Moving to Phoenix AZ

Moving to Phoenix

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    Is it worth moving to Phoenix? Can I commence my business activities in Phoenix? Are these questions wandering in your mind when considering relocating to this city?

    On a serious note, this city is a blend of multiple job opportunities, offering excellent prospects to start your business. In addition, it ranks sixth for the most diverse places in Arizona State to live in and second in Maricopa County. Still, most people need to be aware of the benefits of living in this city.

    Moving to Phoenix
    Moving to Phoenix

    So, before you pack your bags, you must know a few important terms.

    Is moving to Phoenix a good idea?

    Yes! It is a big city in the United States, offering everyone a wonderful life with maximum benefits. In addition, you can easily find multiple outdoor and recreational activities with enough job markets. A city where locals welcome you with a warm smile, providing you a friendly neighborhood.

    In short, Phoenix has everything that you want to live a comfortable life. 

    What you should know before moving to Phoenix?

    It is situated under Arizona State and is known as its capital. It is famous for its world-class hotel resorts and desert beauty. Also, it has the tag “Valley of the Sun” and offers many outdoor locations for everyone. Similarly, hospital services are open to everyone and everywhere.

    Due to its timely and affordable public transportation, it is easy to reach a destination.

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    Things to Know Before Moving in Phoenix

    Arizona’s Phoenix is a great state where you can easily find a growing economy and affordable housing rates even though housing rates are growing. However, if you are a relocator and want to relocate to this city, you need to know the following things before moving.

    1. Cost Of Living in Phoenix

    The living cost in Phoenix is about 108.7. This is higher than the US National Average of 100 and the Arizona State overall cost of living of 106.4. So, if you are moving to AZ to live in Phoenix, you must choose affordable areas or choose cheap accommodations.

    Cost Of Living in Phoenix
    Cost Of Living in Phoenix

    Is it expensive to live in Phoenix?

    Yes! Living in the city offers expensive rates of housing, utilities, and other necessities. However, a person needs an average of $35,264 a year to live comfortably in the city.

    Cost of Living Things in Phoenix

    Living things Average costs
    Groceries(Tomato, Potato, Onion, Milk, Bread Loaf, Rice, Beef Round, Chicken Filters, and Eggs)$46.56+
    Utilities & Internet$287.09+
    Healthcare$503 per person
    Education(Undergraduate Tuition & College Fees)$3,486 (for in-state)$17,592 (for out-of-state)
    Combine Taxes(State + County + City Sales)8.6%

    2. Housing Market in Phoenix

    High house-buying prices force people to live on rent because it is affordable. The average rent for the studio, one-bedroom, two-bedrooms, and above commonly costs $914, $992, or $1192+. 

    Housing Market in Phoenix
    Housing Market in Phoenix

    How much does housing cost in Phoenix?

    Based on Realtor’s data, the house prices rose to $460k in October 2022. These prices are going up by 7.2% every year. As a result, housing costs can trouble you here. However, you can find affordable living in cheap areas like Mesa and Tempe.

    Will property prices go up in Phoenix next year?

    Yes! From September 2021 to 2022, home prices will increase rapidly, with a growth rate of 12.8%, according to Zillow’s home price data. Also, they expect a price rise of 1.7% in the coming years, which indicates that housing prices are growing in this city.

    Does Phoenix have affordable housing?

    Yes! Although houses are expensive in the city, you can find multiple affordable rental properties. Excellent management companies around the city currently supervise these.

    3. Tax in Phoenix

    It has tax rates of 2.3% on Amusement, Job Printing, Publishing, Residential Real Estate Property Rental, Construction Contracting, and other business types.

    Tax in Phoenix
    Tax in Phoenix

    These are the following tax rates in the city.

    Taxes in PhoenixTax Rates
    Property Tax0.60%
    Income Tax2.59% to 4.50%
    Combined Tax(Sales + County + City)8.6%

    Do you pay taxes in Phoenix?

    Yes! Paying taxes is the responsibility of the city’s residents. Therefore, the state has applied several tax rates on the residents, starting from 2% for Retail Sales & Use Tax business activities.

    How much are property taxes in Phoenix?

    0.60% are the standard annual taxes in the city. Due to this, it stands in the 12th position among states for low taxes. However, the taxes vary depending on your location to buy a home or property.

    What is the state income tax of Phoenix?

    The state has applied annual income tax rates between 2.59% and 4.50% for individuals. In addition, the state also charges 4.90% for a corporate income tax here.

    4. Weather in Phoenix

    February is quite famous for being the rainiest month here. However, Phoenix is situated in North America’s warmest desert. Thus, you can experience hot heating rays.

    Weather in Phoenix
    Weather in Phoenix

    Due to this, you must be prepared to bear those conditions by getting information about “how hot does it get in Arizona

    What is the coldest month in Phoenix?

    January is the time when you can enjoy the highest cold in the city. The average temperature reaches 43.4°F. Therefore, carrying sweaters and warm clothes is highly advisable.

    Why is Phoenix always so hot?

    The city lacks moisture and offers dry summers as the sun’s hot rays come straight from the open blue skies. Similarly, it is situated near the equator, which is the biggest reason for the city’s hot weather.

    What are the winters like in Phoenix?

    The temperature goes up between the 60s to 70s on the winter days, and skies become blue for the entire season. You can rarely find a temperature fall in the desert side of the city. Further, the nights and mornings in the desert are cold.

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    5. Economy in Phoenix

    If you are moving to Phoenix, Arizona, you will see a decreased unemployment rate of 3.60% here in 2022. It was 4.10% last year. That means you will get better job opportunities in the city.

    Economy in Phoenix
    Economy in Phoenix

    Does Phoenix have a good economy?

    The Milken Institute Best+Performing Cities counted this city as Rank 1 in February 2021. Similarly, the city is quite famous for its industrial development. Thus, it offers an excellent economy for everyone.

    What is the main industry in Phoenix?

    Mainly, it depends on aerospace, defense, autonomous & electric vehicles, finance & insurance, healthcare & biomedical, semiconductors, cybersecurity, and software & IT industries. Therefore, this city is one of the best cities to kickstart your business journey.

    Is Phoenix growing in Economy?

    Yes! It offers several jobs in different industries like trade, transportation, finance, manufacturing, health, education, and more. Similarly, these industries are performing well, contributing to economic growth.

    6. Traffic & Transportation in Phoenix

    Transportation in the city is affordable and the best way to roam the entire area to avoid traffic and other road issues. However, traveling becomes more convenient if you own a car. But, before you take your four wheels on the roads, remember to register a car according to state law.

    Traffic & Transportation in Phoenix
    Traffic & Transportation in Phoenix

    Note that the cost to register car in Arizona is inexpensive, and the entire process is seamless.

    Is there public transportation in Phoenix?

    Yes! You will find buses on more than 25 routes, along with one light rail line covering most city parts. The charges are fair, and you can easily wander most of its attractions by bus.

    What is rush hour in Phoenix?

    You will find most of the rush hour in the evening from 5:00 6:00 p.m. Similarly, you will see traffic on the roads between 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

    Is it easy to get around Phoenix without a car?

    Yes! You can easily roam in every direction in the city. Drivers know roads and rarely need maps. This way, you can easily reach your destinations without delay. You can try cycling to get around and use public transport to wander the city’s attractions.

    7. Outdoor Activities in Phoenix

    This city offers numerous outdoor opportunities, including fishing, hiking, and cycling. However, don’t miss the chance to explore one of the best El Dorado Hot Springs, Arizona, in Phoenix. Phoenix is a place where everyone has something to do.

    Outdoor Activities in Phoenix
    Outdoor Activities in Phoenix

    Which experience is best for outdoor activities in Phoenix?

    It offers exhilarating outdoor activities to everyone, including hiking and biking. However, you can enjoy the morning hot air balloon fight, desert tour by ATV, adventure tour, and much more. Thus, it has everything an enthusiast and thrilling adventure lover wants.

    What are the best places for outdoor activities in Phoenix?

    You can experience great outdoor activities at Desert Botanical Garden, Papago Park, Phoenix Zoo, The Japanese Friendship Garden, Castle N Coasters, South Mountain Park & Preserve, and many more places where you can spend quality time.

    8. Education in Phoenix

    Moving to Phoenix, AZ, will offer you more than 300 public schools. Further, it became home to 15 elementary schools that provide good education to their students.

    Education in Phoenix
    Education in Phoenix

    Does Phoenix have a good education?

    Yes! Most public schools, colleges, and universities in the city offer low education opportunities to everyone, including in-state and out-of-state. However, the education and other studies of the town are excellent perhaps.

    Where does Phoenix rank in Education?

    USNews data shows that Phoenix education ranks #331-440. However, the university tuition fee is about $9,552 for in-state students.

    How many high schools are in Phoenix?

    There are 18 high schools established in this city. This school’s math proficiency score is average, with 53% and 51% being its reading proficiencies.

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    9. Crime Rate in Phoenix

    According to Neighbourhoodscout, the city has 8.49% of violent crime rates, whereas it presently has 31.77% of property crimes.

    Crime Rate in Phoenix
    Crime Rate in Phoenix

    Is Phoenix safe?

    Yes! You will find fabulous, safe surroundings where the risk of danger is medium. However, the crime rates are growing. Furthermore, downtown is safe, where you can safely go on evening walks with families or your favorite people.

    Does Phoenix have the highest crime rates?

    It depends on the area you live in in the city. Mainly, you will find higher crime rates in Alhambra, Encanto, South Mountain, North Mountain, Estrella, Camelback East, Maryvale, etc. You will discover fewer crimes, like murders, assaults, etc., in the remaining parts of the city.

    10. Health Care in Phoenix

    If you are moving to Phoenix, AZ, two funded government healthcare from AHCCCS offers great healthcare plans to residents. Healthcare is about $503 per month on average.

    Health Care in Phoenix
    Health Care in Phoenix

    Does Phoenix have good Healthcare?

    Yes! This city offers good healthcare for everyone. The increase in population rate is the main reason for the city’s good healthcare conditions.

    Does Phoenix, AZ, have good medical care?

    Yes! The state stands in the 4th position for its excellent quality medical care. Similarly, the city offers superior healthcare and medical options to everyone.

    Are hospitals good in Phoenix, Arizona?

    Yes! There are multiple hospitals in the city, including Banner University Medical Center Hospital, where you can get many medical facilities with experienced doctors and staff.

    11. Business Opportunities in Phoenix

    The city offers several employment benefits and business opportunities to everyone. However, people need to register their business under the state business law, where you are liable to pay $50 with an $85 for the advanced process.

    Business Opportunities in Phoenix
    Business Opportunities in Phoenix

    What is the main business in Phoenix?

    You can find multiple aerospace, electronics, and semiconductor manufacturing businesses established in the city. These organizations play a vital role in the growth of the economy.

    What businesses are booming in Phoenix, Arizona?

    Real estate, technical, analytics, finance, hospitality, biotech, construction, IT firms, and many businesses are booming in Phoenix. As a result, the city offers great business opportunities to everyone, from locals to relocators.

    Is Phoenix a good place to start a business?

    Yes! You will get many opportunities to start your business without complications, except for the registration process. Further, the city ranks 7th for best startup cities in America.

    12. Job Market in Phoenix

    Most people are employed in the city whose salary was up to $60,551 in October 2022. However, a person can get an average salary after tax from $54,514 to $67,592.

    Job Market in Phoenix
    Job Market in Phoenix

    What jobs are in high demand in Phoenix, Arizona?

    Registered nurses, customer service representatives, sales associates, cooks, account executives, medical assistants, and many other jobs are in high demand in the city. Therefore, you can easily grab your dream job here.

    What is the most common job in Phoenix, Arizona?

    The most common jobs are customer service representatives, cashiers, sales associates, administrative assistants, drivers, and others.

    What are the highest paying jobs in Phoenix?

    According to data available in Zippia, orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, physicians, family medicine physicians, dentists, nurse anesthetists, etc., are the highest-paying jobs available in the city.

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    What Are The Pros & Cons Of living in Phoenix, Arizona?


    • Mild winters undoubtedly
    • Blend of magical sceneries and excellent nature beauties.
    • Fascinating southwestern dynamic culture
    • Affordable cost of living
    • Delicious food options, including southwestern cuisines and other indigenous foods.
    • Outstanding opportunities for hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities.
    • Growing economy


    • You will experience extremely hot summers.
    • Dangerous wildlife
    • Higher crimes

    Moving to Phoenix FAQs

    Why is everyone moving to Phoenix?

    Most people are moving here due to significant business and job opportunities. Similarly, the city offers a great atmosphere to start your new life. Although summers are hot in this area, you will find great cold days in winter.

    Is it cheaper to live in Texas or Arizona?

    Living in Arizona is more expensive than living in texas. Similarly, house prices in texas are lower compared to this city. However, everything depends on the area you choose to live in the city.

    Is Phoenix hotter than Flagstaff?

    Phoenix is situated at 1086 feet of elevation, whereas Flagstaff is about 6909 feet only. Due to this, the temperature in Flagstaff stays cooler (20° to 30°F); as a result, Phoenix becomes hotter.


    Is moving to Phoenix, Arizona, a bad choice? Well, this is not true! You know what you need to gather information, like the cost of living, healthcare, transportation, education, taxes, housing, and most importantly, the economy. If you get them, you will get the answer.

    To make your work easier, we have covered almost every point that you must know before coming to any conclusion. But note that these prices can increase in the future. The cost of living is affordable, and you can live in cheaper areas of the city to keep your expenses lower.

    Furthermore, healthcare offers several plans that can quickly help you with several medical emergencies. In addition to that, your tax burden isn’t an issue because taxes are reasonable. In the case of the economy, it offers a growing economy with multiple job and business opportunities for everyone.

    Due to this, you can start your business most efficiently. Overall the weather conditions are expected, and you don’t need to face any weather damage here. With that, we hope your doubts are cleared after reading this entire blog.

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