandarin Jacksonville is a downhome neighborhood of Duval County. It has a population of 7000+ residents. The city offers a dense suburban lifestyle and is brimming with nature, culture, and stunning riverside views. The area is rich in ample green spaces, high-rated public schools, modern apartments, healthy shopping, parks and recreation, pleasant nightlife, and affordable housing options.

    Why is Mandarin Jacksonville called Mandarin?

    Mandarin, Jacksonville got its name after Mandarin Orange. In the 19th century, the city was a small village. Calvin Reed, a resident of that area, who used to farm and ship oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and other fruits and vegetables to different parts of the states, named the city Mandarin in 1830.

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    8. Baymeadows – Best outdoor attractions

    The Baymeadows neighborhood in Jacksonville is widely regarded as one of the city’s greatest and safest residential zones. The neighborhood is full of families and young professionals, and the majority of them choose to rent, with the average rent for the neighborhood coming in at $1,205 per month.


    How far is Baymeadows Jacksonville from the beach?

    Baymeadows, Jacksonville is 6-8 miles or 20-25 minutes away from Jacksonville Beach and TPC Sawgrass.

    Best Areas to Live in Jacksonville FL FAQ’s

    Where should I not live in Jacksonville FL?

    The places where a lot of criminal activities happen or are so-called “dangerous neighborhoods” in the Jacksonville Florida area:

    • Brooklyn
    • Southbank
    • Northbank
    • LaVilla
    • Westside
    • Northside

    Should I move to Jacksonville or Orlando?

    If you are willing to stay in a flourishing county town and appreciate coastal life, a fun-filled relaxed atmosphere, and southern hospitality; Jacksonville will top your list. Or else tour your way to Orlando; if you are thriving for more diversity, awesome food, alluring attractions, and lots of people.


    Consider Jacksonville as your new home in Florida, without any second thoughts and with a big heart. Florida’s most populous city is a great place to settle for various reasons, which include its booming technological industry, exciting sports culture, and miles of beachfront property. Most importantly, it doesn’t snow in Jacksonville Florida, so you can freely move into the city any time of the year.

    Think about putting down roots in one of these 8 pleasant, reasonably priced Jacksonville communities, and let us know which area you are moving to in Jacksonville and how you feel about the new city, in the comment section below. 

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